Another oneshot...

It was Laura's birthday.

Just as she woke up at 3:00am (her normal schedule for scary creepypasta stories), a fairy teleported her to Tokyo, Japan, saying that she would bring her back home after 12 hours. There, she saw her friends Hailey, Isabel and Megan, all in pajamas and looking like they just rolled out of bed. In fact, Isabel was still sleeping. Meanwhile, Hailey was holding her laptop and still reading fanfiction. Somehow.

Even though it was a work day, no one was walking on the streets of Japan and not even cars were zooming by the roads.

"Is this another dimension?"

"I think so. The fanfictions here are different."

Isabel was beginning to wake up. "Hey… are there burgers in this universe? I need some right now… "

Laura was absolutely done. It was her BIRTHDAY! She deserved to stay at home and binge-watch anime and read webcomics, not get stuck in a stupid alternate universe for half a day! In her rage, she stomped away from her friends and into a random street. There, she started running, letting wind slap her face, trying to find a car or just anything that could bring her back to her house.

"OoF!" Laura slammed into a person on the streets. She apologized quickly without thinking much and kept running. Only to stop after a few steps. She whipped her head around and caught a small glimpse of the person.

Was he… was he a Honda? A Kiku Honda?

I mean, he did look a lot like Japan. Black hair? Check. Dull, dark brown eyes? Check. White military uniform? Check. Bnha Manga? Check. Wait what? Laura did a double take. The person (who might be Japan) read (and possibly liked) Boku no Hero Academia?

Even though the male might have just been a cosplayer, Laura decided to follow him and see what was going on. Just to see what's going on. Nothing else. Yes, nothing else.

She crept after him, keeping a good distance between them. The male turned a perfect 90 degrees around a corner and disappeared. Laura hurried, keeping in contact with the wall at all times. She peered over the edge. Nobody. She's lost him! What will she do now?!

Panic attack. No, she's lost the Honda Kiku cosplayer! Ugh, and looking back, she's not only lost the cosplayer, but also where exactly she came from! So… now what? Don't freak out! Don't freak out! Laura spun in circles, doing what she was horrible at. Panicking. What was the first thing you were supposed to do when lost again? Oh yes, examine your surroundings.

Laura barely respected the stupid kindergarten rules when they went on a field trip, but this could either help or… do nothing. So she gave it a try.

Scanning the environment, Laura saw a tall pine tree planted in someone's yard. Hmmm…

With a few struggles, Laura managed to pull herself over the fence and to the tip top of the tree. Peering down, she caught sight of the Japan cosplayer two streets away and her friends in a nearby plaza. A relieved breath escaped her mouth. Not lost after all.

"WOAH!" Laura screamed. She seemed to have lost track of time and space, because she was plummeting to her death from a height of 4 meters, landing in a horrific… nevermind. She fell on her butt. Laura got up to wipe off the sloppy mud from this person's yard. Why do people always have to wet their garden before sleeping?

As she found the exit out, Laura secretly hoped that there was no surveillance camera to catch her embarrassing moments at exactly 6:66 am. She also hoped that the family in that house didn't have some "666" addictions like the boys in her school did.

With the mission impossible theme blaring from her earbuds, she started Naruto running towards the Honda Kiku cosplayer. I mean, her friends can wait, right? Honda Kiku cosplayer is gonna run away the second she loses track of him.

Laura puffed. Just a few more steps… !

Suddenly, a man (don't ask why) wearing blacks jumped out of the shadows and attacked the Honda cosplayer. Laura swallowed a scream.

The man pushed over Honda Cosplayer until he disappeared under his body. Laura gasped. No! She cannot lose that cosplayer again! She had to save him!

"STOP!" She screamed at the man. The man didn't seem to even acknowledge her existence. He fished out a gleaming silver gun and placed it on the cosplayer's forehead. Before Laura could report the case to 999, the cosplayer pulled out a full length katana from nowhere and stabbed the man with unbelievable speed.

It was then that Laura realized that this 'cosplayer' wasn't cosplaying Japan, he was Japan. Instantly, the world around her ripped away, piece by piece. Until everything there was was Honda Kiku (and a few cherry blossom trees).

The romantic moment lasted about what Isabel would call 3 milliseconds, as Honda Kiku turned away and left without a word.

Laura chased after him, shouting his name again and again, hoping to get his attention. But Kiku sped up and disappeared in a flash of shadow.

So she ran after the shadow.

Not long after, Laura reached Japan's very tidy house. This, was the moment of truth. Was this really Honda Kiku's house? No more hesitation.

Laura knocked on the door, until she realized that there was a doorbell button on the wall. Nevermind.

She heard loud footsteps coming to her. The the door swung open, revealing a half-naked America. Was Ameripan real? After a quick look at Laura, America looked back and yelled, "Hey Honda! You've got a visitor!"

Laura flinched. She was not exactly used to staring into America's abs.

"So dude, where do you come from?" America said openly, smiling at Laura.

"I don't know… " she muttered.

"Anyways, I'm America. You can call me-"

"Yes Alfred, I know," Laura said, trying to look natural without staring at America's torso. She could feel the heat burning in her face.

"How did you know?! Well, I don't really care, actually," America said.

"Who's here?" Japan popped up behind America, seemingly small. Laura shrunk into a mole at the sight of him. Of Honda Kiku. Honda Kiku.

What a lovely name… SNAP OUT OF IT, LAURA!

"Um, hello, I'm Laura… " she began, voice getting weaker by the second. "Is this Hon… Honda Ki- Honda Kiku's house?"

Oh god she messed up. Real bad. In front of Japan's very face. Yay, what now?

"Yes. This is Mr. Honda's house, are you here to find moi, young lady?" Francis pushed the two away, nude from head to toe and wearing his april fool's day costume. Laura reddened, embarrassed. She clicked her tongue and shook her head.

"You bloody git! I'm heading to the plaza to get some more tea. And meet a friend… " Arthur shoved everyone else away and walked out of the front door. He was in a suit, looking extremely formal and gentleman-like.

"Wait Artie! I'm coming with you! I also have to meet my sister!" America pulled a shirt and his bomber jacket over his head and rushed out after England.

After a whole awkward minute of staring at everyone's faces (especially the hot Honda Kiku), Laura heard a loud squeal coming from the plaza.

"IS THAT IGGYYYY?!" Hailey screamed.

Followed by an excited scream yell "BIG BROTHER!"

And a calm whisper. "Guys? Is Romano there?"