Chapter 1

Author's Note: This was an idea that came into my mind one day. I wondered how interesting a story would be if there was an OC saiyan, and a god of destruction of ANOTHER UNIVERSE. I decided to give it a shot. Enjoy, and please review.


After fooling Whis and Beerus, Goku immediately arrived on Zen-oh-sama's home. All the inhabitants of this realm sensed a visitor coming. The two Zenos asked the Grand Priest, "Who is it?" "Yes, who is it?". The Grand Priest materialized his staff and used it to identify the visitor, "It is Son Goku of the 7th Universe, your majesties." Immediately, the faces of the childlike deities lighted up, "Really? Then bring him here!" "Yes, bring him here!". The Grand Priest smiled, "Very well, your majesties." He then used his divine powers to teleport the Saiyan directly in front of him. The Saiyan was confused for a second, but as soon as he spotted the two Zenos, he flashed his famous Son grin and held up a hand and said, "Yo Zenny, what's up?". The two Zenos flew towards him, smiling the whole time, "Goku!", the two of them exclaimed as they caught his hands, with Goku giving both of them a handshake. As they landed on the ground, "So, what brings you here, Goku?". Goku knelt down to be on their level and said, "Sorry to barge in like this, but I came here to ask about the tournament of power that you were gonna hold." The Zeno who was from the future looked confused whereas the present Zeno dawned a look of understanding. Present Zeno's future counterpart asked him, "What's a tournament of power?". The present Zeno looked at his counterpart and replied, "It's a contest between fighters to see who's the strongest." His counterpart became excited, "Wow, a contest between fighters?" "Yes, really." The present Zeno then turned towards Goku, "I forgot, Goku." Goku sweat dropped, "Ah, I thought so." The Zenos turned to each other, whispering, "This way we can eliminate the universes with weak mortal levels. Keeping a watch on twelve of them is such a pain." The future counterpart seemed to agree with his past self, "Let's do it then." Goku couldn't follow their conversation so he asked the Grand Priest, "Huh, what are they talking about?". Grand Priest, who knew exactly what they were talking about, was quick to assure him, "Oh, nothing to concern yourself with, Goku."

The two Zenos turned to the Grand Priest and Goku, "Let's do it!", both of them exclaimed in excitement. The Grand Priest chuckled and said, "Very well…. How about 5 ticks from now?". Goku turned to him, perplexed, "How much is that?". the Grand Priest looked at him and asked, "You are from The Earth of the 7th Universe, correct?". Goku replied, "Yeah, that's right." The deity smiled and said, "That means in about 40 hours." Goku's eyes widened, "Th-that soon?". He then recovered and with his usual goofy expression, said, "Alright then! I'm gonna leave so I can start preparing immediately!". "Please wait here", the commanding voice of the Grand Priest caused Goku to halt. The power in his voice was hard to ignore, "Apart from Beerus, other gods of destruction will also have to be informed of the tournament. Please wait while I call them here." Goku scratched the back of his head, "But they will take forever to get here." The white haired deity smiled, "Don't worry, they will be arriving immediately." He then materialized his staff and spoke into it, loud and clear, "TO ALL ANGELS! THIS IS THE GRAND PRIEST! PLEASE RESPOND!". Across all the universes, the staffs of the angels began buzzing, indicating a message from the Grand Priest. As the angels told this to their respective gods, almost all of them had the same reaction; fear. But there was one god who didn't appear to be even slightly fazed. This god was the Hakaishin of the 8th universe, Kolard, and he was no ordinary being. He was a Saiyan, and the strongest Hakaishin among all.

