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Listen well, oh Bringer of Doom. Touched by the Wraiths, you shall take the path of eternal conflict. Never shall you find peace, only death, despair and destruction will follow in your wake. Countless horrors shall confront you, and yet they will become naught by stains of blood behind where you have tread. For you are he who shall bring ruin upon our foes, the Slaves of Doom will know fear, and you will not rest until they are no more

Corrax Entry 1:2

(Unknown Location)

The green armored warrior watched as the body of what could be described as a giant mutated, technorganic spider's body exploded into blood and gore. Its parts flew across the floor and covered it with even more blood. Nothing remained of its upper half, the large weapon in the warrior's hands saw to that. For a moment, the man appeared about to take a breather.

That's when arcs of electricity suddenly flared all around him. Looking around in alarm, he saw his HUD come alive. 'Tether Activation' blinked across his vision before it was filled by a bright flash of light. The next moment he was standing in what appeared to be a laboratory. Looking around at the lab, the man watched as a tall robot approached him from the smoke. Anger towards this robotic being seemed to fill the man's heart as he glared at the approaching automaton.

"You've won…it's over." The robot said in a male voice. It drew closer until it was just a foot away from him. "But it's come at a price. Argent, VEGA, this entire operation."

The man seemed to say something, but the words could not be heard. However, the robot clearly heard them as he replied, "Perhaps, but you failed to see what I had to do." It said. "You see, I've watched you work, come to understand your motivation. You think the only way is to kill them all, leave nothing behind, and you may be right. But we can't just shut it all down. Without Argent Energy it will be worse."

Energy began to hum as the machine the man was in began to power up. The machine continued to speak. "I don't expect you to understand or agree." said the machine. He snapped out his hand, and a demonic looking object was suddenly yanked from man's belt and into the cyborg's awaiting palm. "But with this, we can continue our work."

As if enraged, whether on what the cyborg did or said, the man latched out at the robot. Only to find himself ensnared by energy binds. Ignoring his struggles, the cyborg added, "I am not the villain here, Doom Slayer. I do what I do because there is no other choice."

"Re-routing tether coordinates. Complete." Chimed the facility's voice.

"Our time is up." said the cyborg as he looked at man's restrained form. "I can't kill you, but I won't have you standing in our way." He snapped his arm that was holding the object, the artifact's top end opening and projecting a red energy blade covered in hellion script with a pickaxe-like tip. "Until we see each other again."

The teleportation unit started firing, energy arcing along his form again. But the man paid them no mind. As the energy surge got stronger, the cyborg turned and prepared to head back where he had come from. The man could only watch in silent rage as the world was consumed in a flash of white.

(Present Time)

Eyes opening wide, a male who appeared to be between his late teens to early twenties and was about six feet tall shot out of bed with a gasp. Doing so knocked the blanket off him, revealing his lean muscular tanned body. His short dark brown hair was a bit disheveled having woken and his green eyes bleary, still half-asleep. What was most notably, however, were the numerous scars across his body. He also had scars on his face, with a large one going across his left cheek, another one right through the eyebrow on the same side, one on the right side of his chin, a small one going from the right side of his forehead towards the center, and finally a scar going across his nose. Runes lined parts of his chest and one around his heart, plus on the palms of his hands too.

Flynn Blazkowicz rubbed his eyes as he slowly woke up. That had been the fifth time this month since he had that dream, and dreams similar to it. All of them were of that green armored man, fighting against demonic monsters. Every time he did so with brutal efficiency, like a beast in rage. And every time, it felt like he was the one doing it. It made no sense to Flynn, but it wasn't time to focus on that. Right now, he had to get ready for his first day at Kuoh Academy.

The reason why he was going to a school in Japan was because of his caretaker. Named Windsor, the man had sent Flynn to the country to attend the prestigious school after having Flynn stay in London for three months. Flynn had no idea why, but Windsor believed it was a good idea for him to meet other cultures and 'see things from another angle', whatever that meant. Either way, it was time to get ready.

A few minutes later and after a quick breakfast, Flynn was now dressed in the male Kuoh Academy uniform. The slight differences were that he had the blazer and buttoned shirt open, revealing a black t-shirt underneath. Around his neck was a chain necklace holding a rabbit's foot. Flynn then grabbed his bag and headed out the door of the two-story house he was staying in, paid for courtesy of Windsor. Leaning against the mailbox was a green and black Chopper motorcycle. Flynn had bought it after seeing it in front of a motorbike store and fell in love with the cycle at first sight. After unhooking the bike from the mailbox, Flynn put his helmet on and started the engine. With a roar, the young man took off towards the academy.

