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Tenten had been running through the forest for about a minute before she reached a clearing, where she noticed a group standing around in a circle. Looking for her teammates, she notices Naruto's orange and black clothes. Confirming they were allies, she ran towards them, currently Naruto was leaningleaning over what looked to be the Kazekage who was sitting up as an older woman slumped over.

"Help!" Tenten yelled from about thirty feet away from the group. Closing in, the teams from Konoha moved out to greet her, noticing the clear panic in her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Neji asked as she came to a stop.

"Shiro… Orochimaru… outnumbered…" Tenten got the vital information out between gasps for air, turning in the direction she came, she headed towards the fight. "He needs help."

"Naruto, you stay here," Kakashi looked back at Naruto before he followed the others. "You have to many injuries to be able to help."

"But…" Naruto didn't get to finish before they had taken off. *Sigh*

"Who is Shiro?" Garaa questioned as he slowly got onto his feet.

"He is a very talented samurai." Naruto answered walking back towards Garaa. "He and his sister were the only two survivors of the attack on Yukigakure."

"Oh," Garaa gazed towards the direction the others took off to, "Do you think he will be alright?"

"Well, considering the fact that in order for his sister to escape from the attackers he fought off seventy-five ninja, arriving at Konoha covered in blood, and that he is classified as an S-rank ninja, I think he could hold off for a while." Naruto counted off everything he had heard about Shiro since he had arrived in Konoha.

"Is he in the bingo book?" Garaa asked.

"Yeah, he and Orochimaru are two of the few ninja that have the 'run and pray they don't find you' tips." Naruto realized the trouble Shiro was in if he was out numbered, and against someone of equal if not greater power. "That's not good."

"What isn't?" Garaa was confused at his sudden reaction.

"He's outnumbered against someone who is as strong if not stronger than he is." Naruto explained his worries.

"Mmmm, that could mean trouble." Garaa replied.

Dashing through the trees, over rocks and bushes, Tenten lead the rescue group to where she had left the battle. As they got closer to the clearing that they were fighting in, her heart sank at the lack of a battle still going on. Bursting through the thick foliage that surrounded the clearing, she noticed the massive crater that was left right before she had run for help, and the hundreds of kunai that were sticking out of the ground and trees. Running towards the crater to see if they were at the bottom, what she saw made her heart sink even further than it already had. Sticking out of the ground was the black bladed katana with a dirty helm hanging on top of the grip.

"No, this can't be." Tenten whispered to herself, falling to her knees knowing she was too late.

"What's wrong?" Guy asked as he approached from behind. Gazing into the crater, he saw the helmet adorned sword that belonged to Shiro. Slowly each of the members trickled into the field, noticing first, the scale of battle that clearly went on here, then the sword at the bottom of the crater.

"Holy crap." Neji gawked, looking around the clearing, he saw both Guy and Tenten standing at the edge of a crater. "Over there."

Neji and Lee headed over to where the other two were standing. As they approached the edge, they noticed the helm and sword at the bottom of the crater. After standing at the edge for what seemed to be an eternity, the footsteps of Kakashi approaching from behind were heard.

"What's wrong guys?" Kakashi walked up beside Guy, noticing the sword. "Are there any bodies in the vicinity?"

"…No none that I can see." Neji responded after looking around in a circle with the Byakugan.

"Then it is safe to say they only kidnapped him." Kakashi bit his thumb and summoned his dog Pakkun. "Can you track the owner of that sword and helmet?"

"Of course, I can what do ya take me for?" Pakkun responded. Grabbing the sword and helmet Kakashi walked back out of the crater, holding the sword in his left hand and the helmet in the right. Lifting the helmet, he noticed the battle scars that it had obtained from the fight. 'Jeez, the more damage the helmet takes the scarier it looks.' Kakashi thought as he inspected the worn-out helm.

"Pakkun, report to me anything you find," Kakashi turned and started walking back towards where they came from, "For now we have to get a search party together."

"What about Shiro?" Tenten asked, "Are we just going to leave him out here?"

"No, once Pakkun tracks him down we will have an easier chance of finding him." Kakashi sighed as he started walking away.

