(Hello everyone! I'm just making plans for the characters of a special series of the loud house. A crossover series between the loud house and transformers! I can't do it because I would never be able to plan out the adventures they would have. So I ask very politely to anyone in the loud house fanfiction archive to offer this series request. And maybe someone to make some deviantart images about it too please. Thank you!)

First, here's the loud family as the first wave of autobots.

Autobots V1

Optimus Prime

Lincoln (bumblebee)

Lori (arcee)

Leni (Cromia)

Luna (Jazz)

Luan (Rachet)

Lynn (Cliffjumper)

Lucy (Sideswipe)

Lola (skids)

Lana (Mudflap)

Lisa (Wheeljack)

Lily (Wheelie)

Rita (Ultra Magnus)

To be continued.