His home was on the outskirts of the town. Thus, Flynn had to leave early even when riding on his bike. Fortunately, when he arrived, there were still students walking through the large, extravagant gate. Unfortunately, the appearance of his motorcycle caught a lot of attention. Students, both genders, watched as Flynn parked his bike in the parking lot. After locking it to the bike rack, Flynn took off his helmet, allowing everyone to see his face. Students began whispering to one another, taking glances at Flynn, especially his scars. Said person ignored them as he made his way towards the school entrance. As he walked up the stairs, he spotted a girl who wore the Kuoh Academy uniform. She had a tomboyish appearance with blue, shoulder-length hair and matching eyes. The girl was tall for her age, but her head only reached Flynn's shoulders.

Seeing that he still needed to find the Student Council room, Flynn decided to approach her. "Excuse me" He began, getting the girl's attention. "My name is Flynn Blazkowicz. I'm a transfer student and I need to find the Student Council room. Do you know where that is?"

At the words 'transfer student', the girl perked up. "Oh! You must be the one I was supposed to wait for. I'm Tsubasa Yura, a member of the Student Council. I am to bring you to see Kaichou. Follow me." The named Tsubasa said as she headed into the school. Flynn shrugged and followed.

As he walked behind her, Flynn couldn't help but take note of some peculiar details. Not her appearance, mind you, but rather the strange feeling he was getting from the blue haired girl. It felt familiar in an oddly bad way, and for some reason he felt the desire to tear her head from her shoulders. Flynn mentally shook the thought away as the two arrived at a door.

Tsubasa did several knocks, which was received by a stern "Come in" from inside the room. Opening the door, Flynn was greeted by two girls. Both had dark raven colored hair and wore rectangular glasses. The one sitting at a desk her hair styled in a bob cut and violet eyes. The second girl standing next to the first one had hers flowing long down her back. She had light brown eyes. They both wore the female school uniform.

"Kaichou, I brought the transfer student." Tsubasa announced as she led Flynn into the room.

"Thank you, Tsubasa." The bob cut girl said. Standing up the girl turned her attention towards Flynn. "Greetings. My name is Souna Shitori, I am the Student Council President of Kuoh Academy. However, please call me Kaichou. And this is my Vice-President, Tsubaki Shinra." Souna introduced herself while raising a hand.

"My name is Flynn Blazkowicz. Please to meet you, Kaichou." Flynn said as he shook her hand…and was suddenly filled with thoughts of slaughtering these three girls in the most brutal way possible. Flynn couldn't suppress the shudder as he tried to shrug the murderous desires.

Souna took notice of this. "Are you okay, Blazkowicz-san?" She asked.

"Y-yeah. Apologize, sometimes I get headaches due to my amnesia." Flynn said as he managed to recover.

"Ah, yes. Your file makes mentioned of that." Souna said as Tsubaki handed her a folder filled with paper. "According to your files, you were in a car accident on the outskirts of London in the middle of the night. You received minor injuries as well as a severe concussion to the head, the cause for your amnesia. All you could remember was your name. After being discharged you were taken in by a Mr. Windsor and lived in London for about a year before coming here to Kuoh and are to be a third-year."

'Damn, talk about detailed.' Were Flynn's thoughts, but instead said, "Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. My caretaker wanted me to experience new places to see if it would help jog my memory."

Souna hummed as she kept reading the file. "Well, I admit that yours is not what we normally accept here in Kuoh Academy. However, you seem to behave yourself, so I suppose we can give you the benefit of the doubt." She said.

"My thanks, Kaichou." Flynn said.

"Anyway, here is your class schedule, Blazkowicz-san. Enjoy your time at Kuoh Academy." Souna said as she gave Flynn a piece of paper with his classes.

"Mhm." Flynn murmured as he headed out of the room. 'I just hope this school doesn't have to many oddballs here.'

(Hours Later)

'I take that back. They don't have a few, they have a lot!' Flynn thought as he sat in his current class, biology.

