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Warnings-Detailed sexual scenes, biting, slightly un-cannon-Hiccup, painful pleasure, punishment, hiccstrid child, oral sex, bruising, and something related to bondage.

Hiccup sat on his wooden bed with his armor clinging rather loosely to his skin thanks to his wife undoing most of the straps. Astrid was missing her shoulder pads but still had everything else remaining. She straddled her husband's lap, and in one quick movement pinned him to the bed. Hiccup grunted in pain that was soon replaced with pleasure when sharp teeth sunk into the flesh of his neck.

"A-Astrid it hurts." Hiccup whispered, holding his wife's hands which pinned his wrists to the bed on either side of his head. The young woman only grunted in response and began sucking at the sensitive skin between her husband's neck and shoulder. Hiccup gasped and pinched his eyes shut, sudden pain mixed with pleasure overtaking him.

"Th-this is what I get huh?" Hiccup asked without opening his eyes, hissing through his teeth when he was bit once more. His wife made an approving sound before moaning into his neck, the vibrations making her husband shiver. She left that bite alone and made another one on Hiccup's shoulder, this one much deeper than the others. Tears stung his eyes.

"Look, Milady...I-I get it, I've been working to hard but-Oh Gods..." Hiccup held his wife's hands even more tightly than before, one of the tears in his eyes escaping and running down his cheek. Astrid was not merciful to say the least, and left yet another bite even further down her husband's shoulder.

It was true. Hiccup had been working day and night without even thinking about his own well being and it was driving his wife crazy. She'd been trying to get him to eat, trying to get him to stop building, but he would never stop. Too caught up in trying to be like his father, Hiccup didn't realize how painful it was for his wife to watch someone she cared about torture themselves with work and lack of sleep. Now...he was being punished.

"Astrid...I-I'm sorry...please lets just talk about this." Astrid frowned into her husband's shoulder as she still had her teeth buried in his skin. She shook her head slightly, causing a new jolt of pain to race through the young chief who had overworked himself far too hard.

"Admit you like it." Astrid whispered in her husband's ear once retreating her teeth from his skin. The young man gulped and nodded, Adams apple bobbing nervously in his throat. "Well of course I like it. The sensation is just a bit painful." He admitted with a shiver as his wife nipped his ear.

"What is it with you and the teeth?" Hiccup asked, earning another bite in his shoulder. He hissed and gasped as the bite went deeper, and tried to free his hands. When biting turned to sucking though, he felt pleasure as his wife left her mark on him. Oh she would be the death of him one day.

When Astrid finally removed her teeth from her husband, it was to pull off his shirt. Hiccup tried to sit up once the article of clothing was removed, only to be pinned down again. His eyes widened when soft, warm lips crashed into his, but quickly gave in and melted into the kiss. Astrid moaned against him, making the young man shiver and tense. Beads of sweat soon began collecting on his forehead.

Once Hiccup finally became comfortable and content with the kiss, his wife left him panting as she pulled away from the embrace. She pinned both arms above his head with her left hand, and used her right one to drag across his right nipple. Hiccup shivered under the touch, not used to such a sensation. He found it an odd experience when the bud hardened. It wasn't expected for men to be sensitive there, he thought.

What really shocked Hiccup was when his wife's small hand twisted his right nipple. He jerked and gasped, hissing through his teeth. Astrid smirked, liking this new find. She twisted the bud harder, before releasing it and bending down to suck the now bruising area. Hiccup was at a loss for words, and gasped when he was bit once more in the chest.

"Astrid!" Hiccup gasped when the woman's teeth sunk deep enough to cause a painful thrill. He hoped they wouldn't wake Bergljot who slept next door. Astrid's free right hand covered her husband's mouth, muting him other than a few grunts. She dragged her tongue over his nipple, before sucking at it in a way that made it bruise more. Hiccup found he somehow enjoyed this new type of pain, and his eyes rolled back as a sigh escaped his mouth. When teeth sunk into his chest again, he found himself accidently growling in response as if some primal instinct had kicked in.

"You like that? Just remember this is supposed to be punishment, chief." Astrid whispered in a half-seductive half-joking tone. Hiccup growled once more, finding this new sound odd even if he was the one producing it. His body jerked when fingernails dragged across his sensitive belly, leaving a trail of red marks. Then they hooked into the waist line of his leggings, before the article of clothing was quickly ripped away. The young man gasped and tore his mouth away from his wife's hand.

"A-Astrid no biting there." Hiccup gasped out in a slightly fearful voice, chest heaving and lined with sweat. Bite marks were unmistakable along his neck and shoulders, and his nipples were rather bruised. His wife simply smirked and pulled off her shirt, tossing it to her husband.

"Put this in your mouth." Astrid demanded sternly. Hiccup was still slightly afraid, but he did as told when his wrists were finally released. The young woman also removed her breast bindings, and used them to tie her husband's wrists to the bed post. Hiccup raised an eyebrow in confusion and worry, but couldn't deny the excitement the homemade restraints caused in his lower regions.

