A/N: I'm sorry that this isn't a new chapter and I got you excited for nothing, but this is important.

1) Some of you might have read it on my profile - I'm planning to give this fic a final major rewrite. The long hiatus made me realise several things. Since I started writing this story in early 2017 and there was less information about canon available back then (only 54 chapters!) and my writing style has changed (and hopefully improved) over time, I decided to give this fic a final major rewrite. It was either this rewrite or abandonning this fic (which I really didn't want) because I can't continue with the new plot when there are so many mistakes/plot holes throughout the entire fic that really bug me.

This fic was also self-indulgent as hell in the beginning and I wrote scenarious more for the fun of it than any logical reason. E.g., I have more than ten other chapters that are purely self-indulgent and won't make it into this fic anymore. This was also a Crowley x OC fic at first, until I decided that Shinya x OC had more chemistry with each other while uploading chapter 7. To sum it up, this story is a bit of a mess and I have to rewrite it before I can continue it, especially the first half.

2) I'm also contemplating whether I should rewrite this story entirely in 3rd POV since I prefer writing in 3rd POV nowadays. You can write me a PM with your preference or vote on my profile.

3) You won't need to reread the entire story once I've uploaded the rewritten chapters, but you can if you want. Most major changes will occur in Chapters 1-13. I'll summarize what changes I've made in the next A/N in Chapter 22.

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