AN: I couldn't find a last name for Amber anywhere, so I took a name from her voice actor to use instead in case anyone wondered where the surname came from.

Second Coming of the reaper

Chapter 9


"Hey boys!" the always cheerful voice of Amber called out as she and Melanie walked over, noting Ruby happily sitting between him and Adam, rapidly asking questions about their weapons at a mile a minute, "And this must be the new friend Adam told us about."

"H-h-hi." Ruby waved awkwardly, noticing the new people and letting some social anxiety show.

"Her yourself. Thanks for looking after my boys, I know they're a handful." Amber sent Ruby a playful wink, the hooded scythe user letting out a giggle despite herself.

"So, you lot ready for the fights?" Melanie flopped down next to Amber, kicking her heels up on the seat in front of her as they stared at the Arena Professor Goodwitch was giving some last-minute checks to.

"Yeah." Jaune shrugged, "Gonna at least try to fulfill your 'orders'."

"Orders?" Ruby tilted her head confused as Amber smirked, cracking her knuckles before placing them behind her head.

"These three are part of my crew little red, I gave them orders to give one hell of a show. If you're Jaune's buddy, then you're honorary minion so that goes for you as well." Amber grinned as Ruby whined and protested, spaztically flailing about.

"As amusing as this is, I hope it's not a requirement to sit here." Recognizing the voice from Weiss from before, Jaune saw the white dressed girl enter, nodding over at Adam "I'd suggest keeping an eye on the Atlas news for the next few days, you might find yourself intrigued by what happens."

"We'll see." Adam huffed, proceeding to ignore Weiss although she seemed to have expected it.

"Announcing the first fight, Ruby rose against Jaune Arc!" the professor's call prevented any further conversation as he looked to the front to see his and Ruby's faces on the screen by aura bars waiting to sync up.

"Well, ready to show these fools how a scythe master fights?" He asked his opponent with a grin, her own teeth shining as she returned it.

"Ready scythe buddy!"


"Scythe on Scythe huh?" Amber grinned as she leaned back, subtly watching for everyone's reactions when they see Jaune go form 'sharp dressed man' to 'dressed in abbs and pants' "This should be interesting. Any idea what he's planning to do for his 'putting on a show'?"

"Probably something over the top that only he could pull off." Adam sighed, "I've heard of his mentor and if he's anywhere near as extra as she reportedly was back in the day…"

"Damn…I should have brought popcorn." Amber pouted while Mel snorted.

"Mentor? Did he not attend a prep school?" Weiss Schnee tilted her head with a confused frown.

"Nope." Amber gave her a grin as she nodded to the ring, Ruby already in place given the girl was wearing her huntress outfit and had her weapon with her. From the other ring she could sense Jaune coming "Jaune never went to a prep school. Instead, he was the apprentice…" he stepped into the light, dark ragged pants, pale skin, tight muscles, and a chilling mask of bone standing out, his two scythes in hand and held pointed behind him "of the Grimm Reaper." Whispers shot through the room as everyone saw Jaune's change in wardrobe.

"The fight will go till your Aura hits the red, ring out, or I say stop it. Are we clear?" the strict disciplinarian Goodwitch demanded of both, Ruby wilting under her gaze and agreeing meekly while Jaune just gave a stoic nod, "Then Begin!" to start the fight, Ruby fired her gun, a high-powered sniper riffle, at Jaune's chest, a shot she knew he could dodge. That was, if he chose to. She saw it hit his aura, pushing him back as he slammed his scythes into the floor, digging in and stopping his flight back while his aura dipped sharply. Those in the stands started laughing and mocking Jaune for not even bothering to try to dodge, especially if he wasn't going to bother wearing armor.

Those jeers were sharply silenced as Jaune let out a chilling laugh, "You'll have to do better than that Ruby." Jaune tilted his head, his neck cracking loudly before his aura shone and the aura meter on the screen started increasing, returning to completely full as everyone, including Ruby gaped, too stunned to do anything else. "My turn then."

"I guess we know how he plans to draw attention." Adam snorted as Jaune shot forward, his sudden movement snapping Ruby out of her funk as she shot away, using her semblance to try and dodge around him while Jaune used superior training and flexibility, the ring a dance of shining steel.

"H-h-how?!" Weiss gaped, struggling to process what she just saw.

Amber smirked proudly at the impact minion number one was making "Aura amplification. Jaune can boost aura, whether it's his or another's. That means strength, speed, defense, healing, semblances and even how fast the aura regenerates. That and the fact that he's a dodgy little shit-"

"Language!" Ruby paused to point at her with a swear jar before yelping and dodging another scythe slash.

"Makes him incredibly hard to put down in a fight." Amber finished with a happy smile as Jaune continued to whittle down Ruby's aura, the younger reaper not having the strength or experience to take his own out fast enough, not yet at any rate.

