She stayed up late, just talking with the Doctor. They had just met, and she wanted to get to know him as much as possible. He didn't pay her any attention until Rose had left, but that was okay, because she was used to being ignored, and knew what it was like to be lonely. She saw his sorrow, just a glimpse while he talked to the Nestene Consciousness, and decided then and there that she'd stay by his side until he tossed her aside, as she usually was.

It was just after Earth was consumed by the sun, and she was once again talking and trying to comfort the Doctor. He was ignoring her for Rose, and she sighed. At this rate, he'd have to notice her to toss her away. She shoved the depressed, lonely, and jealous thought aside. He needed someone to be there, and she'd be that person, whether he acknowledged her or not.

She had been robbed and stabbed while the Doctor abandoned her to chase after Rose with Charles Dickens, but that was okay. Rose was more important than her, in every way. Plus, Rose got kidnapped, she only got mugged. The TARDIS led her to the med bay and she was right as rain. He came back in a bad mood, asking her what good she was hiding in the TARDIS. She grinned sheepishly and pretended that comment didn't stab through her heart like a burning arrow. She tried comforting him, but got shoved away, reopening her wound. She apologized and went back to the med bay. He really was lonely, she thought. She was determined to help him, whether he wanted help or not. Just to make him feel better, really.

He dropped her off in London, running after Rose when he saw the date. She was okay with that, though. She had no one to report her missing, having lost her job when Hendrick's failed. That was okay, though. She was 17, and only really had the job to be able to buy stuff to keep her clean and food. She had almost been blown up by a missile having tried following them as best she could. She was stopped by random military people just in time. She had to sprint to not be forgotten and left behind on Earth. She still needed to help the Doctor.

She had comforted the Doctor when the Dalek had self-destructed. Late at night, they had a nice conversation. He still didn't know her name, but that was okay, his nickname for her was okay too. Red. After her sweatshirt, which was red and black. He was smiling and laughing when she left, so she counted that as a plus.

Red. So fitting, seeing as she was covered in it. She tried stopping Rose's new boyfriend from doing anything stupid but he had shoved her away. She had gotten the TARDIS key from him. She wondered when Rose got it. She comforted the Doctor again, late at night. She listened as he ranted for hours about stupid apes, domestics, and how much trouble Rose's conquest had made. She didn't sleep that night, he had spoken until Rose woke up, and then they went on another adventure. He didn't notice her trying not to drip blood on the floor, her sweatshirt soaked. She made sure she wasn't covered in red before he saw her. Rose got the key back.

She had died for the Doctor. He barely noticed. He didn't know she was the one who sacrificed herself. Had Rose's father not sacrificed himself while the Doctor was trying to re-materialize the TARDIS she would've been dead for good. She was still bleeding, but her sweatshirt dried to her stab wound so she wasn't bleeding out.

Jack Harkness noticed her. He even healed her stab wound, seeming worried. She and him had become almost family in the small time they've known each other. She was glad he could come with them on the TARDIS. Jack and her spoke quite a bit, before Jack went to bed. She spoke to The Doctor during the only time he spoke with her. He was happy, that everyone lived for once. She tried her best to stay awake while he spoke. She succeeded. Another sleepless night. To her it was worth it. She even learned a few things when the Doctor described what he was doing.

They landed to recharge the TARDIS from the rift. Jack and her spoke more, getting to know each other. They were close, and Jack even knew her name! She was ecstatic. Jack was worried about her age and appearance. He let her sleep while the TARDIS soaked in the energy. When she woke up from a nightmare, no one was there. That was okay, though. She had accidentally glanced into the heart of the TARDIS. Not enough to kill her quickly, but enough to put her in agonizing pain. That was okay, though. The Doctor had asked her if she was okay today, and she was honored he cared enough to ask. Jack and her spoke a while, getting each other's backgrounds. Jack became an elderly brother figure when he found out her age. He cared so much, it made her want to shy away, but she and him were close, despite the few days of having known each other.

She was about to die, she could feel the heart of the TARDIS eating away at her mind. She tried directing it away from her mind. It was running through her body now. She feels like a failure for not ending the problem. There were many rest days and other adventures. Jack and her had spoken some more, and they were now on friendly contact terms. They could rest against each other and sit on each others' laps without it being awkward. She spent her nights talking and listening to the Doctor. He had cried on her shoulder once, and she had comforted him quite a bit. She knew his backstory now, and she knew the basics on flying the TARDIS. Enough to know more than the Doctor, with the help of the TARDIS and her library.

She had almost been disassembled by many creatures, having known how to unlock a deadbolt with a few magnet tricks and a sonic paperclip she found laying around the TARDIS. The Doctor very obviously still didn't know her name. She stopped Jack from punching the Doctor, at least. Her face hurts now, but that was okay. The Doctor didn't deserve to be punched, she was easily forgettable, that's not his fault. Jack yelled at both her and the Doctor. Her for trying to help an asshole and him for not noticing how great she apparently was. Jack must've just projected his dream sister onto her, she wasn't great at all. She wasn't really important either.

She almost forgot. She was eighteen now. Her phone reminded her. She shrugged it off, hoping Jack and the Doctor were okay. She and Rose had been trying to open the TARDIS for a while. When they succeeded Bad Wolf Rose had taken her to the Doctor, and she watched as Rose and the Doctor kissed, and asked where Jack was. The Doctor hesitated before telling her that he was dead. She was crushed, but she hid it from the Doctor, asking him a few questions here and there while they waited for Rose to wake up. Something within her had changed. The part of the heart of the TARDIS inside her had calmed down and stopped hurting her. She was glad. She and the TARDIS could communicate effectively now, and she was more relaxed when inside the TARDIS.

