Demon Mirror Naruto

Chapter 1

North, South, East, West. No matter which direction you looked in you could see the exact same thing, water, water, water and of course… water. The only thing on the visible ocean that wasn't made of two parts hydrogen one part oxygen was a ship.

It has been a few days since the Straw Hat Pirates left the Alabasta kingdom along with their new nakama Nico Robin, though some of them were still wary of her due to her being a former enemy. (She wears the same thing as cannon). Most wary being the crew's first mate Roronoa Zoro. (Looks the same as cannon). He when not asleep always keeps an eye on her.

We now find the crew on the deck of their ship Going Merry, all busy doing their things. Luffy and Ussop were playing with chopsticks, Zoro expected by everyone was sleeping, Robin was reading a book, Sanji as always was cooking, Nami taking care of her oranges and Chopper was working on a medicine.

"Namiiiiiiii…" a loud whine came from the crow's nest, the voice came from a teenager wearing his signature straw hat, this teenager was the captain of the ship, Monkey D. Luffy. "…when will we get to the next island?"

Down below on the port side of the ship was Nami, a stunning red haired beauty sat in a deck chair in her two piece swimsuit getting a tan.

"Two days Luffy…" Nami answered in an annoyed tone "… same as when you asked ten minutes ago, and ten minutes before that and ten minutes before that!"

Before Nami could rant on about Luffy annoying her a door to the ship opened and out trotted a small furry reindeer standing of two legs with a red top hat on it's head. Nami quickly noticed a smile on his face.

"Let me guess…" Nami said with a grin, "… another new medicine Chopper?"

The Reindeer's mouth split into a toothy grin.

"Yep, best one yet, I…." suddenly Chopper's grin disappeared as his ears perked up.

"Chopper? What's wrong?" Nami asked upon his disposition change so quickly.

"Chopper didn't answer, instead his body started shifting into his Reindeer form, he then raised his head and sniffed the air a few times.

"Nami, is there someone on the ship we gave ride to?" Chopper asked.

"N-No…. why?" Nami asked with a worry.

Chopper sniffed the air again before speaking, "I smell someone… someone other the crew…."

"someone strong.." Chopper said whilst still sniffing the air, he slowly followed the scent to the basement door, that's when he realised that the smell was coming from inside.

"There! It's coming from down there!" Chopper shouted to Nami.

"Nami quickly stood up after grabbing her clima tact from next to her chair, she reached door and was about to open it when she remembered Chopper saying that the one inside is strong and the worry in his voice decided against it.

Nami took in a deep breath before shouting…

"MAN ONBOARD!" after she screamed she waited for some kind of answer… but there was none. Nami realised what she had done wrong and drew in another breath.


This time footsteps were heard all over the ship as the crew made their way to her.

"Nami, what is it?" Chopper asked wondering what he had seen.

"I don't know who's inside and you said that he is strong so it would be better if everyone is here before we see whose intruding the ship." Nami answered.

"WAAAA, INTRUDER!" Chopper screamed as he changed into his smaller form and started running in circles. "INTRUDER, INTRUDER, WE HAVE INTRUDER!" Chopper screamed.

"Chopper, I already know that. You are the one who told me, remember!" Nami said in annoyance

"… Oh yeah… heh" Chopper said with a sweat drop hanging from his forehead.

Luffy chose this moment to appear from the crow's nest.

"Oy, Oy, Namiiiiii, why are you screaming?" Luffy said as if he'd just woken up.

"There's an intruder on the ship and Chopper says he smells him from in there. He says that whoever is in there…" Nami told him.

"INTRUDER! I'LL PUNCH HIM FOR COMING HERE." Luffy said as he walked towards the door, though he was bashed on the by Nami.

"LUFFY YOU IDIOT, YOU CAN'T JUST GO IN THERE. LET ME FINISH…" Nami screamed as her face started to turn red.

"Chopper says that whoever is in there is strong."

Luckily for Nami by now everyone else had come there just in time to here Nami's last statement. Now the monster trio of the crew were in the front ready to charge in while the others waited at the back. Luffy kicked the door of the basement and he along with Zoro and Sanji rushed inside to capture the intruder and then all went silent. Waiting the rest of the crew outside were worried about what was taking them so long. Robin was the first to move followed by others. They entered the room expecting a fight to be going on but what they came upon was a strange sight. There lying on the wooden floor was a young man sleeping with a snot bubble coming out of his nose. Though this not what was strange, what it was, was the amount of ramen cups lying around him, about hundred if not more. Even more incredible was the all three of the monster trio were kicking the hell out of him, and he was still sleeping unaware of the world. Everyone sweatdroped.

Frustrated Luffy one last time punched him in the face before going out, grumbling something about beating the bastard when he wakes up. Seeing their captain the rest followed him.

"Oi Luffy, what should we do now? We can't just let him sleep on our ship waiting for him to wake up and leave." Nami asked.

"But Nami we tried everything and he won't wake up." Luffy told her.

"Oi, Nami you said he was strong, what did you mean back then?" Zoro asked.

"I don't know about that, Chopper told me that." Nami told them. Everyone looked towards Chopper looking for an explanation.

