AN: The images for Jaune's build (obviously no black hair or exposed spine), bone mask, and backup weapon can all be found on the Facebook page for my stories. I will have the images for his main scythes posted when I finish drawing them.

AN2: The twin scythes, Judgement and Sorrow, are actually an in joke with me and my fiancé. We both like to play the Darksiders games and those are the main names we use when we make possessed scythes in Darksiders 2.

Second Coming of the Reaper

Chapter 2


"To Jaune!" Saffron cheered happily, raising a glass of soda up in a toast as everyone else at the small party copied her, Jaune blushing awkwardly at all the praise. Currently he was in the backyard of the Cotta-Arc household, Saffron and Terra having thrown a party to celebrate him getting accepted into Beacon, the friends they'd made in Argus over the last seven years being invited.

"Way to go little brother." Terra smiled, ruffling his hair even as his nephew Adrian cheered happily, reaching out for Jaune to hold him.

"You kept your promise." Maria smiled, patting his arm, or what part of it she could reach, "You truly were the best student I could possibly imagine."

"Thank Miss Maria." He smiled, the name he had called her when he was ten having stuck, "Or would you rather I use your old title?"

"Oh hush brat." The previous Grimm Reaper rolled her eyes, not phased at all by his teasing. She had told the Cotta-Arc family about her title and history when he was thirteen, the woman having become a member of the family at that point. She needed the anonymity but, knowing that he wanted to be a hero and have the acknowledgement related to it, she wrote a letter as 'the Grimm Reaper' about how Jaune was her apprentice and if people hear him saying Maria Calavera taught him he would explain how she was his instructor for other areas from dust to survival training. Looking at the wall, Jaune saw the framed acceptance letter from Beacon as well as a picture of him with Saffron, Terra, Adrian, and Maria when he opened it.

"You'd better take care of my weapons boy." A deep voice grunted as Jaune looked over to see Ulthane, the smith friend of Maria, walking over. Ulthane was a massive bear of a man but made the best weapons Jaune had ever seen.

"Of course. Jaune shuddered at what Ulthane would do to him if he didn't, "I would honestly rather fight an Ursa barehanded than piss you off." Ulthane looked smug at that, tapping his large ale tankard to Maria's glass.

"Come on you two," Saffron sighed in exasperation at the two odd additions to the Cotta-Arc clan, "behave. You know how badly Jaune wants to make us proud." The last part was added with a teasing smirk at Jaune who swatted playfully at his sister's pinching fingers.

"Speech!" Tony, a friend of Jaune's from school, called out mockingly, the rest of the guests joining in the chant, "Speech! Speech! Speech! Spee-!"

"Jaune!" an angry voice yelled as Jaune and Saffron both went rigid for a moment before turning to see the other Arcs coming into the backyard, led by his father, Lucien.

"Hello Father." Jaune's tone was frigidly civil as he looked at his parents and the rest of his older sisters, all of them in their full huntsman and huntress regalia, "I don't remember you being invited to the party."

"You aren't going to Beacon boy." Julian Arc scowled, "I've put up with your insubordination long enough. You, both of you, are coming back with us now."

"No we aren't." Saffron frowned, holding Terra and Adrian close. Maria tried to appear intimidating but her old body was too frail to fight, even if her mind was still as sharp as always. Ulthane however was much more intimidating as he reached for his maul.

"I'm seventeen father." Jaune frowned dispassionately, "I've been accepted into Beacon. Saff is twenty-six, she has a job, a wife, a son!" he points at Adrian who gurgled "But you don't give a damn, do you? No, if it didn't fit your precious plan, your fucking legacy, you don't care!" Jaune's aura pulsed angrily on his skin.

"Don't you dare talk to your father that way!" his mother, Giselle, snapped, eyes narrowed at him and Saffron.

"I'll talk to him whatever damn way I want!" Jaune snapped back, "You think you own us. Our lives, our dreams, our thoughts. Well guess what 'mother dear', Saffron and I aren't going to be your toys. Saffron is her own person, my sister is an amazing woman!" he smiled proudly at Saffron and Terra who smiled at him in return, "And I won't be your breeding stock just to pass on the damn name." he saw his parents flinch, "Oh, you thought I'd never figure it out? Why I was the only one in the family who was refused training even when you forced Saffron to train when she didn't want to. Well we've made our own lives, our own decisions. But if you came here looking for a fight," his hand reached for his secondary, heavier hitting, weapon on his back "I'll be happy to oblige. There's even a training ground not far away."

"Yeah!" Tony called out, breaking the awkward silence of the party goers, "This is way better than a speech! Show those ass clowns who's boss Jaune!"

"Kick their teeth in Arc!"

"Crush those posers!"

"We believe in you Jaune!"

"Go Reaper mode on 'em!"

"You want to lose that badly?" one of his sisters, Astrid, asked with a cocky smirk, a battle-axe on her back "I suppose I can spare a few minutes to chop you and your ego down to size. It'll be easier to drag you home if you can't try to walk away."

"So boy, what'll you be using?" Ulthane asked curious and no doubt eager to see his weapons get used for a proper fight "Going to bring out Anubis or use Judgement and Sorrow?"

"Not going to give myself a handicap and pick just one." He told Ulthane seriously, "Astrid was always predictable in a fight before but still hard to take down, and that's assuming she hasn't moved past that flaw. And her semblance means she can't get tired through her own actions or effort. You want to get her down you have to beat her down."

"What is it with your Arcs and your ridiculous semblances." Maria grumbled as they reached the field, their small crowd having grown as people were always eager to see a huntsman fight. "First there's your ridiculous power, then Saffron's, and now this?"

