Chapter 1

"You blasted hedgehog! Hold still so I can blast you to pieces!"

Sonic's usual smirk was gone as he duck and wove through the blaster fire Eggman's latest mech was laying out. This time there was nothing worth finding joy in. The spiky blue hedgehog could feel his blood pumping. His gloved fists were clenched and his red shoes moved swiftly beneath him, carrying his rage and determination.

Eggman had reached a new level of crazy. After his plan to robotocize Mobius had failed, due to Sally sacrificing herself and becoming the mad Doctor's Robian slave, Eggman had been building a device that would end the war forever in his favour. A machine so powerful it could alter reality itself, allowing Eggman to warp it to his will and create a reality solely under his control.

This madman had terrorized Mobius for decades now. He had killed friends, enslaved others and even destroyed Knothole in his insane quest to wipe the Mobians out and rule over the world uncontested. This madness had to end, and this time, Sonic was determined to make sure he was stopped for good.

As he sliced through another of Eggman's robotic defences, the explosion behind him revealed Tails and Amy at his flank, ready to fight until the end. The twin tailed fox may have only been 13 years old, but he held himself with an inner strength twice his age, and determination to rival Sonic's own. Amy's anger and ferocity could be felt flowing through her tiny pink body, into the giant hammer she wielded with a skill beyond any warrior Sonic had ever seen. The hero of Mobius had never been more proud of his freedom fighters.

The trio had managed to smash their way on board the mad Doctor's floating space station, the Death Egg. Eggman currently had the station high in orbit above Mobius, its metallic sheen reflecting down on the planet like a small moon.

It had taken a while, blasting their way through fleets of disposable badniks and other robo servants, fighting their way through the claustrophobic chambers, but the freedom fighting team had finally reached the centre of the deadly station.

Eggman growled with his teeth grit and his fist clenched so strongly it looked as though he was trying to break his own fingers. His giant spider robot protected the cone shaped reality warping machine held at the roof of the vast chamber, protected by dozens of turrets imbedded in the walls. The mad engineer turned to the two machines hovering beside him in the spider's cockpit, his glare burning with the fire of a desperate man so close to his goal.

"Don't just float there you metal morons, destroy that hedgehog and his freedom flunkies now!"

Beside him, an emotionless Metal Sonic, a robotic duplicate of the legendary hedgehog and Mecha Sally, the squirrel Princess of the Acorn line and the former leader of the freedom fighter's before her heroic sacrifice, activated their weapon systems and flew at the freedom fighters, their steel claws ready to slice through flesh and bone.

Sonic saw them incoming and glared at Eggman. Sending his robotocized friend at them again. This monster of a man needed to be stopped now!

"Tails! Amy! Keep these two busy while I take out the Egghead and stop the reality warper!" he cried, his spin dash slicing through the last of Eggman's smaller robots and evading another blaster strike from the Spiderlike metal abomination Eggman sat atop.

He didn't hear their response, but he saw from his peripheral vision as a ball of orange fur spin dashed into Metal Sonic, while Amy's giant mallet slammed against Mecha Sally's energy blades. Fierce pride flared through him seeing his comrades fighting to save their friends and their world. He wouldn't let them down.

Eggman screamed something almost incoherent at him, as Sonic sped at the metal spider, nothing but a ball of blue. Eggman's machine was titled back, but the doctor had made sure to pull out all the stops for this battle. The metal barely dented under Sonic's strike and he was immediately counterattacked by one of the spider's metal legs slamming him across the room.

"I won't let you win this time rodent! Not when I'm so close to total victory! My new reality will be perfect! No Freedom Fighters to throw off my plans! No Mobotropolis defying my rule! AND NO SONIC THE HEDGEHOG TO GET IN MY WAY!" Eggman screamed, his fingers flying across his cockpit controls, hitting buttons and pulling levers with a speed and fury that even Sonic was impressed by.

