(A/N) This one is fairly short but I hope you guys and gals enjoy it regardless! I know it's been a while since I updated. Enjoy some Hiccstrid in the Race to The Edge timeline.

Warnings-Sex before marriage, language

Astrid laughed as Hiccup's body pressed her naked back against the wall, playfully trapping her and pecking her neck as many times as he could. She pushed him back and forced him onto his bed, leaning over him and holding his hands above his head.

"You thought you could get the upper hand on me so easily, Haddock?"

Astrid said smoothly while still laughing. Hiccup smiled beneath her, only his top half naked with love bites lining his chest and shoulders.

"Maybe I thought you'd take it easy on me for once?"

"Have you forgotten who I am?"

They both laughed before kissing fervently, smiling every now and again into the kiss and messing up the rhythm of their tongues battling each other.

Hiccup's hand went to her bare breasts, one hand tweaking a nipple with his thumb and the other hand massaging her other breast.

"I needed this."

Astrid breathed when Hiccup released her mouth and moved down, his lips encasing her left breast and tongue flicking her hardened bud causing a sigh to escape her mouth.

"It's only been two weeks."

Hiccup breathed before moving up to connect with her lips again, his hands above his head gripping hers tightly. He lifted his hips and rolled himself against her naked bottom half, feeling how hot she was in her nether regions through his underwear.

"Two weeks is a long time."

"We're not married so I'd consider us lucky."

"Just kiss me, handsome."

Hiccup did as asked eagerly, rolling into her again and making Astrid gasp. She ground onto his thigh and moaned into his mouth rather loudly.

She was always pretty loud and Hiccup loved it. Astrid would only let herself go like this for him.

They just kissed and touched for a while after that. Hiccup was so hard beneath his undergarments it hurt and Astrid wasn't much better.

"Touch me where I want you."

Astrid finally breathed. Hiccup smirked into her mouth and sat up so she was straddling his lap. He began stroking her womanhood with one finger, entering her to gather her wetness and then circled her clit with the tip of his finger slowly. Astrid gasped without trying to hold back, ground herself on his finger and resumed kissing him roughly, teeth and tongue colliding with his.

"I love you."

Hiccup mumbled when he had to pull away for air. Astrid was still grinding against him every now and again but because of their position she couldn't get him exactly where she wanted him. Plus she felt self conscious bringing herself to a climax. Usually Hiccup did that with his hands when or right before they had sex.

"I love you too."

Astrid said with a smile before pushing him onto his back. She moved down his body and hooked her fingers into the lining of his underwear. Hiccup watched her as she slowly declothed him. Once the undergarments were completely free of his leg and a half, Astrid climbed back up his body just enough to have her head near his manhood.

Hiccup gasped when her mouth first touched him, tongue swirling the tip of him before she slowly sank down over him. Astrid was rather practiced and a naturally determined person. She had no problem taking nearly all of him into her throat.


Hiccup half-sighed half-whined as she took her time moving up and down on him. Her tongue moved across the bottom of his length, her warm mouth suckling and bopping up and down on his manhood. Hiccup raised his hips reflexively, wanting more of her, wanting her to go faster, but Astrid pinned his hips down with her strong hands.

"Quit teasing me."

"I'm simply taking my time."

"You know this isn't what I'm wanting."

"You're beautiful when you're desperate."

Hiccup was about to complain about her calling him 'beautiful' and 'desperate', but his words caught in his throat when she was on him again, moving faster than before.

Astrid's tongue teased him as she moved, warm lips sucking him and throat holding him tightly in a vice hold. Her tongue eased across his frenulum and swirled his head before moving back down with the rest of her head when she lowered herself to the base of him again, her throat squeezing him and bringing him close to the edge.

"Astrid! Astrid, I…"

Hiccup trailed off with a breathy sigh when she shushed him with a moan that vibrated through his cock and she sucked him hard enough to almost bring discomfort but also intense pleasure.

She held his hips down when he tried to buck, continued moving on him to give him friction but this time purposefully not adding the kind of pressure or suction she knew he needed.

Teasing him further, Astrid slowly pulled off of him.

"What was that?"

Hiccup groaned in frustration and looked her dead in the eyes, spotting saliva on her chin that had once connected her mouth and his manhood by a thin strand.

"Would you just stop with the teasing?"

"Consider yourself lucky since we're not married."

"Not funny."

"How about you get me off, then you can fuck me as hard as you want."

"I must admit I'd rather have you then take your mouth."