"Winner, Jaune Arc." Professor Goodwitch called the match, Jaune's intimidating and chilling persona dropping as he put his mask back on his belt.

"Great fight Ruby." Jaune smiled warmly to the younger girl, helping her to up to her feet "We should spar again sometime, I don't get to fight a lot of fellow scythe users so that was awesome." That was apparently the right thing to say as Ruby cheered excitedly, the two exiting the ring.

"Next fight, Adam Taurus against Yang Xiao-Long." The professor announced, Amber noticing Adam's ex Blake stiffening in another part of the stand, trying to push herself further back into the shadows.

"Damn, I wanted to get back at the bitch." Melanie scowled, "Thrash her good for me Adam."

"Simple enough." Adam snorted, moving to go enter the Arena while his opponent was still showboating.

"This will be brutal." Amber grinned eagerly before frowning "Although it is a shame he has to hold back."

"Hold back?" Weiss looked confused "Why would he hold back at Beacon?"

"Because I've seen his semblance disintegrate spider tanks in a single blow before." Amber told the pale girl seriously "With the four of us, Jaune and Mel are more technical fighters. Adam and I however have access to more raw power, although that's admittedly through dust for me and his semblance for Adam. He didn't go to a prep school either by the way."

"None of us have. We were all apprenticed to others. Or self-taught." Mel pipped in "My foster dad is a retired huntsman. Adam and Amber here bounced from trainer to trainer, picking things up along the way."

"Well at least I'm not the only one who had an abnormal education." Weiss leaned back, "I must ask, what did that Yang girl do to earn your ire?"

"She was able to get away with attack my dad's club." Mel scowled "She hurt my sister badly. But, she's protected by powerful people, or the Council just doesn't want to lose a potential thug to send against the Grimm. Either way, I want to get her back for Mil."

"Sister huh?" Weiss had a pondering expression, "I can respect that. Let me know if you ever want another sparring partner."

"I might just take you up on that." Mel nodded as Amber and Yang finally entered the ring, Adam's scar standing out to all those in the audience as anxious whispers filled the arena. The moment the word go was given, Adam aimed his scabbard, having tinkered it to at least hold a few rounds even if it wasn't to the level of his old sword yet. The opening salvo got Yang's attention though as the brawler shot forward, gauntlets activated.

"Eat this!" Yang threw a punch that Adam calmly blocked with his blade, dodging and sliding around her blows before smirking, swinging his sword as a good half of Yang's massive mane of hair fell to the ground.

"Oh boy, here she goes." Mel sighed as Yang, quite literally, exploded, eyes blood red and hair a flaming crown.

"You fucking bastard!" Yang charged, throwing heavy blows as fast as she could as Adam calmly dodged or blocked everyone, keeping his head level and using his frankly terrifying level of speed. A hard knee caught Yang in the gut as she saw Adam check her Aura levels, gauging how much damage that did.

"This is over." Adam shook his head, "I had hoped you'd impress me, but I guess life is full of disappointments."

"We're not done yet you monster!" Yang charged, gauntlets primed to shoot at him when Adam sent forward a crimson wave with his semblance, the blow catching Yang hard and bringing her aura down into the red, the first blow apparently just to gauge how much of his semblance he should use.

"Winner, Adam Taurus." Goodwitch announced, a subtle purple around Yang keeping the blonde from trying to continue the fight.

"Next fight will be Amber Bailey against Weiss Schnee." Goodwitch called as Amber turned towards the white themed girl who stood with almost exaggerated grace.

"Shall we go put on a show Snowflake?" Amber grinned playfully at the girl who rolled her eyes.

"If your ability to fight is as weak as that insult I think I'll be fine." Weiss snorted as Amber laughed, throwing an arm around her neck while they walked down.

"Oh, I'm gonna like you."


"So, think your sister will ever calm down?" he asked Ruby as they sat with the others, having missed Adam's fight given how long it took him to get dressed and Ruby having not wanted to come back on her own. They had been informed on what they missed by the others though, including telling Ruby on what her sister did. The fact that the location was mentioned, and Ruby's eyes lit up with recognition made it pretty clear Yang's version of the story had been drastically different. Unfortunately for the brawler, Mel had security tapes. Not enough to be admissible in court due to the angles and quality but Ruby could easily recognize her sister, or the hair at any rate.

"Not for a while." Ruby sighed, gazing to where she saw Yang get taken away to calm down, now missing at least half of the hair she had before. "Yang…Yang can hold a grudge."

"I thought it was hilarious if that helps." Melanie offered happily as Jaune pinched the bridge of his nose with a sigh, Adam sitting smugly as they watched Amber, and Weiss get ready to fight. Unlike his fight or Adam's this one looked less to be a match of steel but of elements.