Missile ports opened along the mechanical Spider's upper body while the laser canons seemed to double in size. A hailstorm of explosive carnage launched towards Sonic, from the walls and the spider mech, but the Mobian was far from finished.

Living up to his nickname, Sonic was nothing but a blue blur, zooming up the wall at a speed that defied gravity. He zig zagged and weaved, dodging missiles and laserfire like they were nothing but an annoyance to him.

Alarms started to flare as the reality warper reached critical power. Explosions went off all over the Death Egg, as all available power was siphoned to the machine. This was literally do or die for Eggman. If he failed he would have no power left to save himself and the Death Egg would plummet from orbit and his dreams of a world under his control along with it. He would not let his efforts be stopped yet again!

He launched his spiderbot into the air, a metal grappling hook launching from its abdomen section and connecting to the ceiling. He pulled the machine upwards, revealing even more weaponry on the machine's underside as it rotated in mid-air, firing blindly in all directions.

As the grey metal walls were scorched black, a stray laser blast scored a hit on Tails namesakes, setting his fur afire and causing him to drop to the floor in a screaming heap of agony. Sonic cried out for his brother in all but blood, but he couldn't stop now. If he stopped all of Mobius would be lost. He could only watch in terror as Metal Sonic advanced towards the downed fox, claws outstretched and glowing red eyes focused and ready to end the furry fighter.

Suddenly, Amy leapt into action, somersaulting backwards from Mecha Sally's swipe and catapulting herself in front of Metal Sonic, shielding Tails with her hammer. Sonic had never been so glad to have the pink hedgehog here. But he knew she wouldn't last long against Metal Sonic's speed and ferocity and Mecha Sally's martial arts and energy blades. He had to end this now!

He ceased all attention of fighting back against Eggman's spiderbot and sped as fast as he could towards the reality warper, his feet moving so fast that the walls were left with a burning trail in his wake.

Suddenly a button lit up inside Eggman's cockpit and a deranged smile covered his moustached face.

"It's too late you pathetic pincushion! The machine is ready to fire! Say goodbye Sonic, for you won't exist in my new world!"

The Doctor pushed the button and his psychotic, unhinged laughter echoed around the room as the reality warper began to activate. Its cone like structure began to glow with a white light and all around it, energy started to spark as the final power streams from the Death Egg crackled away.

"NOOOO!" Sonic cried, leaping forwards. There was only one thing he could try to stop this madman. Hurtling at the machine like a blue missile, he smashed into the reality warper hoping to obliterate it.

But his efforts appeared in vain as he felt himself falling away from the intact machine. All his strength and speed had done nothing but crack the metal slightly. Some sparks leapt from it, but the power continued to thrum and the glow began to blind the room.

Suddenly, as his body began to free-fall towards the metal ground below, he heard the frantic and outraged cries of his nemesis.

"No! What have you done you blue fool! You've altered the parameters of my reality! I can't override the machine! I have no idea what is going to happen now! Curse you Sonic the Hedge…"

His cries were cut short as a wave of white burst from the machine, covering everything and swallowing the Doctor whole. Below, Amy, injured and bleeding badly, looked up fearfully as the white spread outwards rapidly. Even the two machines halted their attacks as the wave of white engulfed everything, seeming to wash everything it touched into nothingness.

As the white engulfed Sonic too, one last thought crossed through his mind.

"I failed…"

"The damage is intense, but luckily his power core wasn't destroyed. He's currently trying to repair himself, but with this amount of damage, his core can't completely reactivate his internal components. Luckily I have something that can help."

Nicole's hard light projection stood over the operating table worriedly as Sir Charles, the hedgehog genius, shuffled to a storage device holding something under lock and key. Upon the table lay a heavily damaged Agent Jack, known to his friends as Shard, the original Metal Sonic. The former Eggman minion turned Secret Freedom Fighter had just been in a battle with Eggman's latest version of Metal Sonic after it had attacked Mobotropolis. After a fierce battle, the Metal Sonic self-destructed, heavily damaging Shard and knocking his systems offline after he managed to put out a distress call to Nicole.