By lunchtime Flynn was beginning to have doubts about the sanity of this school. During his trek to his second class that Flynn saw three males being chased by a mob of girls wielding shinai, followed by screams of pain and terror. The transfer student later learned that the boys were known as the infamous Perverted Trio, second year students who were notorious for their opened lust for the female body that they would even peek on girls in the changing room. Flynn wasn't sure what was odder: That those three hadn't been expelled or that no one was commenting on the Kendo Club members publicly using their shinai. That technically counted as an assault even if it was used on some guys spying on you.

Speaking of girls, throughout the first couple of classes Flynn had, he'd been hearing about the 'Two Great Ladies of Kuoh', Rias Gremory and Akeno Himejima. From what Flynn gathered, they were a pair of third year girls who were the most popular and considered the most beautiful in the academy. He hadn't met them in person yet, but he got enough physical description of them that Flynn was sure he'd recognize them. And don't even ask about the kind of comments the students were saying about them. On a side note, Souna Shitori and Tsubaki Shinra were considered the third and fourth most beautiful girls respectively. Finally, Flynn learned that there was a popular second grader. Known as Yuuto Kiba, a blonde hair boy called "The Prince of Kuoh". The reason being was he was considered by many girls to be the most handsome male student in the school. Like the girls, they were no small numbers of comments about him, though he also had many insults and curses hurled towards him from the boys.

Class soon ended, and it was time for lunch. As he walked out, Flynn saw that a lot of girls were swarming Kiba from the classroom across from his. Flynn ignored that and instead headed out to the cafeteria. He had heard that the school had recently set up new cappuccino machines outside the cafeteria entrance and wanted to try it. It was free, so Flynn didn't have to pay for anything. When he used it took only a few seconds for Flynn to get the kind of coffee he wanted. Unfortunately, he wasn't looking where he was going and accidentally knocked into someone.

Said person was a young girl with long black hair tied into a ponytail with purple eyes. She also had an abnormally large bust. If the description was accurate, then this person was Akeno Himejima. Back to the present Flynn's coffee spilled on her shirt. Furthermore, she had squealed when the hot liquid had spilled on her, which made things even worse. In hindsight though, that was a normal reaction for anyone really. When Flynn looked at her, he felt like the atmosphere had turned into a total cliché that people would watch on anime.

A light blush was on Akeno's face, making her seem helpless. The stain was all over her bust all things, making her bra visible, and the vibe around her was both dangerous yet somewhat innocent. When looking at her, any guy would normally react in a worried manner or get excited seeing a famous school idol like this. Though Flynn knew that most guys would fall into the latter category. However, Flynn felt nothing like that as he looked at her. In fact, he would rather just get this whole cliché feeling to end, especially since the urge to kill her was beginning to return. Flynn wondered if he should have a shrink check him out.

Anyway, Flynn let out a sigh as he went into the cafeteria. A few seconds later he returned and handed Akeno a towel. Personally, he would rather just leave the scene, but Flynn figured that he would be on the receiving end of some nasty glares and rumors and he rather not let that happen on his first day of school. "Here, use this to dry yourself of the stains." Flynn said before walking off.

Meanwhile, Akeno just blinked. She was surprised that he didn't overreact before saying, "Ah, thank you…"


School had ended. Students were now walking out of the academy grounds and returning to their homes. Many of them were either walking on their own or in groups. Flynn was a part of the former, getting his motorcycle revved up before taking off. Unknown to him, he would soon become the topic between some of the residential Devils at Kuoh Academy.

Souna Shitori, or Sona Sitri as she was truly called, was playing chess with a buxom redhead girl with blue eyes. This person was Rias Gremory, the most beautiful girl in Kuoh Academy. With them were their Queens, Tsubaki and Akeno. "Has Hyoudou adjusted to his new life as a Devil?" Sona asked Rias.

"Yes. As I'm sure you can imagine he was quite shocked. Though he quickly got over it when I mentioned he could get a harem once he became a high-class devil." Rias said, smiling as she remembered how her new Pawn reacted. "He's been very energetic in doing his Devil duties."

Sona sighed. "Course he did. Anyway, I've been meaning to ask, have you met the new transfer student? Flynn Blazkowicz."

Rias blinked, curious why her childhood friend would ask that. "No, I haven't, but Akeno had a little incident with him today. She was going to tell me before you invited us here."

Sona raised an eyebrow and looked at her friend's Queen. "Is that true?" She asked.

