Chapter 1

Accessing File: The Fallen

Humans that are infused with the essence of Grimm. These monstrosities were originally believed to have been first seen at the Time of Awakening in Japan, but recent evidence shows that they first appeared in the Forgotten Age as mindless abominations no different then the Grimm. Thirteen were made and whenever one dies a new one is born or 'reformed' as some people call it. There have always been thirteen but sometimes the number can increase whether by infusing someone with the Grimm substance or if one of these demons sires a child.


August 25, 1944 Ruins of Paris, France.

Smoke and napalm fill the air while the sounds of gunfire and explosions are heard throughout the battlefield. But one gunshot is the most important.


In a ruined mansion two combatants stood facing each other and surrounding them were dead bodies of Nazi soldiers and three men in brown trench coats and next them were revolvers, like the ones that both combatants are holding.

One of the combatants is a tall thin 28-year-old man with a heavy handlebar mustache, a face that should little emotion, a brown trench coat, and a cowboy hat. He was covered in blood, heavily panting, and was injured, but not as much as the man in front of him.

His opponent was dressed in a black uniform with a prominent red cloak. His skin was a deathly white with black veins, his eyes had red irises and black sclera, and his hair and beard were white. But this man was clutching his throat with his right hand as blood was coming out of it. He was shot in the throat.

Then fired upon the crimson man with both his revolvers. The crimson is shot numerous times. He retaliates by managing to fire a bolt of black energy at the gunman. He is hit but he doesn't seem hurt and continuous firing a barrage of bullets at the crimson man.

The crimson man is already dead, but his killer continues to fire. He continuously reloads his guns to continue firing upon the freshly dead corpse Pieces of the crimson man's body is shot off. Blood, limbs, gore, and organs fly out. Then the man stopped he looked at the mangled corpse with a look of disgust and hate. He takes out a lighter, ignites it, and throws it at the corpse making it burn.

The man spits out blood and limbs away saying hatefully, "Long live the king."

"Deschain where are you!?"

The man known as Deschain pulls out a walkie-talkie and says, "I'm...walking out of the mansion with the red banners and allies are dead. But, *coughs* the target has been killed Captain Blazkowicz."

"The Grimm have gotten into a frenzy and command has ordered the retreat order. They'll be happy to know that both General Deathshead and this Crimson King are both dead. We may not have taken Paris back, but the Nazis have been dealt a great blow, you should be proud Steven. B.J. out."

As Steven Deschain leave, we focus in on the burning remains of the Crimson King. This was one of the strongest Fallen alive, a majesty class one as well. Unlike most Fallen he was not 'reformed' but born as the son of Fallen woman who was sent to sire a child with Arthur Eld, the king of Gilead who slew two majesty class in a one-on-two fight. How did such a powerful warrior fall after living for several generations?


Hundreds of Years ago, Unknown Darklands.

Two Fallen are seen walking down a hallway one had red hair, wore black clothing, and had a look of superiority upon him. His companion was a bald Fallen with the same deathly pale skin, black veins, the same red irises and black sclera. he wore a black cloak and in his right hand was a staff with a black bead the size of a grapefruit.

"And you said the infant already unlocked it's Aura and discovered his own Semblance Maerlyn?" The leader said.

"I've seen it happen Sammael," Maerlyn said. "I used my magic to accelerate his birth, his Aura activated, and he turned into a large spider. But poor Crimson, our dear sister was eaten by her own son."

"Must've been side effect of his Semblance," Sammael said. "Some species of spiders are known for eating their own mothers once they are born."

The two enter a room and see a spider the size of a dog eating the corpse of a woman on a bed.

"His too focused on eating Crimson then to pay attention on what's around him," Maerlyn explained. "It's as if we don't exist."

"He's still a baby he barely knows what to do old friend," Sammael said as walked closer to the newborn to get a closer look at him and Crimson's corpse. Sammael walks around the bed to see Crimson's face and finds it. She had long black hair and red eyes, her sclera was still white, when they sent her to Gilead to be part of Arthur Eld's harem the Fallen made sure that she never went under any changes that would've blown her cover. After all they sent her to a kingdom that trains warriors to kill Fallen. Her face showed no shock or fear but happiness. It was confusing.

"Maerlyn, was she happy?" Sammael asked as turned his gaze to Crimson's son as he began to eat his mother's own face.

"I believe so Sammael," Maerlyn said as he poked Crimson's son with his staff who just hissed at the older Fallen and went back to eating. "I'm not sure if it was because of a mother's love for her child, the fact that she increased the maximum number of Fallen, or she was just bent."

Crimson's son stops eating and looks at Sammael. Both Fallen stare at each others' eyes.

"I name you Los son of Crimson," Sammael said. "You will be an instrument of chaos and destruction. You will grow and become powerful and when your training is complete you will destroy Gilead, the kingdom of your father Arthur Eld."

And Los replies with a simple hiss.

I'm back everyone and to those who don't well I'm the guy who first introduced Roland Deschain into GrimmFall in my previous story GrimmFall: Trollhunters. You should read it before reading this story. I'll be making this story short but don't worry I'll be making it awesome and you'll see some familiar Steven King characters even one who's not from Dark Tower.