Intense concern flowed through the AI Lynx as she looked over the brave machine. While it was nothing but code being projected from the digital realm into the physical realm, the Lynx couldn't help gripping onto her purple silken robe and biting her lip as she took in his condition.

His right leg had been blown clean off and his left arm, housing his primary canon, had been severed in half. Multiple fractures in his chassis revealed his damaged inner workings and his black and gold coating was marred by scraps and explosive residue. His visor, cracked and blackened, was completely blank, with no sign of the friendly glowing green eye optics she always felt fascinated by.

Before going offline, the last thing Shard had tried to do was tell her something personal, and it was weighing heavily on her mind. Shard had been visiting her network a lot while being stationed here in Mobotropolis after his last mission. She had developed a strong friendship with the machine, stronger than most of her other friends. His history as a former killing machine bent on destruction, and the guilt he felt over it was something she could understand well, after her reprogramming into Iron Nicole and her turning against the citizens of Mobotropolis. Their non-organic nature helped bond them further, connecting her with someone that could understand her better than anyone.

She suspected however that Shard felt more than friendship for her. His ability to grow and learn had elevated him far beyond his original programming, until he had become the funny, ego driven brave fool that lay before her. But the idea anyone could ever feel something for her, an AI, beyond friendship, sent a strange and tingling feeling flowing through her code.

Seeing her friend so damaged was incredibly frightening. Chuck could comprehend the damage, but he could only see it through the eyes of an organic looking at a broken machine, even if it was a machine he cared about. She could understand the pain Shard must be in though. The fragmented and corrupted code desperately trying to buzz through his systems, but unable to due to the broken wiring and fractured metallic casing was to a machine, like an organic bleeding out as their broken body was unable to move and save itself.

Since the robot hedgehog's teammates had rushed him into Chuck's workshop, Nicole hadn't left his side. She could still see the rest of Mobotropolis through the city's security cameras and feel the nanites that made up the city, after all she was the guardian of Mobotropolis for a reason, but those were all secondary systems. Her core self, projected through the holographic projectors of the workshop, kept her here, with her friend, and she had no intention of leaving until he was safe.

"Ah here we go. This should do the trick."

Nicole looked up as Chuck returned to the table, but what he clutched in his hand surprised her.

A chaos emerald.

The chaos emeralds, rare and powerful gems, seven in total, that were scattered throughout Mobius. Many a time Eggman had tried to use their power to advance his plans, but Sonic and the Freedom Fighters had always stopped him. The gems were kept under incredible guard whenever they were rediscovered. Nicole suspected it was only Chuck's role as a member of the Council of Acorn that allowed him to even see the gem. She had barely been briefed that it was present in the city, and with her knowledge and control over Mobotropolis, that was saying something.

Chuck placed the powerful gem atop of the power core built into Shard's chest. The green crystal started to glow as the intense chaos energy radiated from the special gem. Power flooded through the robot below and with a gasp Shard's eyes re ignited. He immediately flung himself forward, but his damaged state kept him from moving too far. He rapidly looked over himself in a state of confusion before looking up at the concerned Nicole and Chuck hovering over him. He stared for a moment before a slow smirk crossed his metallic muzzle.

"If you think I look bad, you should see the other guy."

Chuck gave a groan and turned away grumbling, while Nicole gave a relieved giggle before leaning in and wrapping her holographic arms around the damaged robot.

"Next time you decide to fight a Metal Sonic alone, try not to let yourself get blown up."

"I'll do my best." the robot chuckled, wrapping his non damaged hand around Nicole in return, feeling her care and concern wash over him like a warm blanket.

They held each other for a moment before Nicole pulled herself away. She left a hand on his shoulder however, turning her head as a slight blush cover her cheeks.

"I'm glad you're ok…" she said in a quiet voice breaking eye contact.

