The Remnant Light of Smash

Chapter 1: Colours weave into a spire of flame


I remembered the past… everything before it happened everyone was there along with me. We were standing on the edge of a cliff below the calm ocean, we were preparing to fight Galeem the god of light and his army of master hands. I was just a new recruit if I'm being honest, just a girl from Inkopolis with a splattershot in hand that became part of the famous group called The Smash Brothers. There I was standing beside legends like Mario the hero of the mushroom kingdom, the super cute Pikachu, Link aka The Hero of Hyrule, and even some baddies like Bowser as well. Even though they don't understand my language, we were still good friends with one another.

I can't believe it was just two years after I defeated DJ Octavio and rescued The Great Zapfish that all this fame started to appear. Most people I know call me Inkling, but my actual name is Clementine. Clementine, Orange, or what my close friends Agent 1 and Agent 2 would call me. Agent 3 of the Squidbeak Splatoon!

We waited for the god of light to strike. But it didn't instead the master hands around it started to fade and burn away into a blue aura. Galeem transformed into a black void just staying there… The blue energy went into it and before we knew it. Bang. It started to shoot out hundreds or if not thousands of light laser beams towards us. One by one we were disintegrated by the light. I tried to hide in my own ink but well it… actually worked. I slowly slightly emerged from my orange ink peeking out to see that most of my friends were gone except for Kirby he was still escaping from Galeem, but then out of nowhere a dark light laser beam came towards him and strike him down, destroying him and his warpstar. I then looked up to see one of the dark beam coming towards me and that was it for me… Everyone was gone and now we are just sparks of our formal selves…

That all I could have thought of before the darkness consumed me wholly into nothingness.


"Mario!" I screamed, I watched as my older brother pushed me out of the way. His body disintegrated in front of me. The horror I felt, I was beyond scared. I always thought me, and Mario could beat anyone together. We had defeated many other villains who were pure evil. But this… We were up against a god, but now we were up against two gods. Dharkon was the name of the other being that just appeared, at least that is what Galeem called him. He looked like Galeem, he was purple, and he had an eye in the middle surrounded by sharp purple rotating wings, he was so much eviler looking… He also had an army of crazy hands.

I'm was scared, I was a coward. I should have tried to run, but instead of running I was rolling myself up into a ball and crying.

Before I knew it one of the beams from Galeem was heading towards me. I thought I was done for, but then I was pushed out of the way by someone.

I looked at the person who saved me. It was Dedede! He looked at me smirking before the beam of light disintegrated him as well.

"NO!" I yelled. He was one of my friends and now like Mario… he was gone. Just then I looked up and saw a dark beam came crashing down on me.

"Why, I'm always so useless. I'm sorry Mario…"

That was the last thoughts I had before I felt the void.


The name Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog! And boy did I really screwed up here... This isn't the first time I have fought gods before, not to brag or anything. But without the chaos emeralds, I wouldn't be able to take on gods. Of course, with my friends from smash, I thought it would have been easy, well guess I was wrong. Galeem wasn't a joke. He wiped out almost all of us in an instant… I tried to save Pikachu. The poor guy didn't make it. I tried to save him, but I couldn't, he was taken by the beam homing in on him, I managed to run faster than the beam that was targeting me.

I run and run but it wouldn't stop. I looked up to see Kirby escaping as well. But then a dark energy beam hit him. I was shocked, I thought he would have lived. But that beam it wasn't from Galeem. Who was it from!

I looked up to see a being like Galeem only it was purple it reminded me of Dark Gaia…

One of the dark beam locked onto me. I dashed toward the opposite direction two different beams now locked onto me. I run then I saw someone standing in front of me. It looked like… Tails?!

"Tails!" I shouted if only I wasn't distracted. I tripped and immediately that was when I knew I screwed up. The two beams collided into me as I felt an instant jolt of pain before nothing else. Just my conscious remain as my body was gone.

The world… Our worlds are now gone thanks to me. I'm sorry guys. I guess I wouldn't be making it back to Mobius.

I can't believe this is how the blue blur retired…

The present…

After failing to stop both Galeem and Dharkon the world of smash was consumed by both the light and the dark completely destroyed. Our heroes facing their deaths or so they thought.

On Remnant awaken one of the heroes. Kirby was lying face flat on the ground as he slowly woke up. The last thing he remembered was being hit by a dark beam of energy. He was worried about his friends. He then looked in front of him. In front of him from a distance were multiple grey buildings and in the middle was a giant black tower or what people on Remnant would call.

Beacon Academy.

"Poyo?" Kirby said as he stared at it with a puzzled look before heading towards it in hopes to find his friends.

Author's Note:

The artwork used for the fic doesn't belong to me and rightfully belongs to the great artist who made it.

Hey, guys! I decided to write a crossover for Smash Bros and RWBY. I'm really enjoying smash ultimate it's so fun. So, the idea strikes me when I realised. I haven't written a fic for smash and so I decided to think and write a crossover for smash. Now, to say a few important things about the story. The story for Smash and RWBY will be altered slightly. The other thing is that I have decided to place the focus on four of the smash characters, Kirby, Inkling, Sonic, and Luigi. If there is anyone else you would like to see later on be sure to say who they might be, I would love to hear it. Of, course the RWBY characters will still play an important role. With that, I do hope you enjoy the first chapter and with that... Stay fresh!