Chapter 3

Accessing File: Prim

The Prim is the name given to the Pit of Hate by the people of Gilead and other demons that rose from it. It is from this primordial chaos that a formless being of ultimate evil arose to destroy all of existence but was destroyed by the gods Ra, Odin, and Vishnu. Though a fragment survived and crashed onto Earth and destroyed the dinosaurs, eventually giving rise to the Grimm and Fallen, but these were not the only dark forces to rise from this Hell. Demons, monsters, and anything that fed on fear, chaos, destruction, and hatred were spawned into creation to fulfill their desires. The people of Gilead believed that the Prim once covered all of creation but receded in response to the creation progressing stranding many of these dark forces on different worlds across the multiverse.

Accessing File: Todash

A place of being that allows someone to travel between universes. It is not a "normal place" and is usually triggered by a powerful event or object. This state is accompanied by chimes, which produce an unpleasant or pleasant sound. It is believed that this state is one of many ways that a group of magi from the Forgotten Age were able to cross into other universes. Though if one were to fail to make it back to reality this person would be lost in Todash Space an entirely dark void between worlds that is inhabited by monsters that were banished by foolhardy sorcerers. But it is possible for them to escape.

Accessing File: Thinny

A weak spot in reality where the fabric of reality has eroded away. Often appearing as a mercury colored mist emitting a warbling sound of music that can set a person's teeth on edge and/or hypnotize them. Besides the insanity-inducing buzzing and warbling sound, the thinny plays on a person's thoughts; telling them what they want to hear and promising them a fine outcome, though death is ultimately more likely. Because it's a weak spot in reality transportation into other universes is possible by simply walking into a thinny. A thinny into Todash Space is possible but highly dangerous as any of the monsters can escape through it. Speculated to be one of the many ways a group of magi from the Forgotten Age were able to cross into other dimensions.


After they gave Los the directions to the Can-Toi he donned black armor and a crimson cloak to hide his identity as a Fallen and began the long walk to find them. Eventually he came upon the cave that these rat men lived in alongside the creature Sammael warned him about. He lights a torch and enters the cave.

The cave was pitch black with the only known source of light being Los' torch. As he walking in the cave he hears voices. At first they started as whispers, barely able to be heard, then they became audible.

Turn back. Only death ahead

Turn back. Only death ahead.

Turn back. Only death ahead.

"Show yourself," Los said while he kept walking. "I do not speak with those who hide in the shadows."

One by one torches are lighted across the cavern revealing the Can-Toi to the young Fallen. Just as Rhea described them, they had the bodies of humans and the heads of rats.

"A great evil lives here," said the closest Can-Toi. "Your sorcerers of a world summoned my people through a thinny. It influenced us to enter it come to them where they would make us their thralls."

"What's a thinny?" Los asked.

"A weak point in reality that anyone cross through and enter a new universe," a second Can-Toi said.

"But it also lead into Todash Space exiled monsters live there," another Can-Toi said. "The evil came through and killed the sorcerers. We became it's thralls so it wouldn't kill us like the rest of it's victims."

"If I kill or subject this creature will you serve me?" Los said.

"If you slay it then my life for you," the first Can-Toi said.

"My life for you," said another.

"My life for you," said another.

"My life for you," another said.

The words echo throughout the cavern until a growl is heard from a nearby cave silencing the Can-Toi who then huddle into the corners of the cavern and the around stalagmites.

"The evil feeds on the flesh of the living and uses their fear as salt," said a Can-Toi. "It rose from the Prim and sees you humans as weak but tasty diner meals."

"I am no human and I have no fear," Los said as he made his way into the cave where the growl came from. He has entered a large cavern illuminated by green crystals in it's ceiling. But he hears a whisper coming from all around him. This was the creature the Can-Toi feared and served.

"Show yourself creature," Los said.

"You are not like the other inhabitants of this world," the creature said all the while unseen to Los. "You are like me a creature of the Prim but you born from mortal flesh."

"Our origins may come from the Pit of Hate but we are different," Los said. "Now I'll ask again thou show appear before me."

"I have taken many forms," the creature said. "For you I will use a form I used when I terrorized a town from the first universe I entered."

The grotesque sound of flesh changing is heard and Los sees the shadows change behind a rock formation and once it stops the creature steps into the light. It had white skin, red lips, orange hair, yellow-orange eyes, and wore a white jester outfit, a red painted nose, and in it's hand was a string that connected to a floating red sphere. It resembled a man but Los felt that it wasn't one.

"What are you?" Asked Los.

"I am IT," the creature said and then gestured to the sphere connected to the string. "Would you like a balloon?"

"Get that thing out of my sight mongrel," Los said.

"Ooh, funny choice of words coming from an impure like you," IT said while letting go of the balloon allowing it to float in the center of the room. "To answer your first question I don't really remember what I am myself."

From the way IT acted Los could tell IT was lying to the Fallen.

