Soooo the accidental sex prompt list has jumped up to seven different fics. This one is fifth, but no guarantee it's in order.

And today from the list... "Do you think I look good/hot/provocative in this? Wait is this turning you on?" + "You're intentionally getting under my skin so I threaten to spank you/playfully spank you and now you look like you just got banged against a wall" + "I didn't know you were a dom and when I called you Sir/Ma'am you almost jumped me"

Today we have Hiccstrid a la Domcup.


Tugging at the tight fabric, Astrid twisted in the mirror a few times, checking herself out from each angle before giving up and heading out to where Hiccup was perched on her sofa, head buried in a book on dragons - like always - while he waited for her to get ready.

"Hey dragon-dork, how do I look?"

Finally surfacing from his book, Hiccup ran his eyes over her dress. Astrid noted the way his pupils dilated, mouth opening slightly, Adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed.

"You uhhh, yeah you look nice."

"Nice? That's all you can say about it?"

She could see Hiccup liked how she looked.

"Ah, what should I be saying, exactly?"

Her best friend was good at many things, but talking to girls was not really one of them. Astrid did so love to wind him up a little, though it was usually with an 'accidental' button-pop on her shirt, or bending over in front of him. Hiccup checked her out. Astrid didn't really mind. Lots of people checked her out. She was hot, they could look.

"Well you could point out that it makes my ass look good, or that my boobs look great. But no, just nice works I suppose."

Hiccup rolled his eyes, but stood up and put down his book. Confused, Astrid watched his movements, watched as he circled her. There was nothing inherently predatory in his gaze, but something about the way he went made Astrid feel a little bit like he was prowling. His eyes ran over parts of her Astrid had mentioned hard enough that Astrid almost felt them as an acute touch.

"You're right. Nice works."

Astrid almost groaned out loud. Seriously? All that, and all he had to say was nice? Astrid wasn't even dressing up for him, she just wanted to know if she looked good. Hot. They were going out and gods above, Astrid needed to get laid soon. So the dress she had on was very much supposed to attract, and yet her first male opinion was not a resounding "fuck yes you look edible" or whatever Hiccup thought passed for a compliment.

"You are a terrible friend, why do I put up with you?"

"Because I feed you?"

"Hmm. Fair point."

Hiccup was still behind her. Was he checking her out properly and she just couldn't tell? Turning her head, Astrid caught Hiccup pulling his eyes up from the general ass area, grinning to herself in victory.

"You were saying?"

"I was saying I feed you?"

Rolling her eyes at his sarcasm, Astrid tugged at the material hugging her chest again, smoothing out a crease.

"Are we going? Clearly, this dress is wasted on you."

"Maybe it's about mindset. Clearly, you are going out to get laid tonight."

"And you're not?"

Hiccup shook his head, eyes resolutely on her face now.


Sensing more opportunity to wind Hiccup up a little, Astrid turned around, backing him up toward the wall.

"Really? Because I'm pretty sure you haven't hooked up with a girl in a while. Are you hiding a girlfriend from me Mr Haddock?"

"No, I just don't expect to meet anybody I want tonight."

"Oh. Why's that? What sort of lady are you looking for?"

They talked about pretty much everything, being best friends and all, but Hiccup was relatively quiet on the whole sex life department. Astrid was not, and that didn't really seem to bother him - he listened, gave her advice like any of her female friends would. He just didn't share in return.

And Astrid wanted to know why.

"None of your business."

Well, that was like waving a red flag. Astrid moved closer, pressing her squeezed-into-a-tight-dress body up against his, getting that alluring smell of leather from his clothes even though Hiccup's jacket was hung on the coat rack. A flicker of his eyes down was all the indication Astrid was affecting him, though with her cleavage practically under his nose Astrid supposed it would be difficult to not at least look a little.

"Come on. I still don't really know what your type is. I can't imagine there are many girls out there like Cami, so I can't call her your type. Unless you just have a thing for sexually adventurous blondes with blue eyes?"

