Demon Mirror Naruto

Chapter 9





These were some of the emotions that were taking place in people's heart all over the world. The marines that were present at the war and the people supporting them were very angry that someone had once again taken away their chance to kill a notorious pirate if not two. Relief was what all of the Whitebeard pirates were feeling that one of their own was saved from death. People who were watching the war but were friends with the Straw Hat captain also had the same feeling, that their friend and saviour was ok.


This is what was shared by everyone. Confusion at who this new individual was. The little people who had seen his wanted poster knew that this man was dangerous and were thinking for a plausible reason for his presence here. Many were shocked that this unknown man actually stopped an attack from an admiral. Shows how dangerous this man was.

"Who the hell are you?" Akainu growled.

"Captain, I think that enough excitement for the day for you? How about I take it over from here, what do you think?" Naruto said ignoring the admiral.

"Ahhh Naruto, what are you doing here?" Luffy asked jokingly.

"That old man at Sabody said you would come, so I just came to too, besides.." Naruto said turning to turning to the battle field. "this place at the moment is like a dream come true, don't you agree." He said smirking as he pointed at the all the people.

"Oh yeah, you are right." Luffy replied laughing.

All the while the others were just looking the two from the side. Akainu having enough of being ignored rushed forward with the intention of killing them. Magma seeping out of his arm.

"So, what are the orders, captain?" Naruto asked.

"Well, I ha.." Luffy was about answer but was interrupted.

"Enough of this, now die." Akainu yelled as he jumped as punched and threw a punch at them.

Naruto thinking quickly pulled out his sword and blocked the punch with it. Due to the force of the punch there was a loud explosion and the heat caused a lot of smoke to cover the area.


"LUFFY…" The Whitebeard pirates and Hancock shouted thinking the worst. As the smoke cleared everyone was shocked except the remaining two admirals and Kuma, they had already seen the power of this man and knew that something like this was not enough to kill him. Though none was more shocked the Akainu himself.

When the smoke cleared everyone saw that Naruto had blocked Akainu with just his sword. The only difference was that he had skidded behind a few meters due to the power behind the punch and that his sword was covered in lightning. Akainu not giving up put more power. Naruto in response increased the lightning causing everyone to see large flashes as opposed to the rising smoke from Akainu.

"Luffy you look tired so how about you take your brother to safety. Beside he looks like he would need someone to protect him, who better than you to do so. Don't worry I'll take care of the admiral, he's the only one I have yet to fight after all." He said without taking his eyes off the admiral.

Luffy was about to protest but thought over Naruto's words and knew that he was right. Both he and his brother were in no condition to fight and he knew that Naruto was strong to come out of this alive too. With his decision made he nodded to Naruto.

"Very well, take care of yourself. Oh and if you could help that old man do that." He said pointing at Whitebeard. With all said he ran taking Ace with him.

"As you wish, captain." When he was sure that Luffy was gone he turned his attention to the admiral and focused solely on him.

"You were going to punch a hole through them, weren't you? Lets see how you like it when someone do that to you." He said as he twisted his sword freeing it from the deadlock and got under the man.

"Mirror Sword: Lightning Style: Lightning Spear" A huge hole was made in the admiral's chest causing magma to spray all over the area. Naruto was unfazed as he just let the magma pass through him. Not only that, due to the attack the area behind the admiral was destroyed too, and anyone present there, which coincidently happened to be a lot of marines, was injured too. Everyone could also see lightning sparks in the hole. Naruto seeing that he couldn't directly attack the man due to the magma started thinking of ideas to attack him.

"Great Eruption" His thoughts were interrupted by Akainu's voice and he looked above him he saw a huge magma fist heading for him. Unthreatened he just passed through the man coming behind him and prepared to once again attack him. Naruto as he was about to swing his sword was stopped by a large amount of huge magma fist coming towards him. He was impressed by the speed shown by the man. He had thought that the man would be more of a power type. None the less he just brought his hand forward.

"Mirror Wall" Some amount of the magma vanished with the shockwave while he let the other pass through him as he once again ran at the man. Akainu followed the suit as he too charged forward. Fist met sword. There were arcs of lightning every now and then. This happened for a few some time.

