(A/N) Heyo guys and gals! I am back with the first smut shot I've written in forever! Here are 4,000 words of a pure Hiccstrid Modern AU. Title pretty much says it all but I'll write it here anyways. This smut shot is pretty much purely about Hiccup and Astrid experimenting with pegging using a strap-on toy. There are some mentions of other sexual play too.

There is a use of some words that may be triggering which may be but are not limited to-Fowl/crude/swearing language, mentions of illegal types sexual activities WHICH ARE NOT a part of this story but are just there when talking about what Hiccup will accept and won't accept as far as his values go, and different types of sexuality. I know certain words can trigger certain people so i am putting this here now. Read at your own risk.

Warnings-F/M pegging, Purely Hiccstrid but Hiccup and Astrid have been in other relationships. SUPER Dom-Strid for ya. Modern AU. Mentions of homosexuality, bisexuality, transgender family members, and a polygamists marriage. DON'T LIKE, DON'T READ. Bisexual Hiccup. Hiccup and Astrid do own a few sex toys.

The scent of sweat filled the air, the distant sound of the television in the living room almost deafened by the sounds of panting breath in the master bedroom of house Haddock.

Hiccup and Astrid were both equally naked, wearing no clothing, even Hiccup's prosthetic leg having been discarded a little while ago and now leaning against the nightstand.

Astrid had her right hand on the bed, her arm touching Hiccup's right shoulder. Her free left hand was bracing his shoulder to hold herself up. She was careful of his stump when she shifted to get more comfortable, knowing how sensitive the skin there was. Hiccup was on his hands and knees, legs parted slightly and elbows folded so his face was close to the bed and his back wasn't 'flat'. It was hard to keep himself up with his elbows bent like this because it felt like he was doing some weak version of a pushup, but this position made it easiest for Astrid to brace herself against him. He could also lean against her right arm if his own arms began giving out.

The duo weren't married, but they had been living together for seven months now after Astrid moved out of her parent's house to live with her boyfriend who had moved out of his own mother's house when he was 18. He had wanted to move farther up North and be closer to his two best friends. The three of them had a semi-popular band which Hiccup sang for. The only reason it wasn't so popular was because they didn't sing the most popular genres of music. Mostly older folk-melodies with modern lyrics and softer songs about personal experiences. Astrid had met him when they were both 19 and she was working as an assistant baseball coach for 3rd graders to pay rent under her parents. She had gone to the cafe he worked at part time and the conversations went from there. She hadn't actually moved out herself until she was 22, content to be with her family because of the close bond she had with them. Hiccup and his mother on the other hand didn't have a very tightly knit relationship, so it was easy for him to move states away where he eventually met Astrid.

"Heather, Toothless, and I are meeting up to work on the cords for a newer song tonight m'lady. I'm not going to tell you to stop, but do you really think it's a good idea to be so quick and rough just 4 or 5 hours beforehand?"

Heather was Hiccup's half sister and one of his best friends. Toothless was also one of his closest friends. His real name wasn't Toothless, but that was the nickname he'd been dubbed with when Hiccup and Heather first met him and realized he never really genuinely smiled, and therefore no one saw his teeth. Now he smiled a lot more after having met the other members of their small band and coming out to their fans after a terrible experience where his father had pretty much disowned him for admitting he was homosexual in his teens. His real name was Maximus, after his dad, so he preferred 'Toothless' as a band name and 'T' as a day-to-day name.

"We've been way rougher than this and you've made it through practice before." Astrid said with a sigh to her voice. She brushed her braid over her shoulder so it wasn't tickling the skin on her breasts, her left hand still holding tightly to Hiccup's left shoulder.

It was true, they had been much rougher and quicker before when doing these kinds of things, but right now Astrid wasn't even inside of him yet.

