Author's Note: This is my first time sharing one of my stories, so constructive criticism is much appreciated. I know that the intro is the standard and cliche "Star ship crashes onto a planet in another galaxy" but that was the best way I could think of tying the two universes in. also, forgive me for jumping from perspective to perspective. once I get the characters all in one place, then maybe I'll stick to one perspective.

I do NOT own Star Wars OR HOTD. The only things that belong to me are the words that are typed out here, and the names of certain characters.

Chapter One: Order 66

Orbit around Coruscant

Kade Wilson was having a shit day. Not long after finally being given the rank of Jedi Knight, clone troopers stormed the Jedi Temple, shooting every Jedi in sight. Kade managed to escape, but his friend, a Jedi Padawan named Krieger, didn't survive. As Kade piloted his fighter away from the burning temple, he could still see the horrified look on Krieger's face as a blaster bolt hit him in the back. Kade's anger had overtaken him, and he slaughtered every clone in sight.

After he had cleared the area, he went back to Krieger's body; saying a small prayer so that his soul could find peace within the Force; and grabbed his Lightsaber, before heading to the lower levels, where the Jedi's personal ships were stored. Once Kade sliced through a few clones, he jumped in a ship and flew away.

Now, however, as he reached the outer atmosphere, several fighters tried to shoot him down. In a panic, Kade plugged in a few random coordinates, and blasted into hyperspace. once he came out of light-speed, he saw he was dangerously close to a blue and green planet. Kade tried to pull up, but he was already in atmosphere, so he piloted his ship toward the nearest piece of land he could see. He couldn't quite make it, and as his ship crashed into the water, he quickly grabbed his few belongings, a survival pack, and he bailed.

Fujimi Academy, Earth

Takashi Komuro smashed another student's head in as more lunged at him, trying to eat him. Rei and Hishashi were trying to set up a barricade on the observation level on the roof of the school, as more undead soon surrounded them. After they had beaten them back and had the barricade in place, Takashi and Rei started to treat the bite Hishashi had received on his arm saving Rei. After a few minutes; however; Hishashi's condition began to worsen, as whatever was happening was beginning to turn Hishashi. Hishashi said his goodbyes, and pleaded with Takashi to not let him turn into "one of those things." Takashi hesitantly obliged, waiting until Hishashi had taken his final breath before smashing his head in.

Takagi and Hirano, meanwhile, were trapped in a workshop classroom as more undead began to beat on the doors. Hirano quickly put together a weapon out of a nail gun and a few pieces of lumber. Soon after the doors broke down, Hirano began shooting the undead, clearing a path for him and Takagi. As they made their way down the hall, Takagi began scolding Hirano for shooting every infected. Just then, Saeko Busijima burst through the door and began bashing a few undead heads, saving the school nurse, Shizuka Marikawa.

Outskirts of Tokonosu City

As Kade made the short swim to the beach, he knew that there was no way he was going to be able to repair his ship. When he started walking towards the buildings, he noticed a figure moving towards him, limping as if they were injured. Kade began to walk towards them, asking if they were ok, when he felt a disturbance in the Force. Kade stopped in his tracks, as he noticed that the injured figure had fatal injuries, injuries that should render them paralyzed, or dead. Sensing danger Kade equipped his lightsaber, and when he ignited the yellow meter long blade, the figure seemed to move towards him faster.

Kade warned them to stay back, but as they drew closer, Kade swung his saber, slicing off one of it's arms. The creature took no notice of the injury, grabbing Kade's arm as he stepped back, his ankles reaching the surf. Kade sliced again, this time chopping off the creature's head. As its body toppled to the ground, Kade noticed that more were quickly approaching him. Kade deactivated his lightsaber, and quickly made his way up the beach, trying to go around the creatures. After a few minutes he made his way into the city, he noticed a building that looked like it had exploded from the inside. "What the hell happened here?" Kade asked to himself as he continued walking past.

Fujimi Academy

As the group of students and the nurse made their way to a bus, more and more undead shuffled towards them. They made it to the bus, but before they could drive off, another group of students ran towards the bus, begging them to be let onboard. After a moment, the group agreed, and they all drove off together. they burst through the front gates, running over a few of the undead as they made their escape. The noise drew more of the creatures to them, as well as Kade, still trying to figure out where he was.