The Remnants of Smash

Chapter 19: Breaking the Umbrella and Awakening of the Very Best That No One Ever Was

In a lone night of Atlas, a group of travellers had arrived in Atlas in the veil of the night. The time has come, Clementine was with her team that she had formed. Her, Ganon, Bede, and Carmine. Secretly doing it a day in advance without telling Velvet, she would want nothing more but for her first friend here to be risking her life for her. She also decided to leave Shades behind as well, he may be a pokemon, but she wouldn't want her companion to risk its life too on a mission like this. They dropped at their location by a hidden airdrop from their plane using their parachute to land safely on the ground. The strike team quickly hide in cover as they looked at the building in front of them. Umbrella, Team Flare, and the Schnee Dust Company logo, with Umbrella in the middle.

"Well, look at that, it's the unholy trinity," Clementine said jokingly as Ganon stared at her, he nodded. Bede looked at them before taking a glance at his greatball and throwing it into the air as from it came out his galarian rapidash. He pointed at the red metal door as his pokemon shot out psychic blades from its horn as the metal door fell apart. A lone umbrella guard standing at the entrance was in shock as he turned to look at them.

"Hey, who…Oh, shit!" He shouted as he started to fire using his rifle, Clementine jumped into the air transforming into her squid form midair to avoid the bullets before turning back into her human form kicking the guard's gas mask as his head hit the wall. Clementine looked at him before turning to the others signalling them to enter, as they make haste to get to their main location.

"You guys know the plan, Wesker isn't here. We need to get the data we need from the Red Queen A.I. and…" Clementine stopped as in front of her was an army of umbrella soldiers and team flare grunts with their pokemon ready to fight.


They started firing as the group hid behind the wall to take cover, the sound of the bullets and pokemon moves were bursting her ears. Clementine held onto her splattershot tightly as she jumped to the ground in front of her tossing a splat bomb as it exploded blinding the soldiers. Ganon clenched his fist as the triforce of power glowed on his hand, he punched the ground sending a blast of purple energy towards the soldiers and grunts hitting them. Some of the soldiers looked up as they opened fire only for their bullets to be stopped as pink energy surrounded them as they were tossed to the wall by Bede's Gardevoir. Carmine laughed as he punched and kicked the soldiers all while tossing around sharp projectiles of his blood and shooting them at the umbrella soldiers. Clementine shot a Golbat with her splattershot before kicking a team flare grunt in his face, she turned around to find a Scrafty kicking her. The hoodlum pokemon was about to headbutt her but was stopped as it was hit by a ball of pink energy, moon blast. The female grunt stared in disbelief before looking at Bede and his Gardevoir, Clementine jumped back up kicking her with a roundhouse kick in the process as she was knocked out.

As the sound of gunfire went silent, Clementine turned over to look at the many bodies of the dead umbrella soldiers as they continued to rush forward. Ganon stopped as he looked behind to see Clementine staring intensely at each body one by one as her eyes were wide open.

"Clementine!" Ganon shouted as she snapped out of it, she dashed forward along with Ganon as they were now heading to the main room.

In front of them was a large metal door, the team were nothing more than ants compared to the size of the door in front of them. Ganon ordered for the others to stand back as his fists starting to glow purple, he waited for a few seconds as the purple energy started to glow brighter and brighter. He punched the door as it went flying hitting the ground as cracks formed on the ground.

"We are here-ARGH!" Ganon shouted as he was punched in the face breaking through the wall. The group looked in front of them as it was Mr. X, it stood there blocking the way to the main computer. Carmine jumped up as he shot a sharp blood crystal at Mr.X's chest, baring causing the tyrant to flinch as it jumped into the air attempting to punch him, Carmine tried to form a shield with his blood crystal but it failed as Mr.X broke it into pieces proceeding to punch Carmine multiple times as it then grabbed his face and slammed it into the ground as it landed. Clementine stared at the scene before she was even able to shout for Carmine, she felt a bullet hit her arm as she turned around.

"Howdy, inkling! You pick the wrong place to be in." Erron said as he opened fire, Bede commanded his Gardevoir to stop those bullets as it did so. Bede smirk arrogantly only for Erron to laugh as Bede looked up in shock to see a Honchkrow swooping in as it launched a shadow ball at Gardevoir.

