Tensions had stared to rise once again in the temporary establishment of the horsemen. He rush of their London show and he thrill of finally meeting the Eye had started to wear down, so had the relief of all being safely together again, and they'd all started to get restless. Naturally so, they were all magicians after all, in life for the game, the trick, the wonder and admiration not for sitting around and planning. Each of the five dealt with it in their own way.

Dylan tirelessly occupied himself scoping world news and information, planning for what their next potential target to return might be and monitoring any threats to his beloved team's safety. He let himself be washed away by information and thoughts to not have to look to closely at his surroundings for fear of starting to get too restless and impatient therefore slip up.

Lula and Jack had started to explore the world of their relationship, thinking of new and exciting ways of experiencing each other and themselves. Neither wanted to admit to themselves let alone anyone else that it had started to get boring, had lost the spark. The loss of excitement made both feel far older than they had ever done before, which was something they'd much rather leave to old men like Merritt and Dylan.

Merritt had taken to privately extending his abilities, perfecting what he knew and learning more. For the first time since Dylan had revealed himself as the fourth horseman he had started to even slightly humour the idea of perhaps becoming a solo act again. Of course it was only mere musings, he didn't want to leave his new found family but still there was that seed planted in his mind.

Daniel was dealing with it possibly even worse than anyone else. He seemed like a powder keg ready to explode from a single spark and was like a catalyst to everyone else, triggering them indirectly. He was twitchier and more introverted than ever before, controlling every single thing in the house obsessively. Because 'no one else can do it right' he had taken on doing every single chore in the house, he never ate with the others although it was him who cooked and he didn't seem to sleep although he spent a lot of time confined to his room alone. Of course it was in actuality easy to empathise with his irritation and understand his stress over being worked too hard but the others weren't in their best mind set either and instead of consoling Danny pinned their own internal irritation and blame on him. It was probably the only thing that could unit them.

Of course with all increasing tensions, there was only so much that could be handled until a figurative, or in some cases literal, explosion.

The five horsemen were all strewn around the kitchen-dinning room of the safe house the Eye had provided them. Lula and Jack were sitting as far away from each other as possible, having fought the evening before and spending their first night alone since they'd become a couple. Merritt was getting slowly but surely pissed off by the self-pitying and whining he could read of everyone else in the room. Dylan was completely lost in his laptop, not taking any note at all of his friends in the room. Daniel was hovering, having just served them all breakfast but not making any move to sit down himself. He had spent quite a while attempting to make scrambled eggs, finishing then deciding they weren't right, throwing them away and starting again much to the irritation of the others who steadily became hungrier.

The four tucked in with disgruntled relief at the food finally making an appearance. They all, aside from Dylan who was still silently scrolling on his laptop, had soon become aware of Daniel's fidgety form watching them eat, eyes flickering between each person. "Will you quit it?" Jack snapped, causing the other three of the four horsemen to jump, Jack wasn't usually one to snap. "Yeah, will you cut it out, Danny? Sit down and eat or go, stop hovering." Lula agreed, her own irritation bubbling over.

Danny's eyes stopped flickering between them and instead fixed on one hurt, puppy dog look at them all which made them feel guilty which made them angrier. "Don't look like that, the kids were just pointing out the truth. You're normally a dick but this isn't that it's just plain freaky." Merritt huffed. Dylan had looked up from his laptop at some point in the whole encounter and had flipped the lid down, watching the events unfold cautiously.

Daniel's sad gaze became burning for a second before emotion shut off entirely and he stormed off without a word which, had anyone been paying any proper attention to anything other than their own irritation, was very unusual and also worrying coming from Daniel. Dylan, as it turns out, had been paying attention and was looking at the door Daniel had disappeared behind with concerned eyes. He then looked at the others sitting around the table and wondered how he'd let the situation get so bad without noticing.

Before any of them can answer , Bu Bu walked into the kitchen. All horsemen turned to look at her but the eyes of the woman were placed on specific horseman.

''Mister Atlas ,there is a woman who wants to see you''the old woman said.

Danny lifted his eyebrow as Lulu ,Jack ,Merritt and Dylan trying to understand what's going on. Bu Bu make a step to her right and reveal a woman that they had never seen in their lives.

The woman was a truly beautiful woman with shoulder length blond hair, a slender body, and curves that supermodels would kill for. The woman was wearing a red top ,pair of black skinny jeans that accented her curves, and black, spiked knee length high heel boots. Her make up was simple enough but made her eyes pop. Black eye liner, water proof mascara, light white eye shadow, and a thick swipe of red lipstick. Her half leather jacket was a finishing touch.

Her heels clicked on the wood floor as she gracefully stepped inside the house. She glanced around the parlor before focusing on Daniel.

''Now you are not the smartest person in the room'' her voice said from distance, so it sounded more like an echo.

'Leyla, you are still as beautiful today as the last time I saw you" Danny said who found his voice,