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Warnings-Contains detailed sexual themes, a Hiccstrid child, swearing, is cannon to the first one-shot, and has references to the hidden world trailers.

The day had been so rough. Tense muscles ached and sweat dripped down the shoulders of 23 year old Hiccup Haddock. What he'd give to be able to rest and take a breather, but his wife was out training and he had more important things on his hands. Or rather...in his hands.

A newborn girl, only 4 months of age, lay curled up in two thin yet powerful and protective arms. Her auburn hair fell into her baby blue eyes, and freckles outlined the dimples on either side of her mouth. Little Bergljot, name meaning 'light will save' because she born near the ending of the war between Grimmle and the dragons, was born premature and therefor had the thin, weak stature her father once had. Despite this, she had fought when the healer said she would die, and had obviously inherited the strength of her mother and stubbornness of her father. She snuggled into Hiccup's chest, clutching tightly to the fur blanket that covered her. The girl was so small, she was only about as long as half her father's forearm, and hardly weighed 6 pounds.

Hiccup had no shirt on, knowing his daughter enjoyed the sound of his heartbeat. He tried to clean up the sweat from his skin as to not be a smelly mess for his daughter and wife, but found that a hard task with the one free arm he had. With a cloth he wiped his chest and arm muscles clean, all the while rocking his daughter to sleep. Not long after Bergljot was put into her wooden crib in a small room built next to Hiccup and his wife's room, he went down stairs to be met with the beauty of his wife attempting to shut the front door despite the winds that tried to pry the door open. Devastating winter was near.

"Let me help." Hiccup imediatly insisted when he saw his wife's struggle. He ran to the door and the duo managed to push the wooden barrier shut so they could lock the latch. Toothless wasn't to be coming home for another few months, as most of the dragons rarely visited their riders anymore once they'd nested in 'the hidden world', so Hiccup had to relight the fire pit the old fashion way with flint and steal. He stared into the flames, a sad sigh escaping his lips.

Astrid smiled warmly, knowing exactly what was on her husband's mind. It had only been two months since the war ended. Berk had had to relocate two times, and many dragon species never appeared in front of humans even when the ones with riders did. Now the village had taken root on an island close to where dragon's edge used to be, far outside the barbaric archipelago. Bergljot had been born just as they were moving to their current home.

"I know you miss him Hiccup." Astrid whispered and sat next to her husband on a bench near the fire pit. She removed her fur jacket and wrapped two gentle, toned arms around the young chief. Hiccup sighed when Astrid's chin lay on his shoulder, and he turned in his seat to nuzzle the space between her neck and right shoulder. Astrid's hands played with his auburn locks, now with almost double the braids they'd had when Hiccup was only twenty.

"I always will. That doesn't mean I can't move on though. You and Bergljot have taught me that." Hiccup whispered. A gust of wind blew in from a crack in the wall, and the young man shivered thanks to his lack of protection. Astrid ran her rough fingers along his back, originally planning to simply comfort the young man. When her husband shivered and accidently growled against her shoulder though, later blushing in embarrassment at his lack of self control, a load of new ideas came to mind. None of which she stated out loud.

"Someone's sensitive tonight." Astrid whispered with a chuckle. She could feel her rather self-conscious husband blush deeper than before, the heat radiating onto her exposed skin. Hiccup wrapped both his arms around his wife's waist, smiling against her shoulder and tugging playfully at the leather that attached her shoulder pads to her arms with his teeth. Astrid's chuckles became heartfelt laughs when she was pushed back against the bench, Hiccup not bothering to stop his work despite the obvious fact that he wasn't going to be getting her armor off with mouth.

"It's not going to work babe." Astrid said through a laugh. Her husband's breath and wet lips occasionally brushing her shoulder as he continued to try and break the leather straps tickled her sensitive skin. Hiccup seemed to notice this, though was only tempted to try harder. He held his wife down with a sturdy grasp by her hips, and continued his work with a new passion. A passion that wasn't just directed at the cloth covering her body.

