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Four people slowly made their down a snow-covered dirt road. Three of them had grey samurai armor on, while the fourth had white armor, indicating him as the leader of the squad. Currently they were heading back from a mission, where they were tasked with wiping out a group of bandits that had taken to attacking travelers. As they neared their village, the three Jounin rank samurai (grey colored armor) let out a sigh of relief.

"That took a lot longer than we anticipated, Shiro." The samurai said clapping the white samurai on the back.

"To be fair, they were way more prepared then we were led to believe Tetsu." Shiro responded chuckling at his friends' attitude. "And if a certain someone, didn't run in there raising all hell before I gave the order, it could have taken half of the time."

"Well, it's not my fault our squad lead is sixteen," Tetsu responded jokingly, "maybe if he had some more experience we would have been able to coordinate better."

The other two were silent throughout the exchange between their teammates.

"Well, when we get back I'm gonna go take a long shower," The girl to the right of Shiro started, "After being out here for an extra two days, a girl needs her rest and relaxation."

"Ooh crap," Shiro exclaimed stopping in his tracks, "My sister is going to kill me."

"Why?" The girl asked looking back to Shiro

"I promised her I would spar with her yesterday." Shiro responded, while putting his hand where his mouth would be if he didn't have his mask on.

"I don't think that she could kill you, to be perfectly honest." The fourth samurai said in a matter of fact tone.

"No, Yamato, but she will probably strangle me for going on a mission right out of the blue." Shiro said as he caught up with the other three.

"Well we have to go and report to your father before we all head home, so you should be ok, at least until you get home from that." The woman to his right said.

"yeah, you're right, only after that can you go get your beauty sleep, Aiko." Shiro sighed, knowing his sister was going to torture him as soon as he walked through the door.

"I take it the mission was a success?" Shiro's father questioned, when the four of them entered his office. The office its self was large, capable of holding three squads comfortably. The desk that his father was seated at, was large and covered in paper.

"Despite someā€¦ setbacks, yes, it was a success." Shiro responded

"Good, I'll get the details from you after dinner tonight," The Shiro's father, the clan head, said. "You are dismissed."

All four of them stood, saluted, then turned to leave the room.

"Ooh, Shiro, by the way," The Ichiro started, "You might want to watch out for your sister when you get home, she's been mumbling something about forcing you to teach her everything you know about her tanto."

"So, I'm not getting any sleep tonight, I'm guessing." Shiro sighed.

"Most likely not, although I am partly to blame for your sudden deployment." Shiro's father said, while chuckling.

"Well, I should head home and take a shower before she gets home from school." Shiro said over his shoulder, while picking up his pace.

Shiro was meditating in the training yard located in his family's back yard. He had finished his shower and was now waiting for his sister to get back from training. His swords, and the required practice gear were laid out in front of him as he waited.


With a jerk Shiro raised his hand to catch what was thrown at him. As the object made contact with his hand it exploded into a powdery puff, coating him in snow.

"So, you finally decided to show up, Ren" Shiro chuckled as he brushed the snow out of his hair.

"Well, if someone didn't just up and ditch on me." Ren accused him.

"It was an urgent mission that had to be taken care of." Shiro countered.

"But, you missed my graduation!" Ren yelled. "I finally made Genin and you just disappear the night before, without telling me."

Standing up Shiro gazed at his sister, noting that her pure white hair was covered by a beany.

"I'll make it up to you." Shiro said while reaching down to grab his practice gear.

"Nah, don't worry about it, I'm tired after training all day already." Ren dismissed his offer.

"Well, when you have time, I will teach you anything that you want to know." Shiro offering his pinky to her.

Staring suspiciously at his pinky, Ren slowly reached out and inter-locked her pinky with his.

"You better not ditch this time." Ren said while simultaneously trying to set him on fire with her eyes.

"I won't don't worry." Shiro nodded, confirming their deal.

Turning away, Ren flipped her hair in a sassy manor towards her older brother.

"I'm keeping you to your word." Ren said over her shoulder to her older brother.

'Fourteen-year olds, sassy as ever' Shiro thought to himself

Shiro was in his room tending to his armor, polishing it to keep it clean and scratch free. Deep in thought, putting together his mission report in his head. His thoughts were abruptly interrupted by the sound of an explosion, in the direction of the North gate. Dropping his tools, he donned his armor and strapped both of his tantos and his samurai sword. Slipping his helmet over his head he ran towards his father's office.