Shard observed her for a moment, before placing his hand atop hers with a kind smile.

"Thanks Nicole. I'm just glad you and the citizens are ok."

Nicole raised her head and the two smiled at each other before a cough drew their attention.

Chuck was watching them both with a raised eyebrow and a very Sonic-like smirk. Both the AI Lynx and the Metal Hedgehog released each other and looked away with a blush while the aged hedgehog let out a chuckle before approaching the robot.

"Well, I'm glad you're ok Shard. You gave us quite a scare out there. The damage you sustained was quite severe. So much so that your auto repair function was barely operational. Luckily, the chaos emerald here was able to charge up your power core, which super charged the repairs and got you up and running again."

Shard looked down at the emerald still sitting upon his chest. His power core was still drawing power from it, and the cracks on the crystal piece had already sealed themselves. He could feel his repair systems working overtime to restore his missing limbs and fix his damaged components. It would still be some time until he was completely fixed, but he could already fill his systems growing stronger by the minute.

"Thanks Gramps. I'll admit, I thought for a moment that I'd be down for the count out there. But I guess I can always rely on your tech smarts and Nicole's fast reaction time to pick up my slack."

The old hedgehog just gave a sigh and a smile as he shook his head.

"Well I suppose we'll just have to keep an eye on you in the future then. In the meantime, you're going to need to stay here for a few hours while your body recharges and repairs. Keep a hold of the chaos emerald until your repair functions are completely restored or the process will take even longer."

"Will do Gramps. Frankly, I'm too tired to go anywhere right now anyway. All my spare power is diverting into my repair functions, so I doubt I could get up even if I tried." Shard laughed as he lay himself back down onto the table and let his broken body begin to heal.

Nicole smiled and forged a connector cable from her nanites out of the monitor nearby.

"Perhaps while your physical body repairs itself, we can finish our game of virtual chess."

"Absolutely Nicole. Perhaps today will be the day I finally defeat you." Shard smiled and raised his hand to join himself to the connector cable and download his consciousness into Nicole's virtual world. However before he could do so, an alarm blared all through the room, and the rest of the city.

Nicole made a sweeping gesture with her hand and monitors all around the room lit up with camera footage from the city. The trio watched in fear as an all-encompassing wave of white was rapidly engulfing the city. Everyone it touched seemed to disappear within, and its speed was beyond anything even Sonic could achieve.

Team Freedom, and even the Secret Freedom Fighters all ran about, giving directions, trying to do something to help, but despite their confidence and strength, their efforts to attack or evade the white wave were having no effect. The wall of white had already washed away half the city within moments and they could see it was so far stretching that nothing lay beyond it.

Nicole and Shard gasped in horror as Silver the hedgehog and Elias Acorn were both swept away into the white wave of nothing. Worse still, even Nicole's nanites were being erased, and she could feel her digital reach growing smaller and smaller.

Sensing this, Shard immediately turned to her, any of the earlier joviality gone from his metal face.

"Quickly Nicole, download yourself back into your handheld before your primary matrix is erased by whatever that force is."

Obeying him, Nicole pulled all her mental functions out of the city, condensing herself back into her smallest form and immediately transferring herself out of the system and into the small handheld pad that sat nearby. This act deactivated all access to the camera grid, but it made little difference. The screams of panic and loss echoed everywhere.

Just as the transfer had been completed, Chuck gave a gasp as the white force erased the nearby wall. Shard, despite his damaged condition, forced his systems to function and pushed himself up from his operating table, hobbling over to Nicole's pad with a wobbly hop and a small boost from his power jet. Grabbing the pad, the robot turned to his hedgehog friend, only to watch in terror as his elderly body wasn't quick enough to escape the white, and he was wrenched out of existence.

"Shard what do we do!" Nicole cried, completely helpless now within her portable cage.

The robot hedgehog looked down at her, before cradling the pad close to his body with his damaged canon.

"Only one thing we can do."