Only once his teeth had become sore and gums had an occasional ulcer did Hiccup stop. He pulled back just a few inches from his wife, gazing into those joyful, bright eyes the color of the skies he used to adore flying through. Getting lost in this divine beauty beneath him took him to a new height similar to the one he oh so dearly craved now that his riding dragon was gone.

"I love you Milady. I could get lost in your eyes forever. With you and our daughter, I don't need anything more." Hiccup whispered to his wife. He brushed her golden bangs out of her face and went to remove her shoulder pads with gentle, practiced movements. Astrid allowed him to remove the armor, along with her top and skirt. Now she was left in her breast bindings, fur boots, and tights. Her husband on the other hand still had his prosthetic and the bottom half of his own armor. Black leather straps and a slick from sweat torso seemed to glow in the firelight.

Astrid admired the man hovering above her, the flames behind his thin yet toned form giving her the image of that fearsome dragon conqueror he used to be called by people like Alvin. The heroic, strong aura Hiccup was giving off in this particular setting sparked something deep within. The young woman grabbed her husband by the shoulders and pulled him down for a heated kiss.

Hiccup grunted when his lips crashed into those of his wife. He felt a warm tongue swipe across his lower lip and took no hesitance in allowing her entrance. Their mouths were connected and moved sloppily together. Tongues moved in sync and unlike other times, things were going rather quickly and fierce. This newfound urgency made all the feelings the young chief often experienced slowly crash into him at three times the speed. He found himself reaching up to cup the back of his wife's head with his left palm, and gently fisted the hair there.

Astrid gasped in surprise. She'd never seen her husband with this much confidence during their private life. Then again...he did have so much stress in the past do to the ongoing war they were facing. Now that it was over and Hiccup was getting used to his role as chief, it made sense that dominant leadership would slip into their house and intimacy.

Hiccup couldn't stop himself, and his hips bucked shamelessly towards his wife. He was now on his knees above her, the exhaustion from his day quickly being replaced by ecstasy. The young man removed his hands from her hair and instead used them to pry Astrid's mouth from his. Instead of kissing her lips, he moved down to her neck and began sucking her sweet spot rather roughly. He felt something burning deep within. A part of him rather enjoyed this newfound confidence. At the same time though, it scared him. He felt as if his knees were weak and he was losing control of his logical side.

Once there was a slightly swollen love bite on Astrid's neck, Hiccup pulled back and lay an apology kiss on it. He stayed in his position, one hand on either of his wife's shoulders. His eyes were half-lidded and his knees quaked beneath him. His chest heaved with his heavy, damp breaths, and sweat covered his bare skin. He didn't look his wife in the eyes.

"A-Astrid...I don't know what I'm doing." There was the bashful Hiccup she knew. Astrid placed two fingers under her husband's chin and made him look at her. Hiccup's eyes still shone with lust, but there was also a combination of fear and innocence hidden in there somewhere. The young woman chuckled and kissed his cheek.

"You're doing fine Hiccup. We've been doing this for over a year now and I still never get enough of how sensitive you are." Another kiss on his ear made Hiccup shiver. "It's okay to be strong with me you know. I'm not going to hurt you and I'm not that sensitive. If anything, I appreciate you returning the favor. Normally I'm the only one being...uh, rough so to speak." She kiss his jaw and ran her fingernails down his sides, making sure Hiccup didn't lose interest in the situation. The hard length protruding through his pants showed her he wasn't planning on it.

Hiccup kissed his wife's jaw, before gesturing for her to lay on the bench. Astrid did as silently requested, and lay with her belly facing her husband who hovered over her. The firelight made both of them seem to glow do to the sweat on their bodies, and Hiccup was lost in the image of the young woman half-naked with hair splayed on either side of her head beneath him. He watched her breasts rise and fall as she breathed, and his left middle and index fingers hooked into her breast bindings, his right hand supporting his weight.

