"Come to my room at seven PM. I have something important that I want to tell you both."

That was the only thing written down in the note Robin handed to Lissa and Maribelle. Neither of them knew what their friend wanted to tell them, but they were concerned.

Ever since Robin's training a couple of weeks ago. Lissa and Maribelle noticed that he was acting rather odd.

The first sign was his skin, mainly how Maribelle noticed that Robin has been applying the same brand of skin cream that she uses. His skin now looks so soft and clean. Soft enough that wrongfully handling a paper could give him a cut. Maribelle didn't consider it a big deal as she thought it was that her tactician friend was taking care of his appearance.

The bigger sign was his attire. As the weeks flew by, Robin wore less tunics and moved towards clothes that were more effeminate. Soft pants, frilly blouses. He wasn't dressing like a woman, but neither Maribelle or Lissa can recall many men actually dressing like that amongst the Shepherds. Even his hair wasn't untouched. It was now reaching his shoulders and Maribelle could tell that it was soft, light and flowy. She suspected Robin must have used the same potion that grew his hair originally.

When asked on the subject, Robin simply replied that he wanted a change of pace from his usual attire. Nothing to make a big deal of, he said. He just wants to look more fancy.

Then there was the note. Both Lissa and Maribelle suspected there was something up with Robin lately and they had a feeling that the reason why he wanted them to come to his room had something to do with it. Besides, it would've been rude to turn down a possible invitation.

As the two ladies walked in, their eyes set on a fairly shocking sight.

Rather than his usual clothes or even the fancier and more feminine clothing that he wore for the past several weeks, Robin was in the slender white gown that he wore during field training. He was wearing heels, pearl earrings, gloves and makeup. He was even wearing the corset that made his figure look far more feminine.

"Hello ladies," Robin dipped into a little curtsey. His voice wasn't artificially raised by the potion, but the pitch was slightly higher than usual. Maribelle suspected he must've been working to make his voice more naturally feminine"I know this might seem quite shocking to you. Sit down and have some tea. I'll explain."

As Lissa and Maribelle sat down, Robin poured tea for them. He was about done pouring tea for himself when Maribelle couldn't help but ask a question.

"Robin, may I ask why you are dressed as a woman?"

"Yeah," Lissa interjected. "Your training is over. You don't have to wear that dress anymore."

Doubt crept up Robin's mind as he took a sip of his tea.

"I honestly wasn't sure if I should tell you either of you this. Especially you, Maribelle. You were always a bit strict when it comes to gender norms.

"I had been raised as a proper lady by my parents and tutors. I am expected to behave as a lady of my standing should. But I can tell that you are a special case."

Maribelle gently sipped her tea.


"It all started about a day after you wrapped up my training. I slipped on my regular clothes and I went about my day doing my usual activities, nothing truly important there. But, for some reason, my clothes felt wrong. At first, I thought it was because of all the creams and lotions you had me put on my body. I thought that, with time, things will go back to normal and I can pretend this whole thing never happened."

"But you were wrong. Is that right?"

"That's right," Robin nodded at Maribelle's question. "Every now and then, my mind turns towards you. You were so graceful, so elegant, so beautiful. I actually felt kind of jealous."

"So you started your change in attire," Maribelle responded. "The more effeminate outfits, the longer hair. That explains it, right? I bet you used the same potion we originally used on your hair."

Robin nodded.

"It was around that time I began having dreams. Funny enough, when we first started my training, I dreamt of dancing with women in suits while I was the one in dresses. But as time flew on, some of those women became men."

Maribelle wanted to ask the obvious question. But she knew that it's likely that all of her questions will be answered by the end.

"What happened after that, Robin?" Lissa asked.

"Of course, one night. I couldn't take it anymore. In the privacy of my own room, I got myself dressed in that lovely white ball gown you gave me. You originally let me keep it as a little joke between the three of us, but I didn't have a problem with it."

Robin sipped the tea daintily, taking to Maribelle's lessons like a duck to water.

"I slipped on the undergarments, did my makeup and put on my accessories. I even put on the corset. Tying it up on my own was quite a pain, I admit. As I got myself completely dressed and looked at my reflection, I came to a sudden realization."

"What did you realize?"

"That it felt right. I felt so beautiful and feminine and lovely... I want to stay like this."

"You mean… as a woman?"


Robin turned his - her - face away from their shocked looks. She didn't want to look at their faces of disgust, their faces of anger, their faces of… hatred.

"We didn't know, Robin."

At the sound of Maribelle's voice, Robin turned back to the two ladies to find not disapproving or disgusted looks, but faces filled with concern, of worry.

"Yeah," Lissa said. "When we started this, we wanted to have a little fun at your expense. We didn't think that it would end up like this."

"It's not your fault, Lissa," Robin answered. "When I first realized my condition, I did some research. From what little I managed to gather through research and my own experience, it's not something you can get. It's not so much of a disease as it is a realization."

"What is this condition?" Maribelle asked. "From what you said, it does not seem to be terribly common around here."

"It does not seem to have a name from my research. It is too uncommon and hidden to have one."

"What would you call it?"

"Well, Lissa, I think I'll call it Gender Identity Disorder. I try to go for a more professional sort of name."

"Personally, I find that name to be fairly appropriate," Maribelle sipped some tea.

"Honestly, if I was in your shoes, my parents would never allow me to make such a big change. I would've been the next Duke of Thermis and engaged to a potential wife. If I ever came out, it would cause massive political issues for my father and myself."

Maribelle smirked.

"But, considering you don't have such issues holding you down, a transition like this would be little to no problem. You would still have to deal with bigotry."

"Yeah, I'm sure Chrom will understand. I bet he'll be more than happy to make you a woman legally."

"But I-:

"But nothing, Robin!"

Maribelle got up and pointed her pink parasol at Robin.

"You are a woman and I'll make sure that the people of Ylisse will treat you as such."

"Yeah," Lissa got up as well. "And anyone who has a problem with it will have to deal with the two of us."

"It… I…" Robin stammered, her voice breaking. "You..."

Lissa quickly pulled Robin into a tight hug.

"It's okay to cry, Robin. Just let it out."

It was rare that Robin cried at all, let alone openly in front of her friends. Now, she was definitely crying. But with that smile on her face, Lissa and Maribelle knew that Robin wasn't sad at all.

It was then Robin realized her makeup was smearing from her tears.

"I know I'm smudging my makeup. Let me go clean myself up."

"Let me help, Robin."

Maribelle took out a handkerchief and began cleaning up the stains on Robin's face. She took care to wipe off all the makeup the tears ruined. There was barely any left by the time Maribelle was done. Only a brief bit of blush. Barely noticeable at this point.

Eventually Robin stopped crying, allowing her to ask a simple question.


"Yes, Robin?"

"I know I completed the crash course that started this whole thing. But perhaps you don't mind if you train me on the details that you glossed over? If I'm going to stay like this permanently, I want to make sure that I don't miss crucial details. It would be quite dreadful if I missed something that I really should know."

"I would love to, Robin," Maribelle smiled. "The lessons may be fairly extensive now that we are done with the basics, but I know a wonderful student like you would pass without too much trouble."

"Well, I wouldn't have gotten this far if it wasn't for a wonderful teacher like you."

As the three ladies giggled, they continued their spot of tea. Any worries that Robin had over her future were forgotten for the time being. She knew that with her friends, nothing will stand in her way.

Here it is. After over a year and a half since I started, I finally finished Robin's Involuntary Makeover. It's definitely a story that I worked on the most. Suffered from a bit of writer's block on certain parts, which is why it's taken me this long to get everything done. But I am still proud of this story and I hope to keep on improving from here.

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