Hello, everyone! This is my very first fanfic I am posting on ! Before We get into the book there are a few things you need to know. The first is that this book will be RobRae. If you don't like that, just don't read instead of reading and then hating on me. The second thing is that this book will be mainly on Raven's POV, later maybe a little bit of another character. The book might be quite slow for some of the chapters (I will try to still keep them exiting!) This book will involve the deaths of most of the Titans (If you've read the cover you'll know Raven is the only survivor). Who knows maybe there is yet ANOTHER surviving Titan as well… You can check me out on my youtube channel, where I post stuff about Teen Titans and maybe this fanfic! My youtube channel is Etherithical {Starflight}. Now, let's get on to the book!

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Raven stared off the edge of the building, her eyes constantly flickering to escape routes across Jump City. Next to her stood Robin; the Boy Wonder was is a similar paranoid trance. He had reason to be. If what Starfire saw was correct, then they were in an enormous amount of danger.

She turned to the rebellion around her, most everyone's gaze covered in the determination that would help them get through the battle that was about to begin. There were some who opposed this, however. Beast Boy was one. His face was covered in horror, terrified of the idea that 2,000 armed robot commandos, Slade, and the Brotherhood of Evil were marching straight towards them.

Memories flashed in, memories of events that happened just weeks ago. When Slade had formed an alliance with the Brotherhood of Evil just after freeing them, the Titans had been concerned, but were sure everything could work out. That was before the Myriad of Doom (as they called themselves) took control of the entire government, and with that the continent. The villains had sent word to the Titans that they could either surrender and be sentenced to death, or fight back and… also die. Clearly the answer was quite simple.

After the message the Titans had gathered all of the honorary Titans to help them fight. The other heroes had gladly accepted. Robin had also tried to get the Justice League on their side, but Batman had responded with "It's your own fault for getting on the wrong side of the Myriad of Doom. You and your friends will perish and there's nothing you can do about it". Not quite the reaction you should receive from your adoptive father.

"They are coming!" Starfire cried, flying into the center of the rebellion. She had been scouting for the heroes, watching the villains near with her emerald green eyes. Raven covered her head with her hood, and looked back at the coming army. They were just barely visible in the distance. Her heart sank. She knew there was a large number of attackers, but seeing them from here…

"Robin, are you sure this is safe?" She questioned, walking up to his side. He stared at her for a long moment, expression unreadable behind his mask.

"What do you mean?" He asked raising an eyebrow. All eyes were on her now, prickling her skin uncomfortably.

"I mean," she muttered, slightly embarrassed,"do you think we'll survive? We've never lost before, but, their forces are unimaginably large against about 30 of us. What - what if we lose?"

The question hung in the air for a moment. No one wanted to accept it; it was too horrible to even think about… but it was true. The chances of everyone surviving this battle were very, very slim. Even if anyone survived his battle, it would be shocking.

"Titans," the Boy Wonder adressed. "It's time to move out."

Sorry this chapter is so short. I just needed a place where I could tell you what's happening, and therefore start the story. All other chapters will be longer.