(A/N) Hey guys and gals! The last time I tried to write a fanfiction like this I got reviews saying it was too extreme or not detailed enough with too much dialog. I wrote this one trying to stay as cannon as I could to the characters, and would appreciate reviews letting me know how I did.

Warnings- This one-shot contains oral sex, detailed descriptions of sexual encounters, and events after HTTYD 2.

A long day of chiefing had left Hiccup Haddock tired and tense. His muscles ached and he'd just recently had dinner. He had come home to take a warm bath, only to be met by the beautiful sight of his partially dressed wife. He knew he wouldn't be getting sleep anytime soon.

Hiccup sat on his wife and his' bed with a warm smile. In the corner of the room was Astrid once Hofferson now Haddock, his dream come true. She wore her breast bindings and black leggings. Her hair was down and golden locks fell over her partially scarred shoulders. She wasn't flawless, but Hiccup didn't care. Her battle scars made the 22 year old beauty all the more admirable.

"You have the beauty of the Goddess herself milady. You know that?" Hiccup stated with a lopsided grin. His broad shoulders and scrawny yet toned chest were bare as he only wore his own green leggings and prosthetic. He too had battle scars from dragon training over the years. His most noticeable one was a whip mark that traveled from the top of his right shoulder down to his left hip. He'd earned that one freeing a dragon from a hunter trap and winding up fighting said hunter in the process.

Astrid chuckled and walked over to the bed before lowering herself onto her husband's lap. She straddled his lap and gently placed a kiss on his lips. Hiccup tried to catch her in the kiss and deepen it, but his soul mate pulled back too quickly. He sighed and placed a hand on either one of her hips. He didn't dare do something they both hadn't mentally agreed on such as forcing his wife to move more quickly. It wasn't often she put herself in such a vulnerable or obedient position quiet like this.

"This is why I love you." Astrid whispered into Hiccup's ear as she cupped his left cheek with her hand. Her thumb ran over his chin in a sweet gesture. Hiccup smiled and his eyes caught her gaze. "Yeah?" He questioned. One of his hands drifted from her hip and down to gently run teasingly along her inner thigh. Astrid shivered.

"You respect me for who I am, and don't take advantage of me like most Vikings would. If you weren't my husband, I don't believe I would've ever married and instead would've remained a shield maiden. My parents never planned to marry me off so I didn't have a reason not too."

Hiccup smiled and nodded slowly. His warm gaze made Astrid's heart squeeze. He leaned in and caught her lips with his. The married couple of one and a half years now moved in sync with each other. Caught up in the moment Hiccup's careful, curious hands went up to Astrid's breast bindings where he slowly undid them with a gentleness only he could possess in a situation as tense and sexually tempting as the current one.

Once Astrid's binding were undone and placed on the nightstand next to the bed, Hiccup moved his mouth from her lips and down to her chin where he gently pecked her. He then gazed at her rounded breasts with admiration and want, before finally moving his mouth to her collarbone where he gently suckled at her sensitive skin.

Astrid gasped when her husband hit a particularly sensitive spot just below her ear with his warm, wet lips. She placed one hand on his right shoulder and used her other to run through Hiccup's tangled, messy, tousled auburn mop of hair.

"I love you milady." Hiccup whispered in a deep tone when the feeling of Astrid's fingernails digging into his shoulder set something off deep within. She still had ahold of his hair, and gripped it tightly when he removed his mouth from her neck as if she was subconsciously trying to keep him close. Only He was aloud to ever do this to Astrid Haddock. His Goddess from above. The Valkyrie in his dreams.

"I love you too. Come here." Astrid whispered back and pulled her husband by the hair. She quickly took control and kissed his lips passionately. Hiccup gasped at the sudden impact, but quickly returned the kiss and wrapped both of his arms around his wife. His chest pressed firmly against her breasts, and he felt her rosy nipples harden against him. He smirked into the kiss. Only him.

Minutes passed and the kiss quickly became more heated and fierce. Hiccup's tongue softly swept across Astrid's lower lip, making the blonde gasp. He took the chance and dove into her mouth, both tongues battling for dominance. Astrid eventually won, and smiled when her husband relaxed and simply leaned back against the head board while she explored every inch of his mouth. She could feel his length quickly become fully hardened between her legs from within his leggings. The young man groaned in need as his body told him he needed escape.

Once Astrid was done exploring the once foreign land of her husband's mouth, she pulled back and placed her hand over his heart. One of Hiccup's hands came up to rest on her left breast as he carefully played with the nipple. His other hand gently brushed her hair out of her face, and despite his inner want and slightly blurry vision, he smiled gratefully. "I don't believe you'll ever know how ecstatic I am to have you as mine Astrid." He said in a warm tone.

