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When Cores Collide.

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Casper High

Tension is thick in the small classroom of Casper high. Each and every student is staring at the clock waiting for the bell to ring. Once the bell rings the school year will be over. Danny, Sam and Tucker send each other glances waiting for the class to be over, each one already having plans once the year is over.

Tucker and his folks are going to see their distant Family members in the African province of Ethiopia and Sam was going away with her parents to see Europe, as they thought she could use some culture in her life.

As Danny leans back on his chair he smiles seeing that his sophomore year will finally be over. He felt a sense of pride when he managed to pull his grade from a C plus, to a B, Knowing his junior year will be much tougher and all the extra studying will pay off. Wondering what his next school year will bring he sighs and leans back and looks at Sam.

Dropping his head thinking back at the school trip everyone had a few weeks ago at the camp. He hopes Wulf is fine. Seeing he was hurt he can't help worry about his friend. But after helping Wulf, Danny and Sam talked about a few things.

Danny was confused as to what Sam was trying to get through to him. And Sam tried so hard to get her point across the young, dense, Fenton. They've tried to talk about their feelings, but Danny always felt something that Sam wanted to tell him.

But she didn't.

Ever since the trip they took together was over, both Danny and Sam started to grow estranged to each other's company. Danny thinks about Sam and sees her just as one of his best friends. But he can't help wonder what Sam truly means. He casts his gaze at her, wondering what's bothering her.

Sam notices Danny looking at her. Wondering what is wrong she turns around looking behind her seeing nothing. Looking back at Danny she looks away almost blushing a bit.

'She's blushing? Is there someone else looking at her?' looking around and seeing no one. Danny shrugs his shoulders.

Sam frowns and drops her head in defeat at Danny's density.

The whole class watched as the clock slowly ticked away, all of them on the edges of their seats. Danny groans knowing that the last ten minutes are going to be a living hell.

Clockwork's Realm.

The master of time appearances change from adult to old man. Looking at the vast number of parallel time streams. He sighs seeing the alternate future's for both the Ghost Zone and the human realm. His appearance changing to his younger form he slowly floated to a clock on the wall.

"This quite challenging. I have seen at least a 173,274,321 different time streams and each time stream shows Pariah Dark, along with his Queen and son victorious ruling both the Ghost Zone and human realm." Muttering to himself the master of time wonders what else can he do.

He cannot let the Pariah Dark return and create havoc once again in Ghost Zone or the human world. Working tirelessly in trying to see a solution for a better future he knows the Observants will show soon.

Floating to another portal, this one of the past. Clockwork looked on how this all started, all with the first half-ghost Vlad Masters and his corrupted spirit of conquest against the ghost zone and human world. All he could do is watch and determine his best actions, of which their weren't that many to choose from.

"Vlad. Even if I prevent you from gaining the ultimate core crystal. Later on you continue to try again and when you do, Queen Dark with Pariah prince Jr awaken much earlier from the other time streams. The mother and son duo are indeed very troubling, taking out Danny and Dani easily. But If I allow Fright Knight to awaken them" Clockwork said.

Looking at the time stream he begins to mutter to himself. He sees Vlad getting the ultimate core crystal. Fighting against Danny and losing against him. Other time streams he wins with a big change. The master of time nods but sees Fright Knight awakening Queen Dark along her son. A rather better outcome than much earlier where both Danny and Dani are both defeated.

Seeing what happens of the two fighting against Pariah dark wife and son. He sighs, wondering what else can he do to help his apprentice.

Clockwork sighs again and soon his form soon changes to his adult form. He begins to ponder what to do about the disaster that will follow in a few years. He floats to a raging time current and gazes upon its mystery. He settles the current with his scepter revealing Danny, Dani vs Dark Family..."Family?" mumbling to himself.

Changing to his adult form he opens vast number of parallel time streams. Hundred of thousands perhaps millions of vast number of parallel time streams watching them.

Seeing one parallel stream where Sam and Danny are together. She standing by his side along Dani and his family fighting against Pariah Dark family. He gazed at similar parallel streams, where he sees a similar fate where Danny is vanquished along with the Pariah family, but the Ghost Zone is in shambles or the human world almost destroyed.