"Gardevoir!" Bede shouted as he withdrew his Gardevoir, he turned around as he was about to be shot by Erron, Clementine jumped to push him and her away from his aim. Lysandre soon revealed himself as he looked over at Ganon, who was fighting Mr. X. Bede stood up as he reached out to grab another one of his greatballs only for Erron to shoot all of them off his belt before shooting his left hand as Bede screamed in pain.

"We don't have much time, Black. Kill Bede and Clementine, I will handle our bloodbending friend." Lysandre watched as Carmine shot a large sharp spinning blade at him as his Hounchkrow avoided it, Carmine jumped up but before he was able to grab it, he was attacked from the back by it.

"Sucker Punch. An interesting move wouldn't you agree?" Lysandre said as he suddenly felt a sharp pain from his leg, he quickly looked down. A large blood-red crystal coming from a pool of blood below him had pierced his right leg. He watched as Carmine grabbed his throat with his right hand as he proceeded to start chocking him.

"You talk way too much, shitbag," Carmine said as he tightens his grip around his neck.

Erron reloaded his gun as he shot Carmine in the leg as he groaned in pain as Mr.X punched him before being punched by Ganon.

"Bede! Hang in there!" Clementine shouted as she took out her knife with a logo of a fox with a knife in its mouth with the words Fox Hound on it, she dashed forward being shoot by Erron, he stared in disbelief as Clementine continued dashing. She tossed a splat bomb as a distraction as Erron shot it as orange ink splatted everywhere, he then tossed a sand bomb, Clementine pretended to be blinded by it as she tripped, she could still feel bullets piercing her. Clementine quickly jumped back up to Erron's surprise as she used the moment to launch the knife in her hand into the left of Erron's neck.

"Ugh…gh…" Erron muttered his last words as he dropped onto the floor, his cowboy hat leaving his head as so did his life. The cowboy from outworld was now dead.

"Erron!" Lysandre shouted as he stared speechless at his lifeless body.

"You will pay for this!" Lysandre said as he pressed a button disappearing and teleporting away before Clementine could catch him.

"Self-destruct activated. All employees, please evacuate the facility." A computer voice said over the loudspeakers.

"Damn it," Clementine shouted as Lysandre had gotten away, Clementine suddenly felt a hand grabbing her cape as she was tossed into the wall she found herself being pulled towards Mr. X, who was left behind by Lysandre. It grabbed Clementine as it tossed her around slamming her onto the ground again and again before releasing her. Clementine landing on her knees as she started to cough out blood, she stared at the orange liquid on the floor. Looking up, she saw Mr.X raised both arms, but before it was able to crush her, a huge sword pierced through its chest as it fell onto the ground. Ganon grabbed its head smashing it in his grip.

Mr.X's headless body fell onto the ground with a bloody black fedora landing in front of Clementine.

"Let's go! While I was fighting Mr. X, I used Otacon's tech to get what we needed!" Ganon said as he held a flash drive in his hand. A loud explosion happened as the walls of the building started to shack and crack, the ceiling was already collapsing.

Clementine got up as she noticed Bede under a pile of rubber. And Carmine slowly fumbling around while holding his injured leg.

"Go!" Clementine shouted as Ganon grabbed her hand.

"I'm not leaving you. We have to go or you will die in the explosion!"

"I'm not leaving them behind just go!" Clementine said as she pushed Ganon back as the ground exploded blocking the exit. Ganon watched as the flames surrounded him his view covered by smoke as he looked at Clementine who stared at him before turning away and running back.

"No, Clementine!" Ganon shouted as he was blown back by another blast. He quickly got up with the flash drive still in hand, he cannot afford for it to be destroyed, he had to painfully leave Clementine and the others behind. "I'm sorry…"

Clementine continued to cough as the smoke thicken, her tentacles started to glow as she activated one of her specials, the Kraken. She was now in a squid form much larger than her normal squid and human form. Using her new form, she used her tentacles to removed the rubber and grabbed Bede. He weakly groaned as he looked at Clementine. Carmine joined the two as he weakly stumbled towards them with his leg still bleeding and him holding his stomach.

Clementine started throwing the piles of concrete blocking their path with her tentacles, however, her kraken form didn't last forever as she was eventually forced to turn back to normal, she then started using her own hands to remove it as she started to punch as her hands started to bleed. She stopped as she screamed with anger filling her voice.

"Well, we are dead," Carmine said bluntly, suddenly he felt Clementine's hand touch his own as he watched her start to cry, for once Clementine looked at Carmine to see a look of pity on his face and for him to suddenly turn back to normal as his red hair became white and his eyes no longer blood red. Bede shouted at them with a look of anger on his face as his expression was soon replaced with that of acceptance. He felt a soft touch on his hand as Clementine grabbed hold of it.