The home of the 8th universe Hakaishin was beautiful, being an inverted pyramid, with the inverted base housing a beautifully decorated mountain, with vast greenery and grounds for training. The said training grounds were being used by the destroyer as he trained constantly to surpass his master. He was clad in black, blue, and gold Egyptian-looking attire, the standard uniform of a Hakaishin. He had black hair that pointed up in various spikes, with a lone bang dangling on the left side. His facial features were stern, but if looked closely there was a smirk present on his face. He was tall, standing at six-feet three inches. His body looked like chiseled out of stone, with his pectorals and abs distinctively clear. Just above his buttocks was a powerful tail that added to his unique counterattacks in battle. At the moment, he was battling his master, the angel Korn. The angel was smiling while deflecting his pupil's attacks, "It is hard to believe that in such little time you have progressed so far, my lord. Becoming the legendary Super Saiyan from your previous home, ascending it five times before unlocking the god forms, and now using Ultra Instinct." Indeed, the destroyer was in the Ultra Instinct form, his hair white and his eyes having a shine to them. They ended their spar for the day, with the angel complimenting his master on how close he was to surpassing him. "It's all thanks to you and Liquiir, Korn. Without the two of you, I would have been a simple being with no purpose."

Kolard was no ordinary being, and he was not an inhabitant of universe eight from the beginning. He used to belong to universe seven, the universe of Lord Beerus. He was born a middle class saiyan, hundreds of years before the saiyans fell under the rule of the Cold family but his power levels were rapidly fluctuating, so the king of that time declared him as an anomaly and ordered him to be sent off to another world. However, his pod was intercepted by none other than Whis, the attendant of Beerus. Whis took him to Lord Beerus to make a decision concerning Kolard.


"He has a great potential to become a fighter and has a great destiny ahead of him, my lord. Perhaps you could train him as your replacement when you decide to retire?", Whis said, holding the baby in his hands. Beerus looked at the baby, a calculative look on his face, before deciding, "Nah, I'm not retiring from this job anytime soon, so it would be pointless to train him for that long." Beerus stood still for a second before a smirk came onto his feline face, "On the other hand, Liquiir stated he was going to retire in fifty years or so, but hasn't found a suitable replacement for himself. We could give this baby to him, saying that he has a great potential in becoming a powerful fighter." Liquiir was the Hakaishin of the 8th universe and resembled a fox with three tails. Whis couldn't disobey his master, as the idea had quite the merit. A powerful baby destined for greatness to be taken care of by a destroyer god to be his replacement? Whis smiled, liking the idea instantly, "That is a good idea, my lord. Perhaps even you can think of such ideas", he jabbed good naturedly. Beerus however, was not amused in the least, "You know, your pitiful attempts at humor sometimes make me want to destroy you."

At the next summit of the gods of destruction, they presented this idea to the 8th universe Hakaishin. Liquiir was above average in terms of power but could not come even close to Beerus. So when his superior in terms of power gave his proposal, he had a right to be suspicious, "Why would you do this? Surely a great fighter would be beneficial for your universe, Beerus." Beerus gave a yawn, which made Liquiir grit his teeth. It was not a secret among destroyers that everyone hated Beerus. The fact that he had almost caused their erasure at the hands of Zen-oh-sama had almost caused a riot between destroyers. Beerus said, "I was planning on getting rid of the saiyans anyways. The fact that I am giving him to you is a win win for both of us. I get rid of him, you get a replacement." Liquiir thought hard about this and after a moment and finally decided, "Very well Beerus. I'll take him off your hands and train him to be the strongest of this lot, I swear." Beerus just smirked and said, "Whatever. His name is…. what was his name again, Whis?". The angel replied, "Kolard, my lord." Beerus turned to Liquiir, who said nothing but walked away. Beerus clenched his teeth of such a casual dismissal and turned around, "Come on Whis, let's not waste anymore time in this place. I've got some planets to destroy." Whis knew his master would come around but inwardly smiled and took them back to their universe.