"For 15 billion years I've had a little conflict with a turtle deity," IT said. "But during my last 27 year hibernation I felt that old f### die by choking on a galaxy what a dumb way to die. But I sense he made an impact on the people of the nearby kingdom."

Los could tell IT was actually speaking the truth. This turtle deity sounded like of Gilead's twelve animal deities Maturin the Turtle. Including Maturin their was also Babar the Elephant, Chuchundra the Rat, Camazotz the Bat, Garuda the Eagle, Garm the Dog, Navius the Wolf, Jasconius the Fish, Owsla the Hare, Aslan the Lion (Not Narnia Aslan Stephen King Aslan), Rocinante the Horse, and Shardik the Bear.

"But now that he's dead I'm gonna party like there's no tomorrow," IT said as it somehow made more of those balloon things fall out of thin air and then pop alongside the red one releasing blood. Some got on Los' face but he just wiped it off. "I'm gonna rob the women...rape the men...and eat the children."

"While that sounds...interesting," Los said. "My brethren and I would like to offer you a deal. Work for us and we can assure you ultimate power and your belly will filled with the flesh of your victims."

"Ooh, tempting but I don't play well with others," IT said as it's hands turned green and scaly with long sharp talons.

"Funny, I was hoping you'd refuse," Los said as he smirked and drew his sword.

Both monsters stare at each other and then IT charges at Los at inhuman speed. His teeth and turned sharp and jagged all the while he was snarling at the Fallen. Los showed emotion and then he thrust his sword piercing it's head. The creature stopped moving it was dead and for some reason it's blood was floating upward. He pulls out the sword and the corpse fell to the ground.

Los walks away and says, "All too easy."

A chuckling is heard and Los' eyes widen in surprise and he turns around to see that IT is standing back up while smiling.

"How are you alive!?" Los demanded.

"I can regenerate from wounds like that," IT said. "But if you really want to kill me you got rip my heart out of body and destroy it but I won't give you the satisfaction."

IT then conjures up another red balloon and says, "Sure you don't want a balloon?"

Los then screams and charges at the insane shape shifter who then turns it's arms into swords and parries the strikes and lands a few hits on Los. Thanks to his Aura Los was able to withstand the hits but every time he strikes IT the creature just regenerates from the hits and none of them were serious enough to give Los the time to tear out it's heart.

IT then turns into a werewolf and moves around the room on both hands and feet until it charges at the Fallen and knocks his sort out of his hand. IT then lands a few punches on Los before it grabs him by the throat with one hand and lifts him up. IT then turns back into it's jester form and gives a wide grin showing it's sharp inhuman teeth.

IT then sniffs Los and gives a disgusted look. "You still don't fear me but I still eat you after all you're not an adult yet and teenagers still taste as good children."

Los is struggling to breath but he manages to make a single spider leg sprout from his back and stab IT in the head making it loose it's grip on the Fallen. Los then rolls back and turn into spider the size of a bear and hisses at IT.

"Ooh, I didn't know you can turn into s spider," IT said as it changes it's head to resemble the head of a spider. "In this and several hundred realities the closest thing to my true form is a giant spider."

Los shoots a string of web at IT but it avoids the web and disappears into the shadows and starts singing.

"The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the waters spout."

Los looks around the cavern for IT in order to figure out where the creature is singing from.

"Then came the rain and washed the spider out."

IT then comes out of the shadows now twelve feet tall and tackles Los across the room reverting him back into his true form. IT then crawls toward Los and stands up, it's head is backwards but it uses both of it's hands to turn it the right way. Los' Aura simmers red while he gets up only to be greeted by a grinning IT who then turns it's arms to blades again and starts slashing the Fallen all while laughing like a maniac. Los' aura has already been depleted each slash sends out some of some his blood. IT then stops and turns it's arms back to normal giving a wide smile to know that it was satisfied with it's work.

Los was battered and bloody the cuts went deep and he was coughing up blood. The young Fallen noticed black spots beginning to appear on his arms and they were spreading.

"No," he grunted and started making the spots disappear. "I have to keep it together."

"Sorry but I don't think you'll stay together any longer," IT said as it picked up Los and turned it's teeth sharp and extended it's mouth before it bit right into Los' right arm and tears it off.

Los screams in pain and IT then tosses it aside.

"I've had my fun but now it's time to float," IT said as it's mouth opened wider then it did before and when Los looked into it he saw three lights.

"In the deadlights we all float," IT said. "You can't comprehend the lights you will go insane just from looking at them. You may be a demon like me but your mind is still human."

