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Lana Etrigan

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Sunday Fenton works

"So you think mom and dad will be coming home today after their special training" eating a spoonful of cereal. Danielle blinks seeing her grandparents flinch while Jazz giggles quietly to herself on the other side of the kitchen table.

Maddie flinches and lets out a nervous smile but soon changes to a glare towards Jazz who still giggles. Seeing her daughter isn't going to stop giggling and Danielle is eating her breakfast innocently. Jack chuckles but coughs in his hand seeing the glare is being sent towards him.

"I think they will come back later today" sigh Maddie. Thinking about Friday night how she and Vlad had to come up with an excuse to why Danny and Amber left so suddenly from her birthday party. Vlad thought of a new power surfacing that Danny needed help to control and that Amber was the only person who could have helped him.

Most if everybody at the party bought it but not everyone was convinced. The people who weren't convince was Gwen along some of the A listers while Tucker heard from Sam what happen making Tucker laugh. Which earned him a glare but also a sigh from many girls that learn what happen.

"You mean morning" yawn Danny walking into the kitchen with Amber behind him yawning herself.

"Morning" yawn Amber. Blinking and seeing everyone staring at her who is floating off the ground she rolls her eyes and sits next to Danielle who is smiling.

"Mom, dad how was you're special training?" ask Danielle eating another spoonful of cereal. She blinks watching her parents flinch but Danny turns to Danielle wondering what did they tell her but better yet who?. He turns to Jazz who shakes her head and points to their mom making her shrug her shoulders with an uncomfortable face.

"Yea about that it went great. Real great right Amber" Danny chuckles. Amber face turns red seeing everyone staring at her.

"Went really great" looking up nodding Amber giggles to herself. "No complains you did an excellent job. Explosives many times" nodded Amber with a smile.

"When do you think that power will come to me?" ask Danielle. Amber and Danny turns to Danielle while Jazz starts to giggle again which made Jack laugh but Maddie sighs and shakes her head.

"Danielle don't know and don't ask" groan Danny. Shaking his head looking at his mother who shrugs her shoulder. "Amber you going to have brunch with you're sister Lisa and everyone else?" ask Danny.

Amber nods "Yea baby-pop. Just need to change and can you make a portal?".

Danny nods "Sure. I will watch Danielle for the mean time" tousling her hair a bit making her frown. Amber giggles and nods as she got up she hugs Danielle making her giggle.

LATER With Amber. Brunch

Floating into the restaurant seeing Lisa and her nieces with Sam,Valerie. She notices the table being larger wondering what is going on she sighs seeing reporters and paparazzi outside trying to talk to her. Floating to the table she blinks seeing more faces than she expected.

"Well look at you glowing" giggle Dinah.

"Must have been a excellent night" giggle Star.

"One she probably won't ever forget" tease Paulina.

"No kidding" laugh Valerie.

"Now girls behave" giggle Tootie.

"Yea. We have much more dirt than you think and she still hasn't spill anything bout that night" laugh Chloe. Sipping her mimosa she pours another glass to Tootie, Dinah and Lisa.

Amber seeing them sighs and floats towards her seat making them all raise an eye. As she places her coat on the chair and purse she blinks seeing everyone staring at her feet as they aren't touching the floor.

"Please! I don't want to hear any of it" groan Lyn.

Phoebe snorts and shakes her head "Still not over it when the first video came out" sipping on some tea. Phoebe notices all the girls turn to Paulina making her groan and drop her head. Which made Sam, Valerie and Star giggle.

"See I wasn't the only one out there upset about it" Paulina folded her arms making Lyn nod. As the two toast their drinks nodding to each other.

"Really you had a crush on Danny?" blink Amber.

Drinking some water she turns to Lyn who is quiet while Phoebe nods her head making Lyn blushes a bit nodding her head. "Oh you have no clue what she put down in her diary" giggle Phoebe.

Lyn got up quickly but Lisa sighs and shakes her head while Tootie and Chloe start to giggle with Dinah looking interested in this. Sam rolls her eyes while Star, Paulina look interested in this while Valerie sighs placing her hand on Lyn shoulder making her take her seat again.

"Phoebe enough teasing Lyn" warn Lisa. Shaking her head she sighs and looks at the teenage girls. "Besides if you want juicy gossip Tootie and Chloe are the ones you should ask but also Sam". Lisa taking a sip of her mimosa "But".

Everyone turns to Lisa while Amber raises an eye wondering what her sister knows or wants to ask.

