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"Yuuko, he gifted you with a most precious gift," Doreiku said, "He gave you immortality."

"A child to call my own," Yuuko thought, "A family. At long last after all these years."

Chapter 2


While this heartwarming scene was going on, far above over the city, three very large creatures stooped into a dive. They took to the scattered cloud cover to hide themselves somewhat from any human that might be watching.

These creatures began communicating with a language that was filled with hard consonants and sibilants that sounded like hissing. One of the winged, scaled creatures, a black one, spoke to the lead.

"Thaenar, nomeno ui ti tokeq. Austratir svern vi munthrek taoul ui ti vi bensvelk ulhyrr." "Major, this is not safe. Flying over a human city is not a good idea."

Another creature, a silver one calmly replied to the black one, "Yth jahen gavira ekess confn. Jaci ui wer annyo nuwa'jimos di jacida ergriff nuwa'jimos vur zklaen clax jacida cekip." The silver one switched to English, "We were ordered to come. He is the last hatchling of his only hatchling and must take his test." The Silver continued on, "The Witch has taken him in. This is the only route."

The Black Chromatic hissed at the Silver dragon, shaking his large horned head as though ridding himself of a particularly annoying fly, "Orn, this is dangerous! We have nearly been spotted several times now! I still don't understand why our Lady and Lords couldn't have raised the child after his parents' unfortunate demise themselves."

The lead creature, a large Blue Chromatic dragon, answered in English as their flight leveled out, "Quiet down, Mergandevinasander. I understand your concern, but this is the route that we were told to take by Lady Tiamat after Lord Null checked where the boy was going to be. And we all know the rules put into place. Gods such as our own are not allowed to raise any human or part-human descendants. We were lucky that the Dimensional Witch was willing to take him in."

Mergandevinasander snorted, but said nothing. The three Dragons were lucky that it was so late out. Very few humans could see them at this time of the night.

Back on the ground, the celebrating ended. Yuuko wanted more to drink and Harry rolled his eyes in amusement. Watanuki began protesting as all of the stores were now closed due to the late hour and the local gangs were probably roaming the streets so going back to the shop alone was a bad idea.

Doreiku handed something to Harry. The British teen opened it. His emerald eyes widened in shock. It was Japan's Underage Magic laws, or really a list of spells he was not allowed to use like any Japanese magical citizen. There were very few on there. It included a reminder about not using magic where nonmagicals not in the know could see. There was a postscript that read: Anyone who works for or is associated with the Dimensional Witch known by the name Yuuko Ichihara is automatically classified as in the know. To inform us that you have read this and intend to follow the law, please cast a spell. Your magical signature will be recorded.

Harry stared at Doreiku, "Is this true? The law is really this way?"

The silver-eyed teen nodded, "Indeed, just remember to do it within reason. I would suggest only using magic at the shop. That way there are fewer misunderstandings."

Unbeknownst to the supernaturally aware group or the three dragons heading their way, something fouler neared. In the center of Tokyo proper, in a tall high rise that just seemed to be another office building, alarms began to blare in the Control of Magical Creatures department.

The night staff rushed over to the computer to see what was the matter. They swore and one member scrambled off to inform the Head of Department. Nonnative demons were in Japan without the government's permission and they were converging on the area where Harry Potter was reported to be now residing.

Yuuko strolled over to the grinning pair of teen boys, her usual mysterious smile present. The rest of the group were close behind the witch. The silver-eyed teen smirked at Harry.

"Tomorrow, training begins," he grinned, causing Harry to shiver slightly in fear. That look promised untold amounts of pain. Luckily, Yuuko interfered.

"That will have to wait, Doreiku. There are tests that I am going to give Harry and he must complete them."

Unnoticed by the group, the temperature was slowly dropping and the ground had begun to frost over. Then Harry heard something that thanks to the last year, he was too familiar with. He heard his mother beg for his life to be spared. The young wizard whirled around and his eyes widened. "Bugger," he thought and drew his wand, still with the letter in hand, "Dementors, I didn't think that they were native to Japan."

"Doreiku!" He shouted, hoping that the silver-eyed teen knew what to do.

The teen in question whipped his head up and his eyes narrowed. Quick as a flash, he snapped his fingers and a weapon appeared in his hand and plate armor encased his body except for his head.