Meanwhile all the battlefield the fighting had once again started. Some of the marines thought that they could take advantage of the situation and started chasing Luffy and Ace once again. This caused the Whitebeard pirates to once again pay attention and help the brothers. Whitebeard seeing the new brat taking the admiral had on and got curious and stopped his assault to watch the battle all the while taking a breather too. He had noticed the both the fighters were at stalemate. While many would say that this was because the admiral was tired he knew that the boy too had yet to show his true power. The same with Akainu. This same thought was shared by both Garp and Sengoku who too were solely focusing on the battle. They had heard that this was Naruto and if Aokiji was to believed then this man was dangerous. They wanted to see if it was really true.

Akainu getting frustrated at the boy leaped back to make some distance and punched his lava covered fist forward.

"Inugami Guren" A dog headed shot of magma shot out of his fist and charged at Naruto.

"Cursed Reflection: Ice Block: Pheasant Beak" Naruto once again launched Aokiji's attack at the incoming dog. This actually caused all the fighting to stop once again. Naruto's actions had once again shocked everyone. They had just seen the man use lightning. Furthermore they couldn't understand how could he use Aokiji's attack. The clash between the two attacks had caused many people two lose their footing. They could see both men trying their best to overpower each other. Slowly but surely Akainu managed to overpower the ice as his magma headed toward the redhead. Naruto was gritting his teeth at the incoming admiral when he suddenly started grinning.

"Magnify" What happened next baffled everyone. The once melting ice bird in an instant grew thrice in size and charged forward at the admiral, destroying the magma dog effortlessly. Akainu not expecting this took the attack head on causing him to scream in pain. The resounding explosion due to the huge bird crashing blocked everyone's view of the man. Only Naruto saw that the man had fell in the trench mad by Whitebeard during his rampage

"Are there any ships intact for your crew in the off chance that they could leave?" he asked the huge man. Whitebeard just nodded his head. "Good do you think that you people could start leaving now. Ace has already been taken to safety. You people should leave too, I'll cover for you." He said.

"I don't need your help brat. While I am grateful that you saved Ace, don't think that you can order me around." Whitebeard roared back.

"Well, too bad for then. I have orders from my captain to help you I intend to follow them." Naruto grinned. They both went into a staring contest, neither giving in.

They were interrupted from their conversation as cannons once again started firing at them. They both turned towards the marine headquarters where the cannon was, both unfazed by the incoming cannon balls and the explosion happening around them.

"As long as that building is standing, I don't think that they would consider stopping this war." Naruto said and he was right. Even though Ace was already taken to safety with almost all his crew supporting him, the marines didn't seem to give up. The remaining two admirals were trying their best to kill if not capture him but were constantly fended off by the commanders of the Whitebeard pirates. He would have thought that they give up by now, already failing their mission, but that wasn't the case from the looks of it.

He was brought out of his thoughts by a tremor caused by the older man destroying much of the landscape once again. Grinning he too was about to attack in order to help the old man but was interrupted by a marine shouting.

"Look there is someone hiding there." He said pointing at the shadow behind the now half destroyed Marine ford headquarters. And fair enough there was a giant hiding there.

"Ah, they found me." The giant said.

"Not only that, who are they on the scaffold?" Another marine said.

True there were people standing there. "Oh, they finally noticed us." Came the voice from the scaffold. Upon closer inspection Sengoku identified Edward Teach also known as Blackbeard among them. Not only that but the other people were identified as some of the worst criminals of the world who had escaped from the impel down.

"Its you, how did you all get here." Sengoku shouted.

"Why are they here?" Murmured some of the marines.

"You bastard." Whitebeard growled at Blackbeard.

"They are the most heinous criminals whose existence has been because of their brutality." A marine said.

"They are the Blackbeard Pirates."

"ZEHAHAHAHA, Long time no see, I am glad that I am present at your death…Pops." Blackbeard laughed.

"Teach.." Whitebeard growled.

"Shiryu, you bastard." Sengoku shouted. "What happened to Magellan? What's going on at the impel down? How did you guys get in here?"

Shiryu just grinned evilly. "I think the fact that we're here is the answer to your questions, don't you think?" he said. "Fleet admiral Sengoku-san." All of the Blackbeard pirates laughed at this, causing the fleet admiral to grit his teeth.

"If you wanna know more, why don't y….."

"Shut up." Shiryu was interrupted by Whitebeard shouting. "I don't give a damn about any of this." He said as he raised his arm, focusing all his power in it. "Teach." He brought his arm down and cracked the air causing an earthquake that swept everything in its path and headed towards Blackbeard, destroying the remaining of the scaffold to be destroyed. Though the pirates standing there got out of the attack safely. The intended target was not so lucky as he buried under the rubble, but still got out easy and safe.

