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Chapter 1: A New Beginning

It was currently raining in a mysterious city full of oddly shaped buildings. The sky was pitch black, not a single star could be seen in the night. The only source of light in this unknown place were the lights from the skyscrapers and the moon. But this was no ordinary moon. This moon in particular was shaped exactly like a heart. This place was known by only a small number as [The World That Never Was].

A figure wearing a black hooded coat and gloves can be seen limping down the street. The figure was of medium stature and build. But other than that, no other feature could be identified as the hood completely concealed the figure's face. They were panting and grunting heavily as they pushed themselves further onward down the street. They then turned their head upwards towards their destination, which could be seen floating high above the sea of skyscrapers. It was a huge, white castle with many towers that almost seemed to be haphazardly connected to it. It could also appear to have been decorated with with a strange, black symbol in in multiple areas. The symbol appeared to be a cross with arrow-like tips and an upside down heart at the bottom. This flying castle was known as

Then suddenly, a dark pillar of shadows and wisps of darkness erupted from the ground, the [Corridor of Darkness]. Another figure wearing the exact same cloak as the injured man, except much taller and far more muscular, stepped out of said pillar. The tall figure then spoke, his voice smooth yet deep indicating he was male. "Allow me to offer you my congratulations for overcoming the trial I had set out before you… Roxas."The mysterious man then removes the hood from his face revealing a dark skinned man with amber eyes and long, white hair. This was Xemnas, former-leader of the group of nobodies known as Organization XIII.

The figure, now known as Roxas, stared at the man in front of him with deep hatred in his eyes. "... Xemnas… get… away… from me" Roxas said coldly in between his panting. "Now now, why so angry Roxas?" Xemnas asked innocently. "Now is the time the celebrate this auspicious occasion. After all, it was expected from the very beginning that you would be the one to pass our test" he continued.

"...A test?... A TEST!?" Roxas yelled, his fists tightening in anger. " All this violence and death… and you say it was all part of a test!?" he asked as he limped forward towards him, only to trip and fall to his knee. He looked up at Xemnas, his hood falling off as he did so. Revealing a young boy in his teens. He hails golden-blonde, spiky hair and deep-blue eyes.

Xemnas stared at Roxas for a while. "Of course, Roxas. After all, their entire reason for existing was all so that you may grow stronger." he said nonchalantly.

Roxas' whole body trembled in anger. "... How?... How could you just throw away their lives like that? And for what, just so you could have the power of the keyblade?" he asked. Xemnas then nodded and said "Why yes, this whole test was for the sake of tapping into the potential of Sora's keyblade."

Tears started to fall from Roxas' face. He then spoke "So all their pain… all their suffering… is my fault?" His fist tightening even more, enough that his nails started to dig into his gloves. "Well… I never asked for this, for any of this! I never asked to wield the keyblade! I never asked to be Sora's nobody! I never… I never…" Roxas started to choke on his words as the tears fell from his face. "... I never… asked to exist." Roxas said as he looked down solemnly in defeat.

Xemnas for the briefest moment, showed surprise on his face as he put his hand to his chin as he was began to wonder. "Hmm? It appears gaining their power also gave you something else as well. Such a shame really. In the state you are in now, it is impossible to make you useful for our needs. We will have to delay our plans so we can alter your memories again." He spoke offhandedly, not knowing how deeply his words would affect Roxas in his current state.

"A-alter my memories? Again?" Roxas asked as his eyes widened and his voice cracked. Xemnas looked blankly at Roxas, and said "Hmm? Why yes. You didn't think we would risk you knowing the truth when we set out to do our experiment, did you? After all, your link with Sora allows you the same knowledge as him." Roxas was frightened at the thought of having Xemnas altering his memories.

Fear quickly turned into frustration, and frustration quickly turned into Anger. "...No…" Roxas said quietly. Xemnas scrunched his eyebrows as he crossed his arms and said "What was that?" "...No… I refuse to be your tool any longer. My mind is not going to be something others can mess with anymore. I decide who I am, not you." Roxas declared defiantly.

Xemnas looked down and sighed. "Why must you always be so difficult, Roxas? Everytime I come to offer you a purpose greater than yourself, you betray my expectations to go and do something beyond reason. Oh well, soon enough we will not need your consent" Xemnas said as he started to reach out to Roxas.

Roxas quickly leapt back, away from Xemnas. Roxas then had two beams appear in his hands, one made of shining light and the other made of wisps of darkness. Two blades appears in his hands, but not just any blades. They were the Keyblades [Oathkeeper] and [Oblivion]. And right now he intended to put them to good use. He charged forward at Xemnas and swung his keyblades with intent to end the life of the man before him.

But as soon as Roxas got within range Xemnas thrust his palm into Roxas' stomach, knocking the air out of his lungs. As Roxas fell to his knees, he dropped his keyblades as they disappeared Xemnas spoke "Now Roxas, you should know that you have no way of defeating me. You should just make this easier for the both of us and stop resisting.."