The couple didn't exactly have a variety of adult-themed 'toys' when compared to a certain assortment of their friends, but they did have a few. Hiccup was bisexual and had been in sexual relationships with other men back in high school. When he'd admitted this to Astrid she thought of trying strap-ons. It took three different types of the fake phallus' for Astrid to find the one that worked best for the both of them. One had rope-like straps that dug into her hips uncomfortably and was too thick for Hiccup to be comfortable. The second one had a 'penis' that was too flexible and pretty much 'flopped' around too much as she had crudely admitted when they were slightly tipsy one night. They had only been having sex for 3 months then and it was before Astrid was actually living with him, so it was harder to have proper communication about such things if they didn't have something to calm them and a good environment, like while laying in bed together with dim lighting so she couldn't see his face, or when they had been drinking mild alcoholic beverages or teas.

The third and current one was a bluish color, was long but not as thick as the 'dream cock' a lot of girls looked for on guys-which Hiccup actually liked because the object could get deep without causing pain from stretching, and therefore required less lubricant. It also fit nicely on Astrid's hips. She wasn't extremely experienced with it, and she knew deep down by the frustrated sounds Hiccup would occasionally make, the way he would try to move against her rather than them both moving together sometimes, or the very rare occasions that she would slip up and cause some form of bleeding-though very little-that she was nothing compared to Hiccup's past boyfriends. Hiccup was okay with that though, and had told her so, many times. He tried to coach her through it sometimes, having personal experience from being inside of her, and never said he wanted to stop. He actually seemed to quite like it.

Other 'toys' they had were a 'magic wand' vibrator, an egg shaped vibrator, and the other two strap-on toys they'd gotten before finding this one. The couple wasn't extremely into the use of sex toys beyond strap-on toys, and they didn't use the vibrators except for special occasions like date nights and anniversaries. They did sometimes research new things out of curiosity though.

Hiccup sighed when Astrid's finger dragged itself over the rim of his anus which had previously been lubricated. He was hard and his manhood throbbed as anticipation grew. He moved back slightly, causing Astrid's index finger to penetrate him ever so slightly, but not enough to cause any of the kind of pleasure he was seeking.

"I thought you were hesitant. You know, because of band-night?" Astrid teased, her voice silk, honey, and spice all at once, higher pitched than was normal for her in an attempt to be seductive. Hiccup shook his head, a single bead of sweat dropping onto the pillow beneath him and causing a small wet spot.

"N-no." His mouth was suddenly dry as he spoke, voice heavy with sexual tension. "I was hesitant because of the basic idea of it, but that doesn't mean I'd ever want you to stop." Hiccup had to take a breath, eyes closing when Astrid's left hand index finger went in less than an inch further, making him clench around her.

Due to work and Astrid's monthly cycle, the duo hadn't had any kind of sexual intercourse in nearly 3 weeks now. The evidence of the want that had been growing within them both was showing now in tense muscles and dilated pupils. Astrid had already reached her own climax once when they had been goofing around and engaging in weak, innocent foreplay which involved nothing more than fingers inside of pants while making a late-lunch/early-dinner.

Hiccup on the other hand hadn't had any kind of release once since that morning when he had to relieve himself so he could use the bathroom. Astrid had already been at work, now working as a waitress at a bar. She mostly did the correct job of just being a waitress, but there were a select few times she had been better than any security guard by occasionally stopping drunk-relationship-crisis fights between boys and their girls using what people at the bar now called 'Astrid's chokehold' which made them black out instantly, and had also stopped two different people from trying to rob the cash register before anyone else could figure out what was going on.

She'd only been working there for 9 months.

Astrid smirked when she saw just how tense Hiccup was. She loved teasing him, loved winding him up so tightly that when he climaxed the orgasm sent stars into his vision. At the same time, she knew she owed him because he had brought her off earlier in the day without receiving any kind of treatment himself before she had gone to the store to buy milk which they didn't have for their bread apparently.

Hiccup was not only a good singer, but also a great cook which was great since she'd hardly been taught to cook anything beyond boxed pasta and home-made meatballs. He on the other hand could make breads, noodles, cakes, sauces, and more completely from scratch. He'd taught himself to cook using videos as a teenager since his father couldn't cook worth anything on the planet.

