Kamen Rider of Halkeginia

So, I'm redoing Kamen Rider of Halkeginia and rewriting the chapters. I'm going for a different kind of storyline than last time. I'll be using a different idea for a Rider and Villain as well.

I hope you enjoy.

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It was a sunny day in Akihabara, but trouble was not far on the horizon. A young girl, oblivious to all but a game in her hand, walked into the street just as a truck came roaring down the road. The girl looked up in horror and froze in fear as she saw the truck racing at her, but suddenly there was a great impact and she was thrown to the sidewalk as a body slammed into hers.

When she regained herself, she looked back toward the street and screamed, for lying on the pavement, was the broken form of a young man, who had thrown himself at the girl to knock her out of harm's way, at the cost of his own life.

And this is the beginning of his tale as a Kamen Rider.


Kazi Carter was a young man just out of high school when all this had happened. He was browsing through the shops in Akihabara, having come here to celebrate his graduation, when he saw a young girl walk into a busy street, not noticing a large truck barreling down. Acting on instinct, Kazi had charged forward before diving at the girl, slamming into her with his body, sending her flying to safety as the truck bore down on him. Closing his eyes, Kazi prepared to be taken to the next life when he felt a rushing feeling and metal instead of asphalt under his body.

Opening his eyes, he saw that he was sitting on the floor of a blank empty space with a faint pale light shining from all sides though the darkness.

"No way," exclaimed Kazi, "this can't be the afterlife?"

"Indeed, it is not," said a man's voice, causing Kazi to spin around and see a man wearing a black cloak with a face that showed much age.

"Who are you?" asked Kazi, "Why am I here? Did I die?"

"When you were about to die after saving that girl, a strange force pulled you across time and space," said the man, "I managed to intercept you so we could talk."

"You still haven't answered my questions," said Kazi.

"I suppose not," chuckled the man, "well then, if you must call me something, then call me Adam. As for why you're here, I brought you here because there is a great danger about to occur in a faraway land, a land that you are being summoned to as we speak."

"What does all this have to do with me?" asked Kazi, "I'm just a normal guy."

"A normal person would not leap to save another despite the cost to his life," said Adam, "you did, and were pulled here to be the hero that will save a world from a dangerous threat."

"What can I do though?" asked Kazi, "I'm no great warrior or anything!"

"Oh?" said Adam, "maybe this will help."

The masked man pulled two items from his cloak, both of which he recognized, yet one was unfamiliar.

"A Ziku-Driver and a Ridewatch?" said Kazi in surprise.

"Yes," said Adam, "A hero needs his tools. Now, are you prepared to save others at cost to yourself and earn the title of Kamen Rider?"

Kazi paused for a moment then remembered how he had felt when he had tackled that girl to safety, knowing he would be killed by the truck in her place and smiled. Taking the Driver, he put it away in his bag and pocketed the Ridewatch.

"Good answer," said the man before vanishing into the emptiness.

Kazi was about to call out to him, when a bright green light surrounded him and whisked him away to his new adventure.


At the Tristain Academy of Magic, the Second-Year students were filled with excitement and anticipation, for the time had come for the Springtime Familiar Summoning ritual, during which the students would have the chance to perform the Summon Servant spell and attempt to summon a familiar for themselves. The ceremony was a special event, for the familiar summoned would indicate the power and elemental alignment of the student performing the ritual and grant them a partner for life. Because of this, all students looked forward to this event with anticipation.

Well, all except one.

'Why?' mentally groaned Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, a petite pinkette that was known by her classmates as Louise the Zero due to her lack of success in the practical field of magic, 'Why did I have to say that I would summon the greatest familiar out of all of them. Tabitha summoned a DRAGON for Founder's sake! How am I supposed to beat that?!'

Ignorant of Louise's internal plight, the teacher overseeing the event looked around at the gathered students and their familiars before asking if everyone had had a turn. A ray of hope shined in Louise's heart, hope that she wouldn't have to be publicly humiliated again when one of her spells exploded, but it was soon shattered by her main tormentor and fellow student, Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt-Zerbst, when the 'gifted' teen cheerfully mentioned that Louise had yet to take her turn. The teacher called her forward and Louise took a breath to calm her nerves and prayed to the Founder Brimir that she would be successful.

It was time to begin.

"My brave familiar that exists somewhere across time and space," she chanted as she channeled her magic, "my bold and divine familiar, I summon you. APPEAR!"

