(A/N) As requested by a guest, this is a Hiccup X Astrid X Mala smut.

Warnings- Mentions of oral sex, Detailed sexual themes, Intercourse before marriage, and intercourse between more than two people.

Hiccup sat on a stone rock near one of the secluded lakes on Defenders of the wing island. He had removed his shirt and leggings to clean up and relax in the moonlight, not knowing that his girlfriend had the same idea. What was originally meant to be an innocent escape from the stresses inflicted by the dragon hunters turned into one bashful moment for the 18 year old leader when out of the darkness of the trees came his girlfriend who lacked shoulder pads and a skirt.

"A-Astrid?" Hiccup all but gasped as his face turned a rather crimson color. He ducked into the darkness and shielded his chest with his hands. The woman in question stood in shock and disbelief that her boyfriend had had the exact same ideas she did. Unlike Hiccup though, Astrid wasn't nearly as self conscious and found this bashful nature to be rather cute. She teasingly swayed her hips and approached her boyfriend who backed up against a stone.

"I see you came here to clean up too?" Astrid asked and kneeled in front of her boyfriend. He gulped and nodded in response, shivering when the girl grabbed both of his arms and made him uncover his torso. There were reasons Hiccup had a right to be so self-conscious such as his slightly showing ribs and numerous scars. He didn't know that Astrid found his every detail quite pleasing.

"I-I didn't expect you to be here. Sorry." Hiccup looked down guiltily, feeling slightly embarrassed by the hardening member between his legs do to the hormones which flooded his brain once he'd seen his girlfriend without her extra armor. Then there were her rough, warm hands on his chest, and the fact the strong beauty in front of him had his body pinned against a large stone in the dark of night.

"It's fine. We haven't had much alone time together here lately." Astrid admitted, brushing her boyfriend's hair out of his face. Do to the simple cloth covering his lower regions, she was able to clearly see his erection. Yes, the sight stimulated a fire somewhere within her own lower parts, but she didn't say anything about it. Right now the young woman just wanted to help her boyfriend feel less insecure. She'd never seen him shirtless, as the few times they had slept in the same bed the lights were out completely and blankets covered his torso.

"I agree." Hiccup mumbled, eyebrows furrowing together when his girlfriend's rough hands ran down his chest. He found himself unable to look her in the eyes as her hands traveled lower, and couldn't stop thinking about the reason behind her actions. Did she not find him too skinny? Was his shy nature not a turn off? Most Vikings were strong, confident men who took charge. Here he was pinned against a rock and shivering like a scared child.

"I love you babe." Hiccup blushed once more, gasped when rough hands found the lining of his undergarments. Astrid's index and middle fingers hooked into the material, and she looked at her boyfriend for permission. Hiccup gulped audibly, obviously nervous.

"A-are you sure? Here? N-now I mean?" He stammered. "I mean...s-sure but-could you make sure not to remove them entirely?" Astrid smiled, finding her boyfriend's shy state nothing less than absolutely adorable. Her hands traveled under his undergarments, but as requested she didn't remove them. Hiccup's entire form jerked suddenly when rough hands grasped his length, a thumb swiping over the tip teasingly. He brought his left hand up to cup his girlfriend's cheek, and passionately kissed her. Astrid responded quickly and confidently, tongue diving into her boyfriend's mouth.

The kiss went on for a few minutes, Astrid's hands exploring the once foreign feelings of her boyfriend's member. She found herself straddling his lap after a bit, never parting from the kiss. Her hands gripped Hiccup's shoulders tightly, and the young man's arms looped around her waist. Hands found their way under her shirt, and experimented with the feeling of different muscles in her torso, not daring to reach for her breasts yet.

Just as Hiccup and Astrid were getting so lost in each other they didn't believe they'd be able to ever stop, a rustling in the bushes sounded. Suddenly, the gasp of a woman could be heard, and both members of the couple separated and looked up to see yet another person with the same idea they'd had. Both blushed deeply when none other than the strong, fierce leader of the Defenders of the wing caught them red handed. What really took the both of them back was the sight of this woman wearing nothing more than her own breast bindings and undergarments. She stood frozen in place. Astrid felt her own fire rage even more than before, and felt almost guilty for such an occurrence being induced by the sight of another woman.