"Hmm it seems I'm close to a solution. But the outcomes aren't favorable for us. We either lose Danny or Dani. If Dani is lost, than Danny falls into a depression and will lose himself. It seems to be the same if he lost his parents or sister. Even best friends. It is a risk, but a risk I do not wish to take that would endanger them." Clockwork thought as he stares at the vast number of parallel time streams above him.

Knowing who entered his realm he continues to watch more parallel time streams. Floating up and changing to elderly form he looks at the time streams thinking about family.

"Hello my old friend what's troubling you?" A voice said above the master of time.

Floating high above the ground, a observant wearing a gold cloak instead of black unlike the other observers black cloaks; This is the High Observant, the first observer to ever watch the time stream along with Clockwork. The ghost who not only trained alongside Clockwork, but also his oldest friend.

"You been at this for sixty-nine hours straight. That must be a new record even for you." The High Observant said trying to relieve the tension.

Happy to see his old friend once again, he hardly gets any time to visit and compare notes with the Master of Time. He wonders how long it will be until his friend finds an acceptable solution, but also a new king and queen for the Ghost Zone once the Pariah family is nothing but a empty memory.

"Hahah" the master of time chuckles and nods.

"Yes it is. But this is very troubling. After seeing millions of time stream. I'm close to a solution but if I continue with that solution. The devastation will be great." As Clockwork goes into great detail of what he has observed to his old friend.

The High Observant nods and listens without question.. Looking at the few time streams, he understands why Clockwork is having trouble. Seeing how clever he came up with the Phantom family. He sees the two halfa fighting against the Dark Family.

"Tell me Clock work seeing a few time streams here who is the human there?" ask the High Observant. Clock work turns to him and chuckles. Telling him about Danny friends the High Observants nods and listens.

Looking at few time streams himself he notices some Ghost fighting as well. The last time Pariah Dark awaken he was told no Ghost went in to help.

"Interesting. I would never have thought any ghost would follow young Daniel into battle." The High Observant said.

Moving to another time stream he is shock to see the goddess Pandora and Lord of the Frozen North, Frostbite armies along with Princess Dora in her ghostly dragon form along her knights fighting.

"Daniel seems to have that effect on both ghost and human alike." Clockwork chuckled in his own joke.

Showing his friend when Pariah Dark awoke two years ago. The High Observant eye widen as Clockwork nods.

"Yes, the Observants did not report everything to you." Knowing the report that was given in, Clockwork had other priorities to take care of.

"They will feel my wrath. Every single one of them" High Observant said with an angry hiss in his voice. Floating over to the other time streams, he comes to a few where Danny is fighting alongside some Ghost females. As he comes to see the ghostly diva Ember, he notices how different she is. How she and Danny fight together but also how the clone named Dani is with her.

"Interesting" thinking out loud.

Clock work turns to the time stream he is viewing.

Seeing Ember hair high in a giant flame.

"Ah yes. Ember McLain the self proclaim rock princess of the Ghost Zone. One of her Chanting Empowerment: Whenever people chant her name, the effect seemingly causes her hair to flare wildly and her eyes to glow effervescent, thus rapidly increasing her power to greater heights. This is both her biggest advantage and greatest curse, because if people cease chanting, her fiery ponytail goes out, rendering her powerless." Clockwork said.

The High Observant looks to his best friend confused. Clockwork opens up a time stream when the young Ember was alive and they watch the young girl through her upcoming death.

"Its indeed a sad story. She could be one of the most powerful ghost, but she is to blind wanting people to remember her instead of finding that love that will fill the void in her heart." Clockwork said.

Looking at the many time streams in front of him he closes many time streams, but keeps only the ones open with Ember and Danny.

"It seems some of these time streams your apprentice is in a relationship with her." The High Observant said with a chuckle, seeing the many antics of what these teenagers get into. He chuckles loudly at one scene getting caught with her on top him making out when his sister walks in the room "I need popcorn, this is better than most human movies." The High Observant said.

Clock work chuckles and opens a circle portal. Reaching in he pulls out two bag of fresh hot popcorn bags. Passing one to his best friend the two begin to eat and watch what Danny does in his lifetime.

Hours Later

"I must say. Your young apprentice is indeed a special child. How he gets himself into those situations truly comical" letting out a hearty chuckle. "You chose well". The high Observant said as he continues to watch the time streams.