Clutching the chaos emerald in his hand and ensuring he wouldn't lose any grip on Nicole, Shard said two words, hoping to whatever gods there were that the AI he held would be safe as the white wave advanced towards them.

"Chaos Control!"

There was a flash.

Then there was nothing.

The sounds of fighting that echoed around Anti Acorn castle finally came to an end as Alicia Acorn, the Anti Sally and the current leader of the Suppression Squad, was thrown face first onto the hard stone floor.

The bruised and bleeding chipmunk attempted to push herself up, only to be crushed back into the ground by a steel clad boot. With her cheek mushed against the dusty cobblestone, she looked around the room to see that her squad was in similar straits.

Boomer the walrus tech wiz was pinned up against the wall by the hulking form of the gorilla Sergeant Simian. The Walrus' weaponized arms were crushed to pieces, cutting painfully into his flesh and rendering only his upper arms movable. One of his tusks had been broken off and the power pack on his back that had supplied energy to his arms had been ripped clean away. His cybernetic eye was cracked and sparking, alongside the flesh side of his face which was swollen and a dark purple with bruising. The smiling gorilla behind him barely had a scuff on him for all Boomer's efforts, which seemed to infuriate the defeated walrus even more

Patch the coyote was held against the ground with his arms pinned painfully to his back by Lightning Lynx. Patch's green uniform had been torn and his sword lay in a broken heap somewhere off to his side. He tried to struggle, but the ex-ninja lynx holding him down just applied more force with a sneer.

Above them all, Predator the hawk looked down from his roost on a broken pillar, ready to swoop down and slice open any of the squad that managed to get loose. He needn't worry though, as the Destructix had taken the Suppression Squad down with barely any effort. For all the Anti-group's swagger, they were just a bunch of punks with a big ego and little actual skill, unlike the trained and skilled mercenary group from the Prime Mobius.

Seeing her group so humiliated and easily taken apart filled Alicia with powerful disgust, for both her situation and her pathetic team mates. Her observations were cut off however, as the occupant of the steel toed boot grinding down on her back leaned down into her field of vision. Alicia sorely wished she had some capacity to rise up and wipe the smug smirk off of Fiona fox's face. The red vixen clad in leather had been a thorn in her side from the moment they had met. Given the title of Queen, despite Alicia having been a Princess and the next to rightfully claim the Anti Acorn throne, Fiona had ordered her about as though the chipmunk was just some common thug. To have her authority and power stripped from her by some other world fox was disgusting.

"Awe, don't look so mad your majesty. You did bring this on yourself by turning on our glorious king after all." Fiona's smirk was wide and her eyes were filled with gleeful malice. However they soon filled with pride as voice that filled Alicia with fear, spoke up.

"Well said my Queen. A King doesn't stand for disloyalty, especially when he offers those that follow him power they couldn't dream of achieving alone."

Fiona eased up on her hold slightly, allowing Alicia to turn and see the speaker above, standing proudly before her rightful throne. Miles the fox, badly beaten and barely conscious, was held up at the throat by a gloved hand. Green and black boots stood firmly on the worn red carpet that connected to her throne. A pair of red sunglasses reflected the light of the window, almost seeming to make the wearer's eye glow menacingly. A leather jacket with flame accents was proudly worn to show off just how bad the figure truly was, at least in his eyes. His green quills were sharp and ready to sin dash any opposition into pieces. But it was his shark like teeth, gnashed together in a malevolent smirk, that truly screamed just how bad things were about to get for the Suppression Squad.

Scourge the Hedgehog, the Anti-Sonic, former King of Moebius and escaped convict of the formerly inescapable No Zone prison.

The hedgehog exuded an aura of gloating victory, and dark anger just waiting to lash out at those that had caused the emotion.

Alicia knew precisely what had triggered this in him, and why he was here now. After Scourge, with Fiona by his side, had returned from his fun in the Prime Mobius, he had decided to apply himself, and in a matter of weeks had taken complete control of the then Anti-Mobius. He proclaimed himself King and renamed the planet under its new name, before beginning a campaign to take the Prime Mobius like he had done with his home world.