It was about 2.4 meters or 8-foot-long, on a wooden haft, with a metal spike on top and a curved axe head on one side and a spike on the other. This was a poleaxe. In the moonlight, it shined silver and glistened dangerously as Doreiku moved to the rear of the group, noticing that they were completely surrounded.

Doreiku spoke to the Dementors, his voice, though pitched low, could clearly be heard by all concerned. It was cold, emotionless as he said, "Sirius Black is not amongst us. You challenge the wrong being. Leave, now." The Dementors of course, didn't listen to the warrior and swarmed closer.

Seeing this, Yuuko raised a hand out in front of herself, ready to use her vast power. Harry quickly put a stop to the advance. Bringing up the happiest event he could muster, being reunited with family that actually cared about him, he raised his wand and shouted, "Expecto Patronum!"

A bright silver light lit up the park as out of the tip of his wand a creature emerged. But not the shining stag he had summoned before. This creature was massive. It was a griffon. The noble beast appeared to nod its great head to the young wizard before taking flight and charging straight into the Dementors closing in.

Luckily for the group, not long after this, as the spell usage had alerted the Japanese Magical Law Enforcement to the location of the Dementors, the Aurors appeared right on time and immediately began casting as the three flying dragons hurried to the location.

Doreiku was known to the Aurors as an entity and they knew what he could do to fell creatures like this. So not suffering any qualms about destroying creatures that they knew only came from one place and one place only, they herded the demons into a large group and gave the warrior the signal to move in as another team made sure that everyone else was alright.

Much to Watanuki's and Yuuko's surprise, Doreiku moved with a speed that neither would have even considered from the teen. He darted into the cluster of demons so quickly, his armor was a metallic flash as a shout of, "Divine Smite!" went out as he began striking hard and fast with all parts of his weapons. The Dementors screamed as they were hit with his weapon that radiated divine energy and one by one, they burned up with a white ghostly fire.

Seeing that Doreiku had things well in hand, Harry stopped his spell and staggered, exhausted, back to where the others were waiting. He collapsed next to Himawari, exhausted and winded, but conscious as the Aurors and Doreiku continued to eradicate the Dementors.

In no time at all, the entire mass of soul sucking demons had been destroyed. Doreiku conversed with the Aurors for a moment as the Head of the Department approached. Hit Witch Himejima Ayame spat something in a dialect that was way more ancient than anyone present except for Yuuko who had heard this dialect spoken before and Doreiku who was well learned.

"Fucking Brits. Can't keep control of their own damn creatures and manage to botch the laws of their own country." She switched to perfect English, "The Minister will be informed. This classifies as an invasion of Japanese sovereign territory and an act of war. There is a reason the entirety of the Pacific Rim and the New World declined to join that International Confederation."

Doreiku raised an eyebrow, "You're preaching to the choir, Ayame-san. Britain is as corrupt as they come. There's a reason why I hate going there." The two approached the rest of the group, Doreiku still in his armor and using his weapon as a walking staff.

Ayame stepped forwards glancing around at the gathered group. By this time Ame-Warashi and Zashiki-Warashi had left, neither sprite feeling all too great after the appearance of the Dementors. "Harry Potter?" The Department head asked.

Harry slowly stood up, leaning heavily on Himawari as he answered, "Yes ma'am?"

Ayame shook her head, "Call me Ayame, please. Very good job on that Patronus, young man. It was very impressive." The Hit Witch smiled gently, "And welcome to Japan." She disappeared with a crack.

Doreiku rejoined the group as the last of the Japanese Aurors left. He snapped his fingers, dispelling his weapon and armor, standing there in the same clothes that he wore when the moonlight picnic started. The silver eyed warrior sighed heavily. He hated having to kill around Yuuko and knew what she would say about that. Luckily, Himawari spoke first.

"Brrr, what were those things? I felt like I would never be happy again!" The curly haired girl remarked. "They were horrible! I'm glad that they're gone now!"

Harry answered her without any emotion, "Those were Dementors. They are horrible. They only come from one place; Azkaban island in the North Sea."

"Azkaban Island?" Watanuki asked as Yuuko frowned in displeasure at the killing.

Doreiku answered him, "The British Wizarding Prison. It's the only place on earth where you can go to hell without actually dying. Most go insane before dying. Very few ever finish their sentence. Only one has ever escaped and he was an innocent. Killing them was absolutely necessary."

