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Finnick POV


I look up and see Katniss two spots to my right, Peeta five to my left. They're my first priority. I'm not sure if either can swim.


I survey my surroundings. It's an ocean. No, it's an ocean with a jungle surrounding it. The Cornucopia has only weapons in it, from what I can see.



I see it; the golden trident glimmering in the sun, directly in front of me. The gamemakers are trying to tempt me, which is unnecessary. This year, we're the career pack. Not district one, two, and four. No. This year, it's Katniss, Peeta, Mags and I.


Of course, Johanna, Beetee, Wiress, Zahra, and all the other revolutionary victors are in smaller alliances, but this time, we're taking the Cornucopia. Not Enobaria and Brutus.


I catch Zahra's eye. She's almost blocked by the Cornucopia, but not quite. She nods to me


I nod back.



I brace myself.


The cannon booms and I take off like a shot, diving into the water. To my surprise, Katniss beats me to the Cornucopia. She hears me coming and aims her arrow at me.

"Good thing we're allies, huh?" I ask, smirking. She rolls her eyes and tosses me a nearby trident.

"Yeah. Good thing. I was about to skewer you, fish face."

I laugh. "Hey, where'd you learn to swim?"

"I had a big bathtub." She replies snarkily.

"Yeah, well-" I notice the district 5 guy, Eric, standing behind her "-duck!" She does so and I throw my trident, impaling my friend. I don't even have time to think about what I just did. Katniss fires an arrow, hitting Brutus in the leg.

"Where's Mags?" She asks. I point to Mags, who's bobbing in the ocean, staying out of the fight.

"Peeta?" I ask in return. She turns pale.

"Oh, God. Peeta!"

We finally find him, trying to drown on of the men from District 9. They both go under. Katniss is hyperventilating. Any other day, I would put my arm around her, comfort her, but I can't. Not after the recent ties we severed with the whole suicide fiasco. Maybe tomorrow. A body floats to the surface and Katniss gasps. We wait for the survivor to come up, but there isn't one. Another body floats up and Katniss lets out a sob. She keeps muttering under her breath."Katniss!" I yell, shaking her. "We have to go! He's gone." I say the last part gentler, like I'm talking to a hurt animal.

After carrying Mags and half dragging Katniss for about five miles, I call a break.

"We should stay here for the night. I'll take first watch." I say.

"No, Finnick. I'll take it." Katniss says. I want to protest, but I know she wants time to grieve her brother. I let her.

Later in the night, Katniss wakes me. Her eyes are red and puffy from crying and she looks really tired.

"Your turn." She says. I smile and sit up. "Finnick, I want to apologize. I'm such a jerk. You needed me and I turned my back on you. I'm so sorry." I nod, accepting the apology. "And I want you to know that I still love you. I always have. And I hope that maybe we can go back to what we had before?"

I crush her lips into mine. She seems surprised, but gets over it and kisses me back. When I pull away, I say "I love you, Katniss. I'm sorry, too. I should've told you. Now get some sleep." I sit down next to the spot that she's laying and run my hands through her chocolate brown hair until she falls asleep. She looks so peaceful in her sleep. She doesn't scowl.

At approximately one o'clock, the fog starts. I stick my hand in it, hoping it will be cool and refreshing, but it burns. I pull my hand back, which is now covered in boils.

"Run!" I scream "the fog is poison! The fog is poison!" I hoist Mags up on my back and begin running after Katniss, Who took off the minute the words left my mouth. I see Katniss trip on a root and panic as the fog touches her legs. She tries to stand, but can't. She calls out to me as she crawls away from the fog. Mags makes me drop her. She plants a kiss on my lips and walks straight into the fog.

I scream. Katniss does to, but not out of emotional pain. She screams out of physical pain. I scoop her up and begin running with her.

We must make. We must make it. We must make it.

We make it.

We cross some sort of invisible barrier that the fog doesn't go over.

"We made it!" I hear Katniss say. "We made-" I see a bright flash and Katniss collapses on the ground. She must've hit the force field.

I ignore the pain as I crawl over to her and begin performing CPR

I'm panicking all over again. I can't lose my Katniss. I can't. I refuse.

"Come on, Katniss!" I scream at her. I say it so much that it all blurs to get her into mindless babbling.

That's when I hear a cannon.

My Katniss Everdeen is dead. I scream in agony.

Katniss is dead. Katniss is my life. If my life is dead, that means I'm dead to.

I should be dead.

Without hesitation, I throw myself against to the forcefield.

Zahra POV

I hear the anthem play and look up at the sky

District 1: Cashmere

District 3: Beetee. We lost him earlier today.

District 4: Mags. Poor Finnick. He must be heartbroken.

District 4: Finnick. Poor Katniss. She must be heartbroken.

District 5: both tributes

District 6: both tributes

District 9: tribute #2

District 10: tribute #1

District 12: Katniss.

Oh, God. Katniss, Cash, Beetee, Mags and Finnick all dead in one day. Gloss, Peeta, and Johanna the day before. There's only one logical explanation. The Capitol found out about our rebellion

And I know It's true.

Because I was the spy that told them.

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