There was a hitch in his breath, but that could have been a response to her bringing up his ex, or maybe the precursor to a laugh as Astrid had basically described herself too, and there was no way Hiccup was really in to her. Sure, he looked, but she looked too. He was thin, but there were lean muscles wrapped around his limbs, and in the times Astrid had seen him shirtless there had been the shadows of abdominal muscles, slim but solid pectorals. And he had that lopsided smile and that artfully messy hair down to a T. Then there were his hands... Astrid had a weakness for big hands, and despite his narrow frame Hiccup was tall and had the hands to match.

But looking was harmless, there was nothing to it.

"Why? You interested?"

There was a playful smirk just at the edge of his mouth, Hiccup clearly trying to ensure Astrid didn't feel like she had control of whatever weird game they were playing with each other. Whatever it was, it was making Astrid's skin prickle with anticipation, and the way Hiccup's hands twitched at his sides said he wanted to touch.

"Well, it would save the trip to the bar. But for all I know, you're not up to satisfying me."

Astrid pressed into him a little firmer, just to punctuate her words. Hiccup made a noise in the back of his throat, but he didn't break.

"Oh, I doubt that. With a mouth like yours, you're just looking to get in to trouble. Next you'll tell me you're looking for a guy that will take you over his knee and put you in your place."

How did he... Astrid felt a jolt in her belly, knowing he was only playing along with their weird flirt-game, but gods he had landed on the perfect way to make her weak. Their faces were too close for Hiccup to miss that she flushed with heat at that image, and the spark in his eyes was one Astrid could not ignore.

"Like I said, you might not be up to the task."

The suddenness of his hand on her ass, the swift and laser-specific aim of impact there, it made Astrid cry out and stumble against him, unprepared for the abrupt sting and residual aching warmth. He hadn't hit her that hard, but fuck... it was enough to have Astrid biting her lip as arousal bubbled. Where had this Hiccup been for so long?

"You tell me."

FIghting not to lose her breath or head entirely, Astrid straightened up, unsure if she was disappointed Hiccup wasn't showing any signs of interest beyond words she didn't take very seriously.

"That all you got big boy? Or should that be sir?"

Astrid was kidding. She was not prepared for the reaction that word got from Hiccup, the growl in his chest that did not help the throbbing heat growing between her thighs, the way his eyes darkened and his body straightened.

"Easy now. You're playing with fire Astrid."

His voice was low. Oh. Astrid kinda liked it. A little too much, actually.

"Come on Hiccup, there's no way you have it in you to really take me to task and you know it."

"I'm sure you like to believe that."

No really, where had this Hiccup been for so long? Because if he spoke to her with that gravelled tone the first day they had met, Astrid probably would have fucked him. Her ass still felt warm. Astrid wondered if he could be tempted into slapping her again. Just once. To double check it was really him that did it.

"Then prove me wrong."

She didn't remember it happening, but seconds later Astrid found herself pinned to the wall by Hiccup's body, solid against hers and his sharp hip bones dug against the soft of hers enough that it almost felt like he'd bruise her through their clothes. His mouth hovered temptingly close, but before Astrid could entirely throw sense to the wind, he spoke.


With what looked like monumental effort, Hiccup stepped back, the flush on his neck and slight tremor of his hands telling Astrid he was fighting himself. Wet and shaky and nearly dizzy with disappointment and want for his lack of kissing her, Astrid sank against the wall.

"Why not?"

"Because... I could. I would. But it's not a game, and I would never take such a thing so lightly. You play along now... but how would you feel tomorrow?"

"Satisfied, probably. If you're as good as you seem to think you are, sir."

That word got to him. Astrid had heard him called it in public - buying train tickets or when they went out to eat, and it had never gotten to him like it had now. But then, generally it wasn't said by someone wearing a dress like hers.

"Astrid, I'm warning you."

Aroused and intrigued, Astrid kept pushing.

"And I'm not listening. If you think you can dominate me, then I'd like to see you try."

Hiccup didn't wait; he turned and pushed Astrid against the wall, pulling her arms behind her back and pinning them almost painfully together one handed, the other pushing between her shoulder blades to stop her from twisting out of his hold with any ease.

"Is this what you really want?"

Biting her lip to keep from making some kind of embarrassing noise - he was hard, she could feel it - Astrid nodded.

"Out loud."


Hiccup dropped his hands, using his body to pin her again and Astrid had never been so happy to be trapped.

"How attached are you to this dress?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Because if you don't take it off, I'll rip it from you."

Astrid shivered, fresh arousal surging.