Those same hands which paid so much attention to detail in the kitchen had easily brought her off within minutes through the fabric of her underwear, her climax shaking her since it had been a few weeks since he'd last touched her there.

Now, Astrid really wanted to pay him back the more she thought about it. As much as she liked hearing his pleas when she teased him, she loved hearing Hiccup whine as his brain tried to keep up with the pleasure in his body and create coherent words.

Womanhood growing wet around the base of the strap-on-which was curved so it would fit inside of her and rub her sensitive inner-areas when she was thrusting into him-do to the thoughts of their events in the kitchen creating phantom sensations of Hiccup's fingers on her, Astrid found herself finding self-control harder as she moved her left hand to grip his shoulder again, positioning the stiff fake-phallus at Hiccup's entrance.

Hiccup's eyes widened as his fists grabbed the bed sheets when he felt Astrid's 'penis' touch his anal area. He sighed when her left hand squeezed his shoulder, eyes closing again as he tried to relax. Unfortunately that was easier thought than done because he was so wound up from being without this kind of contact for a long period of time. He'd also grown tighter in those few weeks and Astrid had commented on this fact when she was lubricating the area inside of him with her two fingers and the clear, non-sticky brand of lubricant they used.

Astrid could feel how tense he was even if she had no feeling in 'her penis'. She knew she was a woman, but had found she quite enjoyed having a 'manhood' of her own, even if she only wore it during sexual activity. When Hiccup had called it 'hers' for the first time she found just the idea of it not only gave her pleasure, but also some sort of calm joy. Something about the flexibility and 'normal' feeling she had owning a strap-on that was hers just made her feel good.

Hiccup was a man without many value limits as far as people being who they wanted to be and who they were inside went. Of course he found pedophilia disgusting and wrong, and he never really put much thought into incestual relationships so didn't have an opinion on them. As far as the topics of homosexuality, bisexuality, people being transgender, and pretty much anything else LGBTQ went he was fine with it. His best friend was homosexual, his half-brother had a cousin who was transgender and Hiccup loved the teenage girl just the same as he had when she was physically a little boy, and the both of them had a friend named Ruffnut who was in a polygamists marriage.

Astrid smiled at the memory of Hiccup telling her he loved her despite the few 'quirks' and 'kinks' she had which he at times found a little odd. He'd been the first person she was allowed to be her tomboyish self with, since her father was in the army so rarely at home and Astrid's mother had pressured her into being a 'lady' even when Astrid had once had a dream of fighting their wars like her father did. Hiccup was also the only one who knew she liked pegging.

Astrid tensed when she could tell Hiccup's body was pushing her away by the way his shoulders tensed under her hand and the way the strap-on didn't slide in partially like it usually did when she positioned herself since his body had grown to accommodate this type of thing over the years.

Astrid leaned forward, the tip of the fake-cock hardly sliding into Hiccup so he hissed. She put her mouth near his left shoulder so he could hear her when she spoke.

"Breath for me babe." Astrid whispered, voice both seductive and comforting at the same time. "Just relax yourself a bit. Your arms, your thighs. That's it…" Astrid continued as she saw Hiccup's lips part when he breathed out a relaxed sigh, closed eyes going slack instead of being scrunched up like they had been previously. He was still 'fighting' her back there though.

"I know you want me." Astrid's voice grew a tad bit more lustful, hoping the sexual desire would help Hiccup find enough comfort to relax more. He really was tightly wound. Astrid could see it by the thin sheet of sweat making his back glisten, sweat droplets going into the crook of his back where his slightly-visible spine was dripping along his skin to the back of his neck. She wiped some of the sweat away so it didn't rub at his sensitive skin, making a humming sound when she pushed in just a tad bit further, the curved end of her phallus rubbing against her in a way that sent a mild spark through her. Not enough to make her as horny as it did when Hiccup was touching her clit, but definitely enough to fill her with a comfortable warmth.