"What about his sister?" Tenten continued despite the answer. "What do we tell her?"

"For now, it would be best not to get her hopes up." Kakashi disappeared into the brush.

"We are just going to tell her that her brother died protecting me?" Tenten was clearly distressed by that answer.

Shiro was back in the large room where he had first heard Ana's voice.

"Oh, you're back." Ana's voice resonated around the room.

"I can't believe I lost to those people." Shiro facepalmed. "Did I die?"

"No, you have been captured by those ninja, they seem to be transporting you somewhere." Ana answered.

"Hmm, well not much I can do about it," Shiro casually walked to the middle of the room. "Do you have a physical form, it's kinda weird to be talking to an empty room."

"I do, but most people that host me don't approve of my physical form, so I just talk to them this way." Ana's voice almost seemed sad.

"How bad can it be." Shiro chuckled as he closed his eyes.

Ana went silent for a while as Shiro stared at the ceiling's intricate network of pipes. Hearing a noise coming from the tunnel to his right, he glanced and saw Ana emerging from the tunnel.

"Whoa, you're a dragon!" Shiro stood up from his position and moved over to get a closer look at her. Ana was about ten feet tall, had white scales, and massive wings; she walked on all fours and had a long tail. Ana's head had a long snout and expanded in the back with multiple horns that made a sort of crown that was angled towards the back, and her eyes were gold with a vertical slit for a pupil.

"Technically I'm a demon." Ana responded.

"Why did people not approve of you?" Shiro was confused at her misfortune.

"Well before I was sealed into the sword I was pursued by ninja as a weapon of war." Ana's eyes portrayed the pain she had felt.

"Oh, I understand." Shiro didn't want to make Ana sad or angry. "I don't want to go making you tell a story you don't want to."

"Yeah…" Ana trailed off.

"Crap, Ren, she is going to freak out!" Shiro grabbed his hair.

"Does she have the other set of weapons your dad gave you." Ana asked.

"Yes, I gave them two her back at Yukigakure." Shiro sighed as he realized the trouble he was going to be in if he got back.

"My sibling was sealed into that blade, so I can communicate with her." Ana offered.

"Really?" Shiro couldn't believe his luck.

"Yes, although it will take some time to get through for the first time, and she would have had to of broken the seal on the sword." Ana looked towards the ground.

"Hey, don't worry it'll be fine all I've got to do is get out of here as soon as possible." Shiro walked up to Ana and held out his fist. "We can do this partner."

Stunned at what Shiro was doing, Ana slowly raised her claw and fist bumped him. "Yeah."

Ren was assigned to a team while Shiro was on his mission, and so far, things had gone well. A spot had opened up on the team when the girl on the team decided that she wasn't cut out for the ninja life. After she met up with them, she learned that one of them, Konohamaru, was the third Hokage's grandson, and the other guy on her team was Udon, nothing really special other than his natural genius.

Currently Ebisu, the squad leader, was training them at one of the training grounds. They had been doing drills on Kunai and shuriken throwing for hours. At around noon they took a break and were eating their bentos.

"How long has your brother been on his mission?" Konohamaru asked between bites.

"It's been about a week now." Ren responded sadly picking at her food with her chopsticks.

"Don't worry he'll be fine if he's as good as you say he is." Konohamaru pumped his fist into the air, almost dropping his food in the process.

"He's not just good, he's insane." Ren reassured herself quietly.

"I'm sure he'll be fine sometimes missions can take a while to complete." Ebisu kindly assured her.

As they continued eating a ninja landed in front of the group, as he approached them Ebisu looked up to the ninja.

"Hello, what brings you here?" Ebisu smiled at the man.

"The Hokage needs to speak with the members of your team." The man said. "She needs you there as soon as possible."

"We'll leave right now." Ebisu stood up and ushered the kids towards the Hokage mansion. As they arrived the guards let them head straight up to the office. Walking up the stairs there were a group of ninja standing outside of the Hokage's office. They seemed to have returned from a long mission as they all were talking with each other tiredly.

As they approached the door the guard stopped them looking them over.