"But what, Lisa?" ask Amber. Seeing some servers coming in with some food she takes a roll and butters it up. As the rest of the females place some food on their plates they turn to Lisa and back to Amber.

"Did Danny ever sneak in your room?" ask Lisa. Taking a bite of her bagel everyone blinks and turns to Amber who turns red. "Ahh I knew it. How did he hide from mom when she went into your room to check?. I mean? I remember one time you were naked and yelling at mom" giggle Lisa. Thinking about an incident long ago when it was the last week of school.

Everyone hearing this turns to Amber with their mouths wide open in shock. Tootie and Chloe giggle remembering this seeing Amber told them.

"What no way. If dad or aunt Lisa did that to me I would die of embarrassment" Lyn whine shaking her head while all the girls nod thinking about.

"Any girl would" added Sam shaking her head. Even she and Adam are careful on who is around them most of the times. Happy no one has caught them yet but Sam knows it's a matter of time.

"How did grandma know?. That's what I want to know!" blink Phoebe. Wondering how her grandma would know, Phoebe turns to her mother who snorts while Tootie and Chloe both roll their eyes. Wondering what she is missing she turns to Tootie and Chloe.

"How did she not know" both ladies giggle and toast their mimosa.

"Oh yea the old timers know" reply Dinah. Nodding her head thinking about her mother when her grandma told her stories on what she did. "Somehow they knew don't know how but they knew".

"I remember that morning" groan Amber. "One minute Danny was there and the next he wasn't and I landed on the bed. I turn around with the covers on me staring at mom who is looking at me who barges into my room. Hair is a mess huge grin on my face. Yea wasn't a good sight but it was a great night and one hell of a morning". Amber smiles thinking about that night and morning but soon.

Amber shakes her head with a sigh. "But it didn't stop there oh no" added Amber. Taking another bite of the bread and butter she sips on some tea and nods her head towards everyone. Who is staring at her wondering what she is talking about.

"What!" Sam, Valerie, Star and Paulina all said at the same time confuse.

"What do you mean it didn't stop there?" ask Phoebe sipping on her latte.

"Yea! I mean come on I know grandma is nosy but how it didn't stop there?" blink Lyn. Wondering what her aunts went through as teenagers she turns to Lisa rolling her eyes while Amber sighs and shakes her head.

"She checked under the bed. Found nothing. Check the closet found nothing. Move my mattress found nothing. She stayed in my room until I got dress. The reason why because she saw Danny shirt on the floor" groan Amber.

Lisa nods her head with a long sigh. "I remember that morning. I ask why was Danny shirt on the floor. Than mom went to the window seeing it was open. She slammed it shut and stood there. Like she was waiting for something?".

Dinah snorts "Was hoping to catch Danny hanging from the window. Happen to one of my friends when her parents came back from shopping. Poor guy fell from the second floor landing on their van naked" laugh Dinah.

"Ouch" all the females wince making Dinah nod.

"College yea good times and stupid times" nodded Dinah. Tootie and Chloe glance each other nodding knowing they did stupid stunts like that with Timmy and Chester.

"Yea. After the window she just stared at me and after a few minutes she left my room" sigh Amber. "I was already dress and she gave me a weird look like she was expecting to catch me. Never did" laugh Amber.

All the females giggle.

"But it gets better" chimed Chloe.

Tootie nods her head as all the other girls blink they turn to Amber blushing. Phoebe, Lisa and Lyn wonders what she means while the teenagers blink but Dinah she grins thinking what Danny did.

"He never left" giggle Dinah.

"WHAT!" the teenagers and Lisa all shouted. Tootie and Chloe giggle seeing their reactions and toast Dinah for catching on. Amber nods her head smiling thinking about that incident all those years ago. She told Tootie and Chloe what happen that morning making them laugh years ago.

"He was invisible standing behind me the whole time watching me get dress" smile Amber. Tootie, Chloe high five Dinah seeing she got it right while the teenagers couldn't believe this and Lisa stunned that her sister did that.

"But you didn't come down from your room until it was almost lunch- ohhhh" Lisa eyes widen in shock making Amber giggle and nod. The teenage girls couldn't believe this but Sam on the other hand sighs.

"Yup sounds like Danny" Sam shakes her head seeing how her best friend is with sex.

"Sounds like almost every guy" chimed Star. Nodding her head while everyone looks at her making her giggle. "What. I been dating Kwan for how long?" smile Star.

"True" said Valerie and Paulina.

