Klaus woke slowly, taking his time with the process, feeling no need to rush it. His body was sated, fully relaxed after the events of the previous evening. He could feel the physical tells of his activities, smell the lingering scent of their passion in the sheets mixed with something that he identified as purely Clytemnestra. A smile spread across his face as his body began to stretch, easing any stiffness in his limbs whilst at the same time attempting to pull the body of the lawyer closer to him. However when his hands came up empty in their search, Klaus lifted his head, noticing for the first time that he was alone. A frown spread across his chiselled features and he sat up, looking around the room for any trace of the younger man. Finding none, Klaus slipped from the bed, dragging on a t-shirt and his underwear before checking the bathroom and heading out to the living space. Coming up empty there too, his heart began to sink. He sat down on the sofa, accepting the fact that he was alone in his apartment, knowing what that meant and kicking himself for allowing his feelings for Celytemnestra to ruin the best friendship he had ever had.

He poured himself a drink and sat down.

You got here just in time to let me know I was worth saving Clytemnestra..

I won't cry for you ,Niklaus. My mascara is to expensive..

I stole nothing ,I broke nothing ,and I killed no one. Aren't you pround of me Clytemnestra?..

You don't have my sympathies for being so damn stupid Niklaus...

You ruined me ...

I'm ruined..

Klaus sits in front of his unlit fireplace, hands shaking as he tries to place his glass of scotch back on the table without breaking it too. He's not sure how many glasses he's had, he lost track back when he realized that there was one letter on the table.

He picked it up and his name was written out in Clytemnestra's handwriting. He contemplated on opening it and reading it now or keep it closed. He decided to read it.

Unable to help himself, the man opens the letter. He unfolds the lined piece of paper and sees the words jumping out at his through the tear marks on the page.

When his eyes found the first two words she froze, his heart in his throat.

Dear Niklaus ,

If you're reading this I'm already gone but I want you to know something. I've stared at this blank sheet for hours under the dim light of a lamp reflecting on the paper, going up and down silently, hearing only the noise of my steps on the floor. And I've been wondering for hours if the idea of writing you is right or wrong. Obsessed by this nagging thought, I've asked my conscience and my honour for a long time if longing to talk to you was consistent to the silent promise that I once made to the one sleeping in the next room. I haven't found an answer, maybe it doesn't exist. I only know that now I'm here writing to you, and if it's true that the real Clytemnestra White never cries, then I'm not Clytemnestra White tonight.

I am writing this letter to you like your queen , your friend and partner in crime. I write like the woman you loved and who broke your heart because I could not believe I was so blind or I did not want to believe it that you could be in love with me.

We are a tragic love story like Tristan And Isolde , Romeo And Juliet , Cleopatra and Mark Anthony but Clytemnestra and Niklaus do not die at the end ,only inside.

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is wht died inside us while we live.

You are in my heart and my mind. I will never forget the pain that's inside in your eyes when when I announced that I would leave and I felt a pang of sadness and disappointment deep inside my heart. A very selfish and miserable pain that made my attempt to hide it even more extraordinary. But you had to know that nothing and nothing would keep me from my job and my brothers. Even love.

I smiled and I've never been so good at playing a role. There is no Juliet or Hamlet up to Clytemnestra pretending to be absolutely glad. Unfortunately, although my acting performance was excellent, I think I was unable to deceiving everyone. What's the point of doing it? I can't expect any longer that your heart belonged to me, otherwise, if you granted me the honour of considering me still a part of yourself.

I know you'll be happy with someone else. I wish you that from the depths of my heart, but...I feel pain, my little freckled monkey. I feel pain. By what right am I feeling so desperate? I'm the one who first made a choice, told you to "go away", keep off. Have I the right to feel something with such little joy and so much misery?

I'II love you till I take my last breath in this world.

Do not forget it.

Everyone said that I taught you to love. I don't mean only love for me, but love in general. The said that before you met me you were an introverted man, unable to feel something more than a cold contempt for other people. You wanted to destroy everything. You had a naughty anger inside me, a burning disappointment. You used to destroy for fear of building...Then I appeared. With me difficult life and my sarcasm...what a model I were for you!

You said that you admired me, and straight afterwards you loved me. That I helped you to make up with your family. But you found out my unexpressed sensitivity. You made me laugh. You made me find out my vocation for acting. In loving you, I loved everything else. You didn't realize how you amplified every good thing was inside me...

Niklaus, I will never forget you. Still, I won't come back. I truly hope you'll be happy. I hope so...and I feel pain too... I will never be able to be as perfect as you, as you can see. Never so good as...But I won't give up, don't worry...I'm stronger now. I know what's my life and my destiny. Law protects me. So does your memory.

