Danny set the pages of his father's letter down onto his lap and looked over at Dylan. His eyes were unreadable. Dylan had never seen that look in his eyes before, and he thought he knew them all. They were unfathomable. He couldn't know that Danny had retreated deep into the darkest recesses of his mind, a place haunted by his lonely confused childhood. Now, for the first time, he had the evidence of why his father never seemed to love him, even when he put on a show of caring when others were around. He had always suspected that his mother didn't love him as much as most women would, because she had to marry Richard. Danny knew he had been born less than nine months after their wedding, although no one ever talked about it.

Now, as he slowly digested all that he had read in his father's unsent letter, he began to feel a completely different emotion start to take over. He felt an anger building that he had never felt before. He had always tried to dismiss both of his parents as the useless part of his life, especially once he was old enough to get away from them. He only tolerated them when he felt it was necessary for one reason or another. He told himself that he didn't have time to be angry with them, that it was a waste because they didn't care enough for it to matter. Of course, much of his behavior with others was a direct result of their neglect and treatment of him, but he avoided thinking about that. But now, he could not disguise or avoid the anger he found himself feeling. Dylan had been watching Danny closely and saw how his eyes began to change. He clearly saw the anger, which Dylan was familiar with in the past. He hurried over to once again kneel in front of Danny, laying his hands carefully on the papers in his lap. Dany's eyes finally focused on the man he loved.

"Talk to me, Danny," he gently entreated.

"You read the entire letter?" Dylan asked him.

"I did, and the others too."

"And do they reveal even more that I should know?"

"For the most part, they are much shorter and really just a litany of complaints about his lot in life. He doesn't mention his love for this man, Morgan, again until the final letter. He just talks about the bad choices he made in his life and how he regrets them, without being very specific about those choices. If you don't read the first letter, you would have no idea what choices bother him so much. He does end each one by saying that he knows she will probably never mail them, but it helps his deal with things when Richard can get them off his chest by writing him feelings down."

So, what is different about the final letter?"

"Even if you don't read any of the others, I think you should read that one too."

Danny hesitated. He didn't know if he wanted to read any more of Richard`swords. But he knew that Dylan would not suggest he read the last letter unless it was important. He trusted him, so he gathered the bundle of letters and pulled off the final one. Dylan returned to the couch as Danny began reading again.

My Dearest Morgan,

It's been a long time since my last letter, which I also never had the courage to send. I don't quite know why I keep writing them when I am fully aware that you'll never see them. All I know is that it helps me cope with how my life has turned out during those times when I feel I'll lose my mind. So, why am I writing now, especially when it has been so long since the last time? It is because I saw you for the very first time since we parted so long ago. I was meeting an elderly fellow parishioner for lunch at one of our finest hotels, and I saw you entering the lobby. You looked every bit as beautiful as I remembered. I thought, for a brief moment, of calling out to you, but then I saw an attractive man step up behind you and wrap his arms around you. You turned, smiled at him (as you once did for me) and gave him a sweet kiss.

My dear Morgan, I felt as though the world had upended and I could barely breathe. It was at that moment that I realized what I had lost. I had nothing left but my faith to cling when my time comes. The rest of the day is still a blur. When I returned home, I saw Jack Cliton, a neighbor's girl who is my son's best friend, sitting in the living room waiting for Danny. Danny is a senior in high school now. I can't believe the years have flown by so fast. I must confess to you and you only, that I still find it hard to bond with Danny. I wish I could, truly I do, but I just can't seem to. What makes it worse are the suspicions I have about my boy. He and that boy, Jack, just seem too close sometimes. I don't know it for a fact, but I suspect that Danny is cursed with the same affliction that I suffered when I met you. He never dates any girls, although they throw themselves on him all the time. If I am right about him, I know it is probably my fault. God help him if I am right. God help us both.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I don't regret knowing you, Morgan, but I am sorry that the way our friendship developed forced us apart. But saying that, although I mourn for your immortal soul, I do hope you will be happy in whatever life you choose for yourself. Even if it is one that I know is not right. I just want you to have love in your life, even if it has been denied to me.

And now that I've said that, I feel that this may be the last time I will write a letter to you. I will tuck all the letters away in a safe place that I know Marinette will never bother to look, and perhaps someday when I am old and my time is about over, I will bring them out again. Then I will destroy them so that the past will be in ashes, much as my life has been. Who knows? Farewell, my dearest friend… my beloved. God bless and keep you, no matter what.

With true affection, Richard

When Dylan saw that Danny had finished the last letter, he returned to him again. At first, the couple said nothing. Then Danny broke the silence.

"He hated me because he hated himself. I was nothing but a reflection of his bad choices." His voice rose. "But how dare he judge me when he was no different than me!"