Astrid felt her heart squeeze once more and she leaned into her husband's touch. Sexual encounters such as these were slightly new to them. Despite being married for over a year, everything had been so chaotic after the birth of the new chief once Stoick passed that they hadn't done much more to seal their marriage than move in together. After that, the duo were afraid of intercourse do to the thought of pregnancy. They had both decided they couldn't risk it until Berk was back in tact. With everything going on, it would be selfish to bring a child who could be used against them into their life of war with other tribes.

It wasn't until five months ago that Hiccup and Astrid actually lost their virginity, and they were still slow going. Something about the youthful feeling within also brought out a childish nervousness and feeling of vulnerability. They would figure each other out before moving too fast.

"I feel the same way Hiccup. You bring out the better side of me." Hiccup smiled once more and became a little more risky with his actions. He continued to play with Astrid's breast, and flicked his thumb over the rosy bud. As expected his wife tensed and made a half-gasp half-moaning sound in the back of her throat, before relaxing and enjoying the feel of her husband's hands on her.

Hiccup's fingers were rough and calloused after so many years of working in the forge. At the same time they were careful and delicate, as they'd had to be over the years in order to calm injured dragons. She was no animal though. Astrid was no pet nor simply a friend. She was much more. She was Hiccup's most prized possession. The most important person to him. He would rather kill himself than ever leave so much as a cut on her already abused from war body.

"Not only in bed either. I-ugh-I don't know who I'd be if I never met your true side. I-ah...Hiccup." Astrid tried to speak, but found it hard to as she breathed and gasped her husband's name. His fingers had left her breast, and in replacement was his gentle mouth. He first got her used to the feel of his tongue, before making sure she didn't get too relaxed and gently nipping at the sensitive skin. Both of Astrid's hands lay on his back as her nails dug into his skin for comfort against the strong yet pleasing sensations. It all seemed too much. Yet...she loved it.

"I love you." Astrid whispered as her eyes became half lidded. Hiccup hummed, the vibrations sending shocks through his beloved's body. He removed his mouth for just a second, whispering "I love you too." before moving to her other breast. He was all about fair game, and growing up had loved puzzles and organization. His journal, inventions, charts, yeah his work space wasn't clean, but it was organized.

In bed, Astrid was his work space. She may be sweaty and wanting-and she wasn't the only one either-but he explored and mapped her body carefully. He noticed every new scar and never left one side of her naked body less pleased than the other. He had patience, and would suckle one side of her neck just as much as the other. Make sure one breast was just as pleased as the other. Make sure her needs were met before his. It was one of his many ways of silently telling her he cared.

"Hiccup..." Astrid whispered and tried to push him away by the shoulders. "I-I want more." She tried to sound stern, not quiet liking the idea of being the subdued one in these kinds of situations. At the same time, her voice was quiet. It showed her love and trust.

Hiccup's brows furrowed as he worked. He wasn't quiet pleased, and gently nipped at Astrid's skin. His wife grabbed at his hair once more, and she looked down where he gazed up into her baby blue eyes with almost innocent-looking forest green ones. They weren't even half-lidded or as wanting anymore. A part of him that once added to the sexual fire within had died down temporarily, and the new childish glow in his eyes took Astrid back as they had many times before.

Please let me finish. Hiccup silently asked his wife. If Astrid had said she really wanted to go faster, he would've in order to prevent a tension that wasn't a pleasing one. She knew that. That puppy dog look made her heart soften though, and for just a second a portion of the fire within Astrid died down as well. That was before Hiccup gently nipped her a final time before his tongue calmed the stinging in her nipple with soothing motions. She was on fire once more.

Once Hiccup was finally satisfied, he pulled pack and lifted his wife's legs off of his lap. Astrid smiled and gazed down at his leggings where she could see the bulge beneath them. Without saying a word, her fingers gently hooked into the rim of his clothing. She looked to her husband for permission who nodded with a warm smile. With one swift motion the leggings were gone, and the only thing left was the simple cloth of his under garments which still remained for the time being.

Hiccup looked back up at Astrid once the leggings were removed, and he gestured to her tights. His wife nodded and removed her clothing as well, the cloth of her own under clothes being the only thing hiding her most private areas. Hiccup reached out both arms and welcomed her over. Astrid took the offer happily and once again straddled her husband's lap. They kissed once more.

Yet another time tongues fought, but before a winner could be decided a sudden spark lit between Astrid's legs. She pulled back and looked at her husband while breathing heavily. "I need you babe." She whispered with half lidded eyes, her mouth partially opened so she could catch her breath.