"I-I know." Hiccup started, tugging at the bindings to get them lose. Despite the display before him as he tore the clothing off, he still remained composed and coherent. "I just...I feel like this isn't me. I mean yeah, I like it-I-I like you Milady but...it just feels foreign ya know?" He used his left thumb to gently swipe over Astrid's nipple, causing the rosy pink bud to become hard. His wife gasped and bit her lip. The young man smiled and continued the action.

"You know...sitting like this-above this beautiful Goddess below me, completely willing and vulnerable under my grip-it's an experience I believe any man would take to be divine. I don't deserve you Astrid, and yet here I am with you allowing me to experiment to my every will." Hiccup bent down and swiped his tongue over his wife's hardened left nipple, making the worrier's head fall to one side, her eyes closed. He the leant back up and continued giving the right side the same attention he'd given the left with his thumb like he always had.

"I get that you might like the idea of me being stronger. Most Viking men are. I just...I really want to be on top, assertive, and confident rather than subdued sometimes, but it's just easier when you're in charge. I may be a chief out there, but in these moments I feel like that bashful teenager again. I just can't bring myself to do it for fear of hurting you. Then there's the leg to worry about." Hiccup gently nipped at his wife's right nipple, making the woman's back arch towards him for more touch. Once he was satisfied, he sat on her legs and used his right hand to brush her tangled blonde hair. His left hand took it's time exploring the beginnings of the forbidden lands and forest of curls hidden beneath her tights.

Astrid smiled with her eyes closed peacefully as she felt her husband's hot touch begin to fan the flames within. She didn't look at him, but instead savored the feeling of him brushing her hair and touching her. "You're so sweet Hiccup. I don't-ugh-w-want to do anything you don't want to do. All I'm saying is-ahhh...-in these moments, if you do get caught up, I'm not going to hurt you for being a little assertive." She whispered in a cracked voice, trying to suppress the moans escaping her lips. Astrid felt her husband's calloused thumb find her sweet pearl, and her body jerked in reflex when he began playing with his find. His treasure. Their treasure.

"It's not that I don't want to Astrid, and that's just my point. I do want to be more upfront and confident, but I'm just far too terrified of hurting you to do anything about that inner need. You know very well I'm not afraid of many things. That's mostly because I'm far too idiotic and stubborn to know exactly how to be afraid. You've known since we first got together though that if there's one thing I'm scared of, it's hurting someone I love or care about. It's also the only fear I'm not...well...afraid of admitting. Maybe...Maybe I just can't have that want. Maybe this is just the way we're supposed to be."

Hiccup leaned down and made a trail of kisses down the center of his wife's belly, making the woman squirm beneath him. He hooked his fingers in her tights, and gently pulled them down to her boots where he removed those too. She was left completely naked and vulnerable in the firelight.

Astrid smiled and lifted her hips as Hiccup removed her tights. She looked down at him while propped on her elbows when the young chief pressed his middle finger to her entrance and his thumb to her pearl. His face showed the upmost concentration and consideration as he finally penetrated the woman in front of him. Astrid's head fell back and her arms could hardly support her as she was penetrated at the exact same time Hiccup's thumb flicked at her clit. The sensation of being both filled and suddenly struck in such a sensitive area in perfect sync caused her already damp womanhood to tighten it's hold on the invader's middle finger, making the man groan in pleasure and satisfaction.

"God's Astrid. I love you." Hiccup continued moving his middle finger and thumb in sync, sliding in and out of his wife. He felt her tighten around him as he added his index finger as well, and grunted while speeding up. Astrid couldn't control her body, and accidently jerked away from him. Hiccup's eyes narrowed in frustration. He was a man who planned things out and worked hard. If something he wanted to accomplish messed up, he fixed it. With his free hand, he grabbed Astrid's left thigh and hooked it over his shoulder. The woman clung to him tightly, causing a slight pain. He then used the same hand to hold her right thigh down to the cold bench. The hot and cold sensations above and beneath her seemed to make Astrid go crazy as she squirmed and gasped her husband's name.