"M-Mala?" Hiccup was the first to exclaim in a choked voice. The woman in question nodded with a blush, covering her chest with her arms. She seemed a little more confident than expected though, and didn't bother crossing her legs or trying to hide in the darkness of the trees. Instead she gazed down at the couple, a smile gracing her lips when her mind processed exactly what would've happened sooner than later if she hadn't interrupted.

"A little less than cultural I see." Mala stated at the sight of the two. Astrid smirked, somehow finding herself enjoying the thought of being a rebel in yet another section of her life. Hiccup seemed to be the only one a bit less-than-confident, and almost felt left on the sidelines. He noticed a sudden wetness dampening his undergarments, and found himself becoming jealous of his girlfriend's admiration for the queen. As if instinctively, a growling sound escaped his throat and he kissed Astrid deeply, before reaching his hands even further up her shirt and into her breast bindings. The younger woman gasped in surprise and pleasure.

Mala-admittedly having a secret admiration for the young soon-to-be-chief of Berk-found herself almost jealous of Astrid when the younger woman's head fell back in pleasure when her boyfriend found her nipples with his hands. Unable to control her own burning desire, the queen walked closer and grabbed one of Hiccup's forearms. The boy jerked his head up, looking at her with wide eyes and surprise. There was also a slight hidden fear. One part of him knew they should be embarrassed and stop right now. The other though wouldn't allow his experimental touches to halt so easily.

Astrid pulled back from Hiccup and looked at Mala with an attempted glare. The fierce look was quickly replaced by admiration though when she had the opportunity to see the woman up close. Mala's breasts were larger than her own, and her arms were toned and nearly flawless unlike Astrid's which had numerous scars. Those green eyes reminded her of her boyfriend's emeralds, and the queen's toned abdomen was truly a sight to admire. Then there were those thin, toned, flawless thighs. Astrid blushed.

"Allow me a chance to prove myself and no one hears of this night." Mala whispered to both Hiccup and Astrid. The two blushed at the thought of everyone else knowing their immoral current predicament. They looked at Mala, and Hiccup couldn't deny the fact that the thought of two strong woman on him sent electricity down his spine and between his legs. He only grunted in response to Mala's request, and looked to Astrid for an answer.

"I wouldn't deny it...just this once." Astrid whispered with a crooked smile. She was still on top of Hiccup, but turned her attention to Mala. With her left hand she cupped the queen's cheek who responded with a tender kiss. Hiccup, becoming jealous once more, untied his girlfriend's breast bindings from beneath her shirt. He found this a hard task as his hands shook thanks to the wetness from said girlfriend warming his own desire.

Once the breast bindings were removed from under Astrid's shirt, the two woman separated temporarily so Hiccup could remove his girlfriend's top. He took time admiring her breasts while the kiss resumed, and used both hands to experimentally touch them, making Astrid moan into her temporary lover's mouth.

"Milady...this isn't fair." Hiccup whined quietly into his girlfriend's ear. Astrid smirked against Mala's lips and got off her boyfriend's lap. He turned his head towards her and his girlfriend caught him in a deep kiss. At the same time he was kissing one girl, the other slowly pulled his undergarments to his knees and began experimenting with his manhood. Hiccup tried to reach for her, guiding those warm hands to where he wanted them, but Astrid quickly pinned his wrists to above his head. Being new to this experience, the young man groaned and shivered in sensitivity, setting off his girlfriend more. Their tongues began to fight.

Hiccup's hips jerked forward when Mala gripped the base of his length. The woman began moving her hands up and down the member in a fashion similar to which he'd stimulated himself. He couldn't see what was going on do to the kiss he was currently in, but twisted and groaned when warm breath hit his most sensitive regions. Astrid tangled her hands in his hair to keep him still, and not long after Hiccup was struggling to maintain his breath as warm lips enclosed around him. A tongue traveled along the under side of his manhood, teeth scraping the tip. It was a sensation he had never experienced before, and oh did he love it.

"M-Mala." Hiccup stammered out once he'd finally broken from the kiss. Astrid-not at all enjoying the fact her boyfriend was at the mercy of anyone other than herself-imediatly grabbed Mala's arms to stop her. The older woman gasped as she was pressed against the stone beside Hiccup, though she didn't struggle when the divine beauty's lips crashed into hers. Hiccup-not liking the idea of being on the sidelines at all-quickly made space between the two woman so he had just enough room to tenderly suck at his girlfriend's nipple. Astrid gasped in surprise, making Mala tense and shiver.