Chopper seeing this started explaining them from the beginning about he first heard him snoring, and when concentrated some more found his smell coming from the basement. He told them that all animals have a kind of sensor that lets them know of the dangers surrounding them. He said that that animals could tell when a person is strong and that this guy is no joke.

"Chopper how strong do you think is this guy?" Zoro asked.

"I can't explain it seeing as haven't meet much people, but I compare him to Crocodile as I have seen and felt his power." Chopper answered.

"Well?" Sanji asked. Everyone looked expectedly.

"In front of this guy, Crocodile…. is a joke. And sorry to say Luffy but even you are no match for him." Chopper told them seriously but nervously.

"WHHAAAAT?" Everyone shouted.

"Luffy we can't have someone like him on Merry, we need to do something." Ussop shouted.

"Yea Luffy, I think we should just throw him in the sea. Maybe he won't came after us." Nami said.

Zoro along with Sanji was silent all this time waiting for their captain to say something, who surprisingly was silent too. Suddenly…

"HAHAHAHAH" Luffy started laughing. "Maybe I should ask him to join my crew. If he is strong then it would be worth a shot. HAHAHAH" Luffy said and started laughing but was stopped when bashed by Nami on the head.

"You idiot you can't just ask him to join the crew, he could be dangerous. You should….."

"YAAAWNNN…" Nami was interrupted by a loud yawn that came from inside. Suddenly the door opened and out came the man they all saw sleeping. Immediately everybody got ready to fight the man knowing they would have to give their all or they wouldn't stand a chance.

Now that they looked closely they saw that the young man was around 22 yrs. of age. He was a well built man with an athlete's body. The man wore greyish pants along with brownish black boots. He wore white shirt with golden buttons and along with a light grey cloak that came all the way down to the knee. He also wore dark grey scarf along with matching colour gloves. There was a blue gem necklace hanging loosely around his neck. The man was tan skinned with blood red hair and ruby red eyes. Though the most prominent features noted were the three whisker marks on both side of his face. They also saw a long nodachi sword on his back, which some wondered how they missed back in the room. All in all he was quiet handsome as told by the blushes on the faces of both the girls.

"Man what a nap.. I wonder where I am now." Said the man as looked towards the ocean, totally ignoring the crew. 'cough' He heard a cough looked where it came from, now finally seeing the crew.

"YO" He said. Everybody facepalmed.

"Oi, what are you doing on this ship? Do you know this is the great captain Ussop's ship Going Merry." Ussop said trying to be brave, though you could see he was nervous as wreck.

"Ummm, I was sleeping. Who are you?" The man replied.

" I am Monkey D. Luffy, the real captain and the man who would be the pirate king." Luffy replied. Once again he was found lying on the floor with lumps on his head, courtesy of Nami.

"Idiot don't just go introducing yourself, now who are you and why are you sleeping on Merry." Nami asked turning to the stranger.

" My name is Uzumaki D. Naruto, as to why I slept on your ship because I wanted to get out of Alabasta and I was tired. Also I want to have a great adventure." The now named Naruto answered honestly.

Naruto was now observing all of the crew when he spotted Nami and quickly made his way over to her. Everyone was now cautious of the man waiting for him to strike. Naruto got close to Nami and staring into her eyes. After a seconds he spoke.

" Who would be you miss?" he asked.

"N-Nami. " she answered.

"Nami-san would a beautiful lady like you be interested in going to a date with me. Maybe I could introduce you to some of the pleasures of the world." This brought shocked looks everyone and jealousy from Sanji who saw Nami's face. Nami upon hearing this blushed and then thought about his second statement. Her face went red and tried hitting him the head. Tried being the keyword. When she hit him, her hand just passed through him. Everyone's eyes widened at that.

" Now-now Nami-san its unnecessary to hit me you know." A voice came from behind them. When they turned around they were shocked seeing another Naruto standing there. When they turned back they saw the first Naruto slowly disappearing.

"COOOOOL, Naruto how did you do that?" Luffy asked with stars in his eyes.

"You see, I ate the kagami-kagami no mi. I am a mirror man." Naruto said calmly.

"Mirror, that means… a mirage." Nami said thoughtfully.

"Very observant of you Nami-san. Yes that was a mirage you just hit. You see I reflected the light and projected my image over there. Though I am not bounded to only light reflection, I can reflect many other things too." Naruto told her.

"Naruto I have decided become my nakama." Luffy shouted.

"Luffy can't just make him nakama, didn't you hear Chopper, he is dange…" Ussop cried but was interrupted.

"I accept. I was going to be a pirate anyway, if I wanted to complete my other goal." Naruto said.

"Other goal, what is it?" Nami asked.

"Now-now Nami-san that would be telling. But don't worry if I become your nakama I would do nothing to betray you. Even I don't like traitors." Naruto told her seriously.

"YOSH, then its final, Naruto is our new nakama." Luffy cheered.

"NOOOOO." Ussop cried.

After that what took place was a Straw Hat styled party, during which Naruto was introduced to the other members of the crew. He took a particular liking to Robin seeing as they had many things in common and was often with her. Zoro seeing the sword the blond carried asked if he was a swordsman and got a positive response. He was happy about having a sparring partner. The rest were just busy with own things or just partying.