"Hiccup!" Astrid gasped out in a raspy voice. Her husband smirked, something he didn't tend to do often, and it seemed to drive her further. Hiccup held tighter to the woman beneath him, and hissed in pain when Astrid's strong left leg seemed to be pulling his shoulder out of socket. "A-almost there babe." He whispered, trying to ignore the pain.

Hiccup was right. Astrid gripped tightly to the bench beneath her, though the wood began leaving splinters in her skin. Hiccup-being the man he was-worried for her. Despite the pain he was facing, he immediately worked to make sure his wife only felt pleasure. He removed Astrid's left leg from his shoulder, never stopping his movements with his hand inside of her. With his free hand he lifted his wife's back from the bench, and held her so her left cheek was touching his bare chest. The woman clung tightly to his shoulders, leaving marks with her nails. Hiccup hissed in pain, though never stopped his rapid movements until he felt his wife's body spasm in climax.

Astrid's body tensed and shook as she clung tightly to her husband's shoulders. She bit Hiccup's left shoulder to keep from shouting so she didn't wake their child. Hiccup hissed and jerked at the sudden pain, but still held onto her as she rode her climax through. Her womanly juices spilled over her husband's fingers, making Hiccup became weak as his erection became harder than before. He nuzzled her shoulder, whispering her name. A tear of shock, reflex, pleasure, and pain all in one escaped his eyes and landed on his wife's bare skin.

"H-Hiccup..." Astrid whispered once she'd recovered from the shock of climax. The man hummed in response against her neck, rubbing his sore shoulder with the hand once inside his wife. Said wife chuckled sweetly and hooked her fingers under his chin, making him look up once more.

"Babe...I want you to look at our positions and think about what you just did to me." Hiccup raised an eyebrow confused, and looked down at his and his wife's laps. It took him a moment, but he soon got what she meant and smiled weakly.

"You were talking so much you didn't even notice it." Astrid chuckled again and gently hit her husband's already sore shoulder. "You're more assertive and strong than you give yourself credit for." Hiccup rolled his eyes and stroked at the length protruding through his pants. Astrid could tell he was eager.

"Only with you milady." Hiccup whispered and kissed his wife who eagerly kissed back. She then went to push the young man onto his back, making Hiccup yelp in surprise. "Astrid...wh-what are you-" "It's my turn babe." Oh he knew what that meant.

Hiccup groaned when Astrid's warm fingers slid beneath his leggings and pulled them off, setting his erection free to the cold air. Unlike most times where they were slow and steady, she imediatly hovered over her husband's length and slid down onto him, her natural lubrication helping her do this without pain.

Hiccup's eyes screwed shut and his hips bucked out of reflex. His wife held them down, wanting to do this her way. He gripped the bench tightly, knuckled turning white. Sweat dripped down his face as he squirmed and tried to move, desperate to thrust into his wife and fan his inner flames. Astrid wasn't having it though, and held her husband down with a smirk. She watched him thrash a few more times, before the high died down a little and he laid back with a heaving chest and tight grip on the bench below.

"A-Astrid please." Hiccup whispered as he opened blurry eyes. The forest green emeralds soon screwed shut again when his wife hissed in pleasure as she rolled her hips on him. His hands hurt from grabbing the bench, and the young man again tried to move into his wife who was so slow going for the first time in forever. It was torturous, yet she still held him down.

"Easy babe. Just enjoy the ride." Astrid spoke in a seductive voice once her husband's high died down once more. She pulled him mostly out of her by raising up on her knees, before slamming back down and causing her warm, wet folds to clench even tighter to his manhood. Hiccup grunted and gasped at the sudden impact, and his chest heaved as he felt as if he was on fire. It was somewhat painful actually, but for the most part just too much pleasure to handle.

Astrid rose up slowly again, and in one torturous motion slowly slid back down. Having just recovered from her own climax, this wasn't nearly as much torture as it was for her gasping husband. Once Hiccup's length was finally bottomed out in her again, she rolled her hips a few times before stopping. The pitiful whine that escaped her husband's throat was nothing less than adorable and intoxicating at the same time. Her own fire temporarily stunted, she leaned forward and kissed his nose, all the while holding his stiff hips down with all the force she had. The young man blushed and gulped audibly.

