Tasuki's Bedtime Story

Pairing: Chichiri x Tasuki

Completed: December 2001

Author's note: I'm not a Japanese woman, so I don't own FY. This is my first FY fanfic. This fic includes themes of Shounen ai.

The sway of familiar hips slithered toward Tasuki's backside. He knew it was coming. He always knew. The customary bracelets clinked against each other as his arms wrapped around Tasuki's shoulders. He felt a chin on the top of his head as he continued chewing. For once, Nuriko wasn't babbling on and on as he got to Tasuki. Tasuki ignored him and listened to Chiriko mindlessly ramble new legal matters at Mitsukake. " .ki." he purred softly lacking its mischievous manner.

Nuriko felt him chewing like a cow underneath him. "Ta-chan," he nuzzled the side of Tasuki's head affectionately, prying attention from Tasuki. Tasuki tried to nudge Nuriko away with a grunt but only seemed to ignite his efforts. Nuriko grabbed his sides fondly and continued to purr. Tasuki's head was getting hot. Little was stopping him from punching Nuriko in the face. Chiriko glanced at Nuriko's annoy behavior, but decided he'd lost the battle before and ignored him. Tasuki was about to yank Nuriko away by the braid that was dangling on his chest when Nuriko hugged him from behind and asked, "So, is Chichiri really upset with me?" Then he whispered so Tasuki could feel his lips on his ear, "Or is he jealous?"

Tasuki sat shocked, dropping his chopsticks. He regained his composure and removed Nuriko's arms forcefully from his body as the dining room door swayed shut in the distance. "Jealous of what?" Tasuki retorted picking his chopsticks back up refusing to look in Nuriko's direction.

"Of us! We have so much fun with each other," he leaned on his shoulder. "He mopes around with that cat all day! He should lighten up like us. How come you didn't drink with me last night?"

Tasuki didn't like the way she said "fun" or how he was bashing Chichiri. "Chichiri was right. Nuriko is selfish. All he wanted to know is why I didn't drink with him last night. Che. Damned Nuriko," he thought. "I had to study," he replied firmly.

"Yeah right, Tasuki. You were with Tamahome, weren't you?"

Tasuki was growing tired of him. He threw his chopsticks at Nuriko with an irate glare while standing up. "Fuck off, Nuriko! Che! Chiriko-chan, I'll see ya later," he started to walk out.

Nuriko grabbed his arm desperately. "Why are you so mean to me now?! What have I done for everyone to be mean to me? Why do you like Chichiri more than me?!" Nuriko pleased near tears.

Tasuki tried to get out of his grasp but failed. He noticed the scene they were making and tried to get Nuriko out of the room, but he wouldn't budge. "Nuriko, always the drama queen," he thought. He sighed and let his arm go limp. "I don't hate you Nuriko, but you're being do damned annoying! Suzaku! You are always on top of me! Can't you just leave me alone for a while?"

"I leave you alone for enough time to go and play with Chichiri, don't I?!" He shrieked.

With furious adrenaline flowing through his veins, he raised the captive hand out of his grasp and slapped Nuriko across the face. Nuriko dramatically fell to the ground and sprouted into a fountain of tears. His attendant ran to his side and pulled him up. Nuriko looked as if the last straw had been pulled from his rickety heart. His hands didn't hide the tears as Tasuki walked away lividly. Tasuki didn't look back, but headed to the garden at the other end of the palace.

The sun glared Chichiri awake that morning. His bones throbbed of pleasure, but his joints ached with stiffness. He moved out of bed to do his aurora stretches and breathing exercises. It was on his seventh breath he remembered the night before. The air leapt out of his lungs. "Tasuki," was his only thought as he continued reaching for the air past his toes. Thoughtfully, he clothed himself and went to the dining area to eat with the other monks and discuss the flaws of life.

He opened the door and let his eyes dart from one face to another until he saw Nuriko's mug. His stomach twisted at the sight of Nuriko draped over Tasuki like syrup. Tasuki sat there and took his behavior like he did before in the library. Sometimes he despised Nuriko. Not only for being so troublesome, but for being so close to Tasuki so often. He turned around and left to go relinquish some anger by the waterfront.