His inner nerd couldn't resist "My Word, it's going to be a wizard's duel." Jaune mock gasped as Mel let out a very un-ladylike snort while Ruby giggled. Adam just sighed and looked to the sky as if praying for salvation. While meant as a joke though, his description wasn't that far off as Amber and Weiss let loose with elemental madness, attacking and countering, Amber using what spells she could disguise as a type of dust magic while Weiss did her own attacks using the Schnee Family semblance he'd heard about. In the end, Amber won but he felt if Weiss' aura had been larger, she'd have put up a much better fight. Definitely looked like the two would be having a rematch in the future at some point.

It took a few minutes to repair the arena after the destructive bout, time enough for the girls to return, before the professor called for the next match "Melanie Malachite against Blake Belladonna."

"Belladonna?" Weiss sat up, "Like the founders of the White Fang Belladonna?" she frowned as she studied Blake before shaking her head "Is…is she trying to hide ears under that bow? She does realize her parents are public figures, right? That she looks a lot like her mom and even if she wanted to pass that off as coincidence, she hasn't even bothered to change her name, so why hide the ears?" On the other side of their little section, Jaune could hear Adam trying, and failing, to hide his sniggers of amusement at Weiss' dissection of the issue, the fact that the Atlesian native sounded more confused than angry or indignant likely helping keep him calm.

"You're not mad she's here?" Amber asked, her expression curious but Jaune knew she was asking for Adam's benefit.

"My father's a bastard, I know that. Hell, I don't think there's a person on Remnant who Doesn't know that. The White Fang when run by the Belladonna's were peaceful, they were a civil-rights group. I'm not surprised my father pushed them to what they became. I…do my best not to judge Faunus on sight. I remember my Grandfather's stories vaguely, many of them including his own Faunus friends. I'm trying not to be my father. The issue of the faunus being one of the more important parts of that." Weiss gave an awkward chuckle "Not to mention one of my colleague's and best friends is a dog Faunus named Marrow who sounds most entertaining."

"Entertaining?" If Weiss noticed the dangerous tone in Adam's voice, she didn't react to it.

"His semblance lets him freeze whatever he points at, whether it's an individual or a group. He tends to prank his teammates with it. Winter has told me of a few such instances." Weiss' amused smirk, and the explanation, caused any tension to leave Adam's shoulders. Back int the arena, Jaune saw the two girls enter, Melanie armed with bladed heels, wrist claws, and a couple of automatic pistols. He knew she had more guns hidden on her person though.

"Oh, this is gonna be good." Amber grinned, "Time for her to let loose, something she couldn't when Goldilocks attacked the club. She and her sister have good semblances but Mil's one is too dangerous with that many civilians in an enclosed area and Mel's was no good with what she had on hand."

"What's her semblance?" Ruby asked as the order to begin was given and Mel dropped a smoke bomb, filling the ring with a thick cloud that never left the barrier, a special screen showing what was going on in the ring for the audience watching. With the fighters, he saw Blake trying to see or hear Melanie who smirked, running and firing her pistol as Blake soon doubled over form the bullets hitting her aura, no sound being made.

"That, little red, is her semblance. Melanie can shut of any sound she or something she touches makes. Makes fighting her dangerous in low visibility areas. Her sister on the other hand can amplify any sound. Give her a speaker and a Schnee-Pod and she has a sonic weapon." Amber spoke, proud of her old friend who was giving Blake no chances to fight back as she kept up the smoke bombs, using heat vision goggles to see as she continued to run and gun.

"Quite Merciless." Weiss nodded in approval.

"Isn't she just?" Amber grinned as the match was called. Just like she'd ordered, all four of them had put on a show.

"Fifth match, Joan Arc against Cardin Winchester." Jaune stiffened with a dark scowl as the professor spoke, Weiss and Ruby noting the name and his reaction, thankfully not asking for now.


Leaning forward, Adam's good eye focused on the ring where a massive brute in heavy armor stood with a mace, his opponent stepping up onto the ring. Said opponent, Jaune's sister and the possessor of another stockpile semblance, was wearing what had to be one of the skimpiest suits of armor he'd ever seen. Weiss gaped scandalized and Ruby let out a small 'eep', covering her eyes. He couldn't hear what Cardin muttered at seeing her but given the girl's expression he could take a guess.

"W-why is she dressed like that?" Ruby kept her eyes covered.

"Her semblance needs her to absorb sunlight." Jaune's voice was clipped and irritable, "But the results-" The moment the word to begin had happened, Joan's body was glowing with crackling arcs of power, rushing Cardin as she picked him up, the girl smaller than Jaune actually manhandling the much larger armored student, Winchester going flying out of the ring "speak for themselves."