"Yet the weight upon your soul and the universe….," Yuuko began to lecture before Doreiku shook his head.

"No, there is no weight. They are mix of undead and demon. Created by foul magics long ago. I swore an oath months ago that I would eradicate anything like them. Better that they die than any of you."

He looked around calmly as Harry included, "They suck out your soul and then months later your body dies, after being tortured by your worst memories. Many wizards would be quite happy to see them eradicated."

The Space-Time Witch sighed heavily, "Then I can deal with it. Now why don't we all head home? Doreiku?"

This last was because the warrior had fixated on something in the sky that was growing closer. Soon heavy wingbeats could be heard. Doreiku grabbed Yuuko by the hand and Harry, seeing this, grabbed the Witch's free hand.

Quick as a flash something deep blue flew by, whisking the three off of their feet. Watanuki was picked up by a silver blur with Mokona and Domeki and Himawari by a black blur.

"What's going on?" Harry heard Watanuki shout. The seer's eyes were closed against the wind and so he couldn't see what was going on. Harry, being much more accustomed to a wind in his face thanks to Quidditch, was able to see what was going on. He glanced around and thought to himself, "Bloody Hell, I'm flying on the back of a dragon and it is not eating me!"

Yuuko was holding on to Doreiku with a death grip, not caring at all about the fact that she was riding on the back of a Blue dragon.

Doreiku however, was speaking to the dragon, "Nestrix, what is going on? Why are you, Mergandevinasander, and Dargentum here?"

Yuuko froze when she heard Doreiku talk to the large dragon. Not even Clow Reed had ever tried that, although the greatest magician to ever live had never encountered a dragon before. Needless to say, she was surprised when the creature replied in a lower pitched feminine voice.

"Hatchling, our Lady and Lords have ordered us to bring all of you to them. For one thing, they wish to set up a time for your trail this summer and for the second thing," Nestrix chuckled to herself, "They wish to meet the woman who took you in and was granted immortality. It has been a long time since such an event happened. I must ask, however, what was the source of that horrible feeling of dread not too long ago?"

Watanuki could be barely heard shouting as he opened his eyes, "Why am I on the back of a dragon! This is extremely high up!"

Doreiku answered his mentor as Mergandevinasander and Dargentum flew closer to hear as they neared a large mountain range, such was the speed they were flying at, "That would be a group of Dementors. They're dead now, but I'm sure that you all know where they come from."

Nestrix answered, "Yes, and Lord Null will be informed of this." Mergandevinasander and Dargentum growled fiercely, as both the Silver and the Black hated the foul demons. Null was the only dragon and deity besides the Great One who was able to get rid of them permanently. The dragon god of creation, Asgorath, might have been able to, but he had died long ago when the Planes where very different to now and Dementors didn't exist then.

As they neared the Japanese Alps, a shining portal opened in midair. The dragons flew through it with their riders and they entered another plane. The Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia. The sub-plane in particular was Lunia, where great constellations shine eternally in the night. The three dragons headed for a large shining structure that loomed out of the darkness.

Watanuki breathed, "That's a castle. But it's so huge! Who could live there?"

He didn't get an answer as the three dragons landed and helped the humans off their backs, Mokona not needing any since he easily hopped off. Once everyone was off, Doreiku turned to the three dragons.

"Sukriya, all of you. Sukriya," he bowed ever so slightly to the dragons, knowing his true rank amongst them.

"Nar viraka, youngling," the three answered and took off into the darkness, back to their own lands and territories.

The seven drew closer to the massive front doors of the castle, Doreiku in the lead. The fifteen-year-old slammed the side of his fist onto the door several times, knocking, which reverberated several times.

Domeki examined the structure of the castle while this was going on. "It's metal," he said, "I'd say silver but it is too hard to be silver, platinum maybe. Although platinum is rare so it can't be that."

Yuuko examined the castle after Domeki said this. Her conclusion came not too long afterwards. "It's mithril," she pronounced, "A rare, almost mythical metal. I've seen it before, but only in small amounts or passed down as heirloom treasures."

Just then the shining mithril doors opened, and a huge golden dragon head peered out.

"Who goes there?!" The Gold dragon called, "Answer swiftly!"