"He was a lost human being, Danny… a sad pathetic creature who couldn't accept herself and it colored everything in her life. Perhaps, without ever realizing it, some of his animosity towards you, especially once he had proof of your sexuality, was as much about envy as it was condemnation. Some part of him had to recognize that she would have had a much happier life if he had stayed in his relationship with this Morgan, which he obviously cared for so much. But before you allow yourself to hate him for what he put you through, maybe you should remember that it was a very different time when he was young, as well as the kind of upbringing he must have had. I think pity is more in order for im than hatred."

Danny listened intently to every word his boyfriend spoke. As he gazed into the eyes of the man he loved, he realized how lucky he was. Unlike his father, he had lived his life free of guilt and self-hatred. His reward was right in front of him and he knew he would be a happy contented man every day of his life, thanks to Leyla. All his father had was bitterness and emptiness, living with a man he despised. Yes, Dylan was right… Ricjard Atlas deserved pity, not hatred. Suddenly, unexpectedly, he felt as if a ten-ton weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He realized that he felt a kind of freedom that he had not felt before. He had not been aware that his hatred and anger at his family had been weighing him down since childhood, but it was no longer there.

Danny stood up and gathered Dylan into his arms. He kissed him deeply, hugging his love as tightly as he could. He whispered in Dylan's ear… "I love you". They kissed again and Danny sensed that everything would be alright for Danny from this day on. And if Danny was at peace, Dylan was happy.

London lay before them in a glittering sea of lights, mapped out by dark ribbons of roads, pocked marked by jutting buildings. It's almost dawn and the bleeding edges of the night are turning gold. Lula and Jack are seated on the bench furthest from them, murmuring to each other soft and low. But Dylan can tell that each hushed syllable is painted with warmth and hope. They lost Merritt awhile back to a group of hen-doers. Dylan doesn't doubt that he'll be more than fine when he resurfaces two days from now.

A snort and a wrapped arm around his side, and Dylan finds himself being folded into a half-embrace. The not uncomfortable silence lengthens into something soothing. In the distance, the creeping gold seeps in through the dark. With it, it brings hues of molten honey gold and blush pinks. Dylan watches as an invisible hand paints away at the skyscape.


Dylan turns, the corner of his lip curling in amusement to see Danny looking up at him. "Hey." He replies.

The burn of the whiskey is quick and familiar. Down his throat and into the depths of his belly. It distracts him, somewhat, from the presence of the body next to his.

" Where is Leyla?" He said in a tone that betrayed his jealousy to her, he quickly covered himself.

"My dear partner in crime gone to Italy" Danny huffs, trying to settle his head on Dylan's shoulder. He relaxes, shapes his body for him. Danny sighs.

"I thought I was your partner in crime." He said in a jokey tonetone." "What did she say to you?"

"She said if we ever wanted to have kids, she'd love to help us out."

Daniel, come with me, now." Dylan took the room and waited for Daniel to come out in the hallway. He could hear Lula say in the back with a singing voice, "Oh, someone is in trouble." He ignored it, glared at Daniel's arm and walked up the stairs, through the hall, and toward the bedroom. Daniel followed almost obediently, only the wrist twisted a few times because of discomfort.

As soon as they entered their room, Dylan slammed the door and locked it.

Daniel kissed Dylan immediately and then stood up with him. When he was just standing, he pushed him down on the bed. When Dylan's knee hit the edge of the bed, he used too much force to let him fall down on the bed.

The clink of the metal collision made him vaguely understand what Daniel was looking for, but when Daniel took his FBI with a handcuff to the bed, he was sure. Daniel put it on the bed, kneel down and start to untie Dylan's shirt.

"I will try my best not to destroy this one."

"I'm grateful," Dylan sneered. "I don't have a steady supply of shirts, you know."

"Buy you one more." Daniel completely untied his shirt, put his hand in, walked around his chest, and slid his shirt off his shoulder. "Sit up and help me take off your shirt." Dylan easily joined, and it was thrown over the room and huddled on another bed. The next second he watched the handcuffs with vigilance.

"Are you going to use it?"

"Oh, don't be reluctant, we all know that you can get rid of it in a few seconds, then take me back to bed in two seconds... but you won't be right?" This is not an instruction, but It is a question. May I?

"Yes, I really can't... that's your trick." Daniel picked up his handcuffs and showed Dylan a fleeting, relieved smile.

"Do you really have the key?"

"How can I be if I have it?"

"Also." Daniel lifted Dylan's hand over his head, grabbed a hand, and wrapped the chain around the metal trim of the bedside version, then grabbed the other. Daniel turned back and sat across Dylan's waist and looked straight at him.