"Then you'd better move."

Hiccup stepped back, emerald of his eyes almost swallowed by the black of his pupils as he watched. Astrid lifted her hand to the zipper under her arm, but Hiccup reached out and stopped her.

"What now?"


Wow, he really was into this. Dragging the zipper down, Astrid bit her lip.

"If I say stop, will you?"

Hiccup nodded.


"Then I pick stop."

The dress pooled at her feet, stepped out of to leave Astrid in not much. Hiccup's eyes widened for a second when he realised she had foregone a bra - there really was no room in that dress for one - before raking over her bare breasts, beckoning her closer. Astrid went, unsure what to expect; what sort of Dominant would he be? She knew he liked her ass, but spanking didn't automatically mean sadist. And it was her flat they were in, so it was unlikely he carried around any serious kink gear. Though at some point Astrid would be asking about that.

His fingers cradled her jaw, eyes softer than a moment ago.

"Do you trust me, Astrid?"

She nodded again, but despite her previous experience, Astrid found Hiccup seemed to like hearing her speak rather than stay silent, waiting.

"Tell me."

"I trust you not to hurt me more than I'd like."

His eyes flashed.

"Do you like being hurt? Or is spanking your limit?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"Silencing that smart mouth of yours with my cock. Maybe taking your hair down so there's more to pull when I fuck you. After I give your ass that spanking it's been begging for."

Oh, hel yes!

"Then what are you waiting for?"

"Your consent. Normally I'd make a submissive fill out a form first, but with you I'm learning as I go."

Somehow, it didn't surprise Astrid that Hiccup brought paperwork even to BDSM.

"Oh, you have it."

There was a soft groan from his mouth, but the gentle sound was soon lost when Hiccup used that soft grip on her jaw to haul Astrid closer, his lips rough and claiming across hers, no hint of shy or unsure like she had honestly expected to find, in those unconfessed times she'd considered kissing him before. All teeth and tongue and low, hungry growls, Hiccup kissed her until she was dizzy, moved his hand from her face to her hair and used it to pull her head back, looking at her panting, flushed face with a feral smirk on his lips.

Astrid briefly considered getting carpet when Hiccup shoved her to her knees, the impact enough to hurt but nowhere near enough to even begin to put her off. She peered up through her lashes but didn't otherwise move, a little intentional push to see how he'd react.

She'd been described as a 'bratty' submissive before, but somehow she doubted it would surprise Hiccup.

"What are you waiting for, a written invitation?"

Taking the go-signal, Astrid reached up and undid his belt, mindful to ease the zip over his erection rather than hurt him in her eagerness. Curling her fingers around his waistband, Astrid straightened up on her knees, pulsing with want herself now.

"If you need to stop and can't speak, tap my stomach ok?"

Astrid looked up, nodding to let him know she heard. It was still very much the Hiccup she knew, setting boundaries before they were even close to being crossed, ensuring Astrid knew there was an out even when she couldn't verbalise a need to halt. Not that she expected to need it, but the safety of having it was nice.

Tugging his boxers down at last, Astrid freed his erection, tongue slipping out to wet her dry lips. He wasn't huge, but long enough she'd feel him in her throat before he bottomed out, thick enough that Astrid had no complaints. His fingers slid into her hair, not forcing or even pushing, just settling to hold Astrid there as she leant forward, licking the tip of his cock to taste the precum there and enjoying his sharp gasp a great deal. He let her get a feel for him first, relishing the heavy weight of his cock against her tongue, watching Astrid's motions to see what she could take, waiting for the sign she wouldn't simply gag if he thrust.

Once Hiccup had his confidence in Astrid's capabilities, the fingers in her hair began to flex, guiding Astrid's mouth along the length of his erection, eyes dark and hot when she looked up to see him watching her. She could see the question - could she take more? - in his face, answering Hiccup by taking him as deep as she could, swallowing around him before pulling back to catch her breath. Panting, she felt saliva wet on her chin, probably about to run over and land down on her chest or thighs. And she didn't care. Messy oral was good oral.

Hiccup began to thrust properly when she took him back in again, pumping his hips in long, leisurely motions that had her nose pressed to his abdomen each time, filling her throat before pulling back. Astrid kept one hand on his stomach, reassuring them both that if she needed to stop, she could, but otherwise letting Hiccup take her mouth as he pleased. Every few thrusts, he moved a little quicker. There was still so much control, corded restraint in him, and Astrid yearned to break it.

