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Chapter Seven: The Last Jedi in a World of The Dead


As Kade looked into the reflective surface of the mirror, he could tell he had changed since he'd left Coruscant. His normally clean-shaven face had begun to grow a small stubble, and although he was normally against it, he decided that it would be good to create a new look for his new life. He would, however, need to repair his current clothes. His tunic was torn in several places, and he still had some injuries from his crash landing. Kade sighed as he brushed his brown hair out of his face. He'd need to cut it, he thought to himself as he stripped off his tunic and began to run the shower. After a few minute he sensed someone at the door and sighed. His time for reflection wold have to wait. "What is it, Saeko?" He asked as he sensed her hesitation. "I, um, found some clothes. I saw how torn yours were, and Takashi doesn't want them. And they would never fit Hirano." Came her soft, almost embarrassed reply from the other side of the door. Kade used the Force to open the door without leaving the shower. "Just leave them on the sink." He said, noting how she averted her eyes, even though she couldn't see him.


Saeko quickly averted her eyes, expecting to see Kade standing there. When she finally looked up, however, Kade wasn't there. "Just leave them on the sink." She heard from the still running shower. She quickly placed the clothes on the sink and closed the door. Before she walked off, she hesitated, her mind bringing up how he had spoken to her during the rescue. "Kade?" She asked through the door. "What is it?" She heard from the other side. "When you were rescuing Alice, I swear I heard your voice in my head. Hirano didn't hear it, but i swear I did. was that you?" There was a moment's pause on the other side before Kade replied. "Yes, that was me. I sensed you were going to put yourself and the others in danger trying to get us, so I did what I could to change your mind." She was a little shocked, but honestly, after what she'd seen him do, nothing was really surprising to her anymore. "Oh, ok." She said as she turned away, feeling strange that he cared so much for them.


After Saeko left the bathroom door, Kade turned off the shower, stepping out with a towel wrapped around him. He took a moment to look over the clothes Saeko had given him, and was slightly amused. On the sink was a pair of dark blue jeans, with a white t-shirt and black jacket. "The Council would never have approved of this attire." Kade thought to himself as he studied the clothes. Satisfied, he started to dress himself as he thought about what he had sensed in Saeko as she had left. Was it... admiration? The only admiration Kade had felt towards him was from the younger padawans in the Temple, but this felt... different. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but something about it felt familiar. "I should meditate on this." Kade thought as he picked up his torn Jedi clothes and opened the door.

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