However, Alicia, angry over her royal authority being stripped from her and resentful, alongside the rest of the Suppression Squad, for being abused and mistreated by the arrogant King, had forged a temporary alliance with their enemies, the Freedom Fighters, to betray and take down Scourge.

There had been a hiccup in the plan when Scourge, now using a Super transformation from his Anarchy Beryl stash hidden in his throne, had fought back. Ultimately however, he was tricked and defeated by the Prime Sonic and taken to the No Zone prison where he should have stayed the rest of his life.

Evidently, with the Destructix help, this was not to be the case, and now Alicia and her Squad were seeing why betraying Scourge had been a mistake.

Seeing he had Alicia's attention, Scourge tossed Miles aside, letting him rag doll across the room until he came to an unconscious heap by the wall, with Predator swooping down from his perch to keep an eye on him to prevent any attempted escapes should the cowardly fox awaken.

The arrogant green menace folded his arms behind his back and slowly descended the stone steps in front of the throne as he approached the beaten chipmunk, his malevolent smile wide and his teeth as jagged and sharp as ever.

"So Ally, still think turnin' on me was a good idea?"

When she didn't respond, Fiona dug her heel into Alicia's spine, her cry of pain widening her smile.

"Scourge asked you a question princess."

Alicia groaned, but turned to Scourge once more, the arrogant hedgehog just waiting to keep gloating over his victory.

"N… no." she growled out weakly.

"Then maybe you should'a thought about it before backstabbin' me!"

Fiona moved away, just as the laughing Scourge kicked the Chipmunk square in the ribs, definitely breaking at least one with his powerful legs, and sending the Anti-Sally flying into a pillar.

She gave a scream then collapsed in a painful heap on the ground, unable to hold herself up as Scourge advanced on her, Fiona crossing her arms with a smirk and watching alongside the Destructix.

Her man was back.

The Hedgehog looked down on the defeated Princess before pinning her to the pillar with his boot, grinding her chest and causing her to scream in agony.

"I spent over a year in that hell hole of a prison because of you traitors and that cheating blue prick. I'll get to him soon, but first, I'm gonna teach you losers why no one messes with me."

He removed his foot, only to grab her by the front of her torn and tattered uniform and lift her up with one arm, winding back his other arm back to form a fist, ready to beat into this royal pain what happens to traitors.

"P…please… we-e… we will s-serve you… we will… do as you say… just…"

Alicia's desperate pleading was cut off, as instead of a punch, Scourge slapped her across the face.

"Serve me! Why would I want any of you traitorous dicks to serve me! Look around you woman!" he waved his arm around at his team before turning back to the fool, "My Destructix are ten times the team the Suppression Squad is. You losers are nothing to them. Unlike you spineless cowards, these guys aren't here just to ride my coat tails to power and then try to turn on me. They work for me because they know I will give them what they want, and all I ask for in return is loyalty and respect. You Anti 's just served out of fear and took the first opportunity to back stab me."

He paused for a moment, before releasing his hold on the chipmunk and letting her slump back to the floor, wrapping her arms around her ribs in a futile effort to reduce the pain.

"Still, you idiots did show me somethin' important."

Scourge folded his arms once more and strode to the center of the room, in everyone's field of vision. He basked in the attention for a moment, before turning his head back to Alicia.

"You showed me the real flaw of our world. Mobius Prime may be filled with a bunch of goody goody tree huggers, but each of those Freedom dorks has more strength in em' then anyone on this crappy world, save myself of course." Indicating to himself with a flourish before turning his body to the downed princess completely, "Fiona and the Destructix here are further proof. As much as I detest ever agreeing with anything any version of my bastard of a father has to say, Sonic's Jules was right. Their world is full of brave heroes while this world is the reverse, filled with power hungry cowards. My mutation has raised me above this, but all of you and this entire world aren't worth rulin' over."