His next thrusts, Astrid swallowed quicker, sucked harder, used her free hand to splay over his ass - wow! - and hold him inside her mouth longer, anything to break that cool composure. At first Hiccup fought against the temptation, but when he gripped her head and fucked her mouth properly, Astrid moaned unashamedly at finally getting him to unleash a little more. His rhythtm stuttered quickly, voice strained.

"I'm close, move if you need to."

Like fuck was she moving, taking Hiccup into her throat again and swallowing until he swelled, twitching and cursing with each spurt of come she took from him. Hiccup withdrew his hips and pulled back her head, letting Astrid finally have a chance to breathe again and she took advantage, drawing in gulps of air and feeling the bruised soreness of her lips. Hiccup was little better, chest heaving, head dropped back on his shoulders as he tried to regain a little control of himself.

"Well aren't you just full of surprises."


Astrid nodded, wiping her mouth a little to clear the sticky mess there.

"Yeah. Never had you pegged for a Dom."

"My predilictions are strictly sexual, I'm not a control junkie outside the bedroom" at Astrid's eyebrow raise - he'd just throatfucked her in her living room - Hiccup added on "you know what I mean. Brat."

"Not the first time I've heard that."

"Then lets see to it you learn your lesson. Bedroom. I want to be comfortable when I turn your ass red."

Astrid had never moved toward her own bed so fast in her life, hearing Hiccup fix his jeans before he was behind her again, hands on her hips, teeth in her shoulder. Gods, his hands... Astrid bent at the waist, intentionally grinding against his groin and thrilling in his growl.

"Undress me."

That wasn't a tough sell for Astrid; she wanted to see him. Hiccup helped only the minimum, lifting his arms so fabric wouldn't catch but otherwise Astrid had to undo every button, push the fabric off his shoulders and make sure the cuffs of his shirt didn't get stuck. His chest was pale, with sparse patches of reddish-brown hair on his stomach and chest, freckles smattered here and there. Next went his belt, his jeans, Astrid glad for the fact Hiccup had not yet put his shoes back on for them to go out so there was less to delay her getting him down to boxers. He pushed her back to the bed, then climbed up himself and got comfortable, silently gesturing to his lap only to stop Astrid before she effectively threw herself over it.

"Those can go."

Soaked and useless anyway, Astrid discarded her underwear and crawled into Hiccup's lap, not quite the traditional over-the-knee it would be if he were sat on the sofa, but Astrid was over his lap and her ass was exposed and waiting. Hiccup ran fingers down her bare back, tickling along the ridges of her spine and halting at the small of her back, tracing circles there until goosebumps spread across her body.


Astrid didn't get to finish, not before his hand was on her ass again. Naked and desperately aroused now, she felt this second smack far more than the first, clutching at her bedsheets and feeling the flare of heat fill her lower body. Hiccup was relentless, his touch merciless as he slapped her repeatedly, alternating sides to bring equal sparks of pain and fire to Astrid's entire backside. When he tired of that, he bent his knees to lift her slightly before moving to lay his hand across the back of her thighs, sharp and firm against her sit-spots to ensure Astrid would be feeling it later, tomorrow, probably even the day after.

She squirmed, writhed, nonsense and moans streaming from her mouth in an utterly wanton, desperate way. Hiccup pinned her upper body to the bed with a hand between her shoulders again, either waiting for Astrid to come or cry or beg him to stop, she couldn't tell anymore, knowing only that sharp scrape of painful pleasure that wracked her lower body, surging through her in acute waves of agonising ecstatic bliss...

And then he stopped, both hands retreating and leaving Astrid trembling, quaking, whimpering. His thigh was covered in her arousal, the muscle there firm enough that if Astrid ground herself forward it might actually bring her off. Hiccup realised that before she did, and quickly reached down to pinch the swollen little bud in warning.

"You'll come when I say you can."

The only noise Astrid could make was something between a wail and a moan, body thrumming with such acute need it hurt. She didn't care what Hiccup did to her anymore, so long as he did it and so long as he'd make her come.

"Hiccup... please..."