Once the young man had made sure he had enough time with both of his girlfriend's breasts, he had just enough extra confidence to remove her leggings. Astrid was quick to raise up on her knees so her boyfriend could remove her bottoms with ease, before she pulled away from Mala and looked at Hiccup teasingly. The teenager looked down with yet another blush.

"I see someone's jealous." Hiccup blushed deeper. In one swift movement, Astrid moved from Mala to her boyfriend. She sat on his lap with her back to him, and gestured for Mala to come over. The queen did as requested, and sat in front of the youthful younger woman. Astrid angled her body forward so she could suckle the sweet spot between her neck and shoulder. At the same time, she rubbed her immodestly covered womanhood against her boyfriend's own hardly sheltered manhood. Hiccup gasped and grabbed her hips, holding them in place.

"A-Astrid...can I uh-" "Go ahead babe." Astrid whispered seductively and confidently. Hiccup nodded his head despite his girlfriend being unable to see him, and he slowly pulled off her last bit of clothing. He also worked to remove his own undergarments, and Astrid removed those Mala had left. Three naked people, two being woman, sat outside next to the water despite none of them being married nor legal concubines. Such a forbidden situation to be in, and it was intoxicating.

Once the three temporary lovers were in comfortable positions, Hiccup pressed the tip of his manhood into his girlfriend. Astrid moaned and hissed as she was penetrated, biting into Mala's shoulder for comfort against her virgin womanhood being filled for the first time. The younger woman adjusted to her grunting, stiff boyfriend, all the while moving to suckle the queen's breasts. She used her left hand to penetrate and pleasure the older woman's opening, her right grasping that of her boyfriend's to support herself. Both woman hissed in pleasure, the man of this trio unable to clear his blurry and reddening vision. Never had he felt something quite as divine as this.

Hiccup felt fingernails digging into the rough skin of his hand as Astrid held him for comfort. Mala was currently trying to contain herself as fingers and tongue worked at her womanhood and breasts. The younger members of the couple moved in sync, Hiccup's member bottoming out in his girlfriend and quickly retreating to continue the same process at a faster speed over and over again. Before long he felt his own climax approaching.

"A-Astrid...I don't know how much longer I can hold out." Hiccup whispered into his girlfriend's ear. He sunk his teeth into the flesh of her neck, making Astrid gasp and moan into Mala's breasts. "I'm close too babe." She whispered back, out of breath.

The pace of all three lovers quickened, and before long Mala was the first person to reach her end. She shook and shivered, tightening around Astrid's fingers. The younger woman was set off by this, and couldn't hold on any longer. A scream escaped her lips as her boyfriend speared her one last time, before her juices fell over him.

Hiccup-afraid he would do something stupid and finish inside of his girlfriend-pulled out of Astrid and used his thin yet strong arms to lay her against the rock behind him. The younger woman shivered do to the cold wall on her back. She noticed her boyfriend reaching for his length in order to finish himself off, but had better plans than he did.

"Uh-uh babe. This is my game." Astrid whispered to her boyfriend challengingly after launching towards him and pinning his wrists above his head. She teased his testicles with her hands, palming at him and receiving numerous hisses and grunts from the man. Then she gestured for Mala to come over.

"Let's switch this time." Astrid whispered to the queen seductively. Mala smirked and did as told, catching Hiccup's lips with hers and holding his hands in place above his head. Astrid reached down to grasp his length, squeezing the base and causing her boyfriend's body to jerk in surprise. With steady movements, she began rubbing and pumping him. After only a minute of this process between the two woman, Hiccup growled into Mala's lips, bucking his hips, and a shiver ran down his spine. He quickly climaxed onto his girlfriend's hands before slumping back tiredly. Mala and Astrid pulled back, smiling at their achievment.

"That was...amazing." Hiccup mumbled with a sigh. He opened his eyes with a lopsided grin, admiring the two beauty's above him. Mala and Astrid blushed at the compliment, before all three members of the trio decided to head to the water and do what they had originally came here for. This time though...they had company while cleaning their naked bodies.