"Hmm must be the ghost side that helps with the recovery for the guys" grin Dinah. Drinking her mimosa Tootie and Chloe turn to her raising an eye while Amber, Sam and Valerie flinch. Lyn, Phoebe and Lisa blink wondering what hidden meaning Dinah is getting at.

"Anyway" said Sam. Taking a bite of her gluten free bagel and veggie butter. "Sorry on what happen because of my parents edibles batch of brownies".

Amber breaks out in a laugh shaking her head. The girls wonder what is so funny "Oh you got nothing to apologize Sam trust me. You probably heard from what Kitty told everyone when Lahkesis came".

Star and Paulina nods "We heard" said the two.

"Yea. When Kitty told us you're parents they got very nervous but Danny parents seem to shrug it off" said Tootie. Remembering they called Kitty to the room after Danny and Amber left. She explained to everyone what is happening to Danny because of the bond he and Amber shares.

Dinah snorts "Finding out their son is a half ghost than a female clone which later turn to his daughter. I don't think nothing is going to phase them. Maddie just whine saying she is too young to be a grandmother again" explain Dinah.

"Yea it took some time for Maddie to warm up to me and Danielle" Amber nods while Sam nods knowing how true that is. "Also Sam I will be repaying the favor to you for that batch" grin Amber.

Sam blushes and shakes her head "Wait what!".

"Ewww" Lyn and Phoebe said in disgust.

"Don't tell me this and make sure I don't find out about it" groan Lisa. Founding out bout her son being active she sighs and spoke to her husband to give him another talk.

"It's going to be a night she will not forget. Sometimes it can be use to spice up the sex life" giggle Dinah. Everyone blinks at Dinah but seeing where she is coming from the teenagers begin to wonder.

Tootie pours another glass of mimosa but raises an eye.

Chloe seeing this looks confuse and asks "Something wrong Tootie?". Wondering what her best friend is pondering about all the females turn to her nodding her head.

"Well it's just that Danny got high" stating the obvious while everyone nods. Tootie sighs and tries to explain it "I understand what Lahkesis was getting at it just Danny should have burn it off. I mean he drank a whole bottle of scotch and didn't get drunk. But one batch with multiple bars which would be terrible for human consumption. He got high?".

Everyone nods understanding where Tootie is going with this but Amber sighs. Seeing that she might have came up with something she sips her tea and nods.

"I came to the conclusion yesterday afternoon that Danny's Chlorokinesis must have amplified the plants medicinal properties in his system" shrug Amber. Trying to make sense of what happen to Danny on her birthday. Amber tested her Chlorokinesis on some plants around Phantom base while Danny did some test with Arctic seeing his Chlorokinesis did increase the potency in his system.

"Whoa, whoa wait a minute" said Dinah placing her mimosa on the table while Tootie and Chloe did the same thing blinking at Amber. "Chlorokinesis like controlling plants. You are telling me his ghost powers enhance the THC content in his system?". Wondering if this is true Dinah minds begin to go to over drive.

"Yea. After some test with Arctic and sending the info to Frostbite it did" sigh Amber. Seeing that his Chlorokinesis paid a mild side affect to Danny getting high. Amber would have never thought a ghost power would ever do this.

"Do you think he can make a batch for -" Dinah moves her head back and forth making Sam, Valerie and Amber shutter in disgust. "HEY you're not the only one who should have all that fun". stated Dinah. Folding her arms wanting to feel this herself and looking at the teenagers.

"I feel I'm missing something and being married to Timmy who has read comics all his life. I picked up a many things from him writing" said Tootie.

Chloe nods "Yea same with Chester but on different subtle messages he drops or leaves".

"Dinah is dating Vlad Masters the famous billionaire and mayor of Amity Park" reply Lyn. Wondering how Tootie an Chloe don't know this she blinks seeing them thinking.

Tootie and Chloe began to think and then their eyes widen. Knowing who Danny meant about his nemesis back home always causing him trouble and problems for him. They turn to Dinah nodding her head.

"Not one word girls" Amber sigh making Lyn, Phoebe and Lisa confuse. Sam and Valerie nods while Paulina and Star look confuse. "Vlad got some ecto contamination back in college when Jack and Maddie were working on a prototype of the portal." explain Amber. Hoping to use a cover story Amber doesn't need this right now.

"Yea. His hair turn white and a bad case of acne" reply Sam knowing what happen all those years ago. But not wanting to give away Vlad other identity so covering the story with Amber should help.

Dinah nods "Yea ecto acne very bad like ten times bad for a teenager but to a adult man. After years of operations and different medications it went away. But still had some ecto contamination in his system when that crazy operative Alpha touch him" explain Dinah.

