This is a scene after my other story 'into the hetalia world' ends where a friend Laura comes to the hetalia dimension for a visit on her birthday. You don't have to read 'into the hetalia world' to read this.

It was her birthday but no one seemed to remember.

Laura stood to the wall, scrolling aimlessly in Instagram, as if in a trance. England and America and Romano had come over to see her friends Hailey, Isabel, and Megan.

Yet no one came to see her, the birthday girl. Not even Japan.

It doesn't matter, really. Laura doesn't care. Not as much anyways.

She grew bored of just scrolling through Instagram and turned off her phone and slipped it into her pocket. Now what?

Let's just stare into space.

An excited squeal from the nearest room made her interested in what was going on. .

Laura scooched next to the door. She leaned against it, allowing her ear to rest on the dark wood.

"Why on earth are we watching this shit, Megan? Have you lost your mind?" Romano screeched. "This is disgusting!"

"What do you mean? And no it's not! It's just lemon, I mean, what's so disgusting?"

"I don't want to watch this crapola anymore! That's not how you do it!"

"Then how do you do it, then? Show me."

There was then a horrible squelching noise that sounded suspiciously like smooching.

"Ohhh.. That tasted so good! How do you do that?" Megan said, sounding breathless.

"Well, I'm Italian. That's what we do," Romano bragged, with a faint tone of pride in his words.

Some giggling sounds followed by a crash, and instantly, Laura knew they'd knocked over the beautiful flower vase at the back of the room.

After a few words of cursing and swearing, Romano said. "God, Megan. We should really stop watching this disgusting shit! I can teach you how to do it, the Italian way."

"I like what you say Romano, but I want to see how other people do it," said Megan.

"Fucking hell they're doing it wrong! That's not what it's supposed to be! Plus, you're not supposed to watch this. It doesn't help, it's for entertainment purposes only! "


"Whatever I'm watching it anyways. Wanna watch it with me, so we can do this later?"

"Megan, we can do this anytime, because I'm Romano. I'm Italian!"

Laura plastered herself against the wall, panting. Was Megan serious about watching lemon? No. This can't be! And what were Romano and Megan planning to do? It sounded suspiciously wrong.

Tired of this thought, Laura walked towards the second door. Isabel always either calmed her down, or drove her crazy. This time, she hoped she'll calm her down.

Laura brought her hand up, but just as it was about to knock…

"OH GOOD GOD IT IS HUGE!" Isabel shrieked.

Wait, what? What's huge?

"I know right? I told you!" America exclaimed.

"Um, Alfred? Are you sure we should do this?" Isabel asked.

"Dude, of course!"

"It might break my-"

"It's fine, let's do this!"

"I mean, I've never done this before... "

"Don't worry! The hero has a lot of experience in that area!"

"Really? I don't really see you as that kind of person. I mean, you're only 19 physically!"

"Does that mean I'm not awesome?" Laura could imagine America's look on his face.

"No… it's just… yeah whatever let's do it."

After a few moments of silence… "Alfred! STOP, THAT HURTS! AAAAA, STOP ALFRED!"

Laura let out a surprised gasp. You've gotta be kidding! America… and little Izzy?! No, no no no. Not good. She backed away until her back made contact with the third and final door.

"ARTHUR STOP! IT'S SPILLING EVERYWHERE!" her ears filled with Hailey's voice.

"I'm sure it'll be easy to clean off. And the floor's also white, so I guess it won't stand out too much." Was that… England? And what on earth are they doing? Laura had enough traumatising events for the day. She decided to eavesdrop again, only hoping that England and Hailey aren't doing anything wrong.

"Well, then don't stop now! Keep doing it!"

A loud thump was heard from the room.

Hailey let out a moan.

"Are you kidding me? Deeper, Iggy! Do you even know how to do this?"

"Of course! I've done this plenty times with that frog. I've even done it once with that idiot America and a few times with Spain in the past."

Another thump was heard.


Laura fell to the ground, unconscious.

Romano opened the door for Megan.

And the first thing they saw was Megan's friend, Laura (?), sleeping on the floor.

"LAURA!" Megan yelped, rushing to her aid. "What happened here?"

"Does your friend like sleeping on the floor?" Romano asked.

"ROMANO! This is not the time to joke around!" Megan said. She jumped up and opened Izzy's door, revealing two very intensively concentrated gamers, sitting comfortably in beanbags.


"WHAT THE HECK, MEGAN?!" Isabel stood up from her beanbag. She turned nimbly at a penetrating sound. "FUCK! YOU MADE THE BOSS KILL ME! UGHHHHHH… "

"ISABEL! GET UP! LAURA PASSED OUT!" Megan stomped. America got up and dragged Isabel out of the game room.

Meanwhile, Romano calmly opened England's room.

"What the fuck are you guys making?!" Romano gasped. "This shit is not edible! Oh England, why the fuck didn't you listen to me, and make a pizza, instead of this cake!"

"Of course it's not! Damn, I should have made the cake with Izzy. But she insisted on playing that stupid game," Hailey glared, brushing some flour off her tights. "With America."

"Bloody hell Romano, why are you interrupting us? I'm sure we would've done a better job without you disrespectfully cutting in!" England exclaimed. "See?"

He dabbed his finger into the cake, then drew it out. England placed his finger inside his mouth and sucked until all the cream was fully dissolved. "I announce my cake edible."

Romano rolled his eyes. "Anyways. Megan told me to 'kindly inform' you guys that Laura has fainted."

"WHAT? MRS. HONDA FAINTED?" Hailey yelled.

Japan appeared. "Did someone say my name? Oh hello, England-san and Romano-kun."

Romano facepalmed and left the room.

Hailey raced out of the room as fast as lightning (or so she thought).

By this time, Laura has been woken up by Megan. "What were you guys doing? Megan, were you watching lemon? And Izzy, were you stripping and about to have lemon?! And Hails, were you having lemon?!"

"Uh… no." everyone chorused.

"Then… then what was the "it's just lemon','OH MY GOD IT IS HUGE' and the thumping?

"Um, actually, we were watching a cooking tv show," Megan said.

"It was the worst cooking show ever! Megan kept on telling me to just watch it, but how can I do that, when they're squirting lemon all over the pizza!" Romano complained.

Megan sighed.

America flashed by. "Isabel and I were gaming, to test out the new nintendo switch game she bought for you! We were fighting the super big boss! Who said we were stripping?"

"We said the monster was huge! What were you thinking?" Isabel said, giving Laura the Coglet Poke.

Laura staggered backwards, clutching her ribs. (which were 'broken' by now)

"Hailey and I were baking a cake for you. Not having lemon. The thumping was the sound of the oven door opening and closing. What is going on in your mind, Laura?" England sighed, drinking a cup of tea he had kept behind his back the entire time.

"And if you heard me saying 'deeper', it's actually because Iggy here," Hailey gestured towards England, "didn't poke the filling deep enough into the cake so that it's even," Hailey said, shooting him a look.

And with that being said, Laura fainted again.

Moral: Don't pull out an accusation before knowing the whole story.