Seeing only a few hundreds open. He looks at Clockwork who smirks and floats up towards his old friend.

"Thank you, but Daniel should get most of the credit." Clockwork stated.

Looking at the parallel time streams he changes into his old form. Seeing a few time streams where Danny is gone, but Ember and Dani are still alive and the rulers of the Ghost Zone. Others were Dani or Ember sacrifice themselves to stop the Dark Family, but Danny is in ruin.

"You're close to a solution. But I feel you have something as a last resort" The High Observant said. Seeing they were watching some time streams together and taking one incident putting into another.

Clock works closes all the time windows.

"One time stream. Where Danny, Dani and Ember are alive but the Ghost Zone suffered devastation but in time it will recover and the human world as well. But it requires Ember and Danny to sacrifice their memories for each other before all this happens." Clock work said.

The high Observant eye glance Clock work wondering what kind of sacrifice.

Reaching inside his cloak he changes into his present form and brings out a time stream. The High Observant watches the time stream from the start to the middle than the end... static. His eye widen seeing the static. Something like that isn't good.

"Clock work" The High observer said sternly.

The master of time knows this is risky. The risk is far too great. Not able to see the end, does he risk it. Putting his faith in the Halfa's.

The High Observant turns around showing Clockwork his back. Making the ghost of time think he will refuse his notion.

"What do you need from me old friend." The High Observant said turning around giving him an hopeful glance.

Clock work smirks and nods. Turning to time stream where static is only shown, he uses his power of time to see.

"Complete control of everything but also a ghost relic." Clockwork said.

The High Observant nods "Very well. Everything you ask of me you shall receive."

Clock works places the time stream into his pocket.

"This will also help Daniel to prepare. I will start everything immediately". Clock work said as his form changes into a child as he moves to a clock portal.

The High Observant glows green and a portal opens up. Slowly floating up towards it.

"Hopefully the next time we get together, the end of the world won't be an issue." The High Observant said.

Clockwork chuckles "Agreed old friend" watching the High observant take his leave. Clockwork lets out a long tired sigh. Waving his hand making a scroll appear he writes something down and sends it to Danny.

Nasty Burger

Danny, Tucker and Sam are all talking. Relieved that their sophomore year of school is over.

"We did it. Our second year done" said Danny, leaning back on the chair letting out a happy sigh.

Tucker nods "Yea and no summer school for any of us". Happy he checks his PDA for messages and emails.

"That's how it should always be. I mean Danny got lucky this year. Hopefully he will get lucky again next year" answer Sam.

"Yea" mutter Danny. Letting out a sigh knowing how true that is. "So plans for the summer?" Danny asked.

Tucker looks to him and nods already knowing what's in store for him.

"Yea my parents got a month off from work and we are visiting my grandparents where they live. So two plane trips and two nights of no sleep." Tucker said.

"Well have fun and make the best of it. Sam?" ask Danny.

Sam shrugs her shoulders "Parents taking me to England for a month as well" shaking her head.

Danny nods "Well that means me and Jazz until she leaves for college. Until she finally picks one".

Tucker and Sam stare at Danny seeing that Jazz still hasn't picked a college or university for herself to go too.

"What is she waiting for?"Sam asked.

Wondering what Jazz is waiting her senior schedule was full of honor classes. She took extra class to help her more in college.

"Don't know" Danny sighs. Before he took a bite of his fries, then a blue wisp came out of his mouth..

Narrowing his eyes he sees Sam and Tucker nodding before they got up a rolled up letter lands on the table with the initials C.W on it.

"Doesn't Clockwork know about texting or emailing" Tucker said with a laugh.

Grabbing the scroll he reads it and looks at Danny.

"He wants to speak to you. He needs you for a errand that's going to take some time to complete. It also says that Jazz wants to talk to him and that its fine for you to bring her." Tucker said reading aloud the scroll.

Passing the letter to Danny he reads it and nods.

"Got it. Well I guess I should be going" Looking at Tuck Danny sticks his fist out while Tuckers bumps it .

Take care, man. I'll see you in a month" Danny said with a grin.

"You bet, Danny and do me a favor. Don't get into much trouble" Tucker said chuckling at the small joke.

