"What do you mean 'will' call you Raider? Why can't we call you Ste-"

Yang was cutoff by Raider's hand covering her mouth.

"The reason I told you to call me Raider is because my name is cursed, anyone who speaks it will be forced to suffer twenty-four hours of un-describable pain, I have only ever seen three people one of which was a faunus survive longer than thirty minutes."

He explained making sure everyone heard and got the message.

"That being said, you will tell noone my name unless given permission by me and only me no matter what. Understood?"

He added

When noone replied he frowned slightly

"Do I make myself clear?

He repeated slightly louder as he walked back over to the weapon he was working on previously.

All four of the girls nodded which caused Raider to let out a low growl.

"I can't hear a nod, even if I can see it"

He barked causing the girls to jump.

"I understand" they replied in sync

"That was... creepy?"

Raider said looking back at the four.

Raider jumped slightly when his scroll started beeping in his pocket, pulling it out he groaned before answering.

"Hello? yes, ok, can I ask why? of course not, ok I'll be there in a sec lemme just deal with this mess."

"who was that?"

Ruby questioned

"Just Goodwitch tellin' me Ozpin wanted to see me. Can you guys close the door when you leave, oh and don't touch anything, it'll probably kill you."

He said as he walked out the hole in the wall from his previous outburst

"He know there's no door right?"

Blake deadpanned as they watched Raider disappear around a corner.

"I wonder when he's gonna fix that?"

In Ozpins office

"You wanted t-"

Raider stopped in his tracks when he saw why Ozpin wanted to see him.

"why do i feel like this isn't going to be good?"

He asked when his brain started working again.

"Because he told us to make sure our paths never crossed again, and now he's gone against his own words"

The woman next to Ozpins desk answered.

"I'm assuming it's somethin' to do with the Executioners or Maidens. Otherwise why would you be getting us back together, or did you just want a family reunion."

Raider asked, a small nod towards the woman as he approached Ozpin's desk.

Back at the lab

"sooooo, what do we do now?

Yang asked


Ruby looked away from the machine gun Raider was working on, hand hovering just above the barrel.

"What are you guys doing here?"

All four girls turned towards the new voice, only to see a rather short girl standing in the hole Raider left through before.

She had long brown hair that reached her lower back with a pair of bat ears atop her head, her eyes completely black and a pair of fangs in her mouth making her look like a vampire.

She wore a white t-shirt with buttons going from her left shoulder diagonally across her torso. She wore simple white shorts with black stripes help up by a belt with as many pouches as possible around her waist. On her feet, a pair of black shoes and white socks with metal hooks attached to the toes.

"And you are? whats with random people just appearing in the lab?"

Yang asked throwing her hands up in the air to emphasize her point.

"Relax Yang I'm Katlyn, but I'm not in my drone because Raider is upgrading them.

The girl now identified as Katlyn answered.

"Weiss what happened to your mouth and when did you grow four extra arms?"

Katlyn asked as she quickly rushed over tho the white haired girl picking up one of her new arms and looking it over carefully.


"Do any of you know where Raider is?"

Katlyn asked as she looked at the x-rays she had just taken of Weiss' newest changes.

"Last we saw him was not long before you arrived he said something about Ozpin wanting to see him. Oh that reminds me, why hasn't he fixed the door yet?"

Yang asked

"Because he has-"

"Miss Moore"

Katlyn was cut off by what looked like a first year wearing a Beacon uniform walking through the hole in the wall.

"Hold that thought."

Katlyn said to Yang.

"Ah, Caleb what can I help you with"

she asked as she turned her attention towards Caleb

"I just had a question about the Dust project for this week."

"Sure what's the problem?"

Caleb seemed nervous and it only got worse when his eyes landed on Weiss.

Before he could say anything however, a wall of steel shot from the ground between the two groups separating them.

"So what do you need help with Katlyn repeated turning away from the wall to face Caleb again.

"w-what kind of Faunus was that?"

"That doesn't matter."

"o-ok. About the project."

Ozpins office...again

"I need to to help defend a faunus village from a large group of grim, I would usually send a group of student's, however Qrow believes that Jake is behind this attack somehow."

Ozpin explain taking a sip from his hot chocolate every once in a while.

"So you want me and Winter t-"

"Winter and I"

She corrected

"yea yea whatever, so you want us to see if we can find and try to Defeat Jake the corrupted Executioner, You know just the two of us wil-"


Everyone turned to face the elevator as a Small girl with black hair, green eyes and black and white clothes.

"Ah Neo, I hope you were able to sneak away without Roman noticing"

Ozpin asked. Neo nodded quickly.


After Neo had been informed of what they were all called to Ozpins affice again after so many years well except for Raider since he was a Teacher at Beacon, the tree of them were walking through the halls, Winter and Neo were talking, well Winter was talking while Neo used her hands to sing anything she had to say. Raider however was lost in his thoughts something Ozpin had said was bugging him.

Why do I feel like I'm missing something important, like I've just realized something but I have no ide-"

Raider was brought out of his thoughts by Neo Tapping on his shoulder before she pulled a sing out of nowhere a look of concern on her face 'what's wrong?' it read.

Raider sighed "nothing just lost in thought"

He answered

"Well now that we've got you attention I'd like to visit my sister while I have the chance since we wont be leaving until Ozpin has confirmed that Jake really is behind this. Where is her room?"

Winter asked causing Raider to have a mental panic attack.

Fuck, of course she'd want to visit her sister, Hopefully her team are still at the lab. He thought

"Sure, follow me."

He said as he lead the way.

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