Hiccup let out another sigh when she moved in slightly, fingers twitching as he let his grip on the sheets loosen a little bit. Astrid was starting to wonder if this could've maybe been about more than just him being coiled up. She decided to ask about it while brushing her left hand through the back of Hiccup's hair.

"Why are you so tense today baby? I don't mind it." She was whispering in a much more comforting tone than a seductive one now. "I just want to know. I think this is about more than you being tight." Hiccup shivered when she said it, a tiny moan escaping his lips while his walls closed around the object inside of him.

Hiccup shook his head, taking a breath and smiling weakly while opening his eyes to look at the sweat droplets on the pillow. "I-I'm fine. I've been doing a lot at work and my prosthetic has been rubbing me weird. It's got me all tense and the warm bath I took this morning didn't really help much." Hiccup took another breath, his left leg twitching as he talked about it. "It doesn't really hurt right now since I haven't been lifting anything for the past few hours, but it has my muscles much more tense during the day and I carry that home. I didn't think about it until you mentioned it. I-I think that might be why you're having a hard time."

Astrid frowned, shifting her hips sub-consciously so the object inside of her rubbed her again. She was growing wetter and tighter by the minute. Hiccup let out a small sound when she did this, the strap-on inside of him shifting with his girlfriend's movements and stretching him. It wasn't painful, but rather gave him a full feeling that made his cock leak.

"Do you want me to keep going anyways?" Astrid asked, receiving mixed messages by the sounds Hiccup was making.

"Yes." Hiccup breathed, and she could tell he meant it.

"Maybe I'll rub your leg with that muscle relaxing lotion when you get back from band practice?"

"I'd like that."

Hiccup was finding it harder to speak when she slid in a little more without even trying, the position of her leaning close to his ear like this making it so she could slide halfway in if he was relaxed enough, the only thing keeping her from doing so being his tight muscles.

Astrid leaned back, her right hand leaving the bed so she could place her hands on Hiccup's hips. She pulled out an inch, making him let out a small whine sound of protest. Astrid smirked at this, sliding all the way back in and getting further than she had before. She repeated this motion, going extremely slowly so as to not irritate Hiccup's tense muscles until he was open enough for her. When just a tad bit over 3 quarters of her penis had been covered by his flesh, Hiccup let out a sound that was akin to a half-sob half-high-pitched-moan. She knew that sound well, and knew she had hit his prostate on the first try which was fairly rare.

"Someone liked that." Astrid's voice was louder now since she wasn't right next to Hiccup's ear, a teasing tone covered by a sheet of lust and seductive nature. Hiccup's hands were holding tightly to the bed sheets again, proving her point. She still had both hands on his hips as she moved back, coming back in a little faster than before. This sudden, unexpected action surprised Hiccup and made him gasp, his back arching towards the ceiling slightly and his face almost touching the pillow. When she pulled out slightly again Hiccup lifted his head so his shoulders were a little more parallel with her hips and his elbows weren't as bent. This meant he could push back against Astrid as soon as she thrust forward. It wasn't hard for them to find a rhythm as this was fairly common, even if Astrid was slightly clumsy with her actions since this wasn't an every-time thing and she had no actual feeling in her fake-phallus.

"S-Sure did." He tried to sound sassy or sarcastic as a comeback but it came out weak and needy like he was begging for more. Astrid thrust forward hard as a result to catch him off guard. Hiccup let out a yelp/groan and fell forward. Astrid caught him by his shoulders before he could hit the bed and continued to hold onto him until he could get his arms back underneath him.

They held still for a moment, Hiccup panting in sync with Astrid, another groan filling the air when she shifted and rubbed over his prostate perfectly.

"Just trying to figure out how I want to do this." Astrid mumbled, her eyebrows scrunching in concentration as she moved forward again, this time slower. She found a slow pace where she went as deep as she could every time. Hiccup was shaking with it, a sob escaping a throat every 3-4 times she rubbed over his prostate and his body needed to release that built up energy or he'd collapse. The sob shook his body, the sensation of Astrid rubbing over his prostate sending fire up his spine and down to his toes. He shouted when she picked up the pace, holding the bed sheets tighter as she held onto his hips again.