"Is Ren Kitimura in this group?" The man asked as he looked them over.

"That's me." Ren rose her hand and stepped forward. As she stepped forward, the ninja that were standing outside of the office went silent and all of their eyes were trained on her.

"The Hokage wishes to speak with you, you may enter but for information security the others have to stay outside." The man turned and peeked his head into the room announcing her arrival. "You may enter."

As she entered the room, she noticed the sad look in Tsunade's eyes. Gazing around her, she notices a man in a green track suit standing to her left, and a man with white hair, and a mask over his mouth, and his head band pulled over his left eye on her right. Both of them had the same look Tsunade had.

"What's going on?" Ren finally asked as she looked at each one individually.

"There isn't any good way to say this, but," Tsunade reached for something below her desk. "It is believed that Shiro has died in the line of duty protecting a comrade."

Placing his katana on the desk, she reached down for another object and placed his war-torn helmet behind his katana. Ren stared in disbelief at the white helm before her.

"What do you mean by 'believed'," Ren composed herself, feeling the tears sting her eyes.

"This is all that was found on the battlefield." Tsunade answered Ren and after a short pause added, "If it makes you feel better, he was protecting a teammate from one A-rank and two S-rank missing ninja."

"So, he was protecting someone?" Ren asked wiping a tear out of her eye.

"Yes, he provided her with enough time to escape safely." Kakashi responded when Tsunade glanced at him. "We were not able to make it in time to aid him, sadly."

"Is she alright?" Ren asked, she almost seemed more concerned for the girl instead of her brother.

"Yes, she got away with minor cuts and bruises." Tsunade responded. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, it would suck if he presumably died protecting someone who died anyways." Ren wiped another tear from her cheek once more.

"Since we didn't find his body we are going to send out a party to go and find him." Tsunade looked Ren over. "We already have someone searching for him."

"Thank you." Ren took a deep breath after she spoke.

"Are you going to be okay?" Tsunade asked, concerned for the young girl in front of her.

"Shiro always told me to be prepared for the day to come, that he won't walk through our front door again." She chuckled as she thought about it. "Although I never thought that it would happen at a time like this."

"It's a hard life being a shinobi, anyone can die at any moment." Tsunade bowed her head. "These belong to you now." Tsunade motioned towards the helmet and katana.

"Thank you." Ren bowed as she retrieved the objects. "Is there any way I can talk with the woman he saved?"

"Yes, she is outside if you want to talk to her." Guy spoke up. "Don't be too hard on her, she wanted to stay and fight with him, but he forced her to run."

"I'm just going to thank her for living." Ren turned around as she strapped Shiro's katana onto her back and sliding the helmet under her arm. "Please find him, even if he's isn't alive, I'd rather have him confirmed dead than wondering if he survived."

"We will try our hardest to find him." Kakashi bowed as she headed towards the door.

"Keep me up to date on the search for him." Ren said as she paused at the door, her hand resting on the handle, "I'm counting on you."

Opening the door, she slowly stepped outside of the room. She looked to her left at the ninja that were standing outside of the door when she arrived.

"Who was the one that Shiro saved?" She asked politely.

Tenten stepped forwards, opening her mouth to speak but got cut off by Ren.

"Did he kick their asses?" Ren asked firmly.

"W-what?" Tenten was confused at her question.

"Did he kick their asses before you had to leave?" Ren repeated.

"Yes." Tenten nodded confidently.

"Did he look badass before you left for help?" Ren continued.

"Very." Tenten answered still confused at her reaction to his disappearance.

Ren turned around looking down the stairs before she continued. "Thank you for surviving and not getting yourself killed after he saved you." After she spoke she walked away, down the stairs and towards her home.

"She seemed way to chill about that." Naruto spoke over Tenten's shoulder.

"Yeah, it was almost creepy." Neji agreed with him.

The door to the office opened, admitting Tsunade to the hallway.

"Apparently, Shiro has been telling her for a long time that there was going to be a day that he wasn't going to walk through their door." Tsunade looked down the stairs.

"Did she take the news badly?" Tenten asked Tsunade.