Arriving at the office, Shiro knocked on the door and waited to be allowed into the room. After waiting for a couple of seconds he announced that he was going to come in and was met with a sight that would be burned into the back of his mind. His father was slumped over in his seat with a sword imbedded into his stomach.

"Dad!" Shiro yelled running over to see if he was still alive.

"Shiro?" He responded meekly.

"Yes, it's me," Shiro responded quickly, "I need to stop the bleeding" Shiro reached to pull the sword out and administer some field medicine but was stopped by his father's hand.

"We are under attack, I need you to protect Ren." He said while rising from his high-backed office chair. The somewhat short sword still imbedded in his stomach.

"What are you doing, I need to seal up that wound or you'll die." Shiro said frantically, trying to get his father to listen to reason.

"It's to late for me, this sword had its blade coated in poison." His father responded moving over to his to the closet in the back corner of the room. Opening the closet, he pulled out a couple of bundles and a leather folder.

"What are you doing?" Shiro Asked worriedly.

"I'm transferring leadership to either you or your sister, but no matter what happens to this village, I need you to protect Ren." He responded firmly.

"But." Shiro started, tears burning his eyes and blurring his vision. Making up his mind in an instant he responded. "If you're going to make one of us the next clan head, make Ren the clan head. I'll end up having to protect her from whoever is attacking us, so, she will have a smaller chance of dying."

"Heh, you always were the smart one." His father responded while putting his seal on some paper work. "With that, your sister is now the clan head"

Sliding the papers into the folder, along with what looked like identification cards for Ren, Him, and his squad mates. Handing the folder to Shiro he picked up the bundles he had set on the table. Unwrapping the bundles, he handed a katana to Shiro.

"What are these?" Shiro asked looking down and the three weapons he was handed. Barely exposing the blade, he first thing he noticed was the obsidian black blade with ornate handles and hand guards.

"That is yours." His father responded, pointing to the katana

"What?" Shiro asked confused.

"The guard of the clan head needs a sword to fit the role." His father chuckled.

"Oh, I understand." Shiro said while pulling out a sealing scroll to store them.

After a pause, his father handed him the other bundle, which contained a pair of tanto blades that match his katana in design.

"This is for Ren, when you find her give these to her and tell her that you need to get to Konoha." His father said putting a hand on his shoulder. "Now leave before you have to see your old man kick the bucket."

Standing at attention, Shiro saluted.

"I won't fail you father." Shiro stated, as his father took sat back down into his seat.

"I trust that you will fulfil your last mission" He said looking sternly at his son.

"On my life I swear I will carry out this mission successfully." Shiro responded.

"Your mother would be very proud of you." He said looking approvingly at his son.

"Th-thank you dad." Shiro quietly said, turning around heading towards the door.

"Ren!" Shiro called out to his sister as he landed by her side, she was accompanied by the rest of his team.

"What's going on, are we being attacked." Ren looked over as he arrived while holding a bundle.

"Father told me to give you these." Shiro responded holding out the two blades.

"Why? Where is he anyways?" Ren asked in a panic.

"As of today, November first, Ren Kitimura has been appointed as the head of the Kitimura clan." Shiro stated handing the folder to Ren. "Black ops team one has been tasked with the protection of the clan head as she is escorted to Konoha."

"What are you saying?" Ren asked, her voice wavering.

"As of the same date, Ichiro Kitimura has transferred his duties to the heir Ren Kitimura, as his last act of office before his death." Shiro continued his voice betraying him as he tried to not show any emotion.

Falling to her knees Ren held the items she had just received in her hands. Tears fell onto the leather folder she was holding.

"Why did he make me the head and not you?" she asked finally.

"I refused the offer and decided to be your body guard for your term as our clan head." Shiro answered

"why, you could have been a much better leader than I could." She started softly but slowly raised her voice to the point she was yelling at him.

"There is a possibility that I will have to sacrifice myself to get you out of the village." Shiro responded

"Don't you dare say that, we are all going to make it out of here." Ren stated firmly motioning to the group.

"We need to head out right now, to reduce the risk of being followed." Shiro responded.

"Lead the way." Ren said quietly

"Understood." Shiro responded. "I'll take point seeing as I am the only one that knows the way to Konoha, You three take up the rear and cover our tracks as we move."

"Yes sir" All three responded as they received their orders.