"Like I arrested you. You look great, like that day... I know how much you look after I handcuffed you in the interrogation room, but..."

This is interesting... Dylan is determined to put more of this from Daniel in the future.

"Now you caught me, what are you going to do to me?"

"This is my performance. I won't leak it until I reveal it."

"Then keep going, the audience is going to be bored."

"Audience? Don't tell me that you like others to watch? If it is, I am happy to find Lula..."

"If you want to do it with me, let's talk about it."

Daniel laughed in Dylan's glare and leaned down to kiss him. The kiss was light and short. When he got up, Dylan twitched and chased it, trying to continue and deepen the kiss. But Daniel planned, and he followed Dylan's body all the way down and grinded his teeth at the hip. Dylan picked it up and buried his head in the pillow.

He bowed up and wanted to get more friction in his erection. But Daniel was also prepared for it. He straightened up, sat back on Dylan's lap, and leaned down to kiss him in his abdomen, watching the muscles under his skin twitch and respond.

Fuck, don't you worry about Daniel?"

"I just want to make sure you don't feel bored Dylan. Give me the attention." Dylan's pants were slammed off,Daniel faded it from him, he didn't even Knowing that his belt has been untied, the zipper of the pants is also open.

"Magician" Dylan muttered in his heart, even though he was one.

A few seconds later Daniel re-sanded on Dylan's lap, this time the calf, he had taken off his shirt and belt.

"Not interesting?"

"Not at all," Dylan admitted. He raised his head with one hand and looked at Daniel along the body. His penis trembled between them.

"Good, but you have to look carefully, because you won't want to miss my next move." Daniel said carelessly, like on the stage, to start a magic.

"Oh, you said so, I can't look at your show in the future. Hold it."

Daniel smiled softly but didn't respond, but suddenly lowered his body and contained Dylan's entire sex.

"Fuck!" Dylan struggled under the restraint of the handcuffs, his head tilted back and the metal scraped from each other. He wants to touch Daniel, grab and pull his hair, and he knows he can do it at any time. Just open your handcuffs to satisfy your desires... but he won't. In contrast, he grabbed the headboard with both hands and struggled.

Daniel casually glared at Dylan's temperament and did not intend to take pressure or action to satisfy him. This is completely teasing.

When Dylan finally lifted his head again, he saw Daniel's lips sticking to the column, and his eyes looked at himself.

Looking at each other, Dylan felt that everyone in the house had heard that he was too loud, but after that time, he didn't care if anyone else heard it.

Daniel let Dylan's temperament slip out of his mouth.

"Oh, why are you stopping? Go on!" Dylan asked with a hoarse voice.

Daniel patted and kissed Dylan's cheekbones, then bite and sucked the area with his mouth to leave a mark of love. He kissed Dylan's chest all the way, taking off his pants and boxer shorts in the process, only to find a good position, the whole person low and low pressure on Dylan, the two sex organs tightly squeezed in one place.

Dylan got up again, and the two of them had a slap in the face, and they all picked up. Daniel pushed himself into his body, grinding the inner wall, and then they fell into the sway and frantically rubbed against each other.

Daniel wants to kiss Dylan, but he gasps, so the lips don't get together.

He turned to Dylan's neck, kissed the knot along the curve, and took care of his side neck. He licked the other side, swaying Dylan's skin, completely ignoring what a great hickey would be left there. It's cold outside. Dylan can be wrapped in a scarf.

As for the house, he realized that he was thinking that everyone knows that Dylan is his.

With this sudden realization, he bit the neck of Dylan's side, making sure that the hickey does not disappear quickly. He sucked and bit the red mark left, and the lower body pierced it once, twice, again. Dylan yelled, choked, and he culminated in the shackles, and Daniel shot it.

After the climax of the climax, Daniel felt Dylan's arm around him. As he expected, Dylan thought about it and opened the handcuffs with ease. They gasped heavily and couldn't talk properly, but Dylan walked slowly along Daniel's spine, comfortably letting it rest at the waist. They lay there and slowly found their breath. For a few minutes, no one wanted to break this silence until Daniel came back and realized that he was lying on Dylan, and the other might not be able to breathe normally. He slipped back to the bed sideways.

"This is really..." He spoke, whispering quickly, not sure what to say, or how Dylan felt about the situation.

"Great. This is the word you should fill in your words." Dylan took the call and turned to lie on his side, dropping one hand again at the other's waist.

I" need to sent your friend a basket of flowers"

Dylan smiled and reached over Dylan's head to get the handcuffs still hanging on the headboard.

"Of course, as long as you are mine ..."

"Good consultation."

Dylan got up and took Daniel on the bed with a kiss.

They finally returned to the living room to complete the performance