A magic circle glowed beneath the girl's feet and, for a moment, there was nothing, but suddenly there was a violent explosion that made everyone cough from the smoke.

"Looks like you failed again, Louise the Zero," coughed one student.

"Yeah," said another, "you should just give up."

A blue haired girl, the one that had summoned a dragon, remained silent and raised her crooked staff, causing a gust of wind to blow through that blew the smoke away to reveal a slightly disheveled looking teen sitting in the middle of the blast crater.

"Did Zero just summon a commoner?" asked one Student.

"Mr. Colbert," said Louise, "this is a mistake. May I try again?"

"I'm sorry," said Colbert as he shook his head, "I cannot allow that. The Springtime Summoning ritual is a sacred ceremony. You will have to finish or be expelled."

Sighing, Louise walked up to the teen and pulled him into a kneeling position, getting a squawk of protest at the sudden movement.

"Shut up," said Louise, "you should feel lucky. Most commoners will never have this chance. Pentagram of the Five Elemental Powers, bless this humble being and make him my familiar."

After saying this chant, Louise leaned in and captured the teen's lips, causing him to blush bright red. When Louise pulled away the teen could only stammer before he felt a burning pain on his hand as it began to smoke that caused him to cry out in pain.

"The Familiar runes are being engraved into you," said Louise, her cheeks still a bit pink from the kiss, "the pain will be over soon."

Soon the teen's hand stopped smoking and he looked down at it, seeing several runes that looked Nordic in origin burned into his hand. Colbert looked at them as well and made a quick sketch before clearing his throat.

"All right, if you would please head back to the school building so the next group can begin," he said.

The students nodded and used levitate spells to float back to the castle, leaving only Louise and her new Familiar standing in the field.

"You'd better walk, Louise," laughed one student as he floated off with a cat in his arms.

"Yeah," laughed a girl with a rabbit, "you'd probably just blow yourself up again."

Louise grit her teeth, but didn't dignify their insults with a response. Instead, she turned to Alex and grabbed his wrist, dragging the teen along with her with him following as he looked around in wonder.


"Could this day get any worse?" groaned Louise as she flopped down onto her bed while the teen she summoned slumped in a corner on a pile of hay, "Not only did I summon some lame commoner, but I had to give him my first kiss!"

"It wasn't a picnic for me either," muttered the teen, causing the Halkeginian Noble to turn toward the teen with a start.

"So, you can speak," said Louise, "at least that's a plus."

"Of course I can speak," said the teen, "why wouldn't I be able to. Can I at least get your name, kid?"

"I'm not a kid," said Louise, "I'm 16 years old! My name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, third daughter of Duke de La Vallière."

"I see," said the teen, "well my name is Kazi Aloquin Carter, just an average person. So, you summoned me here, right?"

"Yes," said Louise, "I summoned you here to be my Familiar, though I wish I summoned something better than a commoner."

"Oi," protested Kazi, "I'm the one that was brought here by your spell."

"Whatever," said Louise as she turned away and began removing her uniform.

"Wh-what the bloody hell are you doing?" exclaimed Kazi.

"Changing for bed," said Louise simply, "it's not like I should be embarrassed. You're just a commoner and my familiar. You're more like a dog than a person."

The sound of a slamming door caused the girl to spin around and realize that her familiar had just stormed out of the room. She flushed angrily at the audacity of her familiar; servants were supposed to obey their masters and not just walk out mid-sentence.


"What is with that girl?" muttered Kazi.

The teen was angrily walking through the halls, having stormed out on Louise after seeing her treat him like a slave or a lesser being.

"Is this world so behind the times with modern customs that they still treat the common folk like dirt?" he muttered, passing a pair of students having a nighttime rendezvous, with the girl talking about a soufflé she'd like to give to the boy she was meeting with.

Ignoring the curious looks that the two of them gave him, Kazi headed outside and stopped in surprise and wonder at the night sky, with two full moons illuminating the night sky.

"I'm really in another world, aren't I," mused the human teen before he sat himself down under a tree with a sigh and closed his eyes, "I hope my family isn't to broken up about this back home."

Closing his eyes, the teen hugged his knees to his chest to keep warm and let Morpheus claim him in his embrace.

So, let me know what you think. I'm going to be using an OC that I commissioned on DeviantArt, so I'll link a picture when it's ready.