"Even if I use my in-birth powers. I can't escape with you, I will slow you down I had already felt my EXS powers slowly draining the more I use it since I was dumped on this planet. I guess I can somehow still transform into in-birth form without the Hollow Night, but without it existing here, it was only a matter of time before I lose it completely. I just thought I will admit that Clementine."

"Wait… why didn't you tell me or Hyde tell anyone?" Clementine shouted as Carmine sighed, the sounds of explosions growing louder.

"Because Clownfish is too focus on helping others and he knew that if that redhead knew the truth, she would stop him for doing so. We kept that between ourselves as we are both in-births." Carmine answered before she grabbed Clementine's shoulders with both his hand.

"I may be going to hell, Clementine. But, I'm sure of it that you wouldn't be joining me. You're a great person, you're just an inkling, but even without the best powers… You are an amazing person, and you were the only person who saw me as a human and treated me like one." Carmine said as he released her as he groaned in pain, Clementine grabbed him carrying him in her shoulder.

"My Greatballs they are buried somewhere here, I have no idea where they are…" Bede said in frustration as the two looked at him. "We are doom without my pokemon! There is no way we will survive this!"

"I'm sorry, that the both of you are going to die because of me," Clementine said as she screamed tearing off her cape, she tossed it into the fire. The 3 on her cape burning away with the rest of her cape.

"Marnie wasn't kidding when she said this is nothing like we had ever seen before…" Bede said quietly to himself as he looked at Clementine who was defeated. "My pokemon are gone thanks to me…"

Clementine closed her eyes, her body shaking. Carmine cursed to himself as Bede told him to shut up, they still could be heard by her but were muffled by the loud sounds of the explosions. Then a hole suddenly appeared on the floor and the three fell into it.

"Arggh!" Clementine shouted as she fell into the hole staring above as the building had finally fallen and the explosion pushed them even faster down as she landed on the ground, she groaned in pain her vision now blur. Carmine was unconscious and so was Bede, the smell of smoke was replaced with a rotten smell. They were now in a sewer, Clementine as she submerges into her small ink puddle she was to remove the bullets that Erron had shot her with from her body as they were now in the water. Her breathing slowing as she returned into her normal form and her vision being more blur by the seconds, she took one step forward and fell. From her earpieces, she heard Ganon calling her asking her if she was alright. She tried with all her strength to utter a word but couldn't as she loses consciousness.

The Legendary Agent 3 was now presumed dead, but no one was aware that she wouldn't give up. And that she never will.


A blizzard stormed across Atlas, a lone traveller walking across the snow as his hands shacked due to the powerful cold storm. The only thing on his mind was to get shelter, his brown clothed hood covering his face and his body as he stumbled onward to the house, he saw in the distance. He knocked on the door weakly as he waited… No one.

He groaned as he continued to shiver still hoping to find somewhere warm, he has been lost here in the cold for a long time, with no idea of what had happened after the battle with the two gods. Walking away from the house, he saw a group of houses in the distance. He was now in Mantle, wandering around, he looked at all the trash around him as trucks dumped them into a nearby trash field. The boy then pulled down his hood, his dark blue hair stiffens by the cold and a metal mask resembling a butterfly covering his eyes.

"Who are you?" A little girl asked as he looked down to look at her.

"I'm Marth." He said as he walked off as the girl continued to stare at him.

Marth had no idea where he was neither had he made any contact with anyone he was familiar with, after him and the smashers lose the fight against the two gods. He had found himself stuck here in the middle of a frozen wasteland with no one he knows, and with no idea on how to find them. Still having the Falchion by his side, he looked around and saw a bar in the distance. Entering the bar, he encountered looks from the people inside as he slowly walked to the bartender. Marth looked at the man beside him, who was fast asleep. He looked at him for a few seconds before doing the same as he slammed his head on the table, completely exhausted from his lone travels around the snowy mountains to reach here. Finally, he can have a moment of peace after a few weeks of hunting in the wild by himself, fighting those monsters, and spending time in a cave. He finally found people now and hopefully, he can find out more information about his whereabouts.

"Sir? Is there anything I can help you with?" He looked up at the man who asked him that question, it was the bartender. He slowly shacked his head as he nodded in response.

"Nice, sword by the way. Are you a huntsman?" Marth stared at him with surprise, he didn't know what a huntress was.