Sam rolls his eyes. "Like that ever happens. Trouble follows Danny." Sam said.

Nodding to Tucker, Sam smiles, "Enjoy the flights, be careful, and shoot me a email once you get there" Sam said with a smirk.

Tucker nods. "Will do guys and Tell Jazz congrats and see you guys in a month"Tucker said with a grin.

Getting up and leaving the table Tucker bumps into Valerie apologizing the two start to talk and leave Nasty burger.

Danny chuckles and shakes his head. Turning to Sam he sighs "Well Summer vacation for me is going to be interesting." Danny said.

"Well at least Clock work will keep you busy" Sam said.

Danny rolls his eyes "Knowing him he already knows what I'm going to say." Danny said.

Both Sam and Danny chuckle knowing how Clock work is. As the chuckling dies out, Sam looks at Danny with a sigh. Than a awkward silent fall between the two.

Danny looks at Sam seeing how uncomfortable she is. "I better get-".

"Danny wait!" Sam said as caught Danny's attention..

"Yeah Sam?" Danny asks. Blinking at her wondering what she wants to say.

Sam bit her lip, trying so hard to tell him but also tried to tell him on the trip before.

"During the field trip, there something I wanted to say to you. But I was to scared to tell you." Sam said.

Danny nods and looks at Sam wondering what she wanted to tell him about. Seeing her nervous he remembers one time where Sam was this nervous.

'That was months ago. The only time when that fake Goth she briefly like' thought Danny.

"Come on, Sam. You scared of what?" Danny said. Watching Sam turn away he leans back wondering what is wrong.

"Just scared what can change between us. That we won't be able to go back to what we were before. If that changes what will happen to us. You, me and Tucker" Sam replied.

Waiting for Danny to say something. She looks at him seeing him confused.

"Nothing is going to change between us. We will be friends. I will always have your back and I know you will have mines. Tucker will always watch our backs and we will watch his. Yea life can change but do we really want to throw years of our friendship away" Danny said with a smile.

Wondering what will change between them. He looks at Sam who nods.

"You're right Danny" whispered Sam. Letting out a sigh 'I doubt you fall for someone for the summer'. Sam thought.

"Of course I'm right. Besides I need to get going. Sam give me a call when you get there tomorrow, alright." Danny said. Looking around he turns invisible and intangible and floats above the ceiling. Appearing above the roof he transforms into Phantom.

Fenton works

Phasing into his room he transforms back to his normal form. Walking out of his room he spots Jazz coming out of her room.

"Danny, perfect timing. I was hoping if-"

"Clockwork" interrupted Danny. Seeing Jazz mouth open and nodding. "Got a letter from him and he said you wanted to ask him something. Is there something bothering you?" Danny asked.

Jazz shakes her head.

"Just allot of thinking I been doing little brother. I mean tonight is my graduation and I haven't made a decision yet. But also I'm worried about you mom and dad. I talked to some guidance counselors but I need someone with more experience in helping someone" Jazz said.

Danny nods. Knowing that Clock work has much more experience in almost everything but also helps them back on track. "I understand Jazz. You know where is mom and dad?" Danny asked.

Jazz nods "Making preparations for tonight party so if we leave now we can return back before they get back" Jazz answered.

Danny nods and soon a ring appear around his body breaking into two changing him into his alter ego. "Well let's go and hang on." Danny said, grabbing his sister hand and going invisible and intangible. They head towards to the host portal and next to Clock work.

Clockwork Tower.

Changing into his adult form Clock works yawns quietly and looks at the time stream. Smiling he looks up to the large clock. With the High Observant giving him what he needs. Clockwork sends the time stream into the large clock.

'There. Now it's only a matter of time' thinking to himself.

Clock work floats down to the water fountain in his tower, he splashes the water to watch the events unfold. Turning into his old form he looks towards the door and sees Danny floating in with his sister.

"Ahh Daniel it's good to see you and Jasmine, welcome." Clockwork said as he floated down greeting his guests.

"Hey Clockwork how's everything" Danny said.

"Clock work." Jasmine said as she gives him a warm smile.

"I been good. Tired, but good" Clockwork said with a small chuckle. He raises his time scepter making a table and chairs appear. Slowly lifting his hand up a teapot and cup appears in his hand.

"Tea, Jasmine?" Clockwork ask and offered.

