At Mystic Grill.

For the first time after so long there is a peaceful in small town. There are no threats, kills and sacrifices something that was strange to Mikaelson because would do everything to kill Elena Gilbert and Scooby Gang but no one will complain.

After the death of Mama Original (Damon) the brothers decided that they wanted a real life: Rebekah and Kol were going to school, Klaus opened several galleries all over the world and Elijah for once he decided not to do anything. They vowed not to kill if it was not necessary and fed only from blood bags that were stolen from the hospital.

There were only changes in the family of Originals but Scooby doo crew had some new developments and some not like Elena Gilbert who could not make a decision with which of the two brothers should be Damon or Stefan and because the Salvatore brothers were tired of waiting, they move on or just Damon because Stefan turned back to Rebekah Mikaelson.

About Damon had his eyes on his favorite Original.

Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennet and Caroline Forbes had finished school and were eager to attend the University, just they prayed every day to do not spoil their summer before the University. Jeremy Gilbert left the house because could not hear his sister-cousin to talk about her feelings of each day. Poor Alaric stays with Elena as Jeremy moves on with his boyfriend, Tyler Lockwood.

Tyler and Jeremy had been the shocker of Mystic Falls. Well, to be honest, no less than Bonnie and Kol. Someone or just Caroline had shook his head at one point and asked if it was something in the water and blood of the town. So many couples never even imagined are together.

Bonnie was cautious when the younger Original started flirting with her but at their dates Kol was a gentleman and the witch falls in love with a vampire. From Kol's side his family were happy that Kol found a woman who loved him and could control him as from Scooby Gang only Jeremy, Stefan, Damon and Tyler supported their relationship because Elena and Caroline did not trust the Mikaelson.

And now at Friday night at The Grille was becoming the most awkward day of the week for a few of the Mystic Falls residents. The mood was evident and expected as the two warring factions often hung out there. The remaining Mickealson family haunted the bar area and the Salvatore team hung out by the pool tables. The fact that each side had at least two individuals with superior hearing made the night lighter. Both groups were forced to only speak causally so the other would not know their plans.

Elijah drinks his whiskey and talks with his brothers , well, he was trying to talk, since he spend most of his time watching Damon underneath his lashes, fighting the jealousy since Damon and Alaric were drinking and playing cards on one of many table of Grill.

Klaus talked to his older brother about their mother's designs and they try to stop laughing as their younger brother ,Kol was inside the small shop —Bonnie was giving him the headache of his life.

Amusingly, the witch winked at her.

Rebekah and Jeremy talked like two old friends on a table and they laughed. The two of them are very good friends in the school as only Jeremy had been trying to reach the girl after she revealed her relationship with Stefan. The young boy was a permanent resident of the mansion because Jeremy and Rebekah became something like Bonnie and Clyde.

Stefan and Caroline played pool as Elena moping around because she did not have the attention of some men, especially the Salvatore's Brothers.

Tyler wanted to be with his boyfriend but was on the cashier and measured the money because after the death of Matt, the second hybrid on the earth decided to buy the bar and to run with Jeremy.

You understand that was quite an ordinary day like any other, until the moment than woman came to our family nest Mystic Grill. Yes, when it comes to problem it is the woman's fault, isn't it! This one was a confident, walked proudly with head held women who walked in was walking as if she owned the very ground she waked on and power seemed to be radiating off of her in waves. She had sleek black hair that went to her waist with loose waves. Her hair seemed to contrast amazingly to her porcelain skin that almost seemed to shine in the sun. She had light green eyes that made you just want to obey her every command, and her outfit seemed to curve around her body perfectly like a second skin.

Damon guessed that she could be as early forties. She was quite pretty with character, but what she was doing here? After all here didn't have access just anyone!

Damon watched the woman with extreme suspicion, but he didn't try to stop her. He didn't dare. Who knows why? The woman has something he couldn't quite define. He tried to profile her in the speed, but it was impossible. She has been shrouded in mystery. He couldn't tell about her anything more than that she is very self-confident, ambitious woman with authority that came from nowhere. Femme fatale with a light, perhaps treacherous smile...

Mysterious woman crossed the whole open space to the bar, where he was, oh my God, where was all the originals vampire. No one have hadn't noticed yet, they were immersed in a conversation about their mother and her intentions for them.

The mystery women slowly walked into the room looking at everything before turning her attention to the Mikaelson's siblings.

All the Mikealson's siblings turned towards to the voice and different reactions happened at once.





All the Mikealson siblings turned towards to the voice and different reactions happened at once.

Kol, Elijah Klaus and Rebekah were all shocked and happy at the same time but everyone they could see the fear in their eyes and every one of the Scooby Gang wondering who this woman is and why the Mikaelson 's family are terrified of her.

''The years have been kind to you' 'said Klaus and suddenly he flashed himself in front of the woman and hugged her tightly then he did something that Scooby Gang never thought he was able to do. He laughed happily and twirled her around. He finally released her and smiled widely.

''Shut up Nicky' 'said the woman.

''Yes Clytemnestra. Only for you''