Authors note: I just made a few changes. I thought it was rushed and felt incomplete.

Its now been several years since apollyon died during the siege at the Citadel Gate. She had been presumed dead, killed at the hands of an orochi who's name was lost with time. The four factions, that wanted nothing more than each other heads, now at peace. They all lived together under an alliance, all agreeing to learn each others languages and some of a new language formed by the knights called English. They each agreed to stay in different parts of the world, ashfield to the knights, the swamp to the samurai, valkenheim to the vikings, and the mountains to the wu lin. It was in their agreement that they would not invade each other and allow for trade, immigration, etc.

Apollyon was dead, but her legion was still active. They were constantly trying to start a war. Apollyon's final wish was to make one last war between all of the factions, with the new faction being the wu lin. They constantly attacked outside villages, but didn't have enough firepower to attack any faction. They would commit crimes against humanity and frame another faction. Most of the time these attempts wouldn't work, but the few times it did work, the treaty and alliance was under fire and almost broke had it to been for their common sense.

Each faction didn't want to lose their edge in combat, so they all agreed to hold a tournament near the volcano. The rules were simple, one on one and no executions. They all agreed they didn't need to lose fine warriors. It was held every harvesting season, when food was everywhere and a feast could be held for it's leaders.

Every month, every leader of each faction would send their best warrior to a forest where they would come up with ideas for the world. Each representative had proven themselves in both the 100 year war or in the arena while still being in their teens. Representing the knights would be a centurion named Etiam. He was indeed a fine warrior and a even greater fist fighter at that, but he was always full of himself. He wore golden armor with a helmet that looks like a skull with a mohawk looking ornament on his head. His cape showing the flag of the knights with his gold weapon. He always kept a whetstone on him. I didn't have any details on it except for the words written in latin "happy birthday". No one knows how he got it, and he refuses to let anyone touch it. He also is known for being a heavy drinker and seemingly having a split personality at times.

Representing the samurai would be an aramusha named Aiko. He was always the quiet one, saying a few words here and there at each conference. He wore a simple rice hat with a half demon mask and a dark robe. His katanas having black hilts and a silver blade. He has bandages on his forearms covering tattoos. No one knows what kind of tattoos he has as he hasn't taken the bandages off for years and refuses to talk about it.

Representing the vikings would be a highlander going by the name Theoden. He was always headstrong and bulky, his personality reflecting that. He would always try to power through the problems instead of thinking through them. His armour had a blue and black color to it with his battle skirt having a checker pattern on it. He wore what seemed to be deer antlers on his head. He's never taken off these antlers. He says he got them as a present from his father, but refuses to go in depth about it. His claymore was a simple silver color. When Cheng wasn't around, he would become the comedian of the group.

Representing the wu lin would be a shaolin with the name of Cheng. He was the comedic relief that the group so heavily needed. His battle robe was mainly black with a hint of red everywhere. He wore beads across his waist and neck that were also red. He wore a monkey mask on his head with his staff having gold metal ends and a red wood finish. Most of his humor was either inhumane or very childish. He has tattoos going across his arms and chest along with a few scars hidden in the tattoos. When anyone would ask about his past or his tattoos his demeanor would change very quickly.

They each spoke a different language every meeting just so if any faction had any smart ideas, the scouts wouldn't understand.

It was like any other meeting. Each representative walked into the forest to discuss events that would happen in the future. They found a small broken bridge near a clearing and decided that it would be a good place to have their meeting.

"So who do you guys think are going to win the tournament this year?" Cheng asked in latin.

"I'm putting my money on the samurai this year. I hear they got the fastest orochi ever seen" replied Theoden "Those little dudes were so annoying to fight. I could never block their light attacks"

"I would have to agree with you. They are they only people who can attack faster than me" agreed Cheng

"You two are wrong. Obviously the knights are going to win" Etiam shouted proudly

"There is your daily dose of nationalism" Aiko muttered under his breath

"What did you say rice boy?" Etiam asked. "Nothing? That's what I thought"

"I don't know Etiam. Those orochis are more annoying than all of the shaman we have" Theoden interjected

"Whatever you say neckbeard" Etiam replied.

"You people need to shut up and remember why we are here" Aiko said angrily "There have been multiple robberies and murders across every region and it has been marked with Apollyon symbol"

"Buzzkill" Cheng quietly muttered

"He is right" Theoden replied. "There has been a uprising of robberies and murders recently"

"But I thought Apollyon died years ago" Cheng questioned

"She has a cult following" Etiam answered bluntly. This caused some eyebrows to go his way "They tried to recruit me when I was 15 since I absoluting dunked on their leader"

"Wait, you were RECRUITED?" screamed Aiko

"No rice boy. They tried." answered Etiam. "Anyways they were led by some lawbringer by the name Holden. He says stuff like, "these were people that betrayed us in time in need" so I killed him. After that they asked me to be their leader which I said no. Looking back on it I should've said yes since they have a massive legion. I think like 10 with like 100 commanders."

Cheng started crying in the corner "We could of had a massive legion at our command"

"Stop crying other rice boy" Etiam kicked him, Cheng fell to the ground holding his gut "Also since I left them leaderless, they hate me and want to kill me"

"They hate everyone and want to kill everyone. You're not a special snowflake" Cheng tried getting back up.

"Yeah but I killed their leader so I'm like number one on their "kills this mans" list" Etiam shot back.

"I mean I did see a few scouts along the way here" Cheng said

"What did you do about it?" Aiko asked

Cheng pulled out a necklace usually held by scouts of the blackstone legion "I killed them. I broke their knees while I was at it. Let me tell you those guys have no fight in them whatsoever. One of them did live though. He ran off and I couldn't teleport to him as he was out of sight."