He raised his hand up, staring at his open palm, as though envisioning all of Moebius sitting snug within his grasp.

"So this time… this time I ain't gonna beat down those stupid warlords and tyrants and have everyone bow to me. No this time, I'm gonna burn this whole world to ashes. Take everythin' of value, recruit anyone smart enough to see the truth and then," he closed his hand into a fist, a wild and sadistic grin covering his face as all the Anti Mobians in the room listened in terror, "We're gonna storm Mobius Prime, kill that spiky blue punk and take the world for ourselves. Then we'll move onto the next and the next, until the multiverse bows down before the might of Scourge!"

The Destructix gave a cheer, all hooting and laughing, praising Scourge who basked in it all, his shark like smile as wide as ever. Fiona looked at him, filled with pride and admiration. She knew busting Scourge out of the No Zone was the right move. Her team may have doubted for a while, but she always knew that her boyfriend would lead them all to power and glory like nothing they had seen.

Seeing him like this, instead of the… mess he had been in prison, really showed her how much she cared about Scourge. Still though, for how much he occupied her thoughts, she needed to keep herself from going over the edge. That type of thought was how you ended up betrayed and abandoned.

As Scourge started to strut about, showing off to the beaten Suppression Squad, a sudden cry drew everyone's attention.

"What the hell!" he shouted as a panicking Miles and Predator were caught by some strange white energy that seemed to engulf the whole wall. They screamed out in terror, before they were suddenly just gone, vanished into the wall of white as it began rapidly advancing, taking the throne along with it.

Boomer panicked and tried to throw himself back, tripping the distracted Sergeant Simian in the process. This proved his undoing, as the gorilla's hold on the walrus was like steel, and he pulled the cyborg Moebian down with him. The two tried to scramble to their feet, but were too slow as the wave washed over them, and they too, were gone.

"Hell no, I ain't letting us go out like this!" Scourge cried, turning and sprinting to Fiona, who had begun backing up, terrified and unsure what to do.

Lightning Lynx leapt to his feet to follow, but Patch, seeing he was in no condition to run decided on a kamikaze, grabbing the ninja's leg and causing him to collapse as the wave erased them both.

Scourge ignored this though, his eyes squared solely on his girlfriend. He grabbed Fiona and held her bridal style in his arms, not stopping to look back. With a speedy jump, he cleared the massive broken window at the side of the room and carried the two outside.

Behind them, Alicia acorn pulled herself to her feet, using the pillar for support. Her entire team and the Destructix were both gone. Her castle was disappearing into nothing, and right now she knew she was very likely bleeding internally and unable to escape whatever this white wave was.

As it surged forth, erasing the room, and the entire castle, Alicia could only curse out that damn hedgehog. She looked out the window, watching him and his vixen girlfriend escape.

"Damn you Scourge. Damn you to hell…"

Scourge was a blur of green, speeding through the great forest as fast as his legs could carry him. Fiona, held securely in his arms, looked back as the castle completely disappeared, the wall of white stretching as far as she could see, and it seemed to be getting faster.

For every step Scourge seemed to take, the white wave seemed to cover two.

"Scourge it's gaining on us! What are we gonna do?!" she yelled, her voice barely carrying over the air as the two raced. Still, Scourge heard her loud and clear.

"Don't worry babe, I got an idea!"

He kept racing, as determined as Fiona had ever seen him, but the white energy just kept engulfing everything and growing closer and closer.

Suddenly the two left the winding path of the forest to see a large tower with a symbol of a smiling moustached face at its top.

"Kintobor's tower?" Fiona questioned as Scourge kept sprinting forwards. Around them, other scared Moebians were heading in the same direction, likely hoping their long time protector could do something to help them.

"You got it babe. I got no clue what the hell is goin' on right now, but getting' the heck off Moebius seems like the safest plan. He should still have those globe posts set up and connected to Mobius Prime. I'll get us through and we can lay low for a while until we can figure out what just happened."