"Lassie, you have precognition reflexes, I don't think that counts as a normal semblance." Ulthane laughed before pausing ton consider, "Honestly though, are any Semblances ordinary?"

"Ready to lose, 'Jane'?" Astrid smirked, using the name she and the others used to always taunt him with when they forced him to dress up as a girl.

"You're pretty confident for someone about to get their ass kicked." Jaune tried to play it off even if he felt a spike of anger at the hated old nickname. Rolling his shoulders, Jaune removed his jacket and shirt, leaving him in just his pants and boots with the light armor they provided, a bone mask adding to the ensemble. Reaching at his back, he pulled out the cleaver like sword he had dubbed Anubis.

"Aura's synched." An Atlas soldier overseeing the training field called out, a screen lighting up to show his and Astrid's faces, both with an aura bar bellow them, "The loser is the first one to leave the boundary line of the training field or to reach fifteen percent aura. Are both fighters ready?" at their nods, the soldier pushed a button and activated the barrier to protect the audience, "Then begin!"

In an instant, Astrid came charging with in with a scream, battle-axe swinging in a blow he knew could likely carve an Ursa in two with a single stroke. Throwing himself back, Jaune rolled into a flip, eyes narrowed through the openings in his mask as he stared down his sister, watching her pull her axe from the dirt. "Running away? I thought you wanted to be a hero Jane?" Astrid taunted, "Heroes and Arcs don't run."

"It's called strategy." Jaune scoffed, "Maybe if you weren't a barbarian stuck at a first-grade reading level you might know what means." Yelling in anger, Astrid, came in with her axe again, swinging it blindly, not having to worry about conserving energy thanks to her semblance. "Oh dear, it seems I touched a nerve." He taunted, focusing before making his move. Pushing aura to his legs, Jaune shot forward, striking up into Astrid's gut with Anubis, Astrid gasping out at the hit she didn't expect before it sent her flying back. Running after her, he flicked his weapon to activate the mechashift, turning Anubis from a cleaver style sword into a two-handed scythe, using it to catch Astrid around the waist and throw her further away.

"You won't beat me that easily." Astrid growled, using her axe to force herself to her feet, spitting out dust as they both glanced at the screen for their aura. Jaune's aura technique had burned off a sliver of aura but his hits on her had taken a little over ten percent of her reserves.

"Kick her ass Jaune!" Saffron shouted from the sidelines, Terra cheering beside her and even little Adrian gurgling even if he didn't know what they were cheering for.

"Hoorah!" he switched Anubis back to its cleaver form and got in close, wanting to get in a few more hits with his heavier weapon to try and tire Astrid out. Snarling, Astrid brought up her axe to block Anubis as they were locked in a power struggle. He was far stronger than her physically, but she couldn't get tired, so a battle of attrition would never go his way.

Rearing his head back, Jaune slammed it into Astrid's nose, his bone mask helping it to hit Harder as Astrid reared back, cursing angrily even as she snapped her nose back into place, letting her Aura finish healing the injured appendage. Putting Anubis back on his back, Jaune drew his twin one-handed scythes, Judgement and Sorrow. Rolling in and around her slower axe strikes, Jaune continued to lash out with his scythes, scoring hit after hit as he whittled down her aura reserves, his own semblance helping him keep going without problem whenever she managed to score a hit or glancing blow.

"I've had enough of this Astrid." Jaune growled, whipping away a bit of dirt from his cheek after Astrid landed a hard punch to his face, "Let's end this." Holding his hand out, his scythes began to float before merging into one weapon using the gravity dust in their pommels, much as Maria's used to do. Gripping the now double ended scythe, Jaune focused aura into it as the fire dust in the blades ignited them, catching Maria off guard as he ran in, spinning his weapon and landing blows before she could recover the fire further whittling away at her aura.

"Match!" the Atlas soldier shouted, "Winner by aura is Jaune Arc!"

"That's my bro!" Saffron cheered, she and Terra running over to hug him even as Lucien pulled Astrid up to her feet. Above their heads, the screen showed that Jaune still had over eighty percent of his aura while Astrid had dipped to thirteen percent from his last strike.

"This changes nothing." Lucien growled, reaching for the Arc family ancestral blade at his side, "Both of you are coming back with me and that is final."

"You really don't get it do you?" Jaune grit his teeth and glared at the man who had sired him, "You don't get to decide what we do. You don't get to decide where we go. I want you out of my life, Saffron wants you out of hers. You may be my father, but we aren't family." Slowly, his burning rage turned into a cold smirk, "But if you want to try kidnapping us in front of all these witnesses and even a member of the Atlas military then by all means try." His smirk vanished in an instant, "But if you try, know that I will fight you every second of the way."

"I'd listen to the boy's words." Ulthane grunted, hefting up the maul he always carried with him, "He is the next Grimm Reaper after all. But until he gets to that point." The maul slams into the ground and cracks the earth "You'd have to get through me." Silently, Lucien eyed the crowd, including the Atlas soldier who had one hand on a pistol and the other on a radio.

"We'll go…but this isn't over." Lucien turned to stare Jaune in the eye, "This will never be over until you accept your place and do what I tell you to boy." With that, the eight Arcs turned and left.

"…That was awesome!" Tony decided to once more, breath the silence.

AN: Just to make things clear, the sister Jaune fought was the one in the picture we saw in Saffron's house with the missing tooth, the rightmost one. I'm picturing her as a year or two older than Jaune tops which is why the fight wasn't a curb stomping. If say Saffron had kept with training for all those years she would be able to beat Jaune and Jaune would stand no chance against his dad. He's strong but not unbeatable. And I've already picked out Jaune's and Saffron's semblances, I'm just keeping them a surprise for now.