The Pep Rally was going great. Archie was so handsome. Then it happened. All of the vixens fell to the floor, including my best friend Veronica. A mass seizure. Everyone was out of their seats. It was chaos. Then Hiram came. He just watched. Watched them, and smiled. He damn smiled.

I went to the hospital to see Veronica. When I got to her room, Archie was already there. "Hey V, how are you doing?" I asked.

"I actually feel pretty okay, just a little tired," She replied.

"YOU BETTER TELL ME WHERE CHERYL IS OR YOUR DEAD, DO YOU HEAR ME," Outside the door new student Billy Hargrove was yelling at a nurse. My friend Cheryl Blossom had hooked up with him overnight. I wasn't okay with it at first, but she deserved to happy, after what happened to Jason.

The Vixens got released from the hospital before the day was over. Me and my mom were discussing what had happened at school today, when we heard the doorbell being rung. "I'll get it," I told my mom.

When I opened the door. Another kid around my age, probably a little younger was at the door. He was very skinny and pale. He brown curly hair and big dark brown eyes. "Hey Betty, I'm Peter, do you remember me."

She did remember. They were at Sweetwater Swimming hole. Peter had told her he wanted to marry her. "I'm sorry, but i'm married to Archie." Archie. "How about you come inside," I said.

When we went to the kitchen, my mom was on the phone. She was done a moment later. She had a worried look on her face. She was even shaking a little. " Riverdale has been quarantined."