Hiccup was nearly set off. A part of him oh so terribly wanted to become one with his wife immediately. The part that excelled emotions and benefited in the pleasure he'd gained time and time before was lit and he wanted to immediately remove what little bit of clothing he had left. The more sensitive, organized, emotional side though wanted this to last. He wanted to finish what he started rather than racing to the climax he'd benefit from only for a short moment.

"C-can we wait?" Hiccup managed to say with an almost strangled voice. His cheeks became heated and slightly red. He sweat and shivered as his wife moved, causing her immodestly covered warm, partially slick womanhood to rub against his own barely covered length. Astrid looked slightly confused.

"Why?" Astrid asked just above a whisper. She too seemed to be losing her voice as the air became warm with sexual tension. Hiccup sighed and looked into her eyes with a warm yet lustful gaze. His left hand came up to rest on her cheek where his fingers curled a strand of her hair.

"I-I want this to last. I don't want this time to be quick and less meaningful. This might seem weird...but I kind of like the tension and suspense I guess you could say. I like having you here with me, and thinking about what's going to happen next. It's not as pleasing when we just 'finish things off' so to speak. I want moments like this to be not only intimate, but to last and be full of the passion we both have for each other. You can't tell me you don't have a stronger climax when we take things slow?" Hiccup tried to explain himself to a very eager Astrid. The young blonde thought for a moment, before nodding her head. "I can't say I disagree with you." She whispered. "It's just easier to go fast."

Hiccup smiled at his wife's words. "Despite being easier, maybe the new challenge can prove a fun experience?" He said with a smile, his eyes twinkling with a new emotion Astrid hadn't seen before. The two young adults resumed kissing, before Hiccup's hands delicately reached between his lover's legs and gently rubbed at her hidden beauty. The girl moaned into the kiss causing Hiccup to tense and shiver.

"Are you sure you want to keep going slow like this?" Astrid whispered as she broke the kiss once more. Her teeth dug into her husband's collar bone before she began suckling his sweet spot. Hiccup grabbed ahold of her shoulders and threw his head back while a groan filled the air. When his wife went deeper with her bite he let out an almost primal growl.

"Y-yeah. This is amazing." Hiccup whispered back in a deep voice, before returning his left hand to the spot between his wife's legs. His hand slipped beneath her undergarments and gently rubbed the bump just above her slick folds. The sweet pearl that made his lover shiver and moan was in reach. Once he got to it, Astrid quickly quit sucking his neck and instead bit it for comfort against the strong sensations her husband was hitting her with.

"Hiccup...I-I-" "Shh...actions speak louder than words." Astrid nodded and her legs parted wider as if they had a mind of their own. She ran her fingers roughly up and down her husband's sides, causing a dark-sounding moan to emit from his throat. She had never heard such a thing. What was this side of Hiccup?

The two continued exploring their spouses body with their hands and mouths while remaining in the same position. The sky was pitch black outside and a chilling breeze blew into the bedroom. The cold air countering the heat of their skin caused foreign sensations that set off all sorts of new feelings and thoughts. Sparks were fanned and turned into flames. Vision became blurry and the room was filled with almost exotic noises.

Hiccup leaned back and allowed Astrid to remove his undergarments. The young woman did the same and threw both articles of clothing to the floor. Hiccup hesitantly removed his prosthetic, something he didn't tend to do before bed and had never done in bed with his wife. The beauty he'd never thought he'd have hovered over him with a hungry gaze on all fours. She crawled down his body and grasped his length with her hands, looking up at her husband with lust filled eyes. Hiccup audibly gulped.

"This time can I try something new?" Astrid asked in a voice that rang in Hiccup's ears and was as sweet as honey. He propped himself up on his elbows, looking at her with nothing more than a nod in response. The girl holding him in her small, rough hands gently suckled his tip in a similar fashion to which he'd suckled her breasts. The young man gasped and gripped the blanket beneath him tightly. His right foot's toes hooked onto his wife's calve muscles and his left leg tensed and moved of its own accord.

Astrid watched for her husband's response to her new idea for pleasing him. As he'd said, actions spoke louder than words. She could tell he was hit with all sorts of sensations, and adored the feeling of her moist lips coating his length. Her head moved down and she took him half way into his mouth. Her tongue slid over the bottom side of his length and hit a particularly sensitive spot. Hiccup's eyes pinched shut and he bucked his hips, forcing himself deeper into her mouth.