During the walk Tama found his way to Chichiri's side. Chichiri picked him up and massaged his feathery-soft head in thought. Tama purred audibly and nuzzled up to Chichiri's neck. Chichiri smiled at Tama's obvious attempt to cheer him up. Just when Chichiri had gotten use to Tama's presence on his arm, he jumped freely onto garden grounds and into a tree at the center. Running after the cunning animal, Chichiri followed Tama to a plum tree. Chichiri prayed to the tree and took a couple plums from the fruitful tree. As he stretched to pick the fruit, Tama pawed at Chichiri's hands as if he couldn't get down from the second branch. Chichiri giggled at his plight and grabbed the cat from the branch noting Tama's claws digging into his skin. It wasn't painful, but it was cute to see the energetic cat so helpless. Chichiri cradled Tama in his arms with a cheerful smile. In Tama's black orbs he saw his grief. Tama tilted his head and jumped out of his arms, back into the tree. Chichiri stood there staring at the grass in a trance. "Did last night not matter at all to Tasuki? Nothing happened last night. Of course it meant nothing to him. I'm so stupid sometimes. Him and Nuriko have been together the whole time haven't they? Tasuki, I wish for your happiness even if you hurt me continuously. You are all I care about."

Unsure whether he spoke it or just thought it, he stepped back at Tasuki walking toward the garden alone. Chichiri leapt into a nearby tree feeling nothing but misery. "I can't let him see my face!" he thought.

"I could swear to Suzaku I heard Chichiri around here," he thought, scratching his head. He looked scrupulously around the garden to find nothing except a couple dropped fruit. When he arrived before the ripe fruit, he picked one up and bit widely into it. The juices swam around his mouth like fish finding a way out of a bowl. But the food brought no pleasure to him as he thought of what Nuriko dared say about his Chichiri. "Chichiri," he whimpered, dropping the fruit. Sitting against the tree, he dismissed the noises above him as birds. "I miss you."

Then an impish monk jumped a foot in front of him, nearly pinning him to the tree. He scooted even closer to the tree as the masked face smiled at him. "Chichiri, you scared me! What'd you do that for?" he inquired briskly.

"I saw you were talking to yourself no da. I thought you wanted company no da," he said. "Was I wrong no da?"

Tasuki wagged his head. "Thanks Chichiri. I was looking for you anyway."

"For me no da?" he was taken back.

"Yeah, Nuriko was being a bitch again. I think he's jealous of us."

"Of us no da? Aren't you and Nuriko . . . close?" he sat down timidly.

"Yeah, well we used to be. Then he started being a bitch about Hotohori ignoring him. It was like he thought everyone was against him because Hotohori was ignoring him. I felt sorry for him, Che. You know how annoying he can get."

"Hai. Hotohori will admit his feelings when the time is right no da."

Tasuki jumped up, "What?! Hotohori likes Nuriko too?"

"Couldn't you tell?" he asked.

"Uh, no," he sat back down.

"Hotohori always plays favorites when he tells us to go on journeys around the kingdom while keeping Nuriko close no da. He repremands people who are mean to him, too no da."

Tasuki looked up at the squating monk. "He yelled at you didn't he?"

"It doesn't matterno da. Once the emporer is done hiding his feelings, we'll all get more rest no da."

The last word reminded them both of the night before, holding each other. "I wasn't drunk," Tasuki admitted.

"What are you talking about no da?" he asked slipping into his impish ignorant ways.

Tasuki's heart thumped angrily as he pulled Chichiri by the kase toward him. "Stop playing dumb Chichiri. I'm talking about last night."

Breaths away from Tasuki's lips, he blushed and closed his eyes. "I figured as much."

Tasuki let him go, but kept him pinned down with his eyes. "Chichiri, I found a note when I got you for Hotohori."

He gasped and stared at the grass. "Stupid me!" he repremanded himself.

"Was . . was it for me?" he whimpered.

Chichiri stood up and began to walk away before Tasuki called to him again. "That's enough, Tasuki. I'll see you tonight."

The pair didn't see each other all day until dinner. The remaining Seishi all sat together at the table next to the emporer's advisors. Nuriko stiffly ignored Tasuki and Chichiri, but stared warmly at the emporer.

Tasuki lean over to Chiriko with a questioning look, "Yo, Chiriko, what's up with Nuriko?"

He shrugged and asked one of Nuriko's maids. She merely giggled in reply.

Tasuki coughed uncomfortably at Nuriko. She looked irked at the disruption. 'What do you want?"