"Oh, me? I'm not a huntsman, I'm a… an umm… a traveller! Yes, that is all. You need a weapon to defend yourself from those monsters after all." He said as he thought about asking him about where he was. He then noticed one of those future devices called a television screen above the counter as he looked at the news. It was a woman named Lisa Lavender reporting on the news, his eyes gazed at what he saw Kirby and Sonic as they were spreading accusations of a company called Umbrella and their involvement in the murder of Princess Daisy.

"Daisy is dead?!" He shouted as he grasped as the bartender stared at him.

"Your voice… you sound like a girl. What is your name?"

"Oh, my name is Marth, that is just my voice. I have a high pitch voice ahaha…" Marth said as the bartender smiled in response.

"That's horrible. What kind of monster would have done that!? She was one of those Smashers, who protected Beacon Academy from an invasion by that turtle guy, Bowser I think and now they are protecting us from these new supervillains. They said they came from other worlds, man things sure are getting weirder by the day. Most of the faunus here working in the mines look up to that squid girl, Clementine I think. They see her as a hero, especially the young kids. You know come to think of it you looked similar to one of those guys, the guy with the sword." The bartender said as Marth stared at him with shock, they know who they were, but not only that, it seems that his worse fear had come true, the villains of their worlds did unite under Dharkon. They were alive, the other smashers, but that must also mean that his team and his friends. They must be alive too! He now knows what he must do, he must find them.

"You looked like that guy Chrom, one of my friends working in Vale at one of the branches of the Crowbar said he saw him in person. Your sword even looked exactly like his."

"Oh yeah, funny! It's like I'm his offspring." Both of them laughed as he realized he didn't have any of the local currency to buy anything here. However, the bartender was nice enough to offer him a free drink noticing how exhausted and wear down he looked. He was grateful for his kindness.

As he was about to finally get some rest, a group of soldiers in black uniform and gas masks stomped into the bar. They were holding assault rifles in their arms as one of them approached Marth, he looked at them as he placed one of his hand behind his back.

"Marth, the Hero King. This is the U.S.S! Umbrella Security Service, you are coming with us!"

"What do you want?" he said as his hand on the Falchion. He noticed the red and white umbrella logo on their uniform as he quickly drew his sword. The soldiers opened fire on him as he used the Falchion to deflect the bullets as he avoided the rest, he jumped into the air as he kicked one of the soldiers, breaking his gas mask helmet as he fell onto the ground. He swung his sword as it sliced the soldier's gun into half as he swings his blade slashing them. Screams of pain filled the air as the last soldier fell onto the ground. Marth placed his sword away as he looked at the bartender and his customer as they looked at him terrified, he noticed one of the soldiers slowly getting up. He grabbed him and pinned him to the wall with his sword on his neck. The soldier punched him in the face, breaking his mask. The U.S.S soldier looked at the face which was hidden by the mask, it was a girl hiding behind the mask the entire time.

"Wait… You aren't the guy, we are looking for! Who are you!?"

"My name is Lucina. What do you want from me?! Do you any idea what I been through for the past weeks?! How do you know about my ancestor, the hero king?!"

"I'm not too sure, I don't know the answer to those two questions. But, we can't let you roam the streets it is too dangerous. You and your friends have become a target by many people, we were just hired by someone to kill you. They told us, that guy named Marth is a leader of an army and that he had invaded other Kingdoms to add to his collections from the world he is from, so someone hired us to take him in alive or dead."

"I will say again… who hired you?!" Lucina said as she tightens her sword around his neck.

"I don't know who our clients are!"

"Where are my friends?!"

"In Vale! Please don't hurt me…"

"Thank you," Lucina said as she swiftly punched the soldier knocking him out cold. She quickly dashed out of the bar apologising for the damage. She now knows where the others were, but she was also completely aware of the fact that there are many people here on Remnant that wanted her and the other the smashers dead.

"I have to find the others and end this crossover of paths from different worlds. If it is anything I know from experience when you put people in places they shouldn't be at the wrong place and the wrong time… things can get ugly very quickly." Lucina thought as memories from before smash came back to her, she wouldn't allow the fates of the other smashers to be the same as Daisy, she will save them. She will save her friends. But, now she has a problem she noticed. She is being trailed by someone and she had no idea how to find the others.

She turned around pointing her sword at a man with grey hair in a military uniform with the same logo as the other soldiers on the right of his black vest. Lucina could feel the tips of his gun on her head, but without fear, she stood her ground still pointing her sword at him.