The Doctor regenerated, and she stayed by his side. She was ignored when he woke up, but when he was asleep she spoke to him, told him that everything would be okay, that Rose would love him, and that she was just in shock. She did her best to comfort him, and stayed by his side as best she could. He ignored her on the spaceship, only giving her a passing glance and quip. She was happy he gave her the time of day. She tried comforting him that night, and he took it way more effectively. He opened up a bit more, cried a few times, and then went back to his precious Rose when she woke back up. She was fine though. It gave her time to mourn for Jack in her room. She couldn't stop sobbing over her lost friend for quite a few hours. So long, in fact, that she was left behind on their New Earth adventure. She again comforted the Doctor when Rose went to sleep. He took it well. It might've even worked, because he was smiling and laughing when Rose again appeared and made her vanish into the background.

The Queen seemed to notice her more, and she did her best to appease the Queen and protect her. She, for some reason, was not banished from the country. She shrank down when she felt the accusing stare of Rose on her. She apologized immensely when they got to the TARDIS but was ignored by both as they spoke. She left to sleep. She couldn't remember the last time she slept.

The Doctor had asked where she was. She was happy, he cared enough to notice. Rose had gone to bed a few hours earlier, and so she spoke with him. She spoke and listened and comforted and was blamed. She was hurt and then hugged because he needed a person there that night. He was broken, as was she. She ignored the shattered pieces of herself and tried helping the Doctor piece himself back together. She was once again forgotten when Rose appeared. At least this time she wasn't left behind.

Sarah Jane noticed her. They exchanged numbers, and the Doctor finally got around to using some jiggery pokery on her phone. Mickey and her exchanged numbers too. She was happy to have made two new friends. She still mourned for Jack, but she'd get over it.

Mickey and her hung out some. They had talked quite a bit, and were soon friends. Rose and the Doctor had ignored them as they talked and laughed and spoke. They were both just the tin dogs, after all. They had opposing ideas on that, though. She said the Doctor needed a tin dog and Mickey was bummed when the Doctor barely knew his name. Mickey was surprised when he noticed that she was referred to as 'you' or some other term. The Doctor now thought her name was Stacey. Mickey was shocked, and she had to plead him not to say anything. He had guessed that name, the Doctor, but that was okay. They kinda sounded similar, she guessed.

She was now used to being called Stacey. She barely remembered her own name. It had been quite a few years since she had used it. Even more since she had been referred to as it. She was in the library when the TARDIS died, and was shocked when she fainted. She woke up a few seconds later and blindly stumbled to the console room, where she and Mickey and the Doctor ran out to find Rose. Mickey caught her up and she accepted that. She was curious and called. She didn't exist in that alternate dimension. She was shocked at how much happier her family sounded. She followed the Doctor, everywhere. He hadn't noticed. He hadn't even mentioned her. She didn't mind. She and Mickey had exchanged heartfelt goodbyes, and he told her to not accept being the tin dog forever. She didn't see how she could be anything more.

She had been put in the sidecar when red electricity started running around. She was just following and talking to Rose. They got along fine, but it was stilted and awkward. Rose claimed the Doctor as hers, and she said there was no competition between the two, the Doctor would always choose Rose. Rose was smug, and she managed to save Rose from becoming faceless. For a few minutes, at least. Her repeated words were 'Rose! Get to the Doctor!'. Rose's were 'Doctor! Help!'. She didn't know if the Doctor even cared enough to recognize she was one of the faceless. She thought not as she was entirely ignored when the Doctor and Rose reunited. Rose sent her a smug look that she didn't quite understand.

The Ood were kind to her, even when the Devil took them over. She was known as 'The Forgotten'. The Doctor asked over the comm who the forgotten was. The Ood ignored me, when asked why replying that she tortured herself enough for the Devil. She was confused at the words of the future. She would be remembered by evil? What did that mean?

They didn't stop for a quick nap or sleep for the next adventure. Or the next. She empathized with the little alien possessing the little girl. She sympathized with the girl.

She almost got absorbed. Luckily she was forgotten by the green monster. She managed to save most of LINDA, and exchanged numbers with a few of them.

She comforted the Doctor when Rose went to bed once again. She was called by Sarah Jane and a member of LINDA during their chats. Ghosts had appeared, and so she told the Doctor. He woke Rose up and they went to the time Sarah and LINDA specified. She was still being called Stacey by the Doctor. She didn't mind, it hurt less now that she got used to it.

She was yelled at and sobbed on and torn and frayed. She had been awake the past five days comforting the Doctor over the loss of Rose, and had been there for his intense and obsessive rants. Five days turned into ten. Ten turned into a month. Finally, the Doctor found a way to communicate one last time with Rose. Rose didn't hear his last words to her, but she did. "Rose, I love you." She almost broke, but she figured she could stay for a bit longer. She wondered why she hadn't died yet from lack of sleep and the pulling and ripping apart of her emotions. The Doctor once again used her as a sobbing board, and she hugged him comfortingly before he decided to go somewhere, anywhere.

He solemnly walked around the TARDIS, and next to me a woman in a wedding dress appeared. She was too tired to care, so she just leaned against the woman. The woman noticed her and wrapped her arm around the exhausted and starved girl. She barely ate anything while trying to calm the Doctor down. The Doctor looked up, looking adorably confused.

"What?" He asked softly.