Love me or hate me both are in my favor. If you love me ,I'll always be in your heart ...if you hate me I'II always be in your mind.

Your Clytemnestra.

The note fell from nerveless fingers. His face and eyes burned with lunar nothingness, but his whole body was on fire with mute, trammeled emotion, like the tight fear of having already lost something unique, something precious, before he had any awareness of its existence or its value.

Klaus staggers backwards, losing his balance and falling to sit haphazardly on his rear. He looks haunted in the deathly pale of his face. The pain of losing her is unbearable, like an amputation he cannot ignore. But, no. Even losing a limb would be preferable to this, because he can live without one arm or one leg—because at least then he would still have her helping him through the loss. Losing Clytemnestra, though, is worse than crippling. Far, far worse, because Clytemnestra is, frankly, the one thing he can't live without, and now Klaus is confronted with the acute knowledge that he will have to go through every new day without Clytemnestra and her vicious sarcasm and her damn blye eyes by his side.

He is losing everything and there is not a sparkle left in him to fight. But there is his fucking heart that is still beating and he can't force it to stop. So no need to scream his wish to drop dead in the floor. He is alone again. Clytemnestra has left him. Klaus can't get pass that thought.

There is a lump in his throat where the assurance of Clytemnestra's presence should be and Klaus struggles to breathe, to regain his bearings in a world that no longer houses Clytemnestra White.

"No," he croaks. Clytemnestra... no, that's not possible. Not Clytemnestra. She can't be—he can't—that's—no. Please, please, no.

Klaus wants to scream.

He wants to see Clytemnestra, to hear Clytemnestra, to hold Clytemnestra, to breathe Clytemnestra.

Then he ran.

He ran out of his home, the place where he had called a pack meeting about the threat of the week. He ran. He didn't stop until he felt his lungs burn and his legs buckled from under him. How long had he been running for? He couldn't tell. It wasn't enough though. The ache was still there, stronger than physical ailments from running so hard and fast. What was he to do? He thought that Celestia would loves him. What had changed? When had it all changed?

Sure, Klaus wasn't very forthcoming with his emotions but who could blame him? He had been hurt so many times in the past... Klaus threw his head back and roared, his eyes closed but he could feel the shift taking place. It didn't matter to him. There was no one around and this was his land. His. He could do what he wanted on it.

He was thrown out of his self despair by the shrill ring of his phone. Taking the phone out of his pocket he saw the screen flash "Elijah" and the pain returned a new. He silenced it and finally shut it off. No, tonight needed to be about Klaus. Not about Clytemnestra White and what could have been between himself and Clytemnestra. Just... him. Tomorrow he could face the couple but for now...

He just needed to heal.

Kol ,Elijah and Rebekah

Then the sound that ripped from Klaus' throat sounded inhuman.

The sound of Klaus' tortured voice pierced Rebekah's heart like a spear, her body instantly registered his screams.

The three Mikaelson's standing in front of the doors of their respective lovers. They wanted to be there for their brother when his world is destroying but they could not do anything to help the wounded man.

''Love is a word. A sould. It's associated with particular feeling in arbitrary ,immeasurable and ultimately meaningless.' Elijah muttered ,walking to the window and looked at the dark forest that Klaus tried to stop the pain he has in his heart.

The noble Mikaelson could not have been angry with the lawyer ,as he knew that Clytemnestra White feared to love. He had tried to warn his brother of the disaster they had the two lovers but Klaus was blinded by the lawyer and her blue eyes.

They should not fall in love.

It was just a game

I heard you're a player.

So let's play a game.

Let's sweet talk. Let's play fight.

Let's talk 24/7. Let's take walks together.

Let's give each other nick names.

Let's go out on dates. Let's hold each other.

Let's care for one another. Let's kiss.

And whoever falls in love first?


''He likes her ,and she likes him. It's a tragedy because when he looks at her he sees the stars and when she loot at him she see the sun. But they both think the other is just looking at the ground.''said Rebekah as tears were coming from her face.

The blonde Original knew the lawyer had played an dirty game.

Clytemnestra White came into Nicklaus Mikaelson's life with a spark but when she left ,she left with his soul.

''They say Clytemnestra White was his North Star ,that she guided Klaus through the darkest parts of his pathetic life. So to renounce that family ,to renounce him the way that I dis ,I saw it. I watched the light vanish from his eyes. This ommovanle man ,this legendary Niklaus Mikaelson was...broken.''Kol said before going to the bed and sleeping with the woman he loves in his hands.