"Why do you think they're here?" Aiko asked

"Probably to kill us" Theoden answered "If it was my guess, I'd assume they'd try to kill us and frame the other factions starting a new war"

"Huh" Etiam pulled out a flask and lifted his mask up and started to drink from it "Do you think the scouts followed me here?'

"I mean probably" Theoden asked for a sip of the alcohol, but was denied.

"So what do we do about it?" Etiam put the flask away

"Kill any scouts we see" Aiko answered

Cheng noticed a scout on top of a tree, but the scout quickly ran away and out of sight before you could say anything. The scout was too far away for Cheng to notice any distinct features.

They continued to talk about other problems like how the Wu Lin are unfair and unbalanced. They tried to keep their nationalism to a minimum as it would allow to see problems from different point of views, well almost everyone. Etiam kept bragging about this Daubney guy he killed and wouldn't shut up about it.

"Then I was punched my way through his entire fortress. There was the captain yea? I guard broke him, beat him with the end of my gladius, then threw him towards the ledge. He didn't go off, so I front kicked him off. You should of seen the look on his was like NoOooOOoo. It was amazing. Anyways-" Etiam's voice trailed off. Cheng wasn't paying attention to Etiam's over exaggerated story. He was looking around and notice a few more scouts, but wrote it off. Etiam continued with his story for a few more minutes until they were interrupted by a flaming rock barely missing them.

"What was that?" Theoden asked

"That's jesus' second coming" Etiam answered "It's a catapult dumb neckbeard"

The looked where the catapult came from and saw an entire legion running after them with a catapult.

Cheng laughed hysterically "I thought I saw some scouts"

Aiko quickly punched Cheng in the gut "AND YOU DIDN'T POINT THIS OUT EARLIER"

"Stop hitting me please" Cheng coughed up some blood. "I'm already hurt"

"I can fight them by myself" Etiam bluffed "I punched through an entire fortress"

"Well you can't have all the fun now can you" Theoden laughed wanting to join him.

"Like hell you are" Cheng yelled quickly hugging all of them and teleporting them all away.

They landed somewhere deeper in the forest with Cheng sweating.

"Theoden" Cheng panted "Why must you have such thick thighs?"

Theoden was about the response before an arrow whizzed by his face. He quickly turned to see around 100 archers looking right at him.

"You think you can take them all big man?" Cheng whispered to Theoden, which quickly earned a punch to the crotch

He quickly fell whispering "Comedy comes in rules of 3 you guys can't hit me anymore" slowly crying.

The archers looked at them before drawing their bows in their direction

"Let me at them. I'll punch through all of them!" Etiam drew his gladius. He was then hit with an arrow in the arm. This was followed by excessive profanity and him pulling out the arrow that was completely blocked by his amor

"RUN" Aiko screamed pulling Etiam with him.

They all darted off with Theoden being last. Arrows were whizzing by their heads, hitting trees nearby.


"I SWEAR IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP I WILL SHOVE THAT STAFF SO FAR UP YOUR-"Etiam yelled before taking an arrow to the knee. If you thought he screamed a lot of profanity the first time he was hit with an arrow, you were wrong. He started screaming

Cheng quickly stopped and picked up the fallen knight whispering "I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the knee" earning a smile from Etiam while quickly running to the front of the group.

"GUYS I'D HATE TO BE THAT GUY BUT HERE IS A CLIFF AHEAD OF US, SO WHAT DO WE DO?" Cheng screamed while barley dodging an arrow that almost hit Etiam.

"WE JUMP" answered Theoden.

All three quickly turned to the Highlander and saying "WHAT, NO"


"OH AREN'T YOU JUST PUNNY" screamed Cheng

They were nearing the edge of the cliff with Cheng coming to a halt with Etiam on his back, unconscious from the blood loss with Aiko stopping right next to him both looking down considering their options. The cliff was supposed to be the end of the world since it always had clouds covering the ground and almost no noise. They had little judgement in this decision as Theoden quickly run into them sending all four off the cliff. They were all free falling with Etiam still on Cheng's shoulders.

"Hey Cheng why don't you just teleport all of us back on the cliff?" Aiko asked

"Because we would be hit with a thousand arrows" Theoden respond for him "At least here we have some chance of survival.

"Do you guys think we're gonna die?" asked Cheng

"I mean probably since this is the end of the world" Theoden answered

"Well I guess this is the time to say something heartwarming" Cheng stated "I'll go first, I loved you all and saw you guys as the family that was ripped away from me, or at least that weren't in the mountains.

"I guess I'll go too" Theoden said "I always saw you guys as little tiny men that I could agree with. You guys were like my final gift my father was talking about. That and I think Cheng's mask looks dumb"

"Honest, but hurtful. Anything you want to say Aiko?" Cheng asked

"I hate all of you" Aiko replied bluntly

"Oh, um thanks I guess" Cheng replied

"But not as much as I hate everyone else" Aiko quickly stated "You guys are the only people who haven't betrayed my yet"

"Now that's a little more heartwarming isn't it?" Cheng laughed "What about you Etiam?"


"Oh yeah he's passed out" Cheng remembered. "At least he gets to die while he's asleep"

"Ground" Theoden said

"What?" Cheng asked

"GROUND" he yelled

Cheng quickly teleported with Etiam on his back. When he reached the ground he looked up to see a sight no man would want to see, up Theoden's skirt. He quickly moved away as the Highlander hit the ground landing on his two feet causing the ground around him to sink in. Aiko fell a little bit later but instead decided to roll when he hit the ground. They took a moment too look at their surrounding. They were in a forest with thick trees and it was snowing.

"Well at least we're not dead" Cheng stated

"Where is Thor's' name are we?" asked Theoden

"You think I have the slightest clue?" Cheng replied

"Well where ever we are, isn't home" Aiko said.