Finally, after removing her own undergarments, Astrid removed the last of Hiccup's clothes. She grasped her husband's length in her hand, and lightly pecked it which imediatly resulted in an erection. Hiccup hissed when his wife tightly squeezed him, and growled when he was released. Other than these instinctive, slightly embarrassing sounds, he couldn't do anything else do to the gag in his mouth. Finally things started piecing together in his mind and slight fear shown in his eyes. Astrid could do what ever she wanted and no one would be woken up. He couldn't move to stop her either. Oh would he learn his lesson.

Hiccup tried calling out his wife's name when her mouth edged closer to his throbbing manhood once more, but his voice was muffled by her shirt. Eyes closed tightly, he felt the presence of teeth on his inner thigh. The young man gasped when the skin there was bit rather harshly, and tried to yank away only to be held down. Astrid quickly went from biting to sucking, and continued this process up his thigh, across his waist, and down the other thigh. Then she swiped her thumb over the tip of her husband's length as if to build the suspense and worry in his mind. By this time Hiccup was a squirming, teary eyed mess at his wife's mercy. Oh how he loved this devine, merciless woman.

Hiccup groaned in pleasure when warm, hot, wet lips began sucking the tip of his length, only to then shiver as the fear of his wife's teeth began causing images in his mind. It was almost like a phantom pain. He felt like he was being lightly bitten even if Astrid's teeth hadn't made any contact with his most sensitive areas. Yet...that is.

Hiccup sighed after a moment once his fears died down and no bites came. He was quickly set off again though when Astrid almost teasingly dragged her pearly whites across the center of his manhood, pulling the length all the way out of her mouth and raising the top with her teeth on the way. Hiccup groaned and tugged against his restraints, not quite liking where this was heading.

Hiccup tried to call out to his wife again, only to be muffled. The woman above his legs took him into her mouth again, and this time nipped ever so gently at his base once he'd entered her throat. Tears sprung into the young man's eyes out of reflex when the incredibly simple action caused a jolt of overwhelming pleasure and slight pain to course through his body so fast it made his stomach hurt. His chest heaved and stomach convulsed as his wife mercilessly continued the same process over and over and over again. It wasn't until she saw tears of sheer pleasure on her husband's face did she retreat her mouth.

Astrid finally removed the gag from her husband's mouth once she was finished with his length, though didn't untie his restraints. The young man was left gasping for air, and she realized she found the sweat building up across his bare body rather intoxicating. The young woman licked a bit of the salty fluid from her husbands chest, only to bite him again and be met by yet another gasp. This one was quieter, as if her husband was losing his energy to fight.

"You learn your lesson babe?" Astrid asked in a rather seductive tone, brushing her husband's hair out of his face with her hand. Hiccup tugged at his restraints one more time, before going limp and panting. He nodded his head with closed eyes. Astrid hummed approvingly.

"Good. Now just to make sure." She covered her husband's mouth with her hand, this time adding extra force as if she knew he'd be louder this time. Hiccup closed his eyes tightly, expecting sharp impact. He held onto the bed post until he was white-knuckled and went tense. Sweat built up on his forehead and he shook when he felt hot breath on one of his most sensitive areas. Just below his ear, not quiet at his shoulder but more towards the back of his head. No one would be able to see the mark, so Astrid could go as deep as she wanted. This is what made him fearful.

Why his wife enjoyed hearing his hisses and gasps when she sunk her teeth into his skin, Hiccup would never understand. Perhaps it was something similar to how he got turned on when he saw her beneath him thrashing or moaning when he'd suck at her neck or breasts. What ever the case might be, knowing the reason would never stop the sudden pain that pierced his sensitive skin and made him nearly shout in pain. It was a good thing his wife had the idea to mute him, for when the growls and hisses of pain came out, tears fell and Hiccup oh so badly wanted to yell for relief.

Once Astrid was done, she didn't care to suck at the bite or kiss it to replace the pain with pleasure. Instead, she went to kiss away her husband's tears, before pecking his lips and untying his hands. The second Hiccup was untied he reached up to rub his sore neck, before grabbing his wife by the shoulders. Astrid gasped in surprise when she was suddenly pushed onto her back.

"Now it's my turn." Hiccup whispered in his own seductive growl. His wife's eyes widened, but she still managed to smirk. Unafraid like her husband was, and knowing exactly where this was going, Astrid grabbed the shirt he'd previously had in his mouth and bit into it just as her womanhood was speared by Hiccup's erect length. She moaned, hissed, and shouted into the gag as pain mixed with pleasure was thrown at her body. She tried to match her husband's pace only to fail to keep up. Both members of the duo were finished rather quickly, not something that usually happened, and Hiccup fell at his wife's side on the bed.

"You know milady...based on my knowledge of other punishments Vikings tend to use, I wouldn't mind you teaching me a lesson any time it was needed. Just...maybe not such a painful one." Astrid smiled and kissed her husband, before pulling a blanket over both of their naked bodies. She confidently grabbed her husband's hair, forcing the more obedient one in the relationship to lay closer to her. Hiccup didn't so much as grit his teeth when his hair was pulled, far too used to this to react.

"You got lucky." Astrid whispered as if she wanted her husband thinking about what she meant all night. Hiccup tried to question her, but by the time he got the words out his wife was already sound asleep.

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