"You have no mercy, huh? Of course you don't." Teach said getting up.

"You are the only one I refuse to call son, Teach." Whitebeard said. "You broke the one and only iron rule on my ship and you killed your mate." He said as he pointed his basento at the man. "I will avenge the 4th division commander, Thatch by taking this fool's life thereby ending the matter." His crew members were about to come and help him led by Marco but were stopped.

"MARCO." He shouted thus stopping the man. He was now huffing furiously, the battle and age now taking a toll on him.

"POPS.." Marco shouted.

"Keep yourself out of this." "Pops"

"Do you hear me." Whitebeard said as he now turned his attention to the man in front of him. "Let's get this over with, Teach."

"ZEHAHAHA, I am looking forward to it." Teach laughed, as black smoke raised from his body. He raised his hand and smashed it in the ground. "Black Hole." The whole area was covered in the black smoke.

"This is the power of the devil fruit that I stole from thatch by killing him." He said. "The most dominant Dark-Dark fruit. Enjoy it to your full extent."

Whitebeard suddenly found himself sinking in the ground or most specifically the black smoke. It was not only him but whoever that was standing on the smoke found him in the same situation. Undeterred the old man raised his hand and gathered his powers to attack. Blackbeard seeing this covered his hand in the darkness and ran forward.

"Oh no no, it's no use. There's no devil fruit that work against me." He said. Just as the older pirate brought his hand down he intercepted it with his hands. "Vortex." Everyone saw that the power of the earthquake was sucked into the black thus rendering it useless." Blackbeard using the chance punched him in the wound causing him cough blood. Not giving any chances to the man he grabbed his hand and once again punched him.

Whitebeard once again tried using his powers but got the same result. This happened once more. Finally the man seeing the chance freed himself, swung his weapon and slashed at his opponent in the shoulder causing him fall down and wither in pain. Giving no chance he trapped the man using his leg and weapon and grabbed his throat, charging his power, causing Teach to become terrified.

"Hey don't, Pops. I am your son right? Don't." Teach begged. But Whitebeard would have none of that and released his power. This caused a huge tremor with Teach at the centre. Everyone of the Whitebeard Pirate who was watching was overjoyed thinking that it was finished.

"Hey look at that." Suddenly one them pointed at the now settling dust. They could see Blackbeard still moving. They all started yelling and started encouraging their captain to finish this. Whitebeard too wanting to finish this quickly moved forward. Just as he was upon the man he stopped and started coughing blood. Only those who knew him knew that this was his old age acting. Teach taking advantage of the chance quickly pulled out his pistols and started shooting him.

"Kill him, guys." He shouted. Hearing the command all of his crew charged forward and started attacking the now open Whitebeard. Some with guns and others with swords. People from Whitebeard's crew could only watch in horror as their captain was brutally attacked. After minutes of constant firing they finally stopped and looked at their target. Even after all the attacks the man was still standing proudly on his feet.

"Whoa, I am out of bullets. Hey give me another pistol." Blackbeard said.

"You don't need it." Shiryu interrupted causing others to look at him. "He's unconscious now. He's gonna collapse if you push him with your finger." He said.

"I wouldn't be so sure, if I were you." The all but forgotten Naruto suddenly said. Everyone looked at him and saw him sitting on the rubble.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Aokiji thought from his place.

"Boy who are you?" Shiryu asked.

"Eh, how come no one knows me? I heard that they released the bounty posters already." He asked.

"Cough." A sudden cough caused him turn towards Sengoku. "We have yet to announce your bounty to the public. We were going to do that after the war. Right now only the high ranking officials know about you." He said.

"WHHAAATTT." Naruto shouted. "But, but I …" he started sulking on the ground. Before he suddenly jumped and pointed at Sengoku.

"Oi, I came here to increase my bounty, and I will bloody hell do it." He said. "So you better get ready to increase my bounty. I will just give you a reason to do so." He once again turned towards Blackbeard and his crew.

"As for who I am, my name is Uzumaki D. Naruto. And this gentlemen.." he said as he waved his hand beside him causing a very shocked Whitebeard to appear. "is known as Whitebeard." The pirates were all shocked at the sudden appearance of the dead presumed old man. While many were happy, most of the people present were very angry at this. Though out of all the people only Aokiji understood what had happened. "Troublesome." He muttered.

