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Sister Julienne


The night had fallen for a long time, and only the steps of the nun were audible now, in the Docks. This silence was contrasting with the activity she had observed throughout the years, since she was here. In a way, it was resting, after her hard day. Two consecutive deliveries had left her exhausted. She stopped a moment, taking time to breathe fully, like if she was a newborn herself, searching fresh air. How calm and peaceful this place could be, it never ceased to amaze her, years by years, decades by decades. Taking a look to the water, she loses herself in her thoughts.


She could still remember her first days here, when she was young, full of hopes and optimism. She never told her sisters, nor everyone, that every night, in her first month here, she was crying in her pillow, unable to see how she would be able to carry on. Yet, every morning, she was up before the dawn, ready to help those in needs, whatever it was costing to her. Sister Julienne smiled to those memories. She was still here, and even if it had been a hard lesson, she learned to help others and protecting herself at the same time.


She felt tired, so she started walking again, already feeling the warm and safe atmosphere of the old walls of Nonnatus House. She could already hear the laughs of the young ones, excited by Christmas preparation, and the reflexions, always surprising, of sister Monica Joan. Maybe the Chistmas tree was already there? This idea made her smile and she starts speeding up. Snow began to fall, making her looking up in the skies. The stars were shining, just like the moon. But the most beautiful lights were just in front of her. She stopped again, just in front of Nonnatus. Lights were on, revealing shadows behind the closed curtains. A soft smile appears on the lips of the nun. After all these years, after all her tears, she could say that she never felt home like here.


When she approached the door, she heard a joyous laugh, followed by some others. A new smile appeared, while she entered. She closed the door behind her, with this sweet feeling, accompanied by a peaceful mind. All was in place, as Sister Monica Joan used to say. Everything was where it should be. All was well. All was well.

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