Yup. It's been almost 2 years exactly. But I reread this fanfic while I had the Coronavirus, and let me tell you, it needs work.

How happy would you be if I told you I was doing a re-write? I would keep the same plotline, most of the same oc's, but I would make it longer, add more details and potentially change the ending.

Yes, I realize that that ending was awful and I really shouldn't have done that.

I already started working on the re-write. I will post it as a different story, probably with a different, but very similar title. I'm thinking of maybe just calling it Innocent, or Flames to Embers, or Tightrope.

I will also probably post it on my Wattpad ( lucygraysongbaird) so if anyone follows me on Wattpad, watch out for it!

K bye.