Akeno nodded as she thought back to the incident earlier in the day. "Yes, he had bumped into me by accident and gotten latte on my shirt. I must say, I'm really interested in him because he wasn't excited about seeing me, since I'm considered the number two idol and all. Also, he wasn't overreacting when that latte spilled on my chest area, or even excited about seeing it. In fact, he looked at me with complete annoyance~" She giggled the last part.

The other girls blinked at Akeno's flush faced upon mentioning the last part. It was clearly a fond memory to her. Though Rias suspected so, given her Queen's taste.

"…I see" Sona said, adjusting her glasses. "But besides that, was there anything else odd when you encounter him?"

Akeno thought for a moment. "Well, now that I think about it. There was brief moment when I felt killing intent from him when he saw me. However, the spike immediately disappeared. He seemed to have had forced it down, as if it had originally come unconsciously." She said seriously.

"Really?" Rias asked, surprised by that. Normal high schoolers would not be able to emit bloodlust in the first place. "Did something happen to you, Sona?"

"Yes. When I greeted him this morning, a I felt a quick wave of bloodlust from him. I can't really describe it, but it was as if a ferocious beast was about to pounce on me and tear me into pieces." Sona said. She mentally shuddered at the memory. She had almost used her magic, as well as Tsubaki. "Tsubasa also reported a similar experience."

"Hmmm" Rias hummed as she rubbed her chin. "And it only happened when he ran into one of us. Do you think Blazkowicz might suspect us to be Devils?"

"I'm not sure." Sona replied. "To be honest, his amnesia also seems rather suspicious, and I've had no luck on finding any information on this caretaker of his. Windsor, I believe was his name. For now, we should move our attention to these Fallen Angels that seem to have enter Kuoh."

"Agreed" Rias said as she got up. "I should return to the old school building. I'm sure my cute servants will be waiting for me."

(Later that night)

"Man, I wish the grocery store was closer to where I live." Flynn commented as he walked out of said building. His hands were carrying a bag of food.

He had gotten home hours ago. After eating something, doing homework and then relaxing, Flynn had realized that he did not have enough food for the week. So, he had to head out on his bike again and get to the nearest store before it closed since it was so late in the evening. The good news was he managed to reach the store in time and pick up the food. The bad news was that it had taken an hour on the main road to get from his house to the store in the first place. That what Flynn gets for choosing to live in the suburbs.

Anyway, Flynn finished placing the food into the compartment attached to the motorcycle before taking off. A few minutes after leaving, Flynn spotted a small dirt road splitting off from the main one. 'Could be a shortcut for all I know. Might as well try it.' Flynn mused as he made the turn onto the dirt path. By now, nighttime had fully come, and it was completely pitch black around him. Flynn turned on the bike headlights, so he could still see the path. As he did, he could see many run down buildings, some having literally fallen apart. "This must be the older area of Kuoh." Flynn assumed as he kept driving.

When he was about to pass by a warehouse, a scream nearly made Flynn lose his focus. The wheels nearly dug into the dirt as Flynn stopped the bike. "The fuck was that?" He muttered. A part of him just wanted to continue driving, but the other felt like he should go a see if someone was in trouble. Unfortunately, the latter won out and Flynn dismounted his bike and made his way to the warehouse. As he got closer Flynn picked up a rather putrid scent. It nearly made him gag but he surprisingly kept it in.

Slowly opening the large door, Flynn entered the warehouse cautiously. There were some lights still on, giving him some vision, though Flynn had pretty good sight even in the dark. "Hello?" He called out as he walked further in. "Is anyone in here?"

The response Flynn got was a loud, 'Thump' that had him spin around. What he saw was the lower portion of a human body. The upper part was completely gone save for a few innards sticking out, followed by a large puddle of blood forming. Flynn didn't know what was more disturbing: The body or that he wasn't the least bit freaked out by it.

"Well, well, well. What's this?" A feminine, sultry voice asked from the shadows. "Another morsel? And I had sworn not to eat to much in one night."

Stepping out of the darkness was a large creature that looked similar to a Centaur. The upper part was a humanoid female with a voluptuous upper body and long, black hair. However, her front legs were large humanoid hands with red claws and her stomach had what looked like a cavity with teeth to devour her opponents. In her hands were a pair of spears.

"The fuck?!" Flynn exclaimed in shock at the sight.