"I remember reading the article from the news paper" said Star. Nodding her head seeing what happen to Vlad all those years ago "Can't believe that happen to Mayor Masters. But Danny got something else out of it".

Dinah snorts while everyone turns to her making her roll her eyes. "Vlad hasn't had a cold, the flu anything since the accident all those years ago. He can drink and drink feel just tipsy. Yea and the sex is great you can say it's almost inhuman" giggle Dinah.

"Ewww" said Valerie and Sam.

Amber lets out a sigh and nods knowing how true that is being with Danny. "I'll see what Danny can come up with".

"Yes" Dinah smile. Tightening her hand in a fist seeing she is going to get a batch for Vlad all she has to do is get him to eat it with him knowing.

"You got to be kidding me right?" said Sam. Seeing everyone staring at her "Look I'm all for plants and nature but to use Danny's power to make edibles for Vlad to get high and for you to have an earth shattering orgasm- you know what I'll help convince him" Sam said second guessing herself.

"That went into a different direction real fast" said Lisa. Earning nods from everyone they turn to Sam while Amber nods wondering why Sam is doing this.

"You doing this to get back on you're parents?" reply Amber. Sam giggles and nods making Amber grin "Ohh that is good and what happen to you're parents after we left?" ask Amber. Looking at Tootie and Chloe who started to giggle, Dinah roll her eyes while Lisa sighs.

"Well lets say your future in laws ripped the Masons apart" grin Lisa. Amber hearing this raise an eye looking at Sam who nods.

"Oh yea. I never seen Mr. Fenton that angry at my parents hell I was wondering if Mrs. Fenton would knock my parents out" nodded Sam.

"Lets not forget what Vlad said to them I never seen them pale so fast" giggle Dinah.

"Wow. So any changes at home?" ask Amber. Looking at Sam who laughs and nods wondering what kind of changes.

"They haven't had a batch and they seem to be normalizing" giggle Sam.

Ghost Zone Pariah's Keep castle

"Are you certain" demanded Pariah Dark. Fright Knight bows his head nodding. Every since Skulker betrayal everything all their plans has been broadcasted to the older halfa keeping him in check.

Seeing the large armies of the realms ready to fight for the ghost zone. Pariah Dark sighs and looks towards the iron gates entrance towards the ghost zone. Having some ghost patrolling the area seeing this hideout has been compromised. He can't afford to move the army to another location.

"Yes. It seems the G.I.W will be ready in a few days as well. The halfa will be ready as well we will be fighting in a three front my king. The G.I.W in space, the halfa's along with his friends and family the second front. The last front is the ghost zone where the realms will try to fight back" spoke Fright Knight. Gathering the information the knight sees Pariah dark narrowing his eye.

"Snort" everyone turns to Pariah Jr snorting and shaking his head. "It doesn't matter how many fronts we go. The alignment will empower us they won't stand a chance".

Pariah Dark nods but also begins to wonder about something else. "I believe they have Eidolon cores" everyone turns to the king of the ghost zone in shock. Pariah Dark nods asking Fright knight earlier if he has seen Danny summon this power before.

Only when he received the ghost sword given to a mortal king passed to him. A sword that Pariah Dark saw plans to be created but never created with very few Ancients remaining. Meaning Raith the last Ancient indeed forge the weapon in the ghost zone knowing it would survive time to reach for the person needed.

"Powers like that don't manifest in ghost." Seeing his son and knight look confuse the dark king roll his eye. "No the halfa is much stronger than before. From the information Fright Knight has told me battling the older halfa something happen.". Coming to that conclusion the dark king wonders how much stronger Danny is.

Fright Knight has told everything about Danny's battle with Vlad when he had an ediolon core but also the baetylus in his possession. But when Fright knight heard of this his eyes widen behind his mask shock in this revelation. Even Pariah Jr look shock to hear this as well.

"That means she has one too" hiss Pariah Jr. Angry that Danielle has bested him in battle a few times but also now learning she has a more powerful core than he. The suppose prince of the ghost zone.

"Yes" Pariah Dark nods. "But we have more fighting experience and won't hold nothing back. Fright knight you will command half the skeleton army to attack the base of the G.I.W. Aragon will lead the attack here on the ghost zone battling the other realms with the other half of the skeleton army." order Pariah Dark.

Fright knight nods his head in a bow "As you command but my king. What of the other ghosts?". Wondering what to do with Spectra and the others. He watches Pariah Dark chuckle making Fright Knight confuse. Pariah Jr wonders what his father has up his sleeve.