From then on Liquiir raised the saiyan as his own child, along with the help from his angel. Kolard was a very curious and intelligent child, wanting to learn as much as he could. Liquiir never denied him knowledge, but he taught the saiyan that fighting is not always necessary and fighting without reason is the job of bull headed people. He also trained him vigorously along with Korn. He was surprised at how quickly Kolard was able to learn fighting techniques and how he was able to develop his own techniques. He achieved the super saiyan transformation at the age of twelve, the urge to become stronger coming from his saiyan blood, ascending again at fourteen and by the age of twenty two had achieved the super saiyan 5 transformation, which had almost destroyed the entire 8th universe. After learning to control that transformation, Liquiir and Kolard both agreed that the super saiyan 5 was to be used as a last resort against an enemy too powerful. Then he learned that there was a sixth transformation, the last in the ascending order. It was like adding a super saiyan transformation to super saiyan 4. The last two forms were very powerful, so dangerous in fact that Liquiir had him swear that he would never use them unless absolutely necessary. After that, Korn and Liquiir gave him access to god ki, feeling that there was more potential to be unleashed in the saiyan warrior. He became a super saiyan god, a being with power level that matched his super saiyan 4 transformation, the only difference being god ki nut the potential of the form was higher than any of them imagined. He then attained super saiyan blue, super saiyan imbued with the power of a super saiyan god. He ascended that form again, this time with super saiyan 2. By the age of forty five, he became the only person in the 8th universe to challenge Liquiir except Korn. Both Liquiir and Korn were amazed with the speed of the saiyan's progress. Liquiir almost felt bad for Beerus. From the age of forty five to fifty, Liquiir taught Kolard how to harness and control the energy of destruction.

The student and master stood before one another, readying themselves for the fight that would determine if Kolard was worthy of becoming a destroyer. This day would determine if Kolard was powerful enough to defeat Liquiir in his base form alone. Kolard smirked, taking a stance that looked deceptively open. Liquiir smirked as well and said, "That trick wont work on me you know. I've had decades to study your fighting style." Kolard jabbed back, "But the fight won't same, Liquiir-sama. Don't forget I have studied your style too. No super saiyan or god ki." Korn gave the signal "BEGIN!". Kolard flashed in front of Liquiir, throwing a barrage of punches on his face, kicks to the stomach and a punch to the face that knocked the destroyer back a dozen meters into some trees. Liquiir stood up furious, but his lips quirked a little. He was obviously enjoying this. Kolard noticed that and decided to taunt him, "Is that all the god of destruction has to offer?". That did it for Liquiir, who was beyond furious, "YOU COCKY BRAT! I WILL SHOW YOU MY FULL POWER!". Saying that, Liquiir shouted and powered up to his maximum. Kolard smirked and powered up himself to his highest in his base form, easily surpassing Liquiir.

He could end this fight anytime now, but where would be the fun in that? he was a saiyan and he enjoyed fighting more so than anyone. He used instant movement and appeared behind Liquiir holding his tails in a strong grip and spinning him around before throwing him away. He then intercepted his path and kicked him away, doing it three more times before Liquiir decided enough was enough. He turned around at the last second and engaged his surprised pupil in clos combat. He forced his pupil into a lock and blasted him away into a mountain with a ball of ki. He continued firing ki blasts for almost a hundred times. He scoffed, "Did you really think you could be more powerful than me without your transformations?". As the smoke cleared, his eyes widened. Kolard stood there with his arms crossed with no visible damage on Kolard's person. The saiyan smirked, "Did you really think it's that easy to catch me off guard?". He then fired his ki in the form of missiles which were easily dodged by Liquiir who was coming close fast. Kolard smiled, which Liquiir took note of and realized he had just walked into a trap. But it was too late to stop. Kolard used his ki to freeze Liquiir into one place, which surprised the destroyer as he never thought ki could be used like that. He then gave a devastating kick to his jaw which launched the destroyer into the sky. he was then brutally kicked down to the ground by Kolard, making a large crater.

Liquiir climbed out of the crater, bruises all over his body. Kolard smiled, he had one last surprise left before he ended this spar. He turned his back to his master saying, "It's over master. You've lost" and walked away. Liquiir was shocked, more so than Korn, who was almost never surprised. Rage started to build up as he saw how much arrogance his pupil was showing. Giving out a roar that shook the whole world, he fired a highly destructive ki wave at the back of Kolard, who was just waiting for it. Turning around eyes closed, he jumped slightly and stopped the wave in its path, causing it to take a dome like shape before him. Both Liquiir and Korn had their jaws hanging down by now, never having seen this technique. Kolard then made some hand gestures, dispersing the dome of ki. Liquiir saw his chance and quickly attacked Kolard's stomach, only to have his hand pass through an after image. He turned around but found himself on the receiving end of quick pressure point strikes. The strikes caused his arms and legs to get stuck in an awkward position. Liquiir fell down, but with a smile, knowing that Kolard had truly surpassed him.