The creature giggled. "My, that's not a very polite thing to say to a lady." It said. "Perhaps I should teach you some manners before having you for dinner!"

With that, the creature lunged at Flynn with one of her legs. The teen immediately jumped out of the way, crashing into some crates. The creature merely laughed as it swung on of its spears at him. The blade missed its target but managed to leave a large tear on Flynn's jacket, revealing some of the symbols. This did little to upset it as the monster pursued Flynn.

In an attempt to escape, Flynn tried to make a dash to the door. The monster clearly saw his attentions and leapt over him, standing between him and the exit. "Oh, don't leave so soon, dear. We're just getting started." The monster cooed. Following that, she kicked several crates and chairs at Flynn. He was forced to dodge them, raising his arms to shield his face from the debris. The creature tried to attack him again with its spear, but Flynn got out of the way again. Picking up a loose brick, Flynn threw it at the monster's face. But it merely knocked it aside with its other spear.

Flynn dodged another spear thrust, doing a roll across the floor. He had to roll again several times to dodge the monster's claws. However, he did not see the rear leg kicking him. The impact sent Flynn crashing into the wall, making him cough up blood. Before he could get up, one of the spears impaled him in the stomach, causing him to vomit blood and who knows what else. His vision began to blur.

"You managed to survive a few seconds longer than my other victims." It said in mock praise. "As a reward, I'll kill you swiftly and savor your flesh as I devour it."

At that, the monster raised its other spear to deliver the final blow. Even then, Flynn's consciousness began to fade, his arms starting to become limp. As his head dropped, the blood that had come from his mouth began to slide down his chin to his neck and finally both over and under his shirt. Some of the blood reached the symbol over his heart, fully covering it in seconds. Once the mark was completely covered, it glowed a crimson red. Then, a voice spoke.

"They are rage."

As if suddenly revitalized, Flynn's eyes regained their spark. Head snapping up, he grabbed the oncoming spear with his hands, surprising the creature. With newfound strength, Flynn pushed the spear away, causing the monster to stumble backwards. He then gripped the other spear still stuck inside him and pulled it out. Flynn didn't seem to even acknowledge or notice the wound healing.


Still holding the spear, Flynn charged forward and rammed the weapon into the monster's second larger mouth. Blood splattered against Flynn's face, but he paid it no heed.

"Without mercy"

The monster roared in pain and anger, dropping the other spear. Its humanoid face morphed into a more demonic form, bearing piranha-like teeth, pointed ears, and black sclera in place of the usual white. It raised one of its front legs at Flynn, its claws ready to tear him apart.

"But you?"

With swift and lethal movement, Flynn spun out of the claw's way. He then grabbed the leg and bent it an unnatural angle. Again, the creature screamed in agony as it tried another attack with its other clawed leg. Once again, Flynn dodged the attack. This time, he tore off the other leg and tossed it aside.

"You will be worse"

Flynn then grabbed onto its arms and pulled it down, so he could reach its head. In a desperate attempt, the monster fired acid from its nipples of all places. This was futile in the end. The acid didn't even seem to bother Flynn as it only melted parts of his clothing.

"Rip and Tear"

Reaching out with his hands, Flynn grabbed the creature's lower jaw and the top of its head. The last thing the Stray Devil Viser saw were the glowing red eyes of Flynn, showing nothing but pure hatred. With a simple twist, Flynn snapped her neck.

"Until it is done!"

Deep within an unknown demonic location, far from Flynn, far from Kuoh Town, multiple creatures began to stir. Creatures of corruption and nightmares, as if being the physical manifestation of doom itself. And yet, these monsters started to screech, roar and other sounds mixed with rage and fear towards something. Above all these cacophony noises, a deep, dark voice spoke through the hellish plains. "He has awoken."

And there you go! I hoped everyone liked this beginning. Since it has been confirmed in Doom Eternal that the Doom Slayer is the original Doomguy, it is not known if he is Flynn Taggart or William Blazkowicz. So, I decided to use both along with aka Flynn Blazkowicz. As for the subject of a Sacred Gear, Flynn will not be getting one. It will relate to the location of his Praetor Suit by the way. As for harems, Flynn is going to have one, but it's going to be like an unwanted harem. Later revelations in future chapters will reveal why. Also, for those who ask, no, Flynn will not become a Devil. Don't forget to check out my Doom/Warcraft crossover challenge and be sure to review this one.