Doreiku shouted, "Marroshok, down here! Nestrix brought us!"

The gargantuan Gold dragon looked down and grinned, "Ah! Youngling, I see you've answered the summons. Please, all of you, enter and be welcome." With this the dragon pulled his great head back inside and stepped to the side, allowing the seven to enter the castle.

The inside of the castle was just as massive as the outside. All of the doors and halls were sized to dragons, and very large ones at that. Marroshok closed the doors as Doreiku asked, "Is my grandfather around or is he out having yet another squabble with my aunt?"

The Gold dragon laughed, "It still amuses me how to you the Dragonfall War is just a long series of sibling squabbles instead of a massive conflict. But to answer your question, yes, he is here. Actually, all three are. They're waiting in the audience chamber." He led them off down a series of hallways as Doreiku just shook his head and followed with Yuuko not far behind.

The Dimensional Witch asked her young charge, "Your grandfather and aunt? You said that all of those who could take you in were dead."

The warrior laughed, "I did and that is a fact. They are my great-great ancestor's and there are rules in place that prevented them from taking me in or interfering much in my life."

They rounded a corner and approached a massive chamber with a huge dais upon which three utterly titanic dragons lay. One was an impenetrable dark void that seemed to flicker every so often, then became solid as the visitors entered the chamber and its eye were completely white. It seemed utterly bored out of its great mind and seemed to be ignoring the other two dragons next to it.

The dragon on the far-left side facing into the room was mostly brown, but at where its neck emerged from its body, it split into five nonreflective colors of red, blue, green, black and white, with each color having its own neck and head. It was arguing with the dragon in the middle, the largest of the three by any measure.

This third, titanic dragon was platinum in color, with a metallic shine to its scales and brilliant blue eyes that changed shade constantly. Its forelimbs were crossed in front of it and the two were so deep into their argument that when Marroshok cleared his throat to get their attention, they did not notice. The void like dragon however did and inclined its head in greeting and then let loose a thunderous roar to interrupt the argument.

"Bahamut! Tiamat! Marroshok has arrived," He turned back to the Gold, who inclined his head in thanks and said, "Thank you, Lord Null. The ones you have summoned are here."

Doreiku stepped forwards, with Yuuko and the others not far behind and bowed to the three. "My Lady, My Lords, greetings to all of you."

There was a whirlwind of magic around the three dragons and then three humans were standing there. Where the five-headed dragon was, there now stood a Mulan woman with long black hair and completely black eyes in dark robes. In place of the dragon known as Null, a pale skinned man with milky white eyes and messy black hair that looked all to similar to Harry's hair and wearing a black suit. For the final dragon, there now stood as late-middle aged man wearing grey robes and with grey hair.

The middle-aged man spoke to the Gold dragon, "Marroshok, you may return to your duties." The Gold bowed, "Thank you Lord Bahamut," and left.

The three dragons in human form stepped down off of the dais and strode forwards. Bahamut said, "Rise." When the humans rose from their bows, Yuuko and Harry could see that the Mulan woman as gazing at Doreiku with mild irritation in her black eyes.

Bahamut spoke again, "I welcome you all to my castle. These are my siblings. My brother, Null, dragon god of death and undeath and my sister, Tiamat, dragon goddess of greed."

At this last, Null muttered to himself, "And major pain in the ass."

Doreiku rolled his eyes, "Alright Grandfather, enough with the grandstanding. It's good to see all of you."

At this remark, all three dragons gave a short burst of laughter, even the humorless Null cracked a smirk. Doreiku was as usual, direct. The Lord of the North Wind embraced his descendent and stepped back and the three resumed their dragon forms, Tiamat still gazing at Doreiku somewhat irritated, which he definitely noticed.

"What's wrong Aunt Tia? Didn't you like my present?" The teen asked innocently. Tiamat growled that him, "No, I did not. Get rid of it."

Null and Bahamut both raised a draconic eye ridge. "Nephew, what did you do?" Null queried to the boy, who gave a short answer.

"Peacocks. Thousands and thousands of peacocks in her lair and her horde," the dragon descended human smirked.

"AND THEY WON'T EVER SHUT UP!" Tiamat screamed, "All day and night they call and display and they won't leave. They're getting into everything! It's driving me crazy! I can't take it anymore!"