"Sorry-ugh-M-milady." Hiccup said just above a whisper. He used one of his hands to brush through his wife's hair, before having to quickly retreat for fear of losing himself and hurting her. Astrid only hummed in response, the vibrations making something snap. Hiccup's head fell back and he reached forward to grab his wife's shoulders, pulling her off of him.

"I-I don't want to..." Hiccup had to catch his breath, and he sat on his knees. Still hard, he subconsciously reached down to stroke his length in order to calm some of the fire. Astrid chuckled and lay a hand on his shoulder, gazing into his tired eyes with her own confused, humorous, lustful ones. "What is it babe?" She asked in a sweet voice. Hiccup smiled and shook his head.

"I don't wanna finish until we're done, so to speak." He whispered, blushing when his wife chuckled to herself. Astrid would never get used to how bashful he was. "You think things through too much." Hiccup chuckled too and pressed his forehead to hers. "You know that's why you love me. The warrior of Berk who married the sensitive chief."

The young blonde smiled and kissed her husband before releasing him and keeping their foreheads together. She pushed her blonde curls over her left shoulder and pressed his palm to her breast. Hiccup obeyed the silent wish and gently started kneading his wife's mounds with rough hands. Astrid breathed deeply. She sighed when he flicked her rosy pink buds with his thumbs, a cloud filling the cold air as the humidity of her breath countered the chill. Hiccup stimulated her breasts a little longer, before grunting in satisfaction and gently pushing her onto her back.

"Mind if I return the favor?" Hiccup asked her. Sweat dripped down his nose and landed on her chest while the woman laid on her back. Hiccup hovered over his lover and licked his lips. One hand cupped her cheek as he awaited her response. Astrid reached up and twirled her fingers in his hair, before nodding silently. "I trust you with anything." She whispered. Hiccup felt something tick, and he grabbed her hands. There was never a time he'd seen Astrid put herself in such a vulnerable position beneath him. They were either standing up, or she was on top. Never once had he been given the opportunity to this easy a vantage point.

Hiccup nodded his head and took a moment to kiss his lover. He left a mark on her collarbone, and had her prop up on her elbows so she could see him. Once he'd gained the confidence she was okay with what he was doing, he crawled down her body and moved his head between her legs. Astrid held her breath, mentally preparing herself for the warm feeling of her husband's mouth. When his warm, wet tongue actually slipped across that sweet pearl above her folds in a similar fashion to which his fingers had...she wasn't prepared enough. Both of the young blonde's legs wrapped around her husband's head and shoulders, preventing him from moving anything but his tongue. Hiccup continued licking her sensitive spot, but didn't try to push further.

Astrid gripped her husband's hair with one hand for comfort, her own locks falling behind her and glowing in the candlelight. Hiccup looked up at her who panted heavily, and admired her beauty. He continued licking her sweetly and grunted in pleasure when numerous moans and sighs escaped her. The young woman couldn't create any words other than her husband's name.

Hiccup waited for a cue he could continue. He got it when his lover loosened her hold on his legs, and instead gripped his shoulders. His tongue moved a bit faster, before slipping between Astrid's slick folds. He dove into her and explored the taste of every inch his mouth could possibly reach. Astrid's head thrashed back and forth as she gripped the blankets tightly. She held onto Hiccup's hair with one hand and pulled it slightly. The young man growled, the vibrations setting something off within. The fire was raging so powerfully within that she didn't know if she'd be able to take it anymore. All it took was Hiccup nipping as gently as possible at the bump that made his wife shake and moan to set her off completely. The woman reached her climax and her husband curled his tongue inside of her to catch every drop of her sweet honey.

Once Hiccup knew Astrid was finished, he sat up with his legs out in front of him. Astrid climbed up onto his lap, smiling and brushing his hair out of his sweating face. When she moved along his lap, her husband groaned and held onto her due to the feeling of her hot, wet folds dampening his own manhood. His face was heated in a lust induced blush and Astrid knew he was finding it hard to control himself.

"Let me take control." Astrid whispered. Her husband tried to respond but wound up choking on his words when she ground her womanhood against his length. A moan escaped her lips and Hiccup growled deeper than before. The fire between his legs was raging.

"I-I told you this would be worth it." Hiccup whispered as pre-cum dripped down his length. Astrid smiled and took him in one movement. Her husband cupped her cheek with his left hand and kissed her passionately while she started rolling her hips. Before long they were both moving in sync. Their lips couldn't stay locked as the duo made love to each other, so instead moved together sloppily. Once both finished, Hiccup fell back onto the bed.

"I love you milady." Hiccup whispered while Astrid lay her head over his chest. She lay naked across his body. The young chief pulled the blanket over both of them, not caring to get changed. "I love you too babe." They kissed on more time before falling asleep.