The crowd of Moebians heading for the tower started to get denser, but Scourge's speed simply knocked them from his path like falling dominos.

Up above they could see the kindly Doctor Kintobor and the former Supprssion Squad turned Moebian Freedom Fighter Buns Rabot in their hover car and life support mech respectively, trying to direct the panicking citizens. There was no way they couldn't see the blur of green that was Scourge racing for the tower doors, but with the scared Moebian's racing about, they had no means to try and stop him.

Bursting through the doors, Scourge held tight to Fiona as he raced down hallway after hallway, trying to find the globe posts. The posts were the key to his first invasion of Mobius Prime, acting as a gateway between the two worlds. The two could only hope Kintobor hadn't dismantled them for some reason.

The screams from outside seemed to suddenly go silent, and after passing a security monitor, the two could see the wave had engulfed the front of the tower, taking all the citizens with it.

"Dammit, we're runnin' outta time! Where are the stupid posts!" Scourge cried in frustration, but his grip on Fiona was like steel and the fox could feel his heart beat rapidly beginning to quicken with fear.

They raced down another corridor in desperation, when suddenly Fiona spotted a familiar yellow gleam.

"Look Scourge there!" she pointed into a side room filled with unfinished robotic designs the Doctor had likely been in the process of building to try and counter the threat of the Suppression Squad. Toward the back of the room, the globe posts, two large posts with a red ball on each with the pattern of a star, were assembled and active, a yellow portal active and ready transport someone to Mobius Prime.

"Someone must have stole our idea and started up the posts. Whatever, saves us the work." Scourge started making his way to the posts, when suddenly the wall of the room was enveloped in white.

"Shit! Now or never babe, hold on!"

Fiona braced herself against her hedgehog lover as he dashed forwards towards the posts, before the wall could snatch away their escape.

With a grunt and a leap, Scourge hurled the two of them forwards, through the yellow portal, disappearing with a flash. Behind them, seconds before the white could erase the rest of Moebius, another figure dashed through in their wake.

The portal gave a final flash, and then, the white washed over.

Then there was nothing.

Sonic woke up with a gasp.

He looked around the room for a second, feeling as though everything was wrong, before he took a deep breath and calmed himself.

"What a weird dream." He muttered to himself as he took in his surroundings.

He'd been taking a nap on top of Tail's workshop, a fairly common occurrence. Amy and Cream had called to organize a group picnic, and had even managed to coerce Knuckles to leave the Master Emerald for a few hours to enjoy the fun. Tails had decided to quickly get in some last minute work on some new invention Sonic hadn't been able to understand a word of, so the blue hedgehog had decided to rest up on the roof until it was time to leave.

Despite realizing where he was and that he'd just been dreaming, Sonic still had an odd feeling in his gut. Fighting Eggman on a new Death Egg… fighting some robot Chipmunk that had… had meant something to him for some reason… that weird white energy.

It had felt so… real.

No, no, it was just a dream, he was sure of it.

No one had affected his reality. He could clearly remember how everything had gone down. He and Tail's had fought Eggman plenty of times. They'd met and team up with Knuckles after a little misunderstanding that Eggman had engineered. He'd helped Shadow fight off Black Doom and stop the Ark from crashing into Earth. He'd turned into a Werehog and helped Chip the Light Gaia stop his evil brother the Dark Gaia.

Things were exactly as they were supposed to be.

"Oh Sonniku! Where are you!"

Sonic blinked and gave a grown as he saw Cream the rabbit with her faithful Chao companion Cheese standing next to Amy Rose, the pretty young hedgehog girl, clad in her red dress and headband, who had decided (without his opinion or consent) that she was Sonic's girlfriend and that they would be together forever.

As the pink hedgehog knocked rapidly on the door with excitement, Sonic just lay back down hoping she couldn't see him.

Maybe it would be nice if this was some other reality after all.