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Nonnatus Family


A fire was burning in the chimney, projecting moving shadows on the walls. Next to it, there was the Christmas tree, all decorated by the good cares of Sister Monica Joan, and the help of some little elves, whom redressed some falling decorations during their night shifts. It was one of the most beautiful tree dressed at Nonnatus, and the presents disposed around it could only enforced its majesty. Sister Monica Joan, sitting in an armchair, that someone placed there for her, was looking at it and at the agitation around her with a childlike smile, as her eyes were shining like if someone put stars in them. It was really a pleasure to look at the room, and when a nurse or a nun was passing to help at the preparation, no one could resist at the temptation to stop and look at it.


Barbara and Tom's arrival caused more agitation than before, as everybody wanted to welcome the newlyweds. Barbara was smiling more than ever, hugging her colleagues and best friends, while Tom was looking at her, asking himself if all of this happiness was real. Since the wedding, he was like in a happiness inebriation. Everyone quickly gathered around the chimney, giving and exchanging the presents. Smiles were on every faces, and laughs were echoing in the room like bells. Someone put the radio on, and sweet Christmas traditional songs invade the atmosphere like joyful spirits. It was like if happiness had not an end. Like if life was like this, a family and friend reunion, full of joy and hopes.


Christmas had never been only a festive day, and it is not always a happy day. Behind the smiles, there is always fear, or anxiety. But this evening, at Nonnatus House, it was like if everybody had put away the pain. They were forming a family, all bonded by a fierce friendship that nothing could repress. They were holding each other, trying to never surrender, in hard moments, to fears. It was not always easy. It was not always working. But it was worth everything, because in the end, maybe it is only love that can truly save us, wherever it come from.

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