"Let them loose on the town. I agreed to terms that my army stays behind in the ghost zone. They are fighting for me while I have no interest of their afterlives what so ever so in truth the conditions aren't voided. The only army I fully command is the skeleton army" chuckle Pariah Dark.

Pariah Jr smiles seeing what his father is saying. Fright knight nods.

Ice Caravan.

Clockwork is looking over a map of the ghost zone while one of Danny's duplicate is helping. Frostbite points to certain places that the Pariah Dark will most likely try to control first or send his army.

"He will most likely use the skeleton army first" mutter Nocturn. Nodding his head while Frostbite glances at the dream nightmare ghost agreeing with him. Dorathea sighs agreeing with them but also adds something.

"He will most likely give Fright Knight command of the army but also he knows of the G.I.W intentions. He will send Fright Knight to attack the G.I.W first or at the same time perhaps another second in command for the skeleton army" everyone turns to the princess agreeing with her.

"The princess is right" Undergrowth has his hands folded staring at Danny the whole time while listening to everyone. 'Everyone places great faith in this child. It's remarkable he defeated me but also Pariah Dark can he do it again?'. The ghosts in the room turn to the plant ghost wondering what else he has to say.

"Pariah Dark knows he will be fighting more than one front. No doubt Fright Knight already told him what the other realms are doing" Thanatos points to Undergrowth agreeing with him. Undergrowth stares at the map and nods. "He will break the skeleton army into two. One to attack the realms and the second the G.I.W".

Dorathea nods "Agree on that the G.I.W pose a huge threat not just to us but all of creation".

Danny flinches and pinches the bridge of his nose feeling a headache. 'Before creation their must be destruction. Without destruction their is no creation both work together. Both worlds living and dead both energies can combine but also become entangled' hearing a voice, Danny shakes his head and looks at Dorathea talking. 'What the hell was that did I just hear Raith voice?' thought Danny.

Turning back to Dorathea talking Danny sees the map and nods.

"Most likely he will send Fright Knight to the G.I.W or have him here to fight the realms. The next person can be my brother or Spectra" spoke Dorathea.

"We should build our defense first to hold back the skeleton army attack from a distance and than engage them in the front lines" Hotep Ra points to each realm while other ghost agrees with the mummy.

"This will be a long and difficult battle. But" Lahkesis sighs and turns to Danny wondering what is wrong. Seeing him blinking and looking around "I fear that the other ghost will attack Amity Park. Drawing you out and Pariah will use this to his advantage.".

"We have that covered. My parents, Melder, Skolly the Men in Burgundy are very helpful. Some other officers, Gordon we are training them to use more of the weapons. I want to keep Vlad secret of being a halfa" everyone stares at Danny making him sigh. "In case something happens he can easily come to the ghost zone".

But in truth something is bothering Danny. If the world knows about Vlad status how will this affect his company but also view on the world about him. Danny wants to keep Vlad Plamius out of the fight. But knowing about Dan Phantom he sighs knowing he will enjoy fighting the other ghosts.

"Than it's settled. In a few days the battle for both worlds begin" said Pandora. Everyone nods as Obb stares at the map the supreme Observant is angry that others won't lift a finger to help.

Vlad Mansion.

When Vlad got a call from Lana Etrigan he was shocked to hear about a book she had in her possession belonging to her ancestor Merlin. When Danny freed the Lady in the water holding the word Excalibur. Museums all around the world was calling Amity Park museums asking questions about two ghost holding legendary weapons belong to Norse and Greek.

As Lana Etrigan arrived back home she was bombarded with reporters and other museums curators all around the world asking her questions. But she answer no question until she got home. Once home she called her family who already saw the events in Amity Park. There at the study where Polt the Lady in the Water told Lana to look for a marker was indeed a library.

A library of full of hundreds of books. But also Merlin's journal about the sword of Excalibur when it was given to King Author. Her family began to document and record everything to see if they can be any help to Danny. When streaming happen and the identities revealed, Lana saw a book glowing green in the corner.

A book that was written by Raith. She carefully open the book and saw the pages of a strange metal and crystal of some sort being used. Nodding her head she quickly made the call to Vlad Masters. As of right now, Danny along with his parents and Vlad are talking to Lana.

"This is incredible" Vlad is reading the book while Danny is sorting through some other documents. Vlad looks at Danny "I understand the Eidolon Core and the Ghost Zone brings but also draw a person's energy into the Ghost Zone."