Astrid got to the point where Hiccup felt like he was being pounded into by a machine. The sound of her thighs slapping the back of his thighs occasionally mixed with his sobs and groans and her moans of pleasure as the toy rubbed her on the inside when she bottomed out inside of him. A tear or two escaped his eyes as they normally did when they did this. He didn't tear or bleed, but that didn't mean it didn't hurt a little bit. The pleasure far overrode the pain though and made this whole thing completely worth it.

"Astrid! P...please." Hiccup gasped the words out when he felt the coil in his belly tightening, his cock beginning to throb so hard it hurt.

Astrid smirked, reached around her boyfriend to cup his testicles in her hands. Hiccup hissed at the contact, nearly lost the strength in his arms when her hand grabbed his shaft. She was still moving inside of him, though due to a lack of practice had to slow down a little so she could stroke him the right way.

Hiccup yelped when Astrid shifted and the end of her 'penis' penetrated him the wrong way, causing it to jab at the sides of his walls at an upward angle. If she was going to shift that way without causing pain he would've needed to be sitting up and over her lap. He'd learned how different positions worked in different ways because of his past male partners.

Astrid didn't apologize verbally, but she did place a comforting kiss on Hiccup's back while slowing her movements slightly. It took a moment for the initial sting to wear off, but Hiccup encouraged her, telling her it was okay to thrust again by pushing his butt against her strap-on. Astrid complied with his request, moving faster and pumping his shaft with her warm, smaller hands.

Hiccup shook and shivered, letting out two different shouts, one deep, one high pitched, before he bucked into Astrid's hand and finally reached his climax. His ejaculate fell over Astrid's hands and oh she continued thrusting into him until he was completely finished. When he was-the sign he was being his face falling into the pillow below him and his arms going limp-Astrid stroked him one more time rather than pumping before holding onto his hips and slowly pulling out, lubricant from earlier making the strap-on slick and slightly-gross looking but she didn't care. Astrid took the thing off, placed it on the bottom left corner of the bed, and nudged Hiccup with her hand so he'd fall onto his side. When he did she lay next to him, facing him, with a warm smile on her lips.

"You okay there babe?"

It was only now that Hiccup opened his eyes again, his irises taking a couple of seconds to focus before he caught Astrid's gaze and mimicked her smile. He leaned forward, kissing her gently before pulling away and opening his arms to her. Astrid entered the embrace in kind, her arms around his mid torso while his were around her shoulders, holding her there so Astrid could place her ear against Hiccup's chest to hear his rapid-but-slowing heartbeat.

"I am. I definitely am." Astrid actually laughed at the grogginess in her boyfriend's voice. There was also tension like he was feeling some sort of discomfort which was common when they did this kind of thing, though the soreness would likely go away once he got in the shower.

Speaking of which, she didn't really want him wearing his prosthetic leg while he still had this much tension in his muscles.

"Can I help you get to the shower?" Astrid didn't have to ask him if she could help him get there without his prosthetic because they'd had this conversation many times before and he knew what she meant by it.

"Sure thing." Hiccup sighed, holding her closer before looking at the night-stand clock behind her to check on the time.

"I still have 3 hours before I have to leave though. Can we just...stay like this for a moment?" She may have been a rather dominant woman in bed and Hiccup was fine with that because he'd almost always chosen a man or a woman who took charge in his few relationships (about 2 guys and 3 girls not including Astrid and not including the completely non-sexual relationship with a girl when was 13) but Hiccup loved moments like these when he could just hold her against him, protecting her and keeping her warm.

Astrid nodded her head, not quite wanting to leave her boyfriend's warm hold either. It was so comfortable and soothed her.

"Okay. I love you Hiccup."

Hiccup smiled, kissed her forehead tenderly and let it linger for a few seconds before pulling away.

"I love you too. More than anything the world can put against us."