When everyone turned back they saw that the supposed Whitebeard that was shot slowly disappear into air.

"Boy I told you, I don't need your help, didn't I." Whitebeard said silently.

"And I told you that I have my orders, didn't I." Naruto just replied back. "And besides look down." When the man looked he found there was still a bullet hole in his chest, where Teach had shot him. "You have your grudge against that man. He's yours to kill. But his crew on the other hand are another story. Also no one said that I couldn't fight him myself. I just can't kill him." He said. He would have said more but was interrupted.

"Oi, brat what did you do right now? I was sure I killed him." Teach yelled.

"Of course you shot him. But the one they shot was just a mirage." Naruto replied back. "For your information, I ate the kagami-kagami no mi. I am a mirror man."

"A devil fruit huh? A paramecia at that. This would be easy." Teach grinned. "You should have just sat quietly boy because no devil fruit is more powerful than the dark-dark fruit. Black Spiral." He yelled and raised his hand at Naruto.

Naruto feeling the effect immediately tried to resist the force but gave in with the increase in force. Those of higher ranking could still see that there was no sort of tension on his face. He was still calm as ever causing them to believe that he had something planned up. As he was pulled towards the now grinning pirate he slowly reached his sword and prepared to make an opening. The Blackbeard pirates who were grinning like idiots were taken by shocked when the incoming redhead just passed through their captain. Just as he passed through his opponent, Naruto landed and spun on his heels slashing on the man's back.

"Too bad, I can't kill you but this should suffice too." He said as he once again prepared to slash but was forced to block an incoming slash from none other than Shiryu. After some clashes he made some distance to analyse his opponent but was not given any time and was on the receiving end of the whole crew. Getting frustrated of dodging he just phased through their attacks and slowly vanished, appearing near Whitebeard.

"Man, you people must be very desperate to kill me huh? What have.."

"Boy get out of here. This isn't your fight, its mine." Whitebeard once again said irritated.

"Tch." Naruto pouted, before he started grinning. "Then, how about I make it mine?" he said before turning to Blackbeard.

"Say, you said you came from Impel Down right? Did you meet Luffy there?" he asked the man.


"Did you two fight?"


"Did he try to kill you?"


"See, that means that captain considers you his enemy. And, anyone that my captain is my enemy right? So that means that this is my fight too." Naruto reasoned all the while grinning.

Everyone who listened to him had his jaw on the floor. Aokiji just shook his head already familiar with this attitude during his fight with the man. He believed that this attitude and adaptation with the situation made this man all the more dangerous.

"Tch, cheeky brat." Whitebeard said. Before he turned to the enemy. "don't be in my way." He said without looking at Naruto.

"Oi, old man I don't want to say this but do you really want to loose your family out of some petty revenge. You are in no health to fight and you know that if something happened to you, your crew would not sit without trying to take revenge." Naruto suddenly said in a serious but quiet tone, so that only the man could hear him, stopping the man in his tracks.

"Watch your mouth brat." Whitebeard growled.

"Very well, but please tell me honestly that if your crew could seriously take on that crew. You know that Ace had already lost once but will he sit quietly without taking revenge. I don't think so." Naruto replied. "So please think before you act. Your crew already paid the price once, please don't do that again."

This made the old man thinking. Even though he didn't want to admit it, the boy was right. If he had just listened to Shanks and recalled Ace back, he could have avoided all this. But he didn't listen and not only Ace but his entire crew paid the price. He knew that many of his sons had died today and if he didn't stop he could lose more. Making his decision he stopped and turned a little so as for Naruto to see his eyes.

"Very well brat, do as you wish but remember that I would be the to kill him." He said

"Thank you, old man." Naruto replied.

"Oi, enough of this chatting." Blackbeard said charging his powers. "Black spiral." Both Naruto and Whitebeard could instantly feel the effect of this.

"You really are persistent aren't you." Naruto said, resisting the force. He raised his hand, corrected his stance and pointed at Blackbeard the same way as the man. Many were wondering what he was doing but only Aokiji knew what was going to happen.

"Cursed Reflection- Black Spiral." Everyone was shocked at the result. Naruto who had just announced his devil fruit was using Blackbeard's power on the said man. Due to the force being same from both the sides he was able to nullify the effect.