Jack and Maddie nods while Lana listens to Vlad showing everyone documents of a book he once had. As they read it Danny thinks about what the duplicate experience a few hours ago at the ice Caravan.

"Before creation their must be destruction. Without destruction their is no creation both work together. Both worlds living and dead both energies can combine but also become entangled" said Danny. Everyone turns to him while Danny feels a pulse on his chest. Wondering if it's the sword "Pariah Dark said he saw the sword designs it was meant for something but for what?" wonder Danny.

"That is a good question" Lana nods. "King Author used Excalibur to protect his home to protect his family and kingdom. Do you think it serves the same purpose?". Lana asks while they turn to Danny who is holding a small necklace of Excalibur in his hand.

"It's meant for something else. But what?" wonder Danny. Staring at the small blade necklace 'A sword is meant to cut? To kill your enemies.?' thinking to himself. He sees Lana looking up but thinks about King Author. 'A king used the sword to protect his home, his kingdom and family' thought Danny. Smiling he feels another pulse from Excalibur making Danny nod.

"Well this book here has knowledge of Excalibur" nods Maddie. Everyone turns to her "Vlad as you try to make an Ediolon core it seems pieces of a Ediolon core was used in the metal core to forge the blade. For what reason it unknown" said Maddie.

All eyes wonder what is Excalibur true purpose but Danny thinks it's something else.

G.I.W Space H.Q Base

Alpha is trying on the new suit that L has been rebuilding while M is working around the base making sure everything is operational. Seeing the new full body spandex suit with computer chips sewed in and other devices attached to it is working great with the Ecto-Skeleton. The Hazmat agents are working around the clock getting ready to have the Disasteroid ready.

"How is the base defensive?" demanded Alpha. Seeing L smiling passing a tablet to the head of the G.I.W nods as he skims through the base day by day operations. "Good. What of the old base back on earth?" ask Alpha. Knowing they left in a hurry he wonders if all the plans and information on the hard drive was destroy.

L frowns and sighs "Unfortunately the abomination friend manage to uncover information to our plans. But also we discover a satellite not to far from the moon. It seems to be monitor the Disasteroid but also us. We think it belongs to Vlad Masters".

"What" Alpha eyes glowed green angry to hear this. "Why does Masters have a satellite watching us but also...he knows". Alpha eyes widen while L nods thinking the samething as well. "We need to fortify our defenses" Alpha slams his hand on the metal table making a dent.

"Already on it. But another issue sir" L hits a button on the remote and the screen turned on showing the old base of the G.I.W. Alpha sees the Fentons along with the abominations family and friends but also.

"Indeed. Melder and Skolly is there but also the Men in Burgundy. They monitor activities around the world what they do is unknown in fact they don't exist I mean really they don't exist. Only these two members came out. Number three and four" L sees Alpha nod. Clicking another button showing a video, Alpha eyes widen to see the safe he left behind.

"They know about" L didn't say anything knowing how difficult it is to talk about his lost child. As Alpha watches the video his eyes widen and takes a step back in anger. Seeing two ghost coming out a portal.

"They didn't" Alpha eyes that glowed green started to glow brighter. Watching Jack unlocking the safe that house it "They released her. That MONSTER" shouted Alpha. L flinches to hear Alpha scream as the two watches the video. Alpha eyes continue to glow brighter and brighter the veins around his body started to bulge and soon they begin to glow green.

"Masters must have known about the alignment. Meaning he was part of all this but when did he become involve but why all of the sudden" Alpha glaring at the screen. Turning to L who switches the screen into another feed. Alpha raises an eye and sees the ghost zone.

"One of our satellites that was still operational in the ghost zone manage to gather this. We believe that the king is ready to move his army in three fronts" L nods while Alpha watches and sees large number of ghost flying through the ghost zone while others are running away.

"Three?" blink Alpha. Turning to Alpha who nods he hits another button on the screen showing realms of some sort getting ready for a invasion of some sort.

"Myself and M believes that the ghost king will send his skeleton army and one of his generals to attack us. Another ghost he trust to attack the realms in the ghost zone. Than what ever ghost remaining to attack the Fenton abomination along with his family. They will fight the ghost king family on earth. Our base, Amity Park, and ghost zone three fronts sir".

Alpha hearing this nods.

"Get every single war head. Every single device you can make explode" Alpha takes a deep breath and points to the giant Disasteroid floating behind the moon. "Everything! I want every operative who can make any device explode onto that Disasteroid" order Alpha.

L nods agreeing with Alpha.

"I will end everything" Alpha hiss.

and cut.