Los' eyes glow a white with his sanity breaking. But sometimes our enemies attacks can be used to our advantaged. Los' skin begins developing more black spots and his eyes glowed red and shot a laser into IT's mouth sending it back and making it's face normal again. IT gives a confused look as it stared at Los who was panting while being covered in some black substance. When it reached the stump of his right arm it reached out and grabbed his severed arm and reconnected it. All of Los' wounds have healed and his body is completely covered by the black substance. He grows taller and from the top of his head he grows he grows segmented horns that arc back over his head and curve upward to a point just over the back of his cranium. His build becomes muscular, from his back black feathered wings sprout out, talons emerge on his hands and feet, a row of bone-like spines runs down his body, he grows a reptilian tail, and his face becomes more demonic with blackened sharp fangs. If angels were evil then this is what they would look like.

After his transformation is complete Los gives out a loud demonic howl that shook the cavern. IT stares at Los with bewilderment .

"This got interesting," IT said.

Los stares IT with savage fury breathes purple fire at it. IT moves out of the way but Los charges at it punches it into the air. Los then shoots his feathers at IT. The feathers cut IT leaving deep gnashes in it's flesh and when it falls back down Los bites into IT. He shakes the creature around like a dog would with a chew toy before tossing it to the side.

The creature lands behind a stalagmite and then the sound of flesh changing is heard once more. IT comes out of the shadows in it's gigantic spider form the closest thing to it's true form in this universe.

"I will not die to the likes of you IMPURE!" IT shouted.

The creature charges at Los and then jumps onto some stalactites that lets it's underside be shown to Los. Then a white appears once on the it's underside. IT is using it's deadlights once more. Los just looks at IT and fires his laser eyes right through the deadlights making IT lose it's footing on the stalactites.

"Not...again," IT said as it fall to the ground.

Los then starts digging into IT and eats whatever he can tear and bite into. Intestines, kidneys, lungs, ribs, anything that he found edible in this feral state. Blood and gore is splattered everywhere and then he pulls something out of IT that seems to be hard to remove. It was IT's still beating heart, it's arteries were still connected to the body of IT making it difficult to tear out but that won't stop the Fallen.


The arteries connect the heart to the body IT are broken but the heart is still beating. Then...


Los brings his teeth down and crushes the heart sending blood everywhere and most importantly stops it's beating killing IT forever. He then goes back to eating IT's body. The Can-Toi enter the tunnel to see what has happened. These rat men were confused but before they could do anything a portal opens up revealing Sammael, Maerlyn, and four humanoid Grimm. These Grimm were the Apathy skeletal looking Grimm with long arms that reach the ground and possessing the ability to drain their victims will with a scream.

Maerlyn raises a hand and says, "Immobilize them do not kill."

The Apathy release a scream that makes the Can-Toi struggle to stand. Sammael then walks in front of Los and the feral Fallen stares at Sammael but returns to his meal.

"Just like when we first met," Sammael said. "A mindless beast covered in the blood of what they are currently eating."

Sammael's eyes glow red and he fires a laser from them at Los that sends him across the room. Los then charges at Sammael with his arms shaped like swords and starts swinging at the older Fallen. Sammael dodges the attacks and ends up picking up Los's sword and cuts off the arm blades and then hits Los with another eye blast that sends Los into the ceiling of the cave. He falls back onto the floor and splatters like a puddle. He begins to reform but he looks more humanoid this time but he still has the horns and feathered wings.

"You've been fighting this off for three years Los," Sammael said his eyes flashing red for a moment hinting at a sign of frustration. "I know you can control it!"

Sammael then fires another eye blast shooting off one of Los' wings. Los then begins tearing off the black substance that has covered him.

"That's it gain control of it," Samamel said with his eyes glowing in excitement. "We've lost three of our kind because Arthur Eld. The two Fallen he killed, Andrew Quick and Kimba Rimer, and your mother Crimson who you ate on the day you born."

Los screams as he tears off the black substance, it was painful like tearing off dead skin that you could still feel when you tear it off. He even tore off his horns and his remaining wing. He tore and tore with the pain increasing until he broke free. His real body was finally free but now he had dark purple veins in his arms and on his face, and his black hair has now turned white as his deathly pale skin.

"Well done nephew," Sammael said as he put a hand on Los' shoulder. "You have ascended. You are now two steps closer to bringing the end of GIlead."

Sammael turns his head to Maerlyn and the Can-Toi who are now standing alongside him and the Apathy. Los sees this understanding what Sammael meant by two steps closer.

"Now then 'Los the Red'," Sammael said giving the younger Fallen his own title. "You will train your army to conquer Gilead."

Los walks forward and says, "Who among you will serve me!?"

The Can-Toi kneel one after another saying...

"My life for you."

"My life for you."

"My life for you."

"My life for you."

When I was writing this chapter I looked back into the main story for when Skarr had to gain control and I ended up looking back on the Fenrir chapters and realized Lord Maximus had basically made Fenrir IT and I already wrote IT's appearance when I realized this. Funny huh. I also listened to some songs by Cryoshell and watched some clips from both 1990 miniseries and the 2017 movie versions of IT to help me get the darkness and horror in right. I even watched AMVs of Black Rock Shooter and Bionicle that used the Cryoshell song Creeping In My Soul to help me write.