Hiccup sat up on his knees, pushing Astrid back so she was laying on the bed with her head at the foot of it. He moved down her body, coaxing Astrid to open her legs for him which she did hesitantly, always a little shy about doing so. She was really confident and sure of herself when she was servicing him, but when she was taking his ministrations it was a little difficult to leave herself vulnerable for her boyfriend.

Hiccup lay down on his belly with his knees bent and half of his legs up against the wall since he was too tall to lay on the bed while his head was in the middle of it like this. He used both hands to hold Astrid's bottom so he could lift her or pull her closer to his mouth as needed.

He heard his girlfriend gasp when his mouth first touched her, tongue edging into her and thrusting once, twice, three times before he moved up to lazily drag his tongue across her clit. The warmth of his mouth and wetness of his tongue made her shiver and Astrid moaned loudly. He encased her clit with his lips, sucking her like he'd suck her nipple and gently nipping her to use suspense as an addition to pleasure. He'd never bite her hard enough to cause pain, but just the act of adding teeth made her tense and flinch.

Hiccup moved down again, alternating between thrusting his tongue inside of her and sucking her clit. He focused more on her sensitive clitoris because that was so much more sensitive than her woman's opening, though made sure to give her attention inside regardless as to give her a full experience.

It wasn't longer than 10 minutes before Astrid was going from sighing and moaning to writhing and grabbing at his hair-which Hiccup didn't mind in the slightest. Hiccup paid more attention to her clitoris at this point, pushing up on his knees so he could lick and poke her with his tongue at a much faster pace. He continued licking and added some suction as she climaxed, bringing her through it, and Astrid had to shout at him to stop before he let her go.

"That was...wow."

"I try to do my best."

Hiccup said with a proud smile as he rolled his shoulders and popped his neck to get the crooks out of it that her knees encasing his head tightly had caused.

"You still wanna fuck me?"

"Already? You just got off."

"I don't think I'll cum again, but I do want you."

Hiccup smiled a warm smile with eyes half lidded and pupils blown. He was having a hard time holding back as his manhood throbbed at the sight of her.

Astrid breathed in and out to loosen herself up as Hiccup climbed over her, though that wasn't entirely necessary since she was so open from having just climaxed, her body having opened itself up in preparation to take what it was meant to take during mating and naturally lubricating itself.

"You ready?"

He always asked.

"I just want you, babe."

Hiccup didn't need more confirmation, they were pretty comfortable with each other and sex at this point.

Slowly, carefully, Hiccup entered her. He gasped and sighed as his neglected cock finally found the warmth and pressure that it was needing.

Hiccup looked Astrid in the eye to see she was okay and she gazed back at him with tired eyes, her lids drooping with lust and face covered with a light sex-induced blush.

"You alright?"

Hiccup asked in a deep voice, almost whispering. Astrid nodded and rolled her hips against him, making him gasp in surprise and hiss in pleasure.

Hiccup began to move, felt her heat, her precious pressure, her womanhood coating and gripping his cock in the most perfect way that drove him further and further. He moved faster, swore under his breath and held onto both of Astrid's hands while she locked her legs around his waist, her feet pressing into his rear to bring him closer to her, and her face buried in the crook of his neck as he pounded into her. She wasn't going to cum again, she could already tell that, but it still felt divine to have his thick length inside of her, filling her to the brim and stretching her, hitting that perfect spot over and over again until she whined.

"Fuck, Astrid, you feel so perfect. I love you."

Hiccup said in a gravelly voice as his movements stuttered, letting Astrid know he was close. She was taking what precautions she could so even if she knew it wasn't 100 percent, she was pretty sure it would be very unlikely she could get pregnant from him cumming inside of her. They were betrothed so they could always marry if her calculations and special drinks didn't work and she wound up with a child, but right now she couldn't think of that. She could only focus on him.

"I love you too. You're...so-huh-p-perfect."

Astrid breathed as he hit her in that perfect spot harder, kind of unexpectedly, before he pressed as deeply into her as he could as he came. He thrust again, once, twice, three times, and he was finished. He was so tired from the ordeal he almost collapsed on top of her, especially because he was down a leg, but he managed to fall beside her and pulled Astrid into his warms.

Astrid laughed as she was enveloped in a tight hug and she nuzzled Hiccup's neck with her nose who smiled with his eyes closed peacefully.

"You always look so at peace after you've had sex."

Astrid said truthfully as she snuggled into his chest so they could cuddle. Hiccup chuckled and kissed her forehead.

"It's because I know it's you, M'lady."