"Yes. Please" Jazz said.

Taking a seat, Jazz watches Clock work pouring tea. Reaching the sugar and honey she smiles warmly at the master of time for the tea.

"Daniel, would you care for a cup?" Clockwork asked.

Danny takes a seat and shakes his head. "No thank you, but I was kind of wondering what kind of errand you need me to do?" Danny asked.

Already doing some errands in past for the master of time when he is too busy to do it himself.

Clock work nods and takes a seat. Danny for the first time sees Clock work wearing some type of pants similar to the color of his cloak. But is also taking a seat and enjoying himself.

"Yes. There is an item called the Baetylus" Clockwork said in his firm tone.

"The Baetylus? What is it" Danny asked.

Even Jazz nods wondering what it is and why Clockwork wants Danny to get it.

"It's a sacred relic that has cause much trouble in the human world and ghost zone. I need it here to place a special spell to negate its powers" Clockwork said. Not wanting to give out too much he notices Jasmine's worried look.

"The stone itself poses no problem to ghost or human unless they start to harness it's power. I was luckily enough to find it through time" Clockwork said.

Danny shrugs his shoulders "Ok where do I need to go?" Danny asked.

Clock works took a sip of his tea. Placing the cup on the table before Clockwork form changes to a adult.

"It's not where, but when. I will be straight with you Daniel. If I ask you to go to retrieve it for me. You will be stuck in that time period for six months until I can bring you back to your own time. The reason for that it's because of the relic and seal I will place on it." Clockwork said.

"Six months. How I'm I going to explain that to my parents. One month maybe but two is pushing but six it will take a miracle." Danny said. Wondering how is this going to work.

"Danny, you're forgetting who you are talking too" chimed Jazz. Giving Clock work an eye smile making the lord of time chuckle.

"Yes, Daniel you are" continuing with his chuckle.

"Only a month will pass in your time. But where you will be going. Six months will pass. Meaning it gives you time for training and studying as well. Once you return you can finish your vacation which I already took the liberty making your papers believe you are going to astronaut camp" Clockwork said with a grin.

Danny mouth drop open. Letting out a sigh seeing Clockwork has already began his plan but also to help Danny along the way.

"Danny, if you think about it. It's a good opportunity I mean heck this will give you six months more. More time to study and train" Jazz said. Seeing an opportunity like this can greatly help her little brother in a long run.

"Alright Jazz, I hear you" Danny said, turning to master of time. "Alright Clockwork so what year are you sending me too?" Danny asked.

Clock work takes a sip of his tea. " March first. Nineteen seventy three" Clockwork answered.

Danny nods getting up "Well should I pack?" Danny asked.

Clock work chuckles and nods his head. "I have taken care most of the necessities but pack a suitcase for at least a month worth of clothes." Clockwork said.

"Well than what should I do?" Danny said looking at his sister and Clock work.

"I will teleport Jasmine home. You can leave and remind your parents of the camp your are supposedly going to be leaving in a few days" Clockwork said.

Danny shrugs his shoulders "Alright see you at home. Clock work I'll see you in a few days". Danny said as flies down to the exit as he leaves.

Clock work turns to Jasmine smiling at him.

"So Jasmine you want me to see your future if you decide to go Harvard or community college" Clockwork said, chuckling seeing Jazz turn red.

"I know you're not suppose to use your power for personal gain-" Jazz said.

"It's quite alright" Interrupted Clockwork. Seeing Jazz mouth drop open he nods. Smiling at her he looks at the fountain. "Let's say I was given full access to ensure both worlds survive for the upcoming dangers, so taking a peek won't be a problem." Clockwork said.

Jazz got worried quickly standing up.

"Danny?" saying her little brother name in a worried voice. She sees the master of time nod. "Why him? Why a sixteen year old I mean he should be having problems with girlfriends trying to get his license. Not ghost hunting or being a hero." Jazz said.

Clockwork changes into his old form. "Daniel is destined to do great things in the future and I promise you. I will do everything in my power to make sure he will be happy and find love" Clockwork said.

"Love?" Jazz wondered.

Looking at Clock work watching him chuckle he responds. "It can be in many different forms but also not from the person you would expect to fall in love but their is a saying Love knows no time". Jazz smiles and sighs.