"It was inevitable," Doreiku told his aunt, sounding just like Yuuko to Watanuki. The Witch started laughing at this.

Tiamat growled again at the teen and each of her five heads opened their mouths readying their breath weapons. Bahamut raised his tail slightly and smacked his sister with it catching her attention as he stared at her disapprovingly. She closed her mouths and glared at Doreiku.

The teen snapped his fingers and said, "They're gone. I sent them to annoy someone else in the Nine Hells that you hate."

"Who?" Tiamat inquired.

"Asmodeus," came the reply.

The Dragon Queen smiled evilly, she now could expand her territory in Avernus again. Null interrupt her planning however.

"Sister, it is indeed a good thing that the head devil is distracted, but now is not the time to plan revenge. We do have matters to deal with at the present."

"Indeed, we do brother," Bahamut spoke, he cast his blue gaze over the gathered humans and black puffball. The two in the back, as well as the puffball were gazing at them in awe and a little bit of justifiable fear. The two boys standing just behind the woman had clear amazement written across their faces. The woman showed no emotion and was casting her gaze around lazily, her eyes half lidded, dressed in a dark red long-sleeved belly shirt with white and purple clouds on one sleeve and deep blue jeans with the purple clouds on the left leg and black sandaled platform heels.

The Platinum Dragon spoke again, "Yuuko Ichihara, please step forward."

Yuuko stepped forwards, gracefully seemingly unconcerned and the three titanic dragons stared down at her as her wine-red gaze held Bahamut in the eye steadily. The Platinum Dragon lowered his great head to look Yuuko in the eye. He smiled.

"Thank you, Yuuko Ichihara, Dimensional Witch, Mistress of Space-Time, for taking in my descendent, our last remaining blood kin. The last human of your power here was Clow Reed, long ago and even he never had audience with all three of us. Thank you for taking in Asgorath's reincarnation, The Mist-shrouded."

Yuuko turned her gaze to Doreiku, who said, "Just call me as you always have. It is a title and I never give the name my parents gave me nor my draconic name."

The Witch smiled gently in understanding, she did much the same.

Bahamut raised his giant head, and Tiamat spoke.

"Before the summer ends, you will have your trials. Once you complete them you will be able to be matched with your dragon companion. Your young wizard friend will also have trials to complete, but his by their very nature will not be as strenuous nor demanding as your own. Train hard and make us proud."

The amulet around Doreiku's neck glowed brightly and with a flash, changed to a simple multicolored metallic disk, the holy symbol of Asgorath, the dragon god of creation, Worldshaper, he who fought the primordial Erek-Hus during the final millennium of the Days of Thunder.

Tiamat and Null both then vanished off to their realms and Bahamut spoke again.

"I now send you all back to your respective homes. We will meet again before the summer is out. Yuuko, you will be offered a teaching position before the month of August ends. I recommend that you accept it and be on your guard. Foul things are moving in Europe and you must be prepared."

With that said, audience chamber lit up with a flash of light. Everyone shut their eyes tightly and they felt a whirling sensation and then their feet hit the ground.

Watanuki opened his eyes. They were back at the shop and Domeki and Himawari weren't with them. He started to panic, then stopped as Yuuko put her hand on his shoulder.

"Both Domeki and Himawari are home safe. The Platinum Dragon would never go back on his word. It's late and we all need to go to bed. Harry looks dead on his feet."

Watanuki ushered the exhausted Harry inside and Doreiku and Yuuko both followed slowly. Doreiku spoke slowly, "Yuuko, I advise you to listen to what Bahamut said there at the end. He never gives recommendations like that unless events are looming that could harm many. I also sensed concern from Tiamat and Null over this issue, which is rare."

Yuuko spoke softly, "I will consider it, Doreiku." They began to climb the stairs to the second floor to Yuuko's room. Doreiku's room was next to hers and Harry and Watanuki were sharing a room at the moment. Before Doreiku entered his room, Yuuko asked, "Why didn't you tell me that you are part dragon? Or that you are the reincarnation of Asgorath?"

"For the first question, it just never came up. And as for the second, I never knew."

The Witch smiled and embraced the boy she could now call her son, and kissed his forehead. "Get some sleep," She whispered and ushered him into his room before slipping off into hers.