: Bearer of the Loved Moon and the Solitary Sun

Author: AiraAura

Disclaimer: I only own the OC and the others in the real owner of Kingdom Hearts. I only use their character for fanfic. And please don't flame since this is not my first language.

Summary: Just like the protagonist of KH, she supposed to have the person who share the life with her. But she never meet that person as they supposed to die the day they born and that day to is the day where her hearts went gone with her other half. In searching for way home, she might get her hearts back.

Chapter 1: The world

A big key… The symbol of the sun and the moon… The destiny of the two soul that share one body that they never expected. Never aware of each other… The Nobody that have the heart and the original that only felt emptiness. This is a unique case for this individual who come from the real world where Kingdom Hearts is just a game, a manga. The true incident that happen never occur to the Original where that they are one and the same. The dream of the Nobody always with Original and she only shrug it.



My baby.. Where's my baby?!, the woman cried loudly after she giving birth to her twins. Causality happens because she been hit by a car.

"I'm sorry…", the doctor replay.

"NO…. NOOOOO!", but her shout stop when she hear a baby cried.

"We.. only able to save one of your twins.. The girl one", the doctor give the woman her baby..

"….. Oh my baby… I'm sorry.. This is all my fault… I kill your twin, my baby.. I'm sorry Anna… I killed him…", the woman sob hugging her daughter tightly as if she let go the baby will gone.

"Cherish her madam.. That only thing you can do for your son death", the woman only nod with face full of tears.

The baby red eyes shimmer looking at her mother and she almost swear looking her daughter eyes changing between blue and red. That is the beginning of the Original of the Nobody story. One of the whole.



With a long stick look alike key in her hand, she move into a weird pose as in going to battle with an imaginary opponent. Her eyes close, her breath slow, open her red bright eyes sharply, she charge as in really in a real battle with something. Her mother wonder what happen to her since her daughter has been like this since she were little. She started a weird sword play since she were 8 and started to craft a big wooden keys that bear resemble of a hearts sun and the hearts moon. She started this after she playing Kingdom Hearts game. The woman know that her daughter don't have many friends. She always alone and sometimes it scare her since Anna never shows her emotion. She wonder if the deceased twin Anna takes her hearts with him when he died. Besides, people said that twins supposed to have a close relationship unlike another and she already know many supernatural things happen to several twins in the world.

"Anna…. Its already late… You need to get in now", she told her daughter.

The girl stop her stance, wiping her sweats, "Yes mama… I'm coming", Anna obediently follow her mother and get into the house.

Anna went to her bedroom to wash all the dirt result from her training. Little that her mother know the real reason why she doing what she did since she were kid. Every night, ever since she play that game, Kingdom Hearts, her hearts always ache. The story, the character in it, it's like she have some sort of attraction to it. She know she likes Disney and anime, but this is different. Lately, she been dreaming that she meet the character in it, Sora, Kairi, Riku, Mickey, and all other Disney character. Sometimes she wonder, does she craft both key blade because of the attraction towards the series or what is it. She remember playing with those character in her dream, and meeting another boy.

"Anna…. I want to meet you for a long time…", that what the figure spoke to her then the figure disappear when she woke up from her sleep.

She grunt to herself. She help her mom and went to sleep. In this sleep, she dreaming again. The dream of inside the Kingdom Hearts. She open her eyes and realize she at the beach in her dream, the one where her child self-play with other 3 kids. She turning around and realize there's no one there.

She look at her reflection on the water, her face is animated and it almost lokk alike that kid sora except she wearing yellow hijab that hide her hair and neck, a above knee black and yellow gaun, black legging, an inner black shirt and a black jacket long sleeve jacket with a star moon symbol adore on her back. She tilt her head to side. She don't know how to react with this, it's not like that is surprising since this is a dream. Next she blink her eyes, she stood on a town with no one in it.

"…. This.. is Transverse town…", her blank eyes look around and fall on a small figure wearing a black long hood fighting a big heartless. She walk slowly towards the figure who keep fighting not realizing her there. When the figure realize her the figure yell at her to go away. With a tilt of her head, she just stand there when the heartless come to attack her. The heartless stop attacking when Anna look with her red blank eyes, "Come here…", she said. Her hand extended to the big heartless arms and the heartless dissolves leaving a hearts in her hands.

"Who are you?!", the boy in the robe exclaim. When she turn her head towards him, the boy gasp.

"Are you 'his' Nobody too? Just like me and Xion? B.. But.. It impossible!", the boy open his hood revealed the blond spiky hair and blue eyes that she knew really well. He look just like her in this universe, this Kingdom Hearts world. Anna wonder to herself if she supposed to get into the flow or just tell the most truth to the game character that standing in front of her. She stare even when the boy get agitated by her presence. Finally she made decision to just play as an amnesia girl or dubbed 'Nobody'. It's not like she knew how to get back to her own real world if this is not a dream since her attachment towards it.

"A 'Nobody'? What's that? Is it something that can be eaten? Speaking of food.. I'm hungry. Do you have any food with you? Or is this heart can be eaten?", she were interrupted when the boy dash to attack her. She dodge it perfectly since she kind of use the boy form for the imaginary opponent.

"Don't kidding with me! Who are you?!", the boy desperately try to hit her and she let him hit her the side of her body and makes her fly towards the wall near her. Her sight almost darken but what she said make the boy still.

"She said….. He take my heart… W..When.. he gone… My hearts is with him… I can only be .. one.. if I meet him.. Again", that is the last word she spoke when she spotted the boy mortified face, 'semua ini bukan salah aku', and she knows no more.


A/N: To be honest, this is the OC that I use in my other unfinished fanfiction titled BLUE SKY SHAWL. Well.. I only play KH: Chain of Memory… Soooooooo… Yeah… xp.. I don't have any knowledge about this and currently on marathon fining all full walkthrough from the first KH till now.

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Translation Malay:

1)Ini semua bukan salah aku: All of this is not my fault.