"Oh, you are one of those sword girls from that universe. What you expect me to be scared of a sword." The man said as he laughed at her as Lucina noticed more of the soldiers entering the bar, she soon heard gunshots and screams.

"NO! What have you done!" Lucina shouted as she swung her sword as the man avoided it, he fired a few shots at her as she deflected the bullets. More soldiers accompanied him and started firing, she continues to deflect the bullets before getting shot in her right arm by the soldiers behind the man.

"Who are you? And why did you kill them!?"

"To clear up the evidence, yeah? My name is Nikolai, and I'm the leader of the U.B.C.S you and your fire emblem friends are wanted by Umbrella and the Schnee Dust Company. Recently, a train containing dust was hijacked by a group calling themselves the Golden Deers causing Umbrella and the Schnees a lot of money down the drain. So, they aren't happy with your people."

"Those people in the bar, they did nothing wrong!" Lucina said as Nikolai smirked before chuckling. "That… That isn't the reason, is it? You want me dead just like Daisy."

"No no, you are misunderstood. She was just there to send a message, but Umbrella wasn't the one who killed her. We have no intentions of killing you smashers and your friends, especially, those smashers in Vale. Well, not exactly all of you, some of you pose too much of a threat, like that pinkpuff ball and that blue hedgehog. They pose a threat to Umbrella, you and your bloodline unfortunately too, are a problem." Nikolai said as he kicked the Falcone out of Lucina's hand. She looked as countless soldiers were surrounding her as they all pointed their weapons at her.

Nikolai took the time and pressure to taunt her as he snapped his finger.

"You remind me of another woman I know, Jill Valetine. To be honest, I'm not in this for the money for once, but to get back home. Farewell, girl." Nikolai said as Lucina clenched her fists. She felt more bullets piercing her body, she fell to the ground as she gripped her stomach in pain and shouted. She looked up as she tried to get up, but her body was too weak. Lucina closed her eyes as she awaited her death to be shot in the head.

But, nothing happened. Her fingers started to feel cold as she looked at her brown cloth around her body as it was frozen, she looked up to see the soldiers around her completely frozen in ice including Nikolai whos expression on his frozen face was that of shock and fear. Lucina turned around to see a Lapras staring at her, she turned again to see a male with a black shirt, long light blue pants and a red and white jacket and hat. His white and red hat hiding his eyes, he slowly lifts it to look at Lucina. She took back the Falcone as she turned to Nikolai's frozen body.

"For the people, you've killed. Farewell, you monster." Lucina lifted her sword above her head biting her lips as she smashed Nikolai's frozen body into pieces with her sword. Lucina started to breathe heavily as she spared the other U.B.C.S soldiers slowly walking pass their frozen body towards the person who just saved her.

"Red?" Lucina said as Red took out his Pokeball withdrawing Lapras.


"Umm, Red?"

"Sup, Lucy!" Charizard exclaimed appearing from behind Red as Lucina screamed, she shacked her head as she couldn't believe what just happened did a pokemon just spoke in the human language?! Lucina tripped her legs feeling weak as Charizard grabbed her.

"…I'm still getting used to it too." Red finally spoke as Lucina looked at him weakly.

"She is bleeding to death, Red!" Charizard shouted as Red nodded.

"I know. She will be alright…" Red said, applying some sort of medicine on her and covering her wounds, he got onto Charizard's back as they flew off while Charizard carried Lucina in his arms. They flew off into the distance as Lucina vision slowly blurred and she closed her eyes.

Red and Charizard hear a plane nearby that was heading in their direction. With the reflection on Lucina's sword, Red looked to see that the logo on the plane was a red and white umbrella.

"Charizard! Fire Blast!" Red said as Charizard turned around looking at the plane with Red gripping onto his back. Charizard shot a large blast of flames as it and the plane collided, the plane soon started crashing down, suddenly something jumped out from the plane. Red tried to take a closer took but it was covered in flames making it hard to identify. Charizard was punched down as they find themselves crashing into the ground below, their face filled with snow.

"Who are you!" Red shouted as the figure was much taller than him and was holding a rocket launcher in its hand. The monster looked at Lucina, who was now awake and holding her sword in her hands as she got up standing by Red. It then turns its attention to Red and Charizard.

"Bring it on, ugly!" Charizard roared as flames filled his mouth. The monster wearing a black coat and black from the bottoms as well, its flesh rotting and its mouth deformed. It uttered these words to the three smashers.