"No, she took it really well," Tsunade paused for a moment, "Now we need to find him as soon as possible."

"When are we going to go look for him?" Tenten asked still looking down after Ren.

"Team eight and team seven are going to be assigned to finding him." Tsunade answered, as if she expected the question.

"Why can't we go?" Tenten asked frantically.

"Because if Ren need to talk to someone about the issue, we need the person who saw him last to talk to her." Tsunade answered firmly. "Once we get notice of where he is, the two teams will be dispatched from Suna."

"Suna?" All of the teens asked in unison.

"Yes, you will be closer to the place he is being held if you stay in Suna." Tsunade answered. "We already know the general area where they have taken him anyways, so you will be meeting up with a team from Suna and heading out the day after you arrive in Suna."

"Understood, when are we leaving Konoha?" Sakura asked.

"Tomorrow afternoon." Tsunade replied. "Get some rest, I'll notify team eight."

After getting to know Ana a little better, Shiro's vision slowly faded to black and his feeling came back to him. 'Where am I?" Shiro tried to sense his surroundings.

Jerking up from his position on the ground, Shiro's eyes burst open taking in his surroundings. He was currently in a cell with three stone walls the fourth being a barred off opening. There were two beds inside of the room, the one across from him seemed to be occupied. Standing up, Shiro stumbled over a bucket, sprawling out on the floor in defeat. The other person in the cell shifted and lifted their head to get a look at who made the noise.

"You're awake." She said, her eyes wide in astonishment.

"Where are we?" Shiro asked quietly, head still resting on the ground of the dirty cell.

"I don't really know." She responded sitting up in her bed.

"Oh, do you think we can get out of here at all?" Shiro continued.

"I've been here for a while, so I don't think there is even a small possibility." She replied.

Shiro sighed after hearing that. Pushing himself up he glance back at her for a second before turning back towards the bars. "What's your name?"

"Haruhi, what about you?" Haruhi answered slowly.

"Shiro." Shiro looked around the room and back at the bars, "What village you from?"

"I was born in Konoha but got separated from my team about a month ago…" Haruhi trailed off looking down.

"Ah, so you're a ninja?" Shiro looked back at her noticing her depressed facial expression. "Never mind, I was on a mission from Konoha as well."

"Really?" Haruhi asked hopefully.

"Yeah, the Kazekage got kidnapped so me and seven others were sent to go rescue him but while protecting a teammate from Orochimaru and two of his lackies I messed up and got poisoned." Shiro shook his head still fuming over the use of poison during combat.

"Oh, did your teammate make it back safely?" Haruhi asked.

"Yeah, she ran before I got taken down, thankfully." He said stretching his arms turning his body towards Haruhi, "Ya know, my sisters probably gonna kill me for being late for dinner for a few days in a row."

There was a rap on the bars behind Shiro. Noticing that Haruhi's face had gone pale he decided to look back at the newcomer.

"This is the toy you brought me?" An annoyingly belligerent voice snarled.

"I'll have you know that this 'toy' held off two S-rank and one A-rank shinobi before going down, one was including Orochimaru." Shiro responded icily.

"Pfft, you wouldn't stand a chance against me." The man scoffed.

"We only brought him here for you to train your genjutsu on, Sasuke." A woman angrily responded as she approached the bars.

"Fine, bring him to the sparring room in twenty minutes." Sasuke turned to leave. "I'll break him before he even knows what's happening."

"I'd like to see you try." Shiro cut in with a smirk on his face. Haruhi's mouth dropped to the floor, she didn't know if she would ever see him again after that comment.

"You are going to wish you never spoke." Sasuke turned on him with his Sharingan activated.

"I've fought scarier people than you when I was ten." Shiro goaded him on standing up to his full height which was obviously taller than Sasuke.

"Make that twenty minutes twelve." Sasuke turned away, walking away towards the training room.

"Why would you do that." Haruhi hissed at him.

"He will break before I do." Shiro stood up and approached the bars. "I'll get you out of here don't worry."

"Whatever you say." Haruhi turned and lay back down in her bed, thinking about his final words to her.


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