A Magical Blue Christmas

"Doesn't our tree look beautiful Harry?" asked Madison. Wrapping his arms around his girlfriend's protruding waist the best he could. "But it's not as beautiful as you are my dear" Harry whispered into Madison's ear. This was followed by a kick causing Harry to say "Correction both you and your mother are the most beautiful things I ever laid eyes on. Although Harry couldn't see it Madison was blushing like crazy. The pair then looked at their christmas tree marveling for all it was worth.

It wasn't the best tree in the world but the young couple made it work; and to Harry's amazement somehow overnight Madison transformed the ugly tree into something amazing. The tree was now covered in blue and gold christmas balls with a few brown ones thrown in to represent gryffindor Harry's Hogwarts house. That shone quite lovely with the light bouncing off of them. Harry was touched by the kind gesture that Harry simply kissed her senseless leaving her breathless. As well as taking some of it to the bedroom which resulted in Madison getting pregnant. The happy parents to be couldn't wait to see their little offspring come into the world.

But tonight however Harry wanted to make it official touching his pocket feeling the ring box for reassurance. Harry thought it was now or never if he didn't do it now he would surely lose his nerve to do it again. "Madison you know how much I love you right?" Harry started to say. "Yes I know love but what is this all about?" Madison said slightly confused she didn't know what to say. She just hoped that Harry wasn't planning on breaking up with her on the most magical time of the year. Madison than saw Harry begin to get down on one knee causing her to gasp in surprise since she knew what was going to happen next.

She instinctively covered her mouth with her hand.

Before Harry could say anything else Madison beat him to it by saying "Yes Harry I'll marry you!" Harry couldn't believe his ears that he made Madison repeat it once again; and once she did Harry whooped for joy around the room. Before pinning Madison to the wall and giving her the most passionate kiss she ever had. Both were then rewarded with a sharp kick from their offspring to be saying " Hey what about me?" This caused both Harry and Madison to laugh and say "Mommy and daddy love you too little one." That's when a whole flurry of kicks started causing Harry and Madison to laugh once again. Harry then slipped the engagement ring on to Madison's hand. This was the best christmas for all parties involved.