"M-milady p-please. You know I'm not strong enough to withstand your hold. Y-You're so beautiful...a-a Goddess in fact. L-like an ancient artifact protected by a million servants. I-I simply cannot withstand you being so slow like this. I-I need you." Hiccup tried to reason.

Astrid blushed at the compliments, something she didn't tend to do often. She almost considered Hiccup's words, before remembering just how crafty her husband was. "Uh-uh, not falling for the sweet talk babe. We're doing this my way." The man's head fell back and a groan of frustration escaped his lips. Astrid knew him far to well.

"I love you milady, but you're intoxicating as fuck." Hiccup whispered in frustration, gripping the bench tightly. Something about the filthy mouth her husband hardly ever dared to use when addressing his wife for fear of getting beat to a pulp somehow sparked something deep within, and her fire was raging once more.

"Swearing at me isn't going to make it better." Astrid tried to be stern, though felt her womanhood grow wet once more. Hiccup seemed to be able to feel this slight change, and judging by the tense nature of his facial features, it affected him greatly.

"S-sorry I just...Gods!" Hiccup hissed through his teeth and gripped the bench even tighter than before when his wife rose and fell again on his length. She began moving a little faster, both members of the duo breathing heavily with small moans escaping their throats. The air became tense and hot as it tended to do when two inhabitants of the home were having intercourse.

Astrid waited and watched her husband's every move beneath her. Despite how badly she wanted to climax herself, when she saw Hiccup was on the verge of losing it and spilling his seed, she stopped imediatly and held the now squirming man down with every bit of force she had.

"A-Astrid I can't keep doing this!" Hiccup was unable to call out through his dry lips. His eyes might've been screwed shut, but that didn't stop a couple of tears of sheer overwhelmed pleasure from escaping his eyes. Astrid smiled brightly, panting heavily as the man below her tried to grab her arms and keep her from holding him down. Unfortunatly for Hiccup, his wife was faster than him and grabbed both of his wrists, pinning them on either side of his hips. The young man gasped and panted, feeling dizzy and sweating so much his skin was slick.

"That's what I like to hear babe." Astrid whispered, leaning forward to whisper in her husband's ear and causing him to shiver beneath her. "Wh-what do you mean?" Hiccup hissed, never once opening his eyes. His stomach flexed and tears continued as the fire of passion raged so much he was far from being able to control it. He swore under his breath and chewed his lip, trying to calm the growing flames as his wife's walls convulsed around him.

"You'll understand what I'm saying in a sec." Astrid whispered seductively before rising. She moved again, this time her movements far faster than before. Hiccup tried to thrust into her, but was unable to because of his wife's hold. It wasn't until she knew he was on the verge of climax did Astrid let Hiccup go. The young man grabbed ahold of his wife, sat up with eyes still tightly closed, and thrust into the woman twice before releasing his seed. His whole body shook vilonlently as he climaxed rapidly. Just as he thought he couldn't take anymore, the young man fell off the high and came back down to earth where he landed rather roughly in his wife's arms, completely rid of any ounce of energy he had to move.

Astrid smiled down at the young man who was now limp in her arms. As Hiccup had climaxed she too had her own much less violent one. The young man still softening inside of her, she ran her fingers comfortingly through his hair. Still sweating, the chief forced himself to wrap his weak arms around his wife's waist.

"Told you it'd be amazing." Astrid whispered to the man in her arms. Hiccup wanted to make a sarcastic comeback about how she hadn't technically said that, but his mind would only allow him to hum agreeing in response.

The storm still blowing rather roughly outside, Hiccup and Astrid didn't bother heading up to their room as they pulled a blanket around themselves and fell asleep next to the fire pit, a smile on both of their faces. Unfortunately they knew little Bergljot would be waking them up in just a few mere hours for what seemed to be the fun of it.

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