Roxas looked up at Xemnas as he tried to catch his breath. He knew he couldn't win no matter how hard he tried. But he couldn't let Xemnas get what he wanted , not after all that has happened. So then he started to think of a way to make sure Xemnas didn't win in the end, but he couldn't. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't think of a way win against Xemnas in a fight. He tightened his fist as he's struck the ground in frustration. But then, it hit him. He finally came up with the perfect plan to defeat Xemnas. He then lifted himself off the ground as he grinned arrogantly at Xemnas.

And Xemnas, to say the least, was not pleased by the way Roxas was looking at him. "Why, pray tell, are you looking at me like that?" Xemnas questioned. Roxas still grinned at Xemnas, his confidence never waving a bit in the face of Xemnas' scowl. "Your right Xemnas I can never win against you in a fight. In fact I can't think of a single way of how I can win against you at all." Roxas answered as he raised his hands as he nodded his head side to side in mock defeat. "Then I must ask you, why do you seem to be so… arrogant in the face of defeat?" Xemnas questioned.

"Well I'll tell you, Xemnas. While it's true that I can't win against you… I can still make sure that you don't win either." Roxas said. He then snapped his fingers and a new [Corridor of Darkness] appeared behind him. Xemnas then looked at Roxas blankly and said "This was your grand plan? I'll admit I was expecting something… more from all that bluster you showed earlier." He then continued "Roxas… I was the one who tampered with your memories. I know every world you could possibly picture as your intended destination. It is like how the old saying goes 'you can run, but you cannot hide'."

"I was expecting you to say something like that." Roxas responded. This made Xemnas raise his eyebrow slightly in confusion. "If you expected that, then why follow through with this ridiculous plan of yours?" Xemnas asked. This caused Roxas' grin to grow wider. "Well I think I'll tell you since I'm feeling generous." he said as he turned and started to walk slowly towards his [Corridor of Darkness]. Roxas stopped when he was right in front of his way out of here, but then he decided to look back at Xemnas. "While you are correct in that, because you've seen my memories, there is no world I can think of that you could not just follow me. But you seem to forget that that situation only applies if… I gave the [Corridor of Darkness] an intended destination." Roxas explained.

Xemnas then realized what Roxas was implying, and it made his eyes widen in shock. Xemnas then started to say "But that would mean that the Corridor would" "Shoot me out at any random world in the entire universe? Where not even you would be able to find me? Why yes, yes it would." Roxas said as he interrupted Xemnas. Roxas then closed his eyes and spread his arms as he let himself fall backwards from where he was standing and into the dark portal.

Xemnas, in his rage, shouted "NNNOOOOOO!". He then through one of his Ethereal Blades, called [Interdiction], at Roxas. But it appeared to have missed him as it went through the portal with Roxas. The [Corridor of Darkness] then vanished into thin air, leaving Xemnas all alone in [The World That Never Was].

When Roxas reopened his eyes he found himself falling from the sky. He then started to look around his surroundings as he was falling. He noticed that he was about to land within a walled city on top of a large mountain. And when he looked closer he noticed a barrier around it. He quickly summoned both the [Oathkeeper] and [Oblivion] keyblades and then placed both of them in front of him. "This is gonna be a rough landing." he joked as he prepared to divebomb through the barrier with the help of his keyblades. He crashed landed into what appeared to be a roofed in marketplace. Little did he know that this was the Black Marketplace inside the Clover kingdom's Capital.

He then looked up into the hole he made in the roof and noticed that something red and glowing was falling right towards him at incredible speeds. Without thinking twice he quickly rolled out of the way as soon as he realized that it was one of Xemnas' [Interdiction] blades. And when it appeared to have harmlessly struck the ground, Roxas decided to pick it up. But as soon as his hand touched the Ethereal Blade, it vanished. He decided to get over the odd occurrence and look at his surroundings.

Roxas started to realize that a crowd was forming around him. When he realized they were staring at him and whispering he started to feel uncomfortable. He then awkwardly scratched the back of his head. He then decided to make a joke to ease the tension in the air. "I guess that's one way to make an entrance." he said as he chuckled like an idiot.

When the crowd finally dispersed after his bad joke, he decided to walk around and explore this new world he was in. But little did he know, there were two people who were following him with curious gazes.

Xemnas scowled as he looked at the area the dark portal once was. But then he closed his amber-eyes in deep thought. His face then shifted from one of anger to one of enjoyment. He then chuckled darkly as he reopened his eyes. "Heh, we will meet again Roxas. Sooner than you may think." he said. He then snapped his fingers as another [Corridor of Darkness].

Who are these mysterious figures following Roxas? What horrors did he just escape from at the hands of Xemnas? And when will I stop asking questions I have no intent on answering at the moment?

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