"Let's move out." Shiro commanded firmly.

Moving from the center of town towards the South gate, weaving through back alleys and side streets to not be seen by the enemy. Exiting from a side street they entered an open area that seemed deserted. Moving slowly towards the center of the court yard, Shiro stopped suddenly and caught a kunai that was headed for Ren.

"Well, well look what we have here." A shinobi said as the group was slowly surrounded.

"We'll stall them, you and Ren need to get out of here." The Aiko said.

"Come back alive you three got it." Shiro whispered, "On the count of three."



"THREE!" Shiro yelled the last word as he grabbed Ren and darted in the direction of the South gate. Dropping a couple of explosive tags as he ran, just to slow them down.

Getting to the gate, Shiro set Ren down and looked her in the eyes.

"I need you to run. Don't look back no matter what you hear, understood?" Shiro ordered her.

"What are you going to do?" Ren asked, with a worried look.

"Don't worry, I'm just going to cover our tracks." Shiro responded while handing her a map with the road to Konoha marked. "Follow this and don't let your guard down."

There were three hollow thuds as three helmets were dropped onto the ground twenty feet from them. Looking over to the sound Shiro saw the group of Ronin that his squad mates were supposed to be holding off.

"You know, it's not every day that you get to fight one of the legendary, grey clad samurai from this village." Their leader started. "And I have got to say I'm disappointed."

"Ren run" Shiro said so quietly Ren barely heard him say it.

"There are rumors though, of a rarer samurai from this village." The man continued. "Clad in white, they are known as death on the battlefield, and it seems like my lucky day to be able to run into one today."

Unsheathing his katana and lowering into his fighting stance, Shiro squared off with the shinobi that stood in front of him.

"RUN!" Shiro yelled to Ren to get her to start moving towards Konoha.

Whipping around, Ren began to sprint in the direction of Konoha. Looking back over her shoulder she saw Shiro squaring off with the shinobi, blocking their path to her.

Seventy-five, I only count seventy-five of them. I just need to hold them off long enough for Ren to escape.

"So, what's the plan Mr. White Samurai." The leader asked cocking his head.

"Well, I was thinking of, 'kill all of you and going on my way'." Shiro responded mocking them.

"Big words for a single man." He began, "I doubt you could fight all seventy-five of us alone."

"Won't know until I try." Shiro quickly retorted.

"You cocky bastard, let's kill him." One of the shinobi yelled out.

"Yeah let's get 'em." The others resounded.

"Well it looks like you're going to get your wish." The leader laughed, gaudily.

"Seems like it." Shiro said.

Stepping forward two shinobi decided to attack first. Running at him with their kunai in their hands and a few thrown at him, they began their assault. Spotting the kunai that were thrown his way, Shiro used his katana to deflect them away from his body. Spinning around, he unsheathed his tanto on his right side, and quickly aimed for the arteries on the two shinobi, leaving them bleeding out on the floor.

"Ya know, I just cleaned my armor today." Shiro said while turning to face the rest of the shinobi, "And it's a pain in the ass to get blood off this armor, so if you would be so kind as to not bleed all over me like these two idiots did."

"Tsk, group up on him, he can't fight all of you off if you attack him all at once." The leader yelled to his comrades.

Ren had been running in the direction of Konoha for a while now, and the sun was beginning to set. She had clearly entered the territory of Konoha, since the snow was quite a bit lighter than it was at the village. Looking down to the map she was given she looked for the landmarks to indicate where she was on the road.

"That's got to be it" She whispered to herself, "Judging by the distance it's going to take another three fourths of a day to get there."

Folding the map up she continued running towards Konoha with the hope she could get help there.

'If I power through the night I can get there earlier than if I stop for a break.' She thought as she passed another marker, indicating she was on the correct path. In her all-out blitz towards her destination she quickly lost track of time and the sun had already began to rise above the trees illuminating the path before her.

Looking down at the map for what felt like the thousandth time, Ren found out she was about three quarters of the way there. Inspecting the rest of the path on the map, there didn't seem to be any paths that branched off the main road. 'I should be able to make it there faster if I'm not constantly checking the map, and since it's a straight shot I should be good to run as fast as I can in my armor."

Putting away the map, she set off at a dead sprint. 'instead of ten hours to the main gate I should be able to cut that in half.' She thought, glad that she had trained with her brother in endurance running.