The pinch became a stroke, but before Astrid could process anything his fingers were gone, hands moving up and up to settle at her scalp. Oh. Her hair. Wait. If Hiccup was taking down her hair, that ought to mean he still planned to fuck her. Content in the knowledge he'd fill her properly soon, Astrid let his fingers soothe over her hair, feeling quite nice actually as he unwound her braid and combed his fingers through, checking her hair was knot free. She could feel he'd hardened again while pleasantly abusing her backside, throbbing and clenching at nothing needily.

"Up on all fours. You have condoms?"


Astrid crawled up on all fours, relieved Hiccup wasn't expecting her to bear his weight on top of her with her ass on fire as it was. Hiccup found what he needed nearby, the sound of elastic twanging as he lowered his waistband, the sound of tearing foil deafeningly loud even over the ragged breaths Astrid was taking. His sheathed cock probed her for a second, even that brush of swollen head against her slick need enough to make Astrid shudder. Hiccup reached down and gripped her hair, a few experimental - and gentle - pulls to test the waters...

He yanked at her hair in sync with the one full thrust that buried him inside her, and Astrid could do nothing but succumb to the rapture of painful pleasure when his hips slammed into her sore, stinging, glowing ass. Dimly, she knew he was scolding her for coming without permission, but Astrid couldn't help herself and went to pieces there and then, spasming and grasping rhythmically at his solid cock. Her scalp tingled and zipped with sensation where he'd pulled her hair, still held in a lax grip as Hiccup waited for her to finish riding the shockwaves of an explosive climax. It was always more powerful when she'd just been spanked, and Hiccup and his big hands had been fucking magnificent at it.


"Mmm... yeah?"

"Oh, good. I was worried you'd floated off to subspace."

She shook her head, rocking back on Hiccup and mewling at the feel of his cock pressing at hypersensitive nerves.

"Nope. M'good. Move."

"Bossy bottom."

"You love it."

He chuckled, a low rumbling sound behind her. The hand on Astrid's hip moved her, pushing and pulling in slow, deliberate motions, using her to stimulate himself without actually thrusting. It felt divine, even as Astrid burned and shook and doubted she'd come again in that heady state of pleasure so acute it hurt, but she'd be damned if she wasn't going to get fucked just then.

Hiccup started moving, still not just taking her the way she craved but Astrid felt the tightening grip on her hair, knew it would happen; the satin-soft grip of needy heat was too much for Hiccup to deny. His thrusts picked up speed steadily, every impact of his solid weight against her ass enough to make Astrid's entire body jerk and by the time HIccup found his stride and fucked her with the quick, harsh pace Astrid was aching for, there wasn't time between each snap of his hips for her to recover, left to suffer relentless, crashing, agonising pleasure. The unexpected climax took her violently, body seizing as her back bowed and hands clutched vice-tight, Hiccup's grip on her hair and her hip bruisingly rough as he let out a beautiful sound of exhiliration, buried as deep inside her spasming body as he could be to succumb to bliss with her.

Her first awareness of solid reality was Hiccup pulling out, her body feeling empty without him now as he left to ditch the condom, then returned to help Astrid lie down, muscles reluctant to co-operate. Everything sort of hurt but also felt kinda floaty, and her brain was buzzing with the surge of chemicals from the spanking and the sex and everything else, leaving Astrid in that wonderful space only a lovely mix of pain and pleasure could bring her to.

Hiccup kissed her shoulder, brushing her hair to one side so he could see her face more clearly.

"Are you alright?"

"Sore. Good sore though."

His weight left the bed again, but he was gone only a matter of seconds before Astrid felt him kneel either side of her legs, cool cream on his hands and she hissed as he touched her still-tender ass. The lotion and massage soothed some of the ache, the rest left to take its time - exactly as Astrid wanted, though she smiled at Hiccup taking care of her.

"I don't know what your preferred method of aftercare is" he laid down next to her, on his back so they could look at each other while Astrid was convalescing on her front still "but I'd like to learn. If you'll have me."

Shuffling closer, Astrid grabbed one of his hands, placed it on her head and all but purred when he got the message to stroke her hair. There was still the question in the air of whether this was a one time thing or not to address...

"As for if I'll have you... well, that depends if you're a good boy."


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