None of the people present were more shocked than Teach himself. Not only was he shocked he was also enraged. He had searched his whole life for this devil fruit. He had faced countless dangers for it. Killed so many people. But, but now this brat had come out of no where and was using his powers like nothing. He wanted to kill this brat. He will kill him. But still there was one thing going in his head.


How did he do that?

How can a devil fruit surpass his fruit.

"How?" he made his thoughts vocal.

"What?" Naruto asked confused, not hearing properly.


"Well, why don't you come and find out yourself." Naruto cheekily grinned.

"Grrr." Teach gritted his teeth. He raised his hand and charged an all too familiar attack. "Black Hole." He shouted.

Naruto smirked and mirrored his actions. Just like everyone else before him Teach felt as if looking in a mirror. "Cursed Reflection- Black Hole." Another wave of darkness erupted and clashed with the one that Teach made. Both trying to overpower each other but none being successful. After few minutes of the clash both stopped their attacks. One smirking and the other glaring.

"What happened man. You came here all the way to Marineford saying you would kill him.." Naruto said pointing at Whitebeard. "and something about ruling the world. But now, you cant even do shit. I bet you thought you could take advantage of the war and kill a heavily injured old man easily didn't you. Even now you are afraid of him, aren't you. But in all this you didn't count someone coming here and interfering with your plans. And now you are vulnerable because the so called ultimate fruit of yours didn't work against me. You asked me how I used your fruits powers didn't you? Let me tell you, the ultimate power of my devil fruit. I can copy any devil fruit I want." He told them. "Of course, this isn't the only thing. There are many that even I don't know of."

Naruto's this declaration caused everyone's mind to shut down. They couldn't believe what they had heard. A power to copy any devil fruit. With something like this, one could easily rule the seas if wanted to. And if that wasn't enough, there were more abilities granted, that weren't known even now. Who knows what they could be? Sengoku and Garp were now thinking on Aokiji's warning. He was right, this man was even more dangerous than Whitebeard himself. Thoughts along the same line were running in everyone's mind.

While all this was happening Naruto was having his own sets of thoughts. While he had just told them that he could copy any devil fruit. That wasn't the case. He too had some limitation. The fact was that he couldn't copy devil fruits at all. He had just stored some devil fruit attacks in his mirror world, and was using them as a constant source of his reflection attacks. That was just a backup though in case he couldn't access them through his infinite reflection. They didn't need to know that though.

'Cough' Whitebeard suddenly coughed blood. This brought everyone out of their thoughts. Blackbeard and this crew too this chance as to attack the man. Naruto was once again going to hold them off but suddenly the ground under him cracked and magma erupted. He was forced to dodge in the opposite direction. Having no way to intersect them he saw the crew heading in the old man's direction. Suddenly his gaze fell at Sengoku and an idea came to his mind. He raised both his hands. One facing Sengoku and the other at Whitebeard.

"Holy Reflection." He shouted. All the while missing the magma heading towards him. He saw that too late and only had so much time to cover himself in thin ice sheet to try and reduce the damage. He could have used the kamui if not for his ability still in effect, he thought. He took the full force of the attack and was launched into the HQ's rubble. And the magma that erupted started converging into a human like shape and slowly Akainu emerged from it. He was heavily bleeding all over showing the damage he had taken from Naruto's last attack.

On the other side those who were focusing on the Whitebeard and his crew gasped as the whole Blackbeard pirate crew launched their attacks once again causing dust to cover the area.

As the dust settled down, the Blackbeard pirates were waiting gleefully for the result thinking that they had finally killed the old man. But the sight that greeted everyone moved everyone to the core. There stood Whitebeard with not a single scar on his body. Even the wounds that he had received during the war recently were gone. Not only them but the said man himself was shocked, not knowing what had happened.

"O-Oi,…" the rubble over Naruto slowly fell down to show Naruto lying there, with his clothes destroyed. Even though he had put a last minute defence, he still had burns covering him all over. "the effects are temporary old man, better finish them right now." He said slowly getting up. " I will take care of him." He pointed at Akainu.

"I don't know what did you do, but thank you brat." Whitebeard said as he was inspecting himself. He then focused his attention on the crew in front of him. "Now, I can take care of you and avenge Thatch." This statement caused Blackbeard to grit his teeth in anger at the old man, but more at Naruto for somehow ruining his plans.

Now, Blackbeard whose plans were all slowly falling apart had no choice but to face this monster of a man if he wanted to live.

He had to face The Strongest Man in the World.