It was a normal day for Team RWBY, Ruby, Blake and Yang were training while Weiss studied for the upcoming exams. All of that was about to change though, "GUYS, I DID IT" Raider kicked the door down, "WE did it" Katlyn corrected "right we did it, us, as a team", "What did you do this time" Blake asked "we made Liquid Dust" Raider said holding up the Beaker with the black liquid floating in the middle of it. "Does it work the same as normal Dust, like can we use it in our weapons" Ruby asked amazed at what she was looking at, "yea, kinda, sorta, maybe, not really" Raider trailed off "It has some side effects" Katlyn finished. "RAIDER!" Weiss yelled making Raider jump and send the Beaker flying into the air "must you kick dow-" SMASH. the Beaker landed on Weiss' head "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CRAP" she shreaked "well, it was liquid gravity dust, now it's black hair die" he said as he looked at the black Liquid staining Weiss' white hair.

"I hope for your sake this dosen't stain my hair too badly", "I not worried about me, I'm worried about what happens to you" Raider said slightly concerned "what do you mean?"," he means, when we created the liquid dust we encountered a 'few' ... effects I guess you could call it" Katlyn said as she followed Weiss into the washroom, "what kind of effects", "well the fire dust exploded when it came into contact with any form of water, and the water dust just keeps multiplying, as for gravity we dont know what it does besides break all the laws of gravity at the same time", "was that supposed to make me feel better about this", "no, it was supposed to make me feel beter about this, but if it makes you feel better then that's a bonus", "well it doesn't", "darn".

Weiss was the last to wake up the next morning, weird Ruby usually wakes the whole team up, "W-Weiss are you ok" she heard Rubys voice ask, she sounded concerned "I feel fine Ruby why do you ask" Weiss said rolling over to see her team standing around her bed concern on all their faces. Raider shot up in his bed when he heard Weiss scream his name he looked over to Katlyn who was just as startled as he was. "Weiss please calm down" Ruby pleaded trying to calm Weiss who was shaking, the sound of thunder boomed in the room and raider steeped out of thin air leaving a pile of ash behind him, "why are our rooms so far apart" Katlyn complained as walked in the door slightly panting from having to run across the dormitory after just waking up from a peaceful sleep, "ok so what did i do this time" Raider asked as he looked at Weiss, something looked different about her but he couldn't figure out what, "oh, never-mind I know now" he said when he realised the problem, Weiss' veins were visible all over her skin, her blood was black instead of red. "do you feel any different" Katlyn asked as they walked down the hall to the lab they had used to create the black liquid the now ran through Weiss' Veins, at least that's was Raiders on the spot diagnosis "I feel the same as usual, it just looks weird" Weiss said as she held her hands up, thick black lines covered her pale skin, "I think it looks cool" Ruby stated as she followed behind them, "I mean I am worried that it might be something bad, but it just looks so cool" she corrected herself.

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