"Fighting is good and all, but when it comes down to it, the people that can out run their pursuers are the people who survive to fight another day." Shiro's words echoed in her head.

"You better run Shiro, if you don't make it back I don't know what I would do." Ren whispered under her breath.

Konoha's large green gates came into view on the horizon. Seeing the gates Ren huffed a sigh of relief knowing that help lay ahead. As she approached the gates, she took in how large and imposing they were.

Slowing down to a jog, then to a walk as she approached the gates, she saw four shinobi walking out of the gates. The one on the right had wild blonde hair that stuck out in spikes, with (to her confusion) three whiskers on each of his cheeks. The one directly to his left, had long, dark blue/purple hair, with grey eyes. The one to the left of her had long brown hair, with the same eyes, and air about him as the blue/purple haired lady had. The last one on the far right, had bright pink hair, and green eyes.

As Ren approached the group, she was about five steps away when she began to ask them about the location of the Hokage mansion.

"Hey, do you guys kno-," Ren started, but her adrenaline finally wore off and her vision was slowly going black. With all of her energy having been drained from running for almost twenty-four hours, she couldn't hold weight of her body up. Her knees buckled, and she collapsed to the floor, losing consciousness.

"Hey are you alright?" The blonde shinobi asked. All four of the shinobi rushed to her side to see if she was alright.

"We need to get the kid to the hospital." The pink haired girl said, as she pulled her helmet off to check her pulse. "She's lost a lot of chackra."

"Naruto, Neji I need both of you to help me carry her to the hospital." The pink haired teen said.

"What can I do, Sakura?" the purple/blue haired teen asked.

"Hinata, I need you to go get Lady Tsunade." Sakura responded.

"Is she gonna be alright?" Naruto asked while picking the girl up by her shoulders.

"She'll survive, but she won't be leaving the hospital for a few days." Sakura responded to the blonde. "Alright let's move, the faster the better."

Standing in the middle of the road, Shiro faced off with the last three of the attacking shinobi. He had dispatched the others with ease, due to their lack of being able to effectively work together. The last three included the leader of the group, and two of the more skilled members of the force.

"What the hell are you?" The shinobi to his right shakily asked.

"He's a monster, that's what 'it' is." The leader answered putting emphasis on 'it'. "We need to kill him right here or he could mess with our bosses' plans."

"It's funny that you think that you're going to walk away from this place alive after what you've done." Shiro coldly said. The three standing before him clearly were morally broken, and it didn't help to have a blood covered enemy that just wiped out seventy-two of their men single-handedly.

Without warning, Shiro seemingly teleported behind the ninja on his right and severed his head from his body with a powerful swing of his katana. The mans head stopped its decent towards the ground as Shiro caught it in his right hand.

"You, the one on the left." Shiro said while pointing with his katana in his left hand. "Do you have a family?"

"Yeah, I do." He answered cautiously.

"How many kids?" Shiro continued.

"One daughter, and two sons." He answered again, the tension in the air was suffocating to him and his leader.

"If you turn around and walk away right now, I'll let you live to be able to go back to your family." Shiro offered to the man.

"Okay." The man said as he turned around and disappeared into the trees running for his life.

The captain decided to turn around thinking he would be spared as well. Before he could take step there was a blade at his throat.

"Where do you think your going?" Shiro whispered into his ear dangerously.

"I thought you were letting both of us leave?" The man question, worried that he was going to meet his end in this hell.

"Well, that all depends on your answer to my next question." Shiro responded, removing his tanto from the man's neck. "I need you to deliver a message to your boss."

"W-what will I be telling him?" The man asked shakily, as he turned to look at the demon that wiped out seventy-three men.

"Tell him to watch his back, because I don't want it to be too easy for me to wipe you guys out." Shiro answered as he chuckled.

"Can I deliver the mes-," The man began but didn't finish since he was booted from behind by Shiro.

"YOU BETTER START RUNNING BEFORE I LESSEN THE WEIGHT ON YOUR SHOULDERS." Shiro roared, giving his bloodied armor, and demonic presence an equally intimidating roar.

"aaaaccckkk." The man sprinted away, putting as much space between him and the demon that would haunt his dreams.

"Good now I need to get to Konoha." Shiro yawned, "Crap, I used way too much chakra in that fight, now I have the choice of worrying Ren and taking my time or getting there as soon as I can."

Deciding to not suffer the wrath of his sister, he took off towards Konoha pacing himself as best he could.


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