"Did you get laid or something? You're all happy and stuff."

In reply, she humphfed and turned back to eating.

On the other side of the table, closer to emporer, Chichiri ceremoniously ate his food ignoring the other two. The advisors were discussing the new laws petitioning against people who free slaves in the country. Everytime Chichiri tried to introject, the advisors shot him down with an evil stare. "What'd I do no da?" he thought. "Sheesh no da."

Chiriko's eyes lit up a Nuriko's maid's words. She continued to whisper with a smile until Chiriko started laughing. Nuriko swatted her away.

Tasuki peered, "What's so fuckin' funny Chiriko?"

He calmed down with a few tears teeming from his small eyes. He whispered something into Tasuki's ears who then started to laugh ever harder than Chiriko moments before.

Chichiri was slightly interested, but refused to talk to Tasuki before tonight. He turned his head to the ever serene emporer who now ignored all the suitors flirting with him. Chichiri was beginning to understand what was going on.

At the fated time, Tasuki came to Chichiri's door with two pieces of parchment instead of a customary book. He still couldn't help but smile at the thought of being with his beloved, even if their relationship was messed up this time around.

He slid the door open to find Chichiri sitting as be customarily did. Open shirt, a book in his lap, and a little candle to light his way. He smiled even though it was forced. "Hi, Chichiri."

He looked up and smiled, "Hi Tasuki. Which book did you bring tonight?"

Tasuki shut the door behind him. "I don't have a book." He walked to the foot of Chichiri's bed and placed the paper before him.

"What's this?" he held up the paper. He recognized his hand writing on one and a handwriting he'd never seen before on the other. It was sloppy, but ledgible, like a child's. He looked up, "Is this your writing?"

He nodded and sat at the foot of the bed, waiting.

"Can I read it?" he asked.

Tasuki nodded almost angrily.

I'm not as good with words as you right now but thanks for helping me with my reading.

I'm sorry. I did something wrong. That's the reason you're ignoring me. I just want to know if you hate me now that you know. If it's wrong to like you than I am wrong. Since you didn't tell me if that other note was for me, I'm guessing it wasn't. If you hate me or don't agree to what I'm about to ask, I'll go back to the bandits alone, never to bug you again. If you agree, then I'll never leave you side ever again. I'd die first.


"What's your question, Tasuki?" Chichiri asked.

Tasuki closed his eyes. "At dinner Chiriko told me that Hotohori finally told Nuriko about his feelings. They're going to get married in half a year's time. I guess Nuriko finally got her way and we won't have to hear her bitch, but marriage? That's huge, isn't it Chichiri? I think first people should be together before they marry. Being together doesn't take a huge commitment, just two people and trust. What I'm asking is, Chichiri," he opened up his dripping eyes.

Chichiri felt like he was spewing pain. "Why is Tasuki crying? Damn it, Tasuki, you're hurting me . . ." he thought.

"Chichiri, can you try to love me? Can we try to be together?" he tried not to cry. He just was. If Chichiri said no, he'd never see him again, never. He felt he'd die if he said no. The thought made him weep.

Chichiri lunged for him as if to attack him.

One heartbeat.

Two heartbeats.

Tasuki closed his eyes again. Arms pulled him so close he thought he was being crushed. He wasn't sure what had happened, so he stayed still.

"BAKA! How could you think I'd want you to leave? Tasuki, I love you so much it hurts sometimes. Of course we can be together. Why else would I let you see me like this? How could I not care about you? Please don't go back to the mountain bandits!" he started to cry desperately. "Please . . ."

Tasuki instantly pulled himself up to hold the monk back. "Chichiri, I love you, too. I'm not going anywhere. I promised not to leave your side, right? Fuck, Chichiri, I just hurt so much thinking you hated me."

They loosened up and wiped away their tears. Without knowing it, their heartstrings were now tied together in infinite knots, never to break or loosen. They looked at each other's pouty red faces and smiled. Their lips found their way to each other effortlessly. Without words and a dimming candle, they explored their love for each other in new pleasing ways. Nothing that night was left untouched by hands, lips, and hearts. Tears of newly formed love were kissed away to spring solidarity in each other.

Knots of limbs and organs twisted pleasurefully with panted names. They fell asleep in their sweaty mess to arise to a new morning of hopeless love.