**Two Hundred Years Ago**Mystic Falls**

Long ago in a small town of Mystic Falls, Virginia there was a beautiful young woman name Lilliana Smith. She had long curly brown hair and brown eyes. One day while walking through the woods, she came across a mysterious man she never seen around before. His name was Jamie Gilbert. They fell instantly in love.

As they courted, Jamie learned Lilliana was secretly a witch that only uses her powers for good. He accepted her for who she is.

Before she knew it, she and him were exchanging they're wedding vows.

**Scene Change**

Snow fell gracefully over the small town. The scene shows Lilliana exiting a white mansion with holiday decorations while carrying her infant daughter Arabella.

"Thanks again for coming." As he heard her friend Jannete, "Be careful heading home!"

"We will." Jamie said.

Once they said there good-bye, they made there way to the carriage.

**Scene Change**

As there carriage were going over Wickery Bridge, an arrow of fire struck it and went ablaze.

A mob of hunters attacked.

"Go! Take Arabella and run!" Jamie exclaimed while fighting off the hunters.

Lilliana was hesitant for a moment until she did. She ran as fast as she can while keeping her child close.

Lilliana discovered a small hole in a willow tree. Making sure any of the hunters weren't around, she placed Arabella inside and covered her in moss. She stroked her cheek and said a spell that will make her daughter immortal.

Once she was done she whispered,"Mama loves you, Dada loves you. Be brave Arabella. Stay strong."

"There she is!"

Lilliana swift around to the hunters and without moving an inch she closed her eyes as her life flashed before her eyes.

**Scene Change**

A woman name Rosalie was strolling through the forest enjoying the sounds of nature and the radiant rays of the sun. She paused when she heard the cries of a baby.

Rosalie followed the sound leading to the willow tree. Removing moss she found a baby girl.

"Aw, its ok sweetie your safe now." Rosalie cooed lifting the infant into her arms wondering who left her out here all alone.

The little girl slowly stopped crying. She opened up one her eyes before opening the other one. They were striking blue-green. And her hair was chocolate brown.

Rosalie looked to see a necklace around her neck. On the pendant was the name 'Arabella Gilbert' inscribed in cursive.

As time went by, Arabella grew up beautifully and gracefully. By the time she was seventeen, her adoptive Mother passed away. She had nowhere to go.

More years passed, Arabella discovered that she is not aging. The town was starting to get suspicious as well. So she packed up what she needed and ran away till she settled and made a living in Las Vegas in 1959.

This is where the story begins...

(A/N: Just thought I'd add a bit of Vampire Diaries to it, abd I do not own the movie or Mystic Falls they all belong to they're rightful owners. I only own my Oc and my storyline. Thank you!)