"You will always be looking out for my little brother. Thank you. But I need help. I need to know if I should go to the university or stay home for college and help my family. To help Danny" Jazz asked.

Looking at the master of time hoping to help her. She wonders what her destiny is.

Clock work sighs "It's a difficult choice to make. I understand your conflict within. But ask yourself this question. Are you ready to leave them?" Clockwork said.

Jazz was about to respond but has nothing. She really hasn't thought much about it. Looking down onto herself she has grown much since finding about Danny's secret but also helping him.

"Thank you Clock work. You always know the right thing to say" Jazz said giving the master of time a respectful bow for answering her questions.

"I know what I need to do" Jazz said with a smile on her face.

"Of course. I'm glad I could be some help" smile Clock work. Raising his time scepter he teleports Jazz back home in the Fenton Lab.

LATER Casper High school

Everyone is gathering for graduation. Mr Lancer giving his speech out. As Jazz stands in front of the podium as class valedictorian. She looks up and smiles at everyone and sees her parents and little brother in the audience cheering her on, well mostly her father who went a bit overboard, wearing his Giant foam finger and a "Jazz is Number one" shirt and hat combo.

"Well. We did it" Jazz chuckles and giggles are heard from the parents and even a few of the teachers. Clearing her throat, Jazz presented the class speech.

"Our life here in Casper high is done and the next step for some of us are colleges, university or a military career. There is one thing that Casper high did for us. To prepare us; To show us our many different paths. We may leave high school behind us, we now have a future paved in front of us to travel towards. A future where some of us will go our separate ways, but we will always be Casper high school students at heart and soul" Jazz said with a smile.

With her speech done and the entire student body and the many family and friends erupted into a wave of applause and praises for the young woman's speech.

Danny smiles and thinks back the past year when his sister found out about his secret. The times she helped him but also saved him. Smiling at his sister seeing how hard she work to get where she is.

He looks at his parents smiling at her.

"Well Jazz you did it" as her name is called to receive her diploma. Danny smiles and cheers with his parents for his sister.

Evening Fenton works.

"Jazz we are proud of you. So have you decided?" ask Maddie.

"Yes. What i.v. league school are you going?" Jack agreed with his wife.

"Mom, dad relax. Let Jazz choose" Danny said with a chuckle, winking at his sister making her giggle.

"Well I decided where I will be going" Jazz said, seeing her parents moving closer and she looks at Danny smiling at him.

"I decided that I'm not ready to leave my family yet. Do I want to move away from home and go to school. Yes. But not now. I want to be with my family. So I decided to attend Amity Park College." Jazz said letting out a breath of relief.

Maddie and Jack were shock but smile at Jazz.

Danny eyes widen. "Jazz it's not like we're going to get up and leave without telling you where we will be going. We will always think about you". Danny said, wondering what his sister is thinking about.

"Jazzy-pants, you will always have a home here" Jack said, hugging his daughter.

Maddie stood besides her "Sweetie never think we will never stop thinking of you or Danny." Maddie said.

Jack nods "You are our children and nothing will change that. Not ever" Jack said with a smile.

Danny smiles and hugs his sister "Hey I'm thrilled you're staying, but I'm hoping you don't miss out the college experience that everyone talks about because you wanted to stick with us" Danny said with a chuckle.

"Never little brother." Jazz said as she rolled her eyes.

Later bedtime

Danny walking towards his room sees Jazz looking at the window of her room. Seeing his parents are in bed. He walks to her room knocking on the door.

"You ok?" Danny asked.

Jazz nods "Yes. Clockwork told me what I needed to hear. I was too busy thinking about me that I didn't stop to think about my family. I want to be there for more of the important times" Jazz said with a smile..

All she thought was where to go for college or a university. What to do for college. She never stop to think what she wanted for herself not want college or university wanted from her.

"Yeah Clockwork knows what to say. Mom and dad remembers about the camp. So a few days I'll be in the seventies." Danny said with a chuckle.

Jazz nodded her head. "Just be careful and have some fun and study to catch up" Jazz said.

"Will do." Danny said as he rolls his eyes and smiles at his sister.

And Cut

Now hopefully some people will